Hiota no Kanojo

Hiota no Kanojo ga Ore no Motteru Eroge ni Kyoumi Shinshin Nanda ga……


Author: Takizawa Kei

Illustrator: Mutsutake




Kazuma, a highschool student who loves eroge • was been confessed by the honour student and beautiful girl, Misaki Honoka, who is the school’s prodigy. What’s more, Honoka had declared that she would try her best to become a “heroine” that Kazuma likes?! “Can you …… train me?” What kind of eroge is this?

Volume 1


Volume 2


48 thoughts on “Hiota no Kanojo

  1. So are you planning on translating other stuff or not sure right now, I’ve been studying kanji for a month now actually started deciding to learn Japanese in 2016, I had come to learn that relying on others for your own pleasure is not gonna cut it that and the multiple licensing of LN and manga and also the dropped translation was what push me, do you have any advice already finished with N5.


      1. I can’t read japanese doesn’t mean i can’t translate novels. I used the audio-speech text of Google translate. Once I listened to the words, I already know what the sentence meant. If there is any difficult words, I can always use an online dictionary. On the side note: I NEVER use the text that Google translate does, it is atrocious.

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      2. Didn’t mean to offend you or anything, I’ve never heard of anyone translating novels by listening to audio anyway that’s nice and cool dude, so I guess you understand Japanese but can’t read them that’s a great achievement by itself


      3. It’s not that hard. You just have to listen to anime without watching. Once you can understand the anime without even watching it, you will be on my level.

        As to answering your first question, I am planning to reach out to workingneet to help translate the series “Izure shinwa no ragnork”. I do that because I love that series, even if it is wasting my time.

        Answering your second question: If you want to improve your kanji, go buy the revised version of light novels or books (around the primary school level )

        Oh yea: For those novels that are licensed it like j novel, they will just take the translation on the website and make into a book with proper sentence structures and money to the translator (apparently) eg: isekai wa mahou

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      4. That’s pretty encouraging and I’m not being sarcastic here, does listening to Japanese music work as well? Hopefully it does.

        Did a quick search on that series look promising hopefully it’s as good as magika or atleast be on par with it, but the only thing I really want to know Is why his sister was kidnapped, hopefully it ain’t for some bullshit stupid reason like because she’s beautiful and it was love at first sight so i want her as my wife or something like that.
        Well good luck with your translation, smooth ride

        By that you mean read Japanese book but for primary school level, kinda guess you’d say that since everyone said the same thanks for the tips.

        J novel club is the sole exceptions when it comes to licensing, I love and really appreciate with what they did with rokujouma. Yen press can fuck somewhere else.


      5. Music helps if you want to look up the lyrics of that song. You can try this app call duolingo it can also help you learn the basic things called in Japanese

        I agree about yen press, bad.


      6. Okay noted, I’m so hype right now while all throughout the day I was worried about how to proceed with my kanji’s, since you know we don’t use them in our everyday lives we tend to forget them. BTW I’m going to bed now so sleepy


  2. Is the translation of Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok on? I really liked the series and the translation….hope you can carry it on!!


  3. Will there be a chance that this project will be released soon? I really enjoy this series and so far….loved ur TLs very much!!


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