Hiota no Kanojo Vol 1 Illustrations

Misaki Honoka

The most popular and prettiest honour student in the school, went and confess to Kazuma who she had been in love with for some time to be his girl friend……but Honoka wants and try to and be Kazuma’s “ideal girl”……!?

“I……want Odagiri-kun to conquer me, just like the girls in the game.”

Scene 1

  • It’s shorter than usual……

All the girl’s skirt are quite short in the game.

Scene 2

  • Influenced by the maid heroine

“Go ahead, Odagiri-kun……no, Kazuma-sama.”

Scene 3

  • Service in the bathroom challenge


I-I-I’m not taking any responsiblitity for this! Don’t you want to me to clean you……!

Odagiri Kazuma

-A highschool boy that loves eroge is always bewildered by his girlfriend Honoka’s “determination”.


  • Odagiri Kazuha

“Holding your phone looking so happy~ Can you tell Onee-chan too?”

-Kazuma’s sister’s occupation is an erotic-type light novel writer. Her sloppy personality often a problem for Kazuma but she also gives him advice from time to time.

  • Sasai Yuna

“Hmm? What’s up my cute Kazuma-kun? Did you see something nice?”

-She may looks like an loli third year high school student, but she is the president of the “Sub culture Research society” that Kazuma is affiliated with. Her hobbies are being open about eroge.

  • Shinomiya Ruri

” Kazuma you idiot! Lewd! You keep thinking about perverted things thats why you can never find a girlfriend!”

-Kazuma’s childhood friend. Gorgeous, charming well known highschool girl with high communication skills, playful and looks out for friends, naive regarding romance and have no tolerance towards erotism.