Hiota no Kanojo vol 2 – Prologue

“D……Don’t take it the wrong okay……?!”

Along with those words, she──Misaki Honoka crossed her arms with pomposity.

It was the usual sub-culture research’s club room. With no sight of the others, Kazuma was alone with Honoka together──

──being abused lavishly.

“I-It is not like I-I am doing this just for Odagiri-kun.”

Jaws curved, Honoka was looking this way as if she was glaring at him.

However, her cheeks are sweetly flushed like an apple, no matter she was glaring at him, there wasn’t a sense of intimidation. Together with her posture, it makes him feel pleasant and desperate, like a child trying to grow taller by standing on his toes.

In conclusion, she was nothing else but [cute].


While struggling to hold back his laughter, Kazuma take a look at Honoka’s face once again.

Glamorous black hair and tightly fitted uniform. Although it’s rare for her to have that [stiff] presence nowadays, but nevertheless, her beauty is never upstaged like a goddess.

Known to everyone within the school’s grounds as an exceptionally perfect and beautiful honor student.

That alone feels like she is from a completely different dimension, compared to Kazuma who is plain and has no personality.

To be honest, aside the fact that they are in the same class, they don’t have a common  ground for contact…..

“I-I would never,  Odagiri-kun……n-never….!”

──At that moment, Honoka began to tremble while she crossed her arms.

“N-No way……..! R-Really, I would, never l-l……Odagiri-kun….!”

Her red face was increasingly became feverish. Even the eyes that was glaring at Kazuma drooped and became teary in a blink of an eye.

And then , Honoka finally became exhausted, turned around with her back facing him and said this.

“I can’t……like I thought, I can’t say that [I don’t like you]…….”

The moment when he heard that faintly muttering, his heart skipped a beat, throbbing to the point that he thought it had explode.

That’s right.

He thought to himself that this might be a lie, but she──Misaki Honoka is Kazuma’s [girlfriend].


Who confessed to a plain and boring Kazuma.

Even when she knew that Kazuma loves eroge, she still treat Kazuma with the same behavior.

And, for Kazuma’s sake, she is playing eroge with him.

That’s his [girlfriend].


“……Sorry, Odagiri-kun…….As expected, being a [tsundere] is impossible for me……”

“I-It ‘s fine, you don’t have to apologise…..! I’m very happy by the fact that you tried to challenge yourself to do the role!”

Lowering her shoulders downheartedly, Honoka turned around and faced Kazuma once again. It’s troubling to think it’s cute to even see her being depressed.

But it can’t be helped. It’s natural she is that cute. Even if it cause his heart to throb or flutter.

That’s because Honoka is Kazuma’s [girlfriend].

──At that time.

“……Hey, Kazuma. I have always wanted to ask you this but…..what’s so good about Tsudere?”

Along with those words, a third person suddenly raised one hand up.

Refined fashion and brown hair. Along with her unbeatable gorgeous features, and her two dimensional drawn-splendid huge breast.

Shinomiya Ruri. In addition to her gal outer appearance, she also has high communication skills and is the best normie in the class.

Although she a existence unlikely to have a bond with a plain and otaku like Kazuma, but whether it’s the true or not, to Kazuma, Ruri is a person he is close with. Being together from a young age, she is his childhood friend.

But, as for why is that childhood friend in such a place, that’s another complicated situation all together──

“Say, tsundere too, there are yandere and man’s daughter, eroge’s heroine are full of weirdos. What’s more, all of their character are basically the same. Aren’t you bored of it?”

“HUH?! What are you talking about! It might be true that there are many similar ones  just selecting their attributes like tsundere, little sister or childhood friend, but every one of them have different characters! Everyone of them is the only flower in the world!”

Besides, it’s inexcusable to say that heroines are all the same. From lumps of meat, grimoire to armor, the world of eroges are overflowing with a wide variety of heroines.

“Eh, but you know”

“But, my foot! If you came here just to grumble then you shouldn’t have come here to begin with. Everything here are your so-called [basically the same] eroge.

As he said that, Ruri suddenly made a sulky face.

“That’s my right, my freedom to do what I want! It’s not like I’m came for your sake! Don’t take it the wrong way! Wait! That’s not what I wanted to say!”

Ruri snapped and pointed at Kazuma.

“Regardless it’s tsundere or yandere, a normal [couple] don’t play such characters! It’s not about misunderstanding or not, normally people don’t do such things! If the both of you want a [healthy relationship], you can’t do the things in eroge!”

“N-No, but, I know that…….”

When it was pointed out to him, Kazuma became weak.

That’s right. To be honest, Ruri who is supposed to be an outsider entering the club room, if you traced back from the start, that’s where it all happened──  [TL: Need help with this sentence.    “元を質せばそこに端を発していて” ]

“W-Well, if Kazuma really want it, I don’t mind teaching you some stuff….though.”

Then unexpectedly, Ruri blushed. Finding it strange that she is squirming around and looking here embarrassingly, even if it’s a blunder, Kazuma was a little startled.

“W-What do you meant by stuff….”

“That’s, err, you know, stuff……!”

Just what do you meant by stuff……as Kazuma was puzzled,



As he suddenly noticed, Honoka had a strangely serious face and stared at the both of them having a dispute.

Then, the honor student they all knew said this.  [TL: need help “我らが優等生はかくのごとくのたまう” ]

“…..Is this a tsundere?”

Early October.  That considerably harsh summer heat was conceal before anyone knew it, the indication of autumn is about to be revealed.

It was that day when the relationship between the three of them had changed.


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