Chapter 1 – My girlfriend and childhood friend (abbreviated below)

Early morning. It was exactly 7.30. When he got off the train, there are people scattered on the platform.

『Station in front of Midorizaka Academy』. Following from knowing the name, the majority of people on the station were students occupying it, just like Kazuma. Being late for his morning club activities, walking to school so early at this time period as usual, was Kazuma alone in his uniform.

Walking past a night shift salary-man , he exited the ticket gate.

Then, he looked to at the place they usually meet up and thought to himself──”Ah”.

Because 『She』is already there.

In the refreshing air of the morning, with her perfect posture and manners, Honoka sat on the bench.

And there was a over-sized melon bread on her hands that were bigger than her face.

She seemed to be happily starring at that melon bread that is on her hand with sparkling eyes.

Then, she opened her mouth widely, ready to bite into the bread with glee, and her eyes met his.

With Kazuma’s.


When his hands were lightly raised, Honoka who was happily swelling up her cheeks, was so startled that her shoulders were trembling. After that──like raising her face, but without doing so, she repeated beat around her chest in succession in a panic.

Apparently, she choked on her food.

“Misaki-san!? Are you okay!?”

“I-I’m, fine………”

Towards Kazuma who is frantically approaching her, Honoka nodded in return. Although it looks she had swallowed it, but Kazuma brought tea from a nearby vending machine just in case and handed to Honoka.

“Here you go. It’s green tea though, are you okay with it?”

“Thank you, Odagiri-kun.”

Obediently receiving the plastic bottle that was given to her, Honoka drank it. And then she finally seemed to be at ease, she sighed slightly with a “Huuuu……”

“Sorry for surprising you……..I will pay you back the money for this tea.”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to do that. It’s not that expensive, besides……”

Cutting off his words, he straightened his back. As if telling it to himself, he told her something important.

“…….I’m Misaki-san’s boyfriend after all. This is the least I can do is treat you, always.”

Honoka let out a small voice with a “ah……….” As he endured his embarrassment and stared intently at her, she looked down bashfully. her fair cheeks dyed in red.

“Thank, you…….”

“….Un. It’s not something to thank me for.”

Eventually enduring the embarrassment as one expected, Kazuma faced down in laughter as if to change the subject.

However, because he saw that Honoka was preciously hugging the bottle behind that line of sight, his eyes were swimming with it.

“….Then, here, something to thank you for.”


Suddenly raising her head before his eyes, Honoka presented him with the melon bread.

“Erm, here. This melon bread is really nice. I know various bakeries, but when I want to buy melon bread, I have decided to have a melon bread from this shop…….so, erm,  shall we split it in half, okay?”

Across the melon bread, she showed Kazuma a smile as if she is cosseting.

There was a savory smell coming from the half eaten bread, just like Honoka said.


After eating the melon bread, Kazuma headed to school along with Honoka.

“……Misaki-san, is that good?”

While adjusting her pace with his,  Honoka nodded in response to answering his questions. Even though she just finished eating the melon bread, she took out a cream bread as soon as they began to walk, innocently enjoying it. When he ask, it’s seems like [the one from morning] apparently.

This cream bread is also has a over-sized scale, just like the previous melon bread. He was honestly surprised about her appetite after eating that melon bread, but because she looks delighted eating it, Kazuma smiled naturally upon looking at it.

It’s been almost a month since they went to school together.

In other words, that means that they have been dating for a month now.

Even now, he clearly remembers it. That classroom at dusk.

At that time, Kazuma carelessly held his eroge which was seen by Honoka. He thought that was the end for him, but it didn’t.

Far from that,


『Please──make me your (girlfriend) slave』


That’s right, Honoka is the one who confessed to him. A renowned top honor student in school, a hidden otaku──that 『Misaki Honoka』who thought that the world is different compared to the world in the eroge that he loves so much.

Then the two of them began to date and Kazuma knew.

That she is  serious, perfect and a pretty girl no less. Although she is someone who is respected by everyone, but that is why she is hard to approach──that is the impression of who Honoka really is.


For example, she has a surprisingly big appetite.




Honoka was eating her cream bread while tilting her head as she noticed Kazuma’s gaze. He would not have imagine her acting like that if it was a month ago.

But the current Kazuma knows it properly.

When he is reflecting upon those fact again, suddenly Honoka’s mouth entered his view. Custard cream is stuck on the edge of her lovely lips.

“Ah, Misaki-san there is cream on your mouth.”


When he pointed that out, Honoka reached out to her mouth──but somehow abruptly stopped moving.

When she thought of it, Honoka’s face turn red and heats up with tremendous vigor this time.


Could this be… she thought of it, Honoka closed her eyes as hard as she could while her face remained red,

“Si……..Since I don’t know where it is, Odagiri-kun please wipe it off!”


Honoka stopped moving and stood firm. While stopping all together, Kazuma became solely flustered.

It was quite recently that they played eroge that was too much for his mind. A heroine who wiped the cream off of protagonist’s mouth──and Honoka was looking at him with a docile face.


Kazuma started playing eroge with Honoka was when they started dating right after. Honoka, who knew about Kazuma’s love for eroge, in order to get closer to him by becoming his “ideal”, She would play eroge that he loves so much, and even make a reappearance of the heroines’ conduct that comes from the eroge.

Like shorten the length of her skirt, wearing sexy underwear, sometimes saying 『Ah』in a maid dress and barging into the bathroom by saying 「I will wash your back」.

While being embarrassed, Kazuma felt happy that Honoka was so fervent for his sake at first──however, one day he realized something.

『Is this really okay?』

『Dating』means that devoting oneself to the other party should be different regardless who is it from──Kazuma noticed it and decided after much worrying.


Right now we are making a mistake. Even if you make a mistake and proceed in the 『relationship』 , it will only arrive at the bad ending.

That’s why, in order to reach the correct 『future』, let’s start 『from the beginning』again.


As he thought that, Kazuma brought up his courage and broke up with Honoka. To him, that means  『let’s start from the beginning』.

However, Honoka’s thought was different.

Our relationship started because I confessed to Kazuma. That’s why Honoka said 『let’s start from the beginning』right there and confessed to him once again.


“Misaki-san……! D-Doing such a thing is still too early……!”

Let’s deepen our relationship more slowly rather than doing this. It supposed to be a conclusion that they both have, but Honoka was very enthusiastic about it no matter what, as expected.

He is obviously happy in thinking that she likes him a lot, but as her 『boyfriend』, he thinks that he needs to respond to that feeling.

However, when he was troubled about how to talk to Honoka who still have her eyes shut, with the utmost effort waiting for his action, Kazuma heard a familiar voice from somewhere and felt shocked with his back stiffen.

“M-Misaki-san! Quick, over here!”


Pushing Honoka’s back with her face which shows that she doesn’t know what is going on, they immediately entered an alley.

Turning around, there were two classmate who are girls that are walking along the main street. The pair didn’t notice them and passed the alley as it is.

(That was close…….)

The fact that Kazuma is dating Honoka is a secret kept from the surroundings. Even going out all the way to choose a time where they can meet, was so that they can go to school  without avoiding being seen together.

However in fact, it was hard to say that it was perfectly concealed. Although he did said try to be less noticeable as possible, there is a limit to that. If they are together, then there will always be the possibility of that being witnessed from everywhere and anywhere.

If Kazuma or Honoka is someone who can casually talk to their classmates at least, there will be the excuse of saying: “just talking with a fellow classmate”.

That’s right, for example──like that normie childhood friend.


“Ah, s-sorry. It’s fine now.”

Urging Honoka, who has yet to understand what has happened to come out, they started walking again.

When he briefly took a peek at her mouth, the cream was there no longer.


……..It’s not like I was disappointed or something. Nope. There isn’t.






Slash! Spat! Splassshhhhhh!




“Yeah. Nice boat, Misaki-san.”

While seeing the blood spraying and tainting the screen with red, out of the three reactions from Kazuma, Honoka and Yuna, one of them was different than the rest.

Midorizaka Academy cultural old building, at the end of the third floor, Kazuma and the others are there doing club activities (To be accurate, it’s a club with same mind set) in the clubroom of the 『Sub-culture Research Society 』.

Activity content unknown, achievements none in particular. What’s more, most of the members are ghost members, which is why this is such a mysterious club that you have no idea why exactly does it even exist. According to the current president Yuna, originally the previous president was an eroge otaku who wanted a secluded place to play eroge and that’s why he founded this club or something like that.

It might be a joke as one expect, but in fact, this club room is the perfect place to play eroge. Kazuma has been doing that every now and then since April too and he have brought numerous eroge into the room.

This club room is also the place where Kazuma and Honoka play eroge together.

Usually it would be just the two of them alone, but since Yuna has showed her face after a long time, all of them are playing a game recommend by her.

“…….Why are we playing this game, club president?”

“Because if we are playing eroge, yandere should be suppressed.”

Sitting behind Honoka, Kazuma and Yuna spoke softly.

Today, Yuna suggested an eroge to Honoka called “School Life”.

At a glance, it is an ordinary production of a school’s romantic comedy, even the summary doesn’t has any particular part, but…….once you start playing it, what awaits is a quandary love triangle (it increases depending on the route) and a development into a fight scene and a heroic yandere ending that cleanse blood with blood. There are endless number of players that are taken aback by the sudden change of each and every end of the heroines.

Although this eroge is a terrible, but the rape type hurdle is difficult in a different meaning──or rather, the content is simply too shocking, to be honest, Yuna was hesitant in recommending it to Honoka.

However, because Yuna is skilled in persuading, Honoka got interested in the game and played it in the end.

Then Honoka smoothly proceeded with the game, right now, the scene came at the shocking end where the heroine is killing another heroine with a saw.

As of now, the main heroine had into a yandere and crazily laughed. On the other hand, Honoka was sitting silently in front of the computer without moving an inch.


Did she took a shock? What happens if she had a trauma…….Kazuma felt responsible upon thinking.

“…….Isn’t it too sharp for a saw?”

“That’s the area you are retorting about!?”

But that’s what Kazuma thought. Normally there would too many areas to point out, what’s with the saw.

“Hey, Odagiri-kun. Like I thought, is this a bad end?”

“Well, yeah…..”

If this is the legitimate end, a legend would be born.

Honoka who turned her shoulders showed no state of shock, just a calm complexion.

Basically, she is like that. Anyway, her reaction is very faint. It’s not like he is not interested, but it seems certain that she enjoys playing eroge…….

“……Misaki-san, are you fine with it?”

“……? What do you mean by fine?”

“No, because…….this ending is amazing in many ways. Although I have been told it is quite 『traumatizing』.”

“…….I certainly didn’t expect it would turn out like that. But they seems to be very close at the beginning.”

Honoka stared silently at the screen. The main heroine is still laughing on the screen……since it was too surreal as one would expect, Kazuma used the mouse and proceeded. The ending song that was played further invited sorrow.

While listening, Honoka said it with a serious face.

“Like I thought……even between friends, if their loved one was taken away from them, does everyone behaved the way they do?”

“No, that’s not true! This is just a game!”

When he retorted Honoka, who was saying the unexpected with a serious look, Yuna said something as if realizing something.

“Come to think of it, Kazuma-kun. There is something I heard that I wanted to ask you.”

“Huh? What is it……?”

When Kazuma answered, Yuna took a quick peek at Honoka. It seems like she is restarting the game, not aware of the both of their conversations.

Then, Yuna asking him to her her out by using her finger to sent a signal to him.

While he titled his head, Kazuma did as she told,



With his ears being blown into, the feeling of shock ran down his spine.


When he hurriedly took some distance between them, Yuna showed a satisfying smile as soon as he did that.


“I-It’s nothing! Misaki-san, you can concentrate on the game!”

Responding to Kazuma’s voice, Honoka turned around and looked at him strangely.

Seeing Kazuma frantically trying to evade the question from the background, Yuna seems to be enduring her laughter. 「Puff…….kukuku…..!」, the sound of her breath trying to hold herself could be heard behind.


“Sorry. I didn’t mean it, it was an impulse.”

“Then can you please stop doing that on a impulse!”

It feels like a habit, but it’s unnecessarily bad.

“Well, here is the real issue at hand.”

“Is there even one……..”

“There is. Hey hey, don’t run don’t run. Relax, I won’t do anything this time.”

Ignoring Kazuma’s vigilance, Yuna came closer and said

“Hey, how is Misaki-chan usually like in class?”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Simply put, I’m asking you 『does she has friends?』”

Unexpectedly Kazuma took a look at Honoka. Fortunately Honoka was fixated on the game and she is not aware of their conversations.

He was relieved for the time being. Because he couldn’t allowed such an insolent question to be heard by the person herself.

“……What’s with the sudden questioning?”

No, it just that I felt it slightly for a long time, she doesn’t have the scent of an accomplice……That’s right, in other words……’s the scent of a loner.

She gets even furious the more serious she becomes, our president said it with pleasure.

“President, enough with your──”

She said it with innocence, however then Kazuma realized.

He cannot answered that question. He can’t say she 「has」or 「doesn’t」about whether she has friends or not. Even if she has, how does she get along with them? What kind of conversation they had? What kind of face does she show?

Kazuma didn’t know anything about that.

Looking at Kazuma keeping his silent, did he sympathize with her? Yuna showed a nasty smile upon looking.

“Hmm. It seems you also don’t know about Misaki-chan’s relationship with her friends.”

“Eh, not really…….it doesn’t concern you anyways.”

“But don’t you think it’s better to know this kind of stuff? Even if it’s not long ago, you guys are dating after all.”


That’s true. It’s natural for someone you are dating with to know this. Despite that, Kazuma is clueless.

The reason is simple. Kazuma started talking to Honoka was when she confessed to him.

Apart from that, they weren’t even close, let alone any contact between them.

Therefore Kazuma is Honoka’s 『boyfriend』, but in fact, he knows very little about her.

Obviously, there is nothing good about it. Kazuma painfully knows about that, that’s why he always thought of getting to know her well, but──



Suddenly Honoka’s voice could be heard. When he went over and looked at the screen,  the protagonist was about to be stabbed by the main heroine from before.



Over time, the day have passed and it came for them to leave.

Parting from Yuna in front of the club room, the both of them headed for the school’s entrance.

They came to school together, played eroge after school and then went home together. That’s the daily custom for Kazuma and Honoka.

“Erm, Misaki-san. Can have a word with you? I have something to ask.”

“Something to ask?……….About?”

“Err, it’s not a big deal…….erm Misaki-san, what do you normally do with your friends?”

Starring back at him in puzzlement, Honoka blinked. It seems like she didn’t understand his intentions.

“…….Why are you asking me such a thing?”

“Why I asked…….err can’t I know? I would like to see what kind of face Misaki-san makes when you are with your friends, or when you are with other girls.”

Upon hearing his words again, it’s really not a big deal. But even that, Kazuma doesn’t seemed to know.

So he thought of asking her. He and the club president just had the conversation just now too, besides, Kazuma himself simply thought to himself. Even if it’s a simple conversation, if he could talk with Honoka, he would be willing to listen.

While thinking, Kazuma waited for her answer……..


As she slightly made a wrinkle on her forehead with a difficult face, Honoka thought of something.

Then, after a full five minutes.



“…….I, might not have any friends…….”

With serious look than ever before, Kazuma’s 『girlfriend』, said a shocking confession.




(……..”no friends” eh)

The aspiring perfect honor student, one night has passed since Honoka’s hidden truth was discovered.  On that day in Kazuma’s class, a long assembly was held.

The agenda for the first LHR in October is the event that approaching, the school festival──who will be place in charge of it.

“Err, the official notice from the student council was [the school festival committee from each class need to choose one boy and girl and sent two names to them]. For now, let’s start with the girls, those who wants to volunteer please raise your hands.”

Within the girls of the committee member that continued to talk on the platform, Kazuma quietly moved his gaze and turned it towards the seat in front where Honoka is sitting.

The best [chairperson] suited for the job should be the honor student of the class…..or rather the school, but forget about standing at the platform, she sat there and stared at the board just like the rest of the class.

Her hair today was tied into two by her ribbons, in other words: twin tails. Putting aside as to why she has that hairstyle……Please guess.

When they decided the class committee in April, Honoka didn’t volunteer herself for the committee in contrast to everyone’s expectations. At that time, Kazuma also thought it was unexpected as well. It was something Honoka would do if it was up to her. I thought the reason why she didn’t run for the committee was because she have to focused on her studies…….


『……I, might not have, friends……』


Perhaps she might being a little self-aware of it, that she is not suited for the role of the 『class committee』── that  she is distancing herself away from her classmates.

It’s true that Honoka is someone that is hard to approach. That’s because she is a beautiful girl, a honor student and she normally doesn’t show what is she thinking on her face. I think it is inevitable that everyone in class would be keep their distance.


But, Kazuma already knows.


That Honoka is actually a very cute girl.

Her cute and attractive areas; even the places where she wanted to remain as it.

He didn’t want anyone to not realized that side of her. He wants more people to know her virtues──to like her, that’s what he thought. Just like him recommending his favorite eroges to various people……wait, isn’t that example a little different?

──Anyways, Kazuma thought of trying to fixed the current situation.

For that to happen, in the end,

(it’s got to be the school festival huh)

For example, if you want to recommend eroge to people, it would be best to play it without grumbling about it. Even if they said something unnecessary, everything will be understood once they start playing it. He just need to create an excuse to do that.

He thought Honoka is the same as him. In fact, if she tries to be closer to them, everyone in class will then surely know what kind of girl Honoka is really like.

On that note, the school festival that will be held next month is the perfect opportunity to do that.

(This kind of events happens often in eroges. Using the festival as a chance to make and be friends for a lifetime; a staple of youth.)

However, as to whether Kazuma who is equally a loner be able to support her, that is extremely difficult and it can’t be helped. Or rather Kazuma is the one that is worried that the class will be depressed by it.

And speaking of someone he can rely at a time like this, there is only one person──

“──Then wouldn’t Ruri be better?”


He heard a name that made him raised his head unexpectedly.

While is Kazuma was lost in his thoughts, it seems like the period is proceeding well. In the end there wasn’t any girl who were willing to volunteer so now they are looking for recommendation.

And the name that was given,

“Fue……? M-Me?”

Pointing to herself as if she was bewildered, Ruri blinked in  surprise.

However,  it seems the only person who was suddenly surprised by the name was the person herself.

The people on the platform and the other classmates laughed as if it was a good idea and the atmosphere in the classroom have completely decided 『if it’s Ruri』.

“Great! Do it, Ruri!”

“Err, but I don’t know if I can do it……”

“Isn’t it fine? You just need to help the student council right?”

“Uh huh. The student council is basically in charge of the preparations for the appointed day so the executive committee’s work will be easy.”

“How great, Ruri. Don’t they have an attractive looking senpai over there? You can get close to him? I’m so jealous!”

Within the excited girls, one guy retorted by saying “Why not you do it?”, enveloped by the laughter inside of the classroom.

In the center of that smile, Ruri is the only one lightly drawing her eyebrows together as if she is hesitating,

With a face that says: 『It’s an exaggeration to decline』 and 『but I don’t feel confident in doing this』.

“Hmm, why not think about it for now, Shinomiya-san? Let’s decide on the guys first.”

That being said, the class committee wrote the words 『Male candidates』on the blackboard.

Kazuma stared at the board while observing at his childhood friend once more.

The state of reluctance hasn’t left her face, as expected.

However ,judging Ruri’s personality, she won’t be refusing for long.

(…………….Well, it might be unnecessary though)

While thinking that, Kazuma boldly raised his hand.

“Erm…….I’m volunteering myself, for class committee.”

“Eh? Really?”

The members stared blankly at him, blinking in astonishment. Even his surrounding classmates were as if  in a doubtful atmosphere, became noisy in an instant.

…….Although he felt like running away after clearly saying that, he continued to keep his hands raised despite resisting himself not to blurted out the words “never mind”.

When he caught a glimpse of her by accident, Ruri was round-eyed with wonder.

………..It’s not like I’m thinking “Ruri will be relieved if I volunteered myself”, I’m not that  vain.

But I wanted to help by doing something.

Ruri have always helped me when I needed it. Above all, she is my childhood friend as well.

Because usually she would the one that help me, this time I would like to return the favour. Even if it’s not a big deal.

“Err…….then, for the time being it will be Odagiri-kun and……anymore volunteers? Recommendation is fine too.”

The class committee look around the classroom but there is no one who raised their hands. Everyone didn’t thought Odagiri-kun would do it so there was no one that opposes in particular. This mood in the class was like “if he wants to do it, why not just let him?”. This is the difference in hierarchy between (normie) Ruri and (loner) Kazuma.

(……I should not have done that after all……)

With that, the male executive committee have happily decided on Kazuma.

While he was surrounded with rounds of applause right away, Kazuma sat down.

Then the agenda returned back to the girl’s committee that was on hold.

“How about it, Shinomiya-san? Odagiri-kun is on the other side of the committee, have you decided of doing it?”

Towards the class committee’s inquiry, Ruri took a peek at Kazuma.

After that, she pleasantly smiled which had a brightness that was different from before,

“Un. You went out of your way to recommend me after all, if you’re okay with me──”


Interrupting Ruri, the sound of a chair reverberated.

“I, I…….! I, will also……also join the committee! Together with Odagiri-kun!”

The one who stood up and raised up her hands was none other than the solitary honor student and beautiful cool beauty, Kazuma’s 『girlfriend』, Misaki Honoka.

This was a completely unexpected development, person and conduct. Everyone in class were flabbergasted with their eyes blinking, not knowing what happened, even Kazuma and Ruri too.

The class committee who had slightly recovered from a freeze, was clearly in a state of panic.

“Eh……? J-Joining? Misaki-san is joining…….?”

Towards her inquiry, Honoka vigorously nodded her head.

It might be her great excitement, but her fairly white skin was slightly glowing red, her body was supporting her hands that were on her desk, hastily pitching forward.

Because of that, her skirt was slightly winding up and as for Kazuma who is sitting behind her,looking at her became incredibly dangerous for him.

On the other hand, speaking of the class committee, they were all overwhelmed by Honoka’s bizarre enthusiasm. A nervous voice shyly called out to Honoka.


“Err…..but, Misaki-san…….Uhh, because Shinomiya-san had been recommended……a discussion is required to decide about this matter…….”

“Fueh!? Ah-e-errr……!”

Ruri whose name had been given stood up in a panic and timidly looked at Honoka.

At the same time, Honoka stared at Ruri as well.

──At that moment, it might be an imagination, but it feels like the sound of sparks flying could be heard.

(Eh……? Huh……?)

As Kazuma thought to himself “What’s with this situation?”, he alternatively stared at his 〝girlfriend〟and his 〝childhood friend〟. Honoka has her usual flat face. Even Ruri was not supposed to have a threatening ambiance.

Despite that──why does the word “critical moment” came into mind for some reason?


“……Eh? But Misaki-san, aren’t you been selected for the cultural festival’s『exemplary students representative』?”


As if the world is coming to an end, Honoka’s face that was full of motivation had lost it’s spirits in an instant.

“Come to think of it, there is a stage event on the same day right? It seems like rehearsals and meetings will be held quite early too……..isn’t impossible for you to be doing both at the same time?

“T-That’s…..! I-It’s fine! I can do both of them──!”

“Eh!? That’s impossible, Misaki-san! The senpai of my club said it was really a pain to prepare when he was being chosen last year! There is a lot of things to do on that day and you can’t participate the class’s event at all!”

“Besides, if your results drops by the time the festival comes, your entry will be revoked right? You are specially chosen, it will useless if you can’t enter. You should not enter the committee.”

The person who was concerned said that as every classmate that were present colluded by saying “Oh yeah” and “good point”.

There is a reason for everyone to be this enthusiastic. If the student who entered gets chosen for the 『Best Award for Excellence』, book token will be distributed to the class of that chosen student as an honorary prize.

Althought it’s just a book token, but it’s a book token. Because it can be used to buy manga and magazines, quite a number of students want it.


In the end, Ruri had been decided to be in the girl’s committee by the unanimity of the class.



“…….Erm. Thank you, Kazuma.”

After LHR, while heading to the student council room as instructed, Ruri muttered.

“Why are you suddenly saying that?”

“You volunteer yourself because I was troubled right?

“No, it’s not like that.”

“You’re lying. You’re not the type who will do this on your own.”

Although he tried to avoid the embarrassment,  it’s impossible for a childhood friend to let it slide.

Actually that was true, but seeing how it was more intriguing to see it through as it is, Kazuma kept quiet.


“But….did Misaki-san do something wrong?”


“Because it looks like I’m somehow the one disturbing the both of you……Besides, don’t you want to work with Misaki-san more than me?”

“Wha……! D-Don’t be stupid! Enough with the teasing!”

Pointed out by Ruri, his face unexpectedly became hotter. Among the classmates, only Ruri knows that Kazuma and Honoka are dating.

“Stop saying strange things like that! It’s not like I’m thinking of using this as an opportunity to be cool or to flirt with her!”

“But Misaki-san definitely volunteered herself for Kazuma’s sake.”


He can’t say “That’s not true”, so he kept quiet. In reality, he knew he was right.

Even after the end of Homeroom, Honoka was completely in a state of despondency, drooping her shoulders. It seems like it was quite shocking that she can’t be in the committee.

However, if you put it in another way, it shows how much she wanted to be in the committee together with Kazuma.

But, well, let bygones be bygones. In fact, it would be impossible for busy Honoka to take on the committee’s work, it should be equally distributed to the students.
{TL: The original line is: 収まるべきところに収まったと考えるべきだろう。But I dunno how to phrase it so i took a similar meaning to it. If anyone knows, please tell me.}

“…….That reminds me Shinomiya, are you on friendly terms with Misaki-san since then?”

“Eh? Eh-W-Why you ask?”

“Nothing really. It’s just that when you met her the other day before the long holiday, you said you should be able to get along with her well.”

He recalled the time when he bumped into Ruri in the middle of their date.

He was interested into what happened to the both of them since then. Ruri is the type of person that will immediately open her heart to anyone, so he thought they might be unexpectedly fairly close by now.


“Well……..we do exchange messages more or less……….”

Upon looking down at Ruri’s profile, it seemed that such a thing did not happened.

“Err……things not working out?”

“That’s not it though……..rather than what happen with Misaki-san,if I had to say it’s about my problem…….I did thought of becoming friends with her but………”

Without looking at Kazuma’s face, Ruri returned an ambiguous answer. The situation is unclear, but for now, it seems certain that it is not going smoothly like he thought.

Honestly, there was a sense of isolation. On top of progressing on the preparation for the school’s festival from now, if Ruri were to be with Honoka, he thought of mediating between the class and Honoka.

Wonder if I should intervene and restore the relationship. But even though the normie representative Ruri is in a situation as if her hands are on fire, a loner like me won’t be of help by butting in either……

Regardless, I must think of a way to fix the current problem somehow. If this keeps up Honoka will be too pitiful……besides Kazuma himself wants to know.

What kind of face does Honoka show in front of people other than him? Not as her 『boyfriend』, but as normal 『friends』when she is spending time with.

Because Kazuma doesn’t know.

It’s because they skipped the 『friend 』stage and immediately went to a 『boyfriend・girlfriend』relationship that makes Kazuma wants to know about the Honoka 『as a friend』instead of 『as his girlfriend』.

Otherwise, he would not have thought to start all over again.

However, since she is similar to Kazuma who doesn’t have friends, just like he thought,

(What should I do about this…….)

When he took a peek at his childhood friend, she is thinking of something once again, idly staring at her legs.






Kazuma was nervously looking at Honoka while she was looking at the screen, playing eroge in silence.

Honoka has been acting like this for quite some time now. He didn’t know what she was thinking, but she suddenly stopped playing, stared intently at the screen and thinking about something.

Just as the screen was precisely changing to a h-scene, the CG of the protagonist was being pushed down by the heroine was displayed on screen.

Suddenly, Honoka’s slim fingers points to a part of the illustration.

Specifically, the heroine’s breast.

“I might be imaging things , but…..isn’t h-her breast is clearly bigger compared to the previous illustration?”

“…….Yeah. Err I don’t think it’s a mistake…..”

As Honoka pointed out, the state of the illustrations of the modest heroine’s chest had became bigger, to the level where a face could be buried. If it was a reality, it would definitely be suspected as fake for that speedy growth spurt.

“Err, it’s probably about that. It looks completely different because of the pose and figure, isn’t this also the result of expressing the illusion of the eyes……?”

In reality, it’s common for the CG of the heroine’s figure and the drawing of a standing character to change. In some cases the face may have a subtle difference, for the worst cases, the character being drawn themselves were different from the beginning too……..

However, that can’t be helped. That’s because illustrators are also human being; they don’t always draw perfectly, sometimes they will make mysterious disappearances. There are topics in this world that should not be mentioned………

“Is that how it is……?”

Unconvinced, Honoka placed her fingers on her lips and stared motionlessly at the screen.

However the next moment, her eyes suddenly opened wide as if realizing something.


“Eh? Y-Yes?”

“E-Erm……I-I don’t think it’s good to left something unknown as it is!”


Behaving exactly like a honor student by answering her claims with a nod, Honoka was suddenly encouraged and furthermore, eagerly said “S-So!”.

“S-Since we are here……! I think we should actually try it so as to see whether it is true or “nya”……..not!”


Before he can calmly retort by saying “But fiction and reality are different”, Honoka vigorously stood up.  While her fair skin was turning red to her ears, she then follows up by pulling Kazuma’s hand.

“Uwaa….!? W-Wait, hold on, Misaki-san──!”

Because the sudden movement, he stepped over against his will, fell in front of her while being pulled.


Honoka was in front of his eyes, with the desk behind her. If he keeps going, he would have push her down──just like the CG that is displayed on screen.

That was bad on so many terms and Kazuma tried to hold on to the desk by reflex, but




The shrill voice that reached his ears and the feeling on his hand were something too soft for a desk.

This can be squeeze and squish, which I had a feeling that I had touched before, no matter how hard I think──


In conclusion, Kazuma had pushed her down after all. With a hand to support his body, he groped her breast wholeheartedly.


While being pressed down by Kazuma, Honoka looked at Kazuma with her face turning red, all the way from the her ears. As expected, she didn’t anticipated this situation would happened. She was trying to saying something with her mouth repeatedly opening and closing like a fish, but all it came out were “Au” and “Fu….”, voices that were inconspicuous.

“S-S-S-Sorry…..!? No, i’m not doing it on purp──!!”

While looking around, Kazuma desperately made up an excuse.

Then he finally came back to his senses, tried to pull away the hand that is groping her, but

“──Excuse me. Kazuma……no, err, is Odagiri-kun here? I need to talk to him about the culture festival──”

And that’s the timing to be seen.+

The clubroom’s door opens. Ruri entered and froze in place upon looking at the scene.

At that moment, Kazuma’s hand is still groping Honoka’s breast.

“N……No! It’s not like that,Ruri! You’re mistaken!”

“YYYYooooooouuuuu iiiidddiiioottttt!!!!!!!”

A scream reverberated throughout the clubroom, canceling out other noises in the building under the clear autumnal skies.



“Uuuu………fueee! Kazuma is a pervert……..pervert, pervert, perverrrtttttt~………..*cry*…..!”

“No, I told you it’s a misunderstanding already……besides, this is nothing to be crying about…….”

“Well, that’s because…….!”

Dropping down onto the floor, Ruri is crying like a baby.

She has acting like this for some time now. She was apparently shocked to witness that [kind of scene] between a boy and girl──or rather between Kazuma and Honoka.

(I knew it’s hard not to unaffected by it, but does she really have to cry…..)

To begin with, that was a complete misunderstanding. However, it’s hard to clear it with Ruri still acting like that.When she took a peek from the side, Honoka also stared at Ruri’s tear-stained face with a troubled look.

“Guu…..uuu…..! Kazuma, you pervert………doing such lewd things in school……e-even if you are dating herrrr………”

“Like I said it’s a misunderstanding……here, look at this.”

Bringing the unattended laptop towards her, he showed Ruri the screen.

While rubbing her eyes, Ruri obediently take a look. Noticing what was displayed was from on the screen was a CG from an eroge, she shrieked “nya!!” like a cat.

“Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid! Isn’t this the lewd kind……?! Why are you showing me this you pervert!!”

“Waa!? H-Hey! Stop hitting me! What happens if you break it!?”

Whether it’s taken-aback or embarrassment pulling back her tears,  Ruri regained her authority, grabbed a nearby mousepad and repeatedly hitting the laptop…….not noticing it was the so-called [breast mousepad].

“Would you calm down!? We are not doing anything that you are thinking of……..! We are just trying to reenact the composition of this CG!”

Though he made a fatal mistake on the positioning of his hands.

“Fueh….? Err c-composition……what’s that? Is this what you have been doing…..?”

“Eh……? Ah, no, it’s not like we are always doing this──!”

“That’s right.”


Being stabbed in the back just as he was about to evade the subject, Kazuma turned around.


“Previously, he came to my house and we took a bath together.”

A nuclear-grade bombshell was lightly dropped. Kazuma was at the center of the explosion, has no room for a rebuttal, readily became ash and scattered away.

However, Kazuma only received the damage from the aftermath.

The person who received the most damage was Ruri that took a direct hit.


Ruri stood up and remained silence. Expression completely disappeared from her charming face, even her eyes stopped blinking. The word “tamageru” (魂消る)  is written as “tamashi ga kieru” (魂が消える), and Ruri’s current state exactly describes it, as if she is on a journey to another world.     {TL: this is playing with word. 魂消る means astonished, flabbergasted in english. However, the word-play is showing Ruri’s soul is leaving the body; hence the word “魂が消える”}


As expected, he was becoming anxious and the moment when he cautiously called out to her,

*Click*. Ruri returned back to life like the power suddenly turning back on after it has been cut off.


“Wha…………..What’s thatttttttttttt!?”


Then she exploded.


“What’s that! Whats that! What’s with thatttt!? T-Took a bath…….! A-Although I know the both of you are playing a lewd game! However! I didn’t heard that the both of you would go that far! Kazuma, you idiot!!”

Uwaa!? Wai-, ow…..! C-Calm down!”


With a her face still red, Ruri raised her “breast (abbreviated below)” once again.

*Shake* *Quiver* while repeatedly hitting, Kazuma frantically avoid contact by bending backwards. Although Honoka tried to step in a hurry, but Ruri was too agitated to be reason with.

“Uu……I can’t believe this! Up till now, you use the excuse “the aim of playing eroge is not about eroticism.” Like I thought, you just have a dirty mind!”

“Wha…..!? No! That’s my true feelings!”

He promptly grab hold of Ruri’s hand who is swaying her “breast (abbreviated)”.

“Please listen to me, Ruri! As I said before, I’m not playing eroge for the sole purpose of eroticism. Besides, playing eroge with Misaki-san too was not because I want to do lewd things! I just wanted Misaki-san to know the things I like and about myself  in order to for the both of us to get along even well!

To show Ruri that he was serious, Kazuma looked directly into her eyes.


“But! You were pushing her down just now! And there is the one about the…..the bath!”

“Urk……! T-That’s, how to say this, it’s an accident! Although we are playing eroge together, but we are in a healthy relationship in our own way!”

However, there wasn’t any response coming from his childhood friend in contrast to Kazuma who is vehemently arguing.

Starring at him with suspicion, Ruri spoke loudly.

“……You said this is [healthy], but isn’t this your first time dating a girl?! Despite that, do you even what’s healthy? Reality and games are totally different things okay?!”

This time, Kazuma was lost for words.

Now that she mentioned it, despite deciding on [having a healthy relationship] for the both of them, Kazuma still bring Honoka to the clubroom and play eroge as usual. That being said, it’s because he doesn’t know how he should spend the time with [her] after school.

He more or less did research on the internet and what he found were places that are indeed suitable for normie──in other words, that is far beyond for a honor student like Honoka. No matter how hard he tried, it was difficult for him to invite her so it has lead till today.

Just as Ruri said, it’s a delusion to called this a [healthy relationship] though──

“T-That might be true….! But at least [my relationship with Misaki-san] is not morbid! They are things that have not work out though, but we will try our best together from now on!”

” [From now on]?…….What’s with that? In the end, isn’t the [present] more important…….”

However, Ruri is still not satisfied yet. Knitting her eyebrows in displeasure, she hung her head down to think.

And then said this.

“S-So if you want me to believe you….you’ll have to prove it.”


Ruri pointed at the flabbergasted Kazuma before his nose with her index finger.

“…….If I left you alone again, that kind of [accident] might happened again. Besides, this is somewhat fishy! Therefore, I’ll closely look by the side whether the both of you are having a proper and healthy relationship!”

“Wha……What are you talking about!?”

Never thought Ruri would go that far, Kazuma panicked.

However, Ruri strangely explained her impatience with an unexpected suspicious look.

“Wha-What’s with that? Why are you so flustered?……..L-Like I thought you are doing something that would be troubling if I looked──”

“I’m not doing anything! Absolutely not!”

“Then isn’t it fine for me to be with you guys?”

Grunting, Ruri declared that she didn’t tolerate that rebuttal. While thinking “that reasoning is messed up”, Kazuma had no choice but to shut up because if he retorts poorly, she will doubt him again.

When he caught a glimpse of Honoka, she remained silent and was comparing the confrontation between Kazuma and Ruri. That face returned back to the expressionless state as usual and Kazuma still don’t understand whether how she thought of Ruri’s sudden declaration.

However, being silent and watching over the outcome means『strongly opposed!』, at least.

In other words, Kazuma had been left to decide on his own.

Not knowing what to do, Kazuma looked at Ruri again.

The childhood friend was standing in front of him with her hands folded, absolutely not moving from that spot. With a snort, her bust vigorously loosened and swayed.

It’s clearly embarrassing for Ruri to see Kazuma and Honoka in a place together. As of now, we aren’t really call it a “healthy relationship” and it’s also worrying to not see about areas that are carelessly outrageous.

But, if you put in another way, this might be an opportunity.

Kazuma himself have thought of wanting the both of them to be even closer and was moved by Honoka’s cuteness where there were quite a few moments he wanted to closer their distance with one bound. For example, like before.

But with a third party──the eyes of Ruri, the danger of him suddenly forgetting will be scarce.

Thinking that, isn’t Ruri’s proposal be a benefit towards them?

And above all──


When Kazuma quietly turned around, Honoka was looking at him once again, as if she is waiting for an opportunity to speak.

It was something that he had been thinking since the LHR. What can he do in order for Honoka to get closer with the class?

By getting Ruri and Honoka to get along together through himself, is what Kazuma thought.

Ruri is the pivot of the class that everyone recognize. If Honoka is able to be friends with her, her friends will then be able to make contact with her through Ruri. If you repeat the process, then the class should naturally enter that loop.

Even if that is an impossible task, at least she can become friends with Ruri.

And that would not be a bad thing for Honoka, is what he thought.

“Erm…..if Ruri said it like this, I guess I wouldn’t mind it. How about you, Misaki-san?”


Removing her gaze towards Kazuma, Honoka stared intently at Ruri with the same expressionless look.



Looking closer, Honoka’s eyes definitely did not had that same look.

It looks unsatisfied.


….Eh? Isn’t this deja vu?

“Ah, errr, if Misaki-san refuse, of course I won’t ask for the impossible…..”

Kazuma got a in cold sweat after looking back at that one act in LHR but rather than feeling a sense of anxiety, Honoka shook her head.

“I would not think to go that far to refuse it…….if Odagiri-kun is fine with it, then so will I.”

“…..Fueh? Really….?”

Even thought it’s Ruri herself who said it, she was taken aback──or rather had a face of uncertainty towards hearing Honoka’s words.

“I-I’ll really come here everyday you know? I’ll keep watch so something like that won’t happened again you know? Misaki-san, are you, really okay with that….?”

Looking at Ruri again, Honoka nodded a second time.

“It is fine……because I am Odagiri-kun’s girlfriend.”

After saying that, Honoka grabbed hold of Kazuma’s arm and gave it a squeeze, as to show that as proof.

“Eh?! M-Misaki-sa…..”

“Fueh!? H-Hold on, you guys are sticking too close to each other! Again with that perverted──!”

“I-It is not perverted at all…..! This should not be a problem because we are dating! So it is okay to do this as much as I like…..!”

Honoka boldly declared (thought her face is still red) over the commotion and squeezed his arm furthermore. Being pressed with a tender sensation on his arm, Kazuma unintentionally grow conscious of it even though he should not.

“H-Hey! What are you smiling about?! Kazuma, you pervert!”

“I-I’m not smiling at all! Stop making false accusations!”

“Lair! You were smiling, you were definitely smiling! You idiot idiot idiot!”

The childhood friend waved her hands and got angry like a child without listening to Kazuma’s explanation.

“M-Misaki-san…..! Saying that in front of people is a little….!”

「…………If you say so, Odagiri-kun……、…………」

While making a complicated and reluctant face, Honoka obediently let go of Kazuma’s hands.

However, Ruri’s mood didn’t change regardless. Making a frown on her lovely face, Ruri stared at the both of them with her eyes half-closed.

(Can these two people even become friends…..? Eh, perhaps I made a mistake with my options……?)

While thinking at this point of time, Kazuma remembered the  suspense of his own choice.

“Anyways, today I’ll be here with the both of you! Misaki-san might be Kazuma’s [girlriend], but I’m his childhood friend! I have to watch over [my childhood friend] so that he doesn’t pull that crap again! Okay!? Understand!?”

“I-I get it already…….”

Drawing near with a tremendous menacing look, Kazuma nodded as if he was being pressurized.

Meanwhile, Honoka is moving at her own pace by promptly took out and eroge from the shelf that is close to the wall.

“Then……..let’s play this right now, Shinomiya-san.”

“Eh? It’s fine with me……what’s that? What are we play──”

Ruri obediently reached out her hands and received it.


While screaming with a teary eyes, she threw the rape game (tentacle type)  that she is holding with all her strength.


“Hmmm? So noisy, Kazuma-kun what are you making a fuss──hiiigii!?”

Coming in a bad timing, just as Yuna was entering the clubroom, the eroge that Ruri threw had landed a critical hit.

Raising her shriek like an erotic coterie, Yuna tumbled down in a flashy manner.

“Uwa!? A-Are you okay, President!?”

“Owwwww…….! Man that hurts! Who the hell is throwing eroge in the clubroom?! Games are not meant to be thrown and not to be broken! The disk can only be broken when the heroine is not a virgin!”

“I don’t think it’s okay to break it even if she is a virgin……..”

Rubbing her slightly red nose, Yuna stood up and surveyed the clubroom.

And then,

“……Who are you?”

“Ah, e-errr……!”

“Errm, President. This is my classmate, Shinomiya Ruri.”


With Yuna appending the outsider with one eyes closed, Kazuma explained the current situation.

After explaining that Ruri is his childhood friend, wanting to confide with Honoka and informing that if possible to allow all three of them to use the clubroom, Yuna folded her arms, smiled like the Virgin Mary and said:

“Hell no”

“Ehhhhhhhhh!? W-Why not!?”

“Sorry but this sub-research room is for the three of us. That being said gal, please close the door behind you. Bitches are only allowed in 2d.” [TL: Yuna’s a gangsta.]

“Bitc………!? Eh!? A-Are you talking to me!?”

The president looked on with a pissed-off face as Ruri received a shock upon hearing that.

“Err, Shinomiya-san was it? I know that you are desperately trying to take back your childhood friend though, but frankly I don’t give a damn. Please leave this instant. We will play eroge as friends and you bitch should go and find your fellow bitches.”

“I-I’m not a bitch! B-Besides isn’t it  unacceptable to be playing eroge in school?!”


While she was faltered from the cold reception, Ruri answered back as if she just can’t take this lying down.

“You too Kazuma! You said you wanted a [healthy relationship] and yet you are doing something lewd! Totally contradicting to what you say!”

“Wha!? Y-You’re wrong! Although there is a bit of problem of trying things [similar to eroge] , but [playing eroge] itself is not sordid at all!!”

He will definitely not talk about the pros and cons of eroge at school.

“What with’s that, I don’t get it! How’s that not sordid!?”

“Stop calling it sordid! It’s true that there are tentacles and portrayal of gore, but it’s a really awesome game! Don’t criticize it when you  haven’t play it!!


“What’s wrong with [eroticism] !? There is even a little bit of eroticism in novels, movies and most of the production! It’s permitted in arts and literature, so why is it only being condemn in eroge?! That’s messed up!”

As if bring overwhelmed by Kazuma’s impulsion, Ruri was loss for words.


“Well said! As expected from my Kazuma-kun!”

“Shinomiya-san. I think I would also agree with Odagiri-kun.”

Yuna and Honoka also came in to support Kazuma.

Being surrounded and finally driven to the wall, Ruri pursed her lips.

(Oh crap)

At that very moment when he somewhat regretted saying too much,

“If……you are able to say that much, then why don’t you play and show me now…….!”


Towards her abrupt words, Kazuma, as well as Honoka and Yuna were vaguely blinking their eyes.

“If this is such a good game, you can show me how to play it right!? And if it’s as good as you say so, I’ll apologize for what I said earlier……..but in return, if this just a lewd game as I thought, then Kazuma is not allowed to play eroge ever again!”


With an unforeseen and extremely oppressing statement, a tumbling voice was raised.

“Don’t saying something so selfish! Just because you’re my childhood friend, that doesn’t mean you have the right to that!”

“That’s not true! Watching over so that Kazuma won’t make the wrong choice is my duty as a childhood friend! That’s because a highschool student shouldn’t be playing these kinds of games right!?”

“Urk…….! T-That’s errr……!”

When that argument was brought up, Kazuma had no choice but to shut up.

However, immediately, Yuna said this.

“Hmmm. In other words, it’s like that right? Shinomiya-chan is lining up various plausible excuses, but in short you just don’t want to be outcast by your favorite childhood friend.”


Vacantly blinking his eyes, Kazuma involuntarily stared at Ruri’s face.

Thereupon, as if thought of something, Ruri’s cheeks blushed in a panic.

“Y-You’re wron…….Don’t get me wrong okay!? It’s not like this is for his sake! It’s just that……yeah! I’m just checking to see if Kazuma is teaching Misaki-san about weird games! That is it! It’s not like I wanted to play eroge! Don’t be mistaken okay!?”


That being said, honestly, what she said was too much of a template for a tsundere so it ended sounding like the opposite meaning. If this is really a eroge, it will end by saying “yeah yeah tsundere tsundere” though…….

“E-Err……let’s put the reasoning aside for now. Ruri, are you serious about wanting to play eroge…..?”

“I-I’m serious……! Or……that I can’t play with you guys at all ……?”

Ruri’s challenging gaze abruptly became frail.

When she make a face like that, there is no way of saying no.

As if striking the gap where Kazuma fell into silence, Yuna stubbornly showed an evil smile on her face.

“Hmmm. If that’s the case, I’ll introduce you to my treasured game……here, play this.”

After saying that, Yuna suddenly operate the laptop. What started up was the trial version of a certain game.

『The eternity that you desire』. Though it’s a work from ten years ago, but among eroge users, this masterpiece still a legendary lamenting game.

“Well, I think this was a wonderful story too.”

“As expected of Misaki-chan! You understand it too! That brings back memories! Kazuma had the same amazed face when he played the trial version! Ah, there is a photo, wanna look Misaki-chan?”


“Wow! Wow!”

Once of the highlights of the production is the first chapter that was released to the public, was that [last shocking] part was captivating.

I won’t forget, the April of last year. Kazuma joined the club, was thoroughly taken for a ride by Yuna’s cajolery and made to play this trial version without knowing anything…….

It was the fifteen of spring when he knew the meaning [my head became blank].

Well since the game itself was fascinating without question, he was honestly grateful that she taught that to him.

“President, each and every one of your methods of recommendation has malicious intentions in the first place! When it ends with 『It’s a game where you can flirt with cute girls ☆』,well obviously this will be the face you’ll be making!”

“How rude~. I have not said anything wrong up till now.”

“…….The Kazuma of April was really nostalgic…..”

While Kazuma and Yuna were getting excited talking about the subject of eroge (Honoka was looking from another place though), meanwhile Ruri can’t seemed to intervene the both of them.

“….I-Is it really that interesting….?”

Ruri unexpectedly muttered. When they looked over there, she swinging her hands as if giving an evasive answer at the end.

“Ah, n-no……! That’s not what I meant……!”

“Hmmmm…..are you interested?”

“I-I told you I’m not──!”

“Stop being so stubborn and be honest with yourself~ Come come, sit down. Here is the mouse.”

With a complacent smile on her face, Yuna made Ruri sat before the laptop without a moment’s delay.

“Okay, just click [from the beginning]. Later all you have to do is just continue clicking and the story will automatically progress forward…….and with that *click*.”

“Fueeeehh!? W-Wait, hold on a minute!!”

While she was losing her composure, Ruri grabbed hold of the mouse in a panic. That nervous face is as if she was in one of those special team specialize with bombs.

(She don’t have to be that nervous……)

As he thought that, Kazuma was frankly and reasonably nervous. He was concerned as to whether Ruri will like that game or not after all.

Finally, the story begins. The first scene is about the protagonist skipped school and was chatting with his bad companion.

The character are standing as the setting develops with the BGM playing in the background. The voice combined with the dialogue have add even more into the color scheme.


Ruri’s shoulders trembled. Nervously, her posture which seemed to be somewhat lowered, moved ahead by just a little. Starring motionlessly at the screen.

While she was hesitating, Ruri soon moved her fingers and clicked the mouse. As the message was being sent, the story progressed little by little.

However, in contrast to the progressing story,  Ruri remained silent the whole time. Not saying  “it’s interesting” or “boring”.

Curious, Kazuma hesitated while calling out to Ruri.

“H-Hey, how is it? Isn’t it a normal school like I said?”


Upon hearing Kazuma’s voice, Ruri’s body sprung up and turned around as if she was being flicked.

“Eh? Ah, s-sorry. What? Did you say something?”

As if surprised and impatient, Ruri stared at Kazuma with her rounded eyes. Apparently she didn’t heard what Kazuma said previously.

That’s──if you look from another angle, it’s means that Ruri was that much concentrated on the eroge which is in front of her.


Yuna noticed that as well, proudly showing an complacent smile.

“So how is it? Are you becoming interested in it?”

“Fueh!? N-No….No I’m not! Well, I think the music has a good feeling to it, but I won’t be deceived by that! After all,  the lewd things will start soon…..!”

After repeating [I’m not that gullible!] , Ruri turned back and faced the screen again.

However, the face that was looking at the laptop had a sign which seemed like it was expecting the previous development more than before, even if it’s just a little.

*Click* The constant rhythm of mousing clicking could be heard. Matching with the movement of Ruri’s fingers, the story progresses.

『Your wish』’s trial version…… other words the first chapter, is where the main heroine, “Kanata” encounters the protagonist.

Although the protagonist accepted the her confession and they started dating, without fully clarifying with his own feelings, troubled about his relationship with her…….

I wonder. When I revisit the summary again, there are too many things to think about.

On the other hand, Ruri had been profusely making a fuss since then.

In the scene where “Kanata”‘s best friend and the next main heroine “Satsuki”,

“Wow wow! Isn’t this the pattern where this girl also likes the protagonist? The one where it become a love triangle right? It’s about the same as  shoujo manga!”

Next, in the scene where the protagonist is troubling about his relationship with “Kanata”,

“Gosh! What’s with this protagonist?! Not being clear in anything……! If he doesn’t know what to think of her, he shouldn’t have accepted her confession in the first place!”

“No no, I think he is trying his best as himself though……..the way he is worried shows how he is seriously thinking about Misaki-sa……, about “Kanata” is why he──”

“That’s just self-satisfaction! No matter how serious he is, just thinking indecisively won’t solve anything!”


“Eh? What’s with the serious face, Kazuma…..?”

Nothing but anything, it’s because the protagonist and “Kanata”‘s situation were exactly like his and Honoka’s relationship a while back. So that completely struck him that it hurts when he heard about Ruri’s disparagement towards the protagonist.

However, without explaining, other than Kazuma’s stomach hurting, Ruri is doing well──thus truly energetically making advances in the game.

Anyways, each and every one of Ruri’s reactions were exaggerated. She responded by  commenting about the character’s speech and conduct in the story, sympathizing with them. Just by looking at her proof tells him just how engrossed she is into the game just by looking.

As they noticed her habit and the reaction she sincerely had──

“Y-You got wrong! That’s not how it look like…..! It’s not like I thought that “this was more interesting that I thought”! Okay, I really didn’t thought so!!”

…….And temporized on the spot in a panic.

(You are way too stereotypical…….) [TL: they used the word “template” here for the generalization, which means a common tsundere. Cant really find good word to replace it though]

Kazuma was rather impressed her the state of her childhood friend.

Then as she was absorbed by the game, time just flew past by……..

“……Ah. It’s about time we leave.”

“Eh? Already?”

The school broadcast sounded, encouraging students to go home. A teacher patrolling is probably coming soon. They have to lock the room before they get caught with eroge.

“Eh, b-but it’s still continuing……”

With regretful eyes, Ruri looked at the screen. The story had finally came to the middle. Due to the game having sound, it took up pretty much of the time even though it’s a trial version.

However, since Ruri was previously looking at it reluctantly, Yuna heartlessly closed the window. “Ahhh!” Screams of Ruri were echoed throughout the clubroom.

“W-Why did you close it!? I have yet to save it!!”

“Eh? Why are you so flustered? Weren’t a gal and bitch like Shinomiya-chan said that she won’t be interested in a indecent thing  like eroge?”


Looking up at Ruri who was lost for words, Yuna sneered.

Even for someone that is only looking from the start, Kazuma had a face that expressed how he can’t put up with this.


“Hey, let me tell you a good thing, Kazuma-kun.”

Heading towards Kazuma who having irresistible sympathy for his childhood friend, President Sasai solemnly declared.

“I absolutely hate normie! I abhorred big breast even more!!”

The index finger that Yuna lashed out like a court judgment of 「I object!」, was pointing at Ruri’s──that, the flourishing peak of bulging breast.

The clubroom fell into complete silence.

“H-How rude! It’s not like I made it big to my liking…..!”

“Hmm! People who are blessed all said so! Seriously, everyone out there are all thankful for this lump of fat……..! If you like breast so much, why not just marry a cow huh, a cow!!”

“President, that’s indeed over the top──”

“──Un. That is right!”

“Eh?” All three of them blinked.

“The president is not wrong…….Yes, the world itself is unfair…..I am not repudiating about capitalism, but the human race should be more equal……..more even….!”

With a deeply moved face, Honoka gave Yuna a round of applause.

That gaze was direct──concentrated on that unfair and abundant breast’s fat percentage as if stabbing it.

Honestly, even if Yuna don’t have it, it doesn’t seemed a little, somewhat moderate compared to Honoka’s “that” and the girls in the class. No it doesn’t.

But, he clearly thought that Honoka didn’t kept that in mind.

(W-Wonder if she’s unexpectedly concerned about it?)




At the station’s home sitting on the bench side by side, both Kazuma and Honoka are waiting for their respective train to arrive.

And in Honoka’s hand was the piping hot jumbo meat bun that she just brought at the convenient store.

“…..Erm Misaki-san.”

When he called out to her,  Honoka was munching on her bun while looking over here with a “?”.

“Erm……I know it’s too late to say this, but are you angry?”

“……? ……、……! ……!”

Honoka wanted to say something to answer Kazuma’s question, but she was trying to swallowed the meat bun in her mouth and failed.

For a while, her mouth was devoting herself to chewing and finally, her throat reverberated with a “gulp!”.

“……..I am, not angry. I am fine.”

“But……..when Ruri is playing the game, you look a little dull…….besides, it seems like that girl Ruri is planning to visit tomorrow too……”

At that time as they were going home, he remembered what Ruri said before she left.


『I’ll come again tomorrow!』I have to watch over Kazuma──『my childhood friend』to see whether he is doing anything funny with Misaki-san!』


Up till now, he have been playing eroge with Honoka, but come tomorrow, it will be the three of them together, including Ruri. So far, even the president have shown up from time to time, but this time is a different case.

How does Honoka feel about that? It might be too late to bring it up, but as expected, Kazuma was curious about it.

Sure enough, in response to Kazuma’s question,

“…..That is, not it……”

Muttering, she bit into the bun.

“It is just that………I didn’t knew. About you and Shinomiya-san…….the both of you.”


Not quite understanding her muttering, he titled his head in puzzlement.

As if to cut him off,  Honoka said it again.

“Anyways……..I am really not angry. So, don’t worry.”

Cutting her words there, she continued with a louder voice than before.

“B-Besides……I am Odagiri-kun’s 〝girlfriend〟. So even if Odagiri-kun gets along with other girls, I won’t be jealous at all.”

──Because Odagiri-kun’s girlfriend is only me.

Having finish that sentence in one breath, Honoka went “hamu!” and sink her teeth into the bun again. Since Kazuma couldn’t think of a response, he alone had his face red.

“Ah, I-I see……! If that’s the case, what a reli──”


As he was about to say “what a relief” , he interrupted his own words

Because the face that Honoka made as she looked over here was suddenly starting to burn.

“I……..If anything……just, the two of us alone, would be better though…….”

It looks like it took all her courage into saying that. Honoka shut her eyes and began to eat again as if she is trying to escape.

Towards the straight ball being thrown without any warning, Kazuma can only sadly overlooked it as the ball struck out. Kazuma’s face becoming flushed, to the extend of not losing to her’s, he could only hanged his head.


He saw the train that he was supposed to get on, closed it’s doors before him.

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