It’s been a while

Hi everyone,

I finally able to post something after such a long time, really busy with my life. In the meantime, I did a little of translation here and there but didn’t make any major update till now. So let’s start the welcome party WITH A…………….bang.

Sorry, I don’t have anything spectacular but I left a new short story here. Geez where has the time gone? I really need to keep better track of my schedule. If anyone is wondering why I started that story, is because kimirano has a period where they released the entire first volume of a series and this one caught my attention because I like synopsis. Plus the authour (Kashida Leo) is a scenario writer that has contributed to writing the scenario like Little busters! and Angel Beats so I knew the story is going to be nice. The only thing that will probably disappoint is my translations.

So that’s how the journey started, from a curious path down the rabbit hole to the light at the end of hell. I have encountered tons of problems because of the crazy amount of use of literature used in this story. I scoured the internet to find the translations for some of the poems used in this story and only some have official translation while the rest I had to do it by myself so forgive me for not using poetic language in them.

Second would be the there are times when I dunno whether the sentences are from whose point of view. Some times from the narrator, the protagonist, which makes it all the more harder.

Thirdly, would be tone that some used. It’s hard to differentiate the way they speak in english so I tried to phrase them normally, sorry about that.

Crap, the manga for Hiota no Kanojo has went so far ahead! Heard people wanting for updates so that take priority. I also been reading another series: Otonari no Tenshi-sama, getting diabetes from it. Just got the special edition for vol 4 too. (Woo hoo!)

Okay this rumbling has gotten quite long so I’ll end it around here. Again do help me check around if there is something wrong with my english as you read. I might have overlook some.

Utaha-san wa betsu no uta o yomi hajimeru (詩葉さんは別ノ詩を詠みはじめる)

Lastly, do take care out in the world, stay safe, get vaccinated,

Thank you,


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