『The tip of the dew, like the source, it’s droplets that comes from the society were nothing but a trial and has fallen way behind』

Like the morning dew that is hanging on the tip of the leaf, and the drop that has fell to the root, just because there is difference in the beginning and end, that doesn’t change the fact that that drop is going to disappeared. Same applies to humans’ lives.

When I opened the door, the sound of a damp bell resounded. The raindrops falling on to my face as I looked out of the store have reminded of this song.

It’s soon going to be one year since my mother had passed. It was raining on that day too.


Today, I headed home alone and continued to wait at the place where my mother had left behind for me.

I sat on the chair temporarily. However, I headed to the second floor when I felt like someone had called out to me when there should be no one there.

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TL: Technically the next chapter is the prologue (as you see the illustration) but this part was written before the prologue and I dunno what to name this part.