Hitori de Ikiru Mon! Vol 1 Illustrations

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Oda Keito

  • The lowest in the class hierarchy, a loner and the protagonist in this series.

Minato Chisa

  • The most beautiful girl in school who is out of anyone league, actually have something in common with the protagonist……?


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“Good Morning.”

When I opened my eyes, there was an angel.

“It’s about time to wake up, Keito.”


In my eyes, there is a pleasant soprano.

Feeling like my body is being cradled.

Little by Little, my consciousness is heading towards awakening.


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“……Won’t you say something, is it that weird?”

—–Her chest, there is more to it than I thought

—–Looks stiflinggggggggg!?

—–Her legs are longgggggggg!?


——I’m gonna be turned on by this……..!

Minato Nanami

  • Fifth year of elementary school, Chisa’s little sister

“Ah, are you  aroused?”


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