Ore no Seishun – Prologue

This story was when I was in the second grade of elementary school.

The girl who is my childhood friend have both of her different colored eyes wet while I frantically endured her tears.

Her name is Salyu Nicholson, a half born from an Italian mother and Japanese father, has not only a figure of an angel, but also the personality of one.

And the reason of why that angel was holding back her tears was because Salyu and her family were moving to Italy with my mum that day.

“Uuuu……! I don’t wanna be apart from you, Taro-sama!”

Finally, her tear gland collapsed. She started to grumble in the airport at the very last moment.

Since Taro-sama was acting so carefree as Momoyama Tarou, I pointed at her as she continued to cry in order not to leave me,

“The way you cry have changed from a puppy to a stupid dog HAHAHAHA!”

And there is the memory of me laughing loudly at her and a tired mother.

At that time, I was appropriately at a age to be an idiot and a little laid back.

“I don’t want to go because I want to be Tarou-sama’s wife…..!”

Listening to his childhood’s manner of speech, the idiotic boy has finally noticed something serious, or  it supposed to be, but I had a feeling that I wanted her to laugh.

“You don’t have to cry. Even if you go to Italy, it’s still Earth. I think I can use my bicycle to come see you during our summer vacation, I’ll come and visit you.”

“I think it’s too far though……….”

“How about bus or train?”

“That’s impossible…..”

“I see.”

“Don’t just give up like that!”

“Eh~~~……Oh…..! Then I’ll call you everyday. Ah! But it’s gonna be a pain to call everyday, so I will call once every week, that will be it!


“Have I ever broken any promises?”

“….Many times.”

“How about treasured promises?”


“So this promise can’t be broken because it’s a precious one!”

As he agreed and brought out his little finger, Salyu wiped her tears and did the same to entwine with his finger too.

After singing the pinky swear song, the color of anxiety had disappeared from Salyu’s expression.

While her eyes were swelling, making a smile, she was able to smile at the end when they said farewell to each other.

That incident happened exactly eight years ago.