Like a gale (5)

“So that is what happened.”

Takumi’s voice honestly felt disappointed.

“It was there.”

Keito surveyed the waterfront as the waves approaches. No matter how hard he find, the enclosure made of stone and the small fish trapped in it. Of course. Because the dreams and past are not the same as present and reality.

“I really wanted to release it.”

Time will never go back. However, he was finally able to bring Shizuka to this point in return.

“Did the fish die because of me? I heard from Shizuka. When you grow up, you will forget about your childhood and your memories become fuzzy. But even if I forget the details like the terrible things, the mistakes I made and the things even a child could apprehend, I will always remember that pain, the pain that ached my heart.”

That’s right. Take losing the rubber ball a which took forever to find as a personal affair for example.

“I also something to ask you, Aikawa. Tell me about Shizuka’s last moments.”



Before he realized it, Junichi and Takumi were watching attentively.

“We were talking on the deck that night. I went there first, followed by Shizuka. The wind was fierce that night. Then we aimlessly….talk about things that happened when we are kids and highschool……..I think.”

He couldn’t continue from there. Even if the words managed to escape from the back of his throat, he felt nauseated, as if his throat was blocked.


The three of them looked at him with anxiety as Keto sunk into silence.

That’s right.

I have forgotten about it. No, I just deliberately tried not to remember.

Two people thrown into the ocean, their intertwined fingers were parted. I managed to save her but didn’t.

I has never told Sarasa or anyone else regarding the matter. The only exception was Utaha.

I lied right after that.

Right. I didn’t tell them the important parts.

So I lied to them and expect to seek their cooperation?

Talk about bad faith.

I want a little courage.

The courage to confide what my secrets.

The sea does not narrate, and the skies is silent.

Courage is in ourselves and the truth is the only thing in us as well.

The sea breeze blew.

Facing the rough winds coming from the seas to the coastline, the indomitable Keito raised his voice.

For the winds to carry his voice, in order to fetch Shizuka.

“Please listen!”

The three people open their eyes wide in respond to that loud sound. The influence doesn’t last. However, it became a opportunity to start something.

Keito begin to speak by saying “Actually”.

The last moments he spend with Shizuka indeed happened. While summarizing the events after they fell into the sea, he slowly says a word at one time as he validates the response of those three people with caution.

Sarasa, Junichi and Takumi were all listening intently without interjecting once.

Struck by the waves, he couldn’t grab hold of her hand once again.

He phrased it as if he is wringing out the remorse.

“I’m sorry………..for not bringing it up all this time.”

Whether it’s being accused as despicable, getting guffawed for being a coward or criticized for being a fool, he intends to accept everything.

First and foremost, in order to bring out Shizuka’s words he have to disclose everything but he haven’t done that.

How foolish he was.

The sky that welcomed summer was vast and blue, just like a lie.

The sunlight was dazzling, as if it was shinning down upon Keito to burn his body.

When has the weather became so hot in the morning? At what point did the sun risen so high up?

He became giddy.

The vast ocean is making a gentle rumble before his eyes.

The blue sea that once engulfed Shizuka quietly spreads out as if it was punishing Keito next.

Everyone remained silent.

Keito turned his sight towards to the place where Shizuka should be standing as if to escape from the silence.

However, there was no one there.

He looked around in a panic, but Shizuka wasn’t in his line of sight.


He instinctively called out to her.

“What’s wrong, Keito?”

“Shi-chan………is not here.”

Soon as he said that, Keito began to run.

Where did she went while they got distracted with their conversation?

“Shi-chan!? Where are you?!”

It was difficult to run on sand as he was about to lose his balance numerous time.

On top of that, Keito has no idea where should he be running towards. Aimlessly searching around will get you nowhere.

Did she got lost walking alone? If so, then she couldn’t have went far. If he searched around, she would definitely be found.

However, there is also the worst possibility. Shizuka’s lost words was already disappearing. That time has arrived. Without being able to see her again, not even the moment. And of course, hearing her words will never be fulfilled.

“Utaha-san!? Have you seen Shi-chan?”

Keito demanded from Utaha as if he was depending on her. However Utaha who went away shook her head.

“I certainly did saw her a moment ago. But even I don’t know where she went.”

“No way……….then please tell me where you were just now.”

He needs to find Shizuka as soon as possible. However, towards the impatient Keito,

「The living world is a dream. The nocturnal dream is reality.」

Utaha spins her words in a slow and irritating tone.

“What does that mean?”

I understood the meaning. What I want to hear is her intentions for saying that now.

“All of us should know that. What we can see is not everything and what we can’t see on the other hand is also the truth.

Aikawa-san and I are able to see the lost words which other people are unable to see. However, I have lost sight of Shizuka-san right now. If that is the case, maybe those who usually could not see them will be able to see her reality instead.”

Utaha then turned her line of sight towards Sarasa who was standing beside Keito,

“Don’t you think so, Irifune-san?”

In addition, the one in question Sarasa’s body instantly became rigid when her name was being called out. She then opened her mouth but said nothing.

I’m worried about her condition but we are having a dispute at the moment.

Keito was getting impatient, ran towards the concealed Shizuka and called out to her.

“I’m sorry, Shi-chan, sorry. Not matter how much I apologized, I did something unforgivable. I let go of your hand. I’m sure you resent me. You probably hate me. Nevertheless, it’s okay. If it’s okay, can you say a word?”

However, Shizuka didn’t appear.

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