Kekkon Vol 1 Prologue

The conflict between black and white

Nicely dressed men and women are having a chat at the hotel’s banquet hall.

It’s like a wedding’s after party.

However, the atmosphere is a little different.

He put on his best smile to leave a good impression.

His eyes randomly came into contact those kinds of people.

That should be case but the party’s conduct may change their lives in the future.

That’s why he certainly wants to be courteous.

Even though it’s natural to think that in a place like this,

“Don’t be a wet blanket. Let’s talk some more.”

The woman’s refusal was reserved. She was about to leave with a vague smile.

She thought that if she push on with that kind of attitude, it will somehow work out.

“Then let’s exchange contacts. That will be fine right?”

The man was persistent.

“Err…….that’s a little……”

The woman carefully tries to keep the man away with a mild demeanor.

However, that young man never stops following him.

“I told you I don’t want to!”

The woman ran out of patient and raised her voice, with people who were talking nearby.

However soon as they saw the ill-mannered man, they looked away and refused to get involved.

The young man snorted at them and reaches out to grab the woman’s arm.

“Let’s leave it at that shall we.”

A voice was called out from behind.

“I think is proactive towards women, but aren’t you too aggressive?”

The young man turned around with an annoying face and flinched involuntarily.

Behind him was a male with a larger build.

Wearing a grey suit, he is surely over a hundred and eighty centimetres tall and is about in his mid 20.

His body build is robust and his pose was magnificent.

“………..What’s with you. Stay out of this.”

The young man shamelessly declared while stumbling on the inside.

However, the other party didn’t fluster. That composed look is doubtful.

Is he going to quietly back down? Or——

“I don’t think feel anything for a woman like this.”

Annoying clicking his tongue, the young man turned over his suit.

When his back was lost, the woman involved breathe a sign of relief.

“T-Thank you very much. Jeez, that person is really persistent!”

“Well there are various kinds of guys in a place like this. You should just forget about it and move on to the next.”

The man with a large physique casually laughed. It has a nice smile on his face.

The woman who saw that blushed. That gaze raised her body temperature, making her small throat to go up and down.

“Well then, I’ll excuse myself.”

“Erm , uhh, if you don’t mind, would you care to have a conversation with me?”

The woman present a card in a hurry to the man who tried to leave by raising his hands.

That’s was a profile card.

As if not to be bothered by the topic, it was written with hobbies and special skills.

The man with a large physique apologizes with a hand gesture by saying “My bad”. “I’m not here for the party——–“

Following those words, he took out a business card from the pocket of his suit.

“Hakujo Entarou. Matrimonial Agency’s Matchmaker.”

This is banquet hall people searching for a marriage partner. Since this is a party targeted at the members of the matchmaking service, only the members of the dating agency and people who assisted are here.

The matrimonial agency is a place that aids troubled men and women who are having difficulty finding marriage partners ,and the people working there are called a matchmaker. Entarou is one of them, today he entered the assembly hall as a escort to the members who participated the marriage hunting party.

Although ‘Matchmaker’ still has a strong image of a helpful neighborhood granny, it exist as a respectable profession.

They connects the relationship between two people and earn remuneration in return.

Entarou is one such professional matchmaker.

“So you’re a matchmaker……..”

The woman who made a little disappointing and wry smile, tilted her head and stared at one part of the business card.

“You never heard of Hakujo Matrimonial Agency before?”

When Entarou couldn’t bear it and asked, the woman replied: “I’m sorry. It’s the first time hearing that.”

“N-No, it’s fine…..Don’t worry.”

Entarou who smiled awkwardly, is a matchmaker while at the same time he is the president of a private office called Hakujo Matrimonial Agency. That’s why he wanted people who are marriage hunting to know about his office……

“By the way Mdm, may I know which organization are you affiliated with?”

When Entarou regained his composure and asked, the woman smiled proudly.

“I’m with Kuromine Marriage Planner.”

“Ahh, I see………It’s a famous place right?”

“Yes. I have seen their commercials on television and it looks like celebrities have joined as well. Besides, a big place also brings a peace of mind.”

“I-I see…….”

He don’t think she said it out of spite.

Nevertheless, Entarou ended up depressed. The words big place also brings a peace of mind hurt him deep inside.

“Erm……..thank you for what you did earlier. You were a great help.”=

“O-Okay. Good luck with the matchmaking.”

Waving at the leaving woman, Entarou had a bitter look on his face.

The company that she just said was the “Kuromine Marriage Planner”.

Although it is a major company that aids marriage hunting in the industry, he honestly doesn’t like it. That company is too money-minded.

They broadcast tons of advertisements on television, hold eye-catching events and make celebrities as members of their association.

It is good to various things to earn profit, but it receives the impression that the crucial matchmaking agency is being neglected because of that.

—–There are rumors of discriminating members based on their pay too.

Entarou was pondering with a loathsome face and looked around.

Are the members that he in-charge of doing well? He was worried that there are some that will be harassed just like that woman earlier, on the contrary, he was worried wondering if he did any mistakes.

“Oh wow, what a beautiful face.”

“I heard of the rumors, but she is really….”

“By all means, please go out with me with the intention of marriage.”

Suddenly, an awfully loud voice of admiration can be heard.

When he casually turned around, he saw three men crowding around a woman.

Taking a glimpse at that woman, it took Entarou’s breath away.

—–She is absolutely………

She was wearing white dress as if it was a wedding dress, elegant black hair sparkling under the light and her straighten spine and standing posture is awe-inspiring.

And above everything else, she is beautiful……

Like fresh snow falling deep inside a remote mountain, he stared fixedly at her, attracted to her clear and pure beauty.

And such a beautiful woman is surrounded by men in good tailored suits. Wearing a gem on their fingers, their cuff links and necktie​ pin also looks expensive.

If she is that beautiful, a good man wouldn’t leave her alone.

The more Entarou thought so, the more the guys could be referred to as 『Excellent Objects』just by looking at them.

The women standing around are fidgeting about holding their profile cards, but the men had their eyes kept on her.

“How about it, Yui-san? Would you like to go out with me some other time?”

“No, a dinner with me would be better.”

“I can prepare anything you wish.”

All of the men’s approach is fervent.

“I, errr――”

That beautiful woman is trying to say something.

The men sensed that and inquired about her complexion without further delay.

“Is there something you want to do?”

“Please say anything.”

“I’ll do anything for you, Yui-san.”

However, she hung her head down and remained silent.

Is she considering a change of partner?

That was what it looked like in Entarou’s eyes.

“――Let’s talk to someone else for a moment as well.”

A man with glasses who was standing nearby cut in and the men that are constantly talking to her became disappointed.

Apparently he is that beautiful woman’s matchmaker. He is wearing trendy glasses and a suit of fine quality with bangs separated precisely.

“We will meet again.”

“I’ll contact you!”

“I’ll definitely win your heart, Yui-san.”

The men continued their passionate appeal till the end.


The beautiful girl took a small breath of relief upon being released.

Even though this place was clearly requested by elite men, she had a gloomy expression from the start till end.

——What to do now……..

When Entarou was in deep thoughts while scratching his head,

“How do you of those men? Every one of them is a decent person and I think they are suitable for you.”

The man with glasses, who seems to be matchmaker, flattering her.

“I don’t think they are bad people, but something felt different.”

As she said that, she turn her line of sight towards the banquet hall.

Over there are various men and women engaging in the joys and sorrows of marriage hunting.

It can be exciting and awkward for each other to call out to the opposite sex.

While there are groups from the same sex encouraging each other, some couples are staring at each other with their cheeks flushed on the other hand.

She looked at that as if she saw something dazzling.

“Very well. Then I will introduce you to someone with a higher rank.”

“……….That’s not it.”

She slightly shook her head, making her silk like black hair swayed.

“I want to find myself. Besides there are so many people here.”

“No, you can’t.”

The man in glasses denied her immediately.

“You don’t know what kind of tom, dick and harry there are in here. I will take full responsibility and select the best out of them.”


She tried to say something but she was silenced by his gaze and looked down.

Then she started to walk with the man leading the way.

“Leave it to me. I will promise you the best marriage you ever had.”


Contrary to the man in glasses walking exultantly, the woman’s stride was heavy.

Showing her despondent profile, she tried to past in front of Entarou,

“Why don’t you just do as you like?”

He called out to her before he noticed it.

That voice clearly reached the both of them which made them stopped walking and looked back at Entarou.

The eyes of the beautiful woman widened. She stared at Entarou for a moment—–

Eventually she opened her mouth as if she has made up her mind.


“Who are you?”

The man in glasses stepped forward and stood in front of Entarou, cutting off the woman who tried to say something.

“I don’t know who you are or where you came from but could you not butt in unnecessarily?”

His tone was harsh, unlike the one he used when he was talking to the woman.

In response to his overbearing attitude, Entarou replied feeling annoyed.

“I’m a matchmaker. Unnecessary meddling is my job. Why aren’t you considering that lady’s feelings? Didn’t she said she wants to talk to various people? So why don’t you just let her do that? That’s the purpose of this marriage hunting party after all.”

“You don’t know her situation so back off. I will prepare a decent partner for her.”

“But from what I’m listening, you don’t seem to prepare a ‘decent partner’ for her. That lady had a boring look on her face, doesn’t she?”

“Stop making false accusations, you stray dog matchmaker.”

The man in glasses turned towards the girl and shrugged his shoulders as if it was intentional.

“As you can see, there are people like this mixed in here. All the more reason I should properly select your partner beforehand.”

“That’s, but…….”

She tries to say something but she shut her mouth.

That situation was vexing for Entarou.

He don’t know what is frustrating, but he didn’t want to let the guy in glasses do as he please.

“Would you like to come to my place?”

Entarou approached her and took out a business card from the pocket of his suit.

“Hey. Don’t do whatever you want!”

Although the man with glasses shouted, Entarou handed out his business card to her regardless.

“If you come over, you will be able to find a marriage partner much more easier.”

“I can’t allow that.”

The man in glasses who grabbed Entarou’s arm, scowled at him with a furious expression.

“Why are you getting worked up for? It’s up to her whether how she wants to find her partner.”

“This young lady is under the custody of Kuromine Marriage Planner and will take responsibility in finding her one. Will you stop butting into other people’s business?”

“Ha! If it isn’t Kuromine. Ah, I see. Now I’m convinced. Looks like the rumors are true. It is surprising to see a marriage hunting where the members’ wishes are being ignored.”

“I am just hand-picking the right one for her. It is also the job of the matchmaker to find choose someone fitting.”

“If that is the case, then your eyes are lacking in judgment. It doesn’t look like the young lady is satisfied with the people that you have brought along though.”

“What did you say! You……..!”

Entarou pushed the guy aside and looked right at her.

“I am Hakujo Entarou. I am a matchmaker from Hakujo Matrimonial Agency. What is your name?”

She was also looking at Entarou.

Her eyes are filled with either the color of surprise and skepticism or anticipation.

As she tied to reach out for his hand,

“I am——-“

“Let’s go, you shouldn’t be involved with this such a person!”

The man in glasses forcefully cut in and tries to take her away.

“Hey wait.”

Entarou tries to run after her, but the man in glasses waved to the security staff and was subdued.


“I am Minazuki Yui!”

Her parting words have reached Entarou’s ear distinctly.