Izure Shinwa Vol 4 prologue

The world died that day.

As it is to me—-Leon Bladebright.

“Mother! Mother!”

I called out to my mother numerous times just like how she would to me.

The shoulder and back were jolting, but there wasn’t any response in return.

Of course.

A cold feeling.

A hard feeling.

That’s all I can feel throughout my palms.

A stone.

A stone shoulder.

A stone back.

A stone body.

A Mother——-in stone.

On that day, my mother had turned into a silent stone.

It’s not just my mother.

It also happened to the old woman next door.

And the friends in school.

And the patisserie in the neighborhood.

Everyone has been petrified.

And many of them had became fragments.

They gotten drag into the fight when the devils attacked my town.

Everything, all was gone.

Where are the structures that built my world?

Everything and anything has became stone.


I clung on to the remaining upper half of my mother.

If mum didn’t protect me when the devil’s eyes shone, I would probably be the one that turned into stone.

However, I would rather be a stone, just like everyone else.

That’s the least I can do if I’m going to be only one left in this world.


“! Dad!”

I lifted my face on reflex upon hearing my father’s voice.

Then, there was my father covered in sweat.

“Leon! So you’re okay!”

My father hugged me tightly.

Seems like he has been searching ever since he lost sight of us amid the chaotic stampede.

Father then saw the petrified mum and cried as well.

Looking at my father crying and lying prostrate, I also cried.


And cried.

Eventually, my father stood up before me.

“Stand up Leon.”

“I can’t.”

“Stand. You have to.”

My father replied with a harsh tone.


“Because we are still alive.”


I looked up at my father’s face.

I honestly wasn’t good at dealing with my Japanese father who always has a stern expression, who is strict about everything, just as he looks.

However, my affectionate mother is no longer here.

No longer here.


I can’t.

It’s impossible, dad.”

I can’t stand.

I can’t stand up to the world that is left with only despair.

I can’t do it.

I don’t want to stand anymore.

I don’t want to get up from this depths of despair.

If that doesn’t even come true.

I would rather………..forget about everything.


I wake up.

Was that……….a dream?

I graduallly opened my eyelids while I lied there idly.

The lights in my room were left on.


A paper was stuck on top of the celling.

『The diary on the desk → read the memo pad in order.』

It was written in large fonts.

I raised my upper body.

A similar patch was also stuck on the wall.


What is that?

Why am I getting such………..memo?


I then make a surprised voice.

Because when I suddenly look down at my body, it wasn’t the one that I’m familiar with.

First of all, the palm is too big.

The arms are also longer.

Legs too.

My height is strangely growing too.

Come to think of it, my voice also sounds weird.


I touch my face.

It was my own face.

However, it’s kinda weird.

To begin with, where is this place?

It’s an unknown room.

It’s not the room from my home.

When I looked around the room, I found a mirror hanging on the wall.

I move towards the mirror as if I was borrowing someone else’s limbs.

“This………is me?”

Over there——-was me with an unfamiliar face.

It was as if I have instantaneously aged.


I looked at the desk.

There was a carefully arranged diary and writing pad.

The words on the paper was certainly mine.

If so, I can believe what was written on it.

I pulled the chair with my trembling hands.

Then I gulped and flipped the dairy with caution.

Various things written in there.

It was about the things that I can’t remember for more than a day.

To [me], It was regarding the world ten years from now.

About my father’s death.

About accepting into the school on this island.

In the diary, there were ten years worth of memory that I have no recollection of.

Of course, I was shocked.

But above all. It was the record that I wrote myself…………no choice but to accept it.

The dream from this morning was a reality.

Mum and Dad, were gone.


I cried on the chair for a while thinking of mother naturally, and father who I should be bad at dealing with.

I see.

I am left all alone.


After a while, I slowly reached out for the memo pad.

Over here were some pointers to be aware of on a daily basis.

Obviously the most striking were the words father wrote at the beginning of the page.

『Sympathy is not for another’s benefits』*

This was also left in 「my」memory.

It was the words that dad liked.

“Yeah………….I’ll do what you says, dad.”

I slightly nodded to the words written there.

I thought father was at the opposite side of those words.

After that, I tried to close the book――and the photo sandwiched in between lightly sunk to the floor.

I bent down and picked up the photo.

The person photographed in the picture is a boy older…….no, about the same age as me right now.

Behind the photo, the name 「Shinsen Raika」was written on it.

Something was written below his name.


That’s what it says.

Besides that, there were other things written such as comrades.

However, what caught my mind was the first word 「friend」.

To think a guy like me would have friends.

I was relieved and overjoyed by that fact.


Eh? But what is this?

Something is a little off…………I felt like i have forgotten something important about him.

That’s probably not a hunch but something I might have actually forgotten.

What on Earth is it?

I did my best to remember………..but still nothing comes to mind.

I felt like………….it was something very important though……….




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TL: 『情けは人の為ならず』. It has similar meaning to the phrase “Today you, tomorrow me” which basically means that I’m helping you because I would want to be helped in the same situation, and it could easily be me next time. Feel free to offer a better translation for the original phrase.