Izure Shinwa Vol 3 Prologue

The night ended once again.

We defeated Osiris using the Evil eye’s 『petrification』and took back Maria.

However, due to Osiris’ instinctive suicide ability and 『Regalia’s』resurrecting combo, the circumstances have changed.

Right now she is probably reviving somewhere on the island.

We have already know her skills more or less but the prospect of capturing her 『Regalia』is not there yet.

To make matters worse, Osiris disappeared and insinuating about a large scale magic will involves the whole island.

It’s unknown what kind of sorcery that is, but depend on the situation, the possibility of her intending to kill everyone on the island is not zero.

The deadline that Osiris presented is just under 10 days.

Till then, I need to find a way to defeat her completely.


I also can’t forget about Susanoo, the other pillar of God.

I have to fulfill the promise of  returning the body that Susanoo is processing——Kushinada Himeko back to her sister, Kushinada Nadeko-senpai.

Everything is moving at second place.


I need to be faster……….

『———Uhihihi, you have been rather impatience since morning, Raika』

As I was walking down the road to school, Balor suddenly started talking to me.

(After listening to that laughter, it got worse)

『———Uhihihi, well my bad』

Not shy at all, Balor laughed.

『———If your stressed out then you should find a method to release it. How about we go and peeping again with Kojiro? 』

(Who is that……..?)

When I was talking to Balor inside my brain,

“What’s wrong Raika? Why are you blankly starring into nothing?”

Kunisaki who was walking at the side starred at me.

“Nothing. I’m just a little worried about Maria.”

“Ah, I was told she collapsed in the morning with anemia.”

Kunisaki lowered his eyebrows to the character 『ハ 』.

By the way, Maria collapsed with anemia was half true and half false.

She was injured in last night’s battle and had lost a lot of blood.

Afterwards she has considerably recovered with hematopoiesis and miracle of『therapy』but I instructed her to take a rest in her room for today.

“Well, let’s go and pay her a visit later.”


While agreeing with Kunisaki’s words, we went through the school gates.

Then we changed our shoes at the entrance and headed to our classroom.


Kunisaki who tried to enter the classroom first raised a dubious voice.

“What’s up?”

“Hey Raika, look at that.”

Because Kunisaki pointed into the classroom, I also looked at that direction.

Over there was a girl sleeping on the desk with face down.

I can’t see her face because of her black hair, but that seat………


Noticing the identity of that girl, I got so surprised that I dropped my bag.


The girl who was sleeping up till now, woke up upon hearing that sound and raised her head and looked this way.

That face is undeniably

“Oh I thought it was someone else but to think it was you, Raika.”


Kushinada Himeko———Susanoo thoughtlessly yawn as she said that.

Then, she titled her little head.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Something on your face…….that’s not it!

Why is Susanoo in the classroom?

Or rather why is she falling asleep on the desk…………

“What is this?”

I was unexpectedly at my wit’s end as I was confronted with this nonsensical and absurd situation.


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