Izure Shinwa Vol 3 Chpt 3 pt 1


Now it’s Tuesday, two days after we went to the pool.

Leon and I were running at full speed through the nightlife districts.

“This way!”


Following Leon’s voice, I kicked the road pavement.

With all my strength.

With full force.

Turning at the corner, sprinting straight.




I unintentionally struck the building of the wall in front of me.


Leon who was next to me, stood dumbfounded.

A corpse with a torn-off head was ruthlessly thrown down before our eyes.

It’s the work of Osiris.

“………Any sign of Osiris?”

“Still close. But she getting away.”

“Do you know which way?”


“No, it’s not your fault.”

I nudged the depressed Leon’s shoulder and looked up at the sky.

Underneath the illumination of the almost circular moon, a shadow is floating in the night sky.

It’s Ruirui.

I faced towards her and send a signal.

A few seconds later, I got a reply.

I can’t find Osiris.

I told her to continue to be on standby with Brynhildr.

At the end of my vision, I saw a girl turned into an inaudible skeleton.

Her face became a shadow, I was unable to see anything.

No, I didn’t try to look.

I couldn’t see very much.


I was about to sign and clicked my tongue, but I endured it since Leon was beside me.

I packed the emotions that I can’t release in my throat which made me feel stifling.

The truth is I want to scream and shout at any minute.

I failed to make it in time again———

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