Izure Shinwa Vol 3 Chpt 2 pt 7


『—What were the both of them talking about?』

(Who knows)

『—-For all you know, they might be talking about boobs.』

(Are you an idiot?)

What have happened to make the two of them to talk about breast?

I was exasperated and sighed.

『–So how? Are you enjoying yourself?』

Balor queried.

(It is probably less than an hour since I arrived.)

『—What are you talking about? This is a long-awaited break so let’s enjoy it from the beginning.』

(The hell I care about some break…….I haven’t really done anything much)

For the last decade, I have continuously undergo training as a heretic subjugation force.

The training at the facility was unimaginably severe that everyday seemed like torture.

However, I continued to endure it.

In order to kill the Gods.

In order to take back my little sister.

I don’t have the luxury to take a break.

Much less playing with friends……..

(I felt like it has been a while since I came to this island)

What a ridiculous story.

Even though I have been devoting myself for vengeance and swore that I didn’t need anything.

Since the battle with the gods began, I never got the chance to come to the pool with my friends like this.

『—-Even though I said a break, what an odd annoying person.”

(Shut up)

『Uhihihi, oh well! I’m gonna have fun!』

(You are that kind of guy)

『—-Yeah, that is right! But aren’t you enjoying yourself too?』

(The hell I know)

『—Liar. Your heart was probably thumping when you saw Charo back there right?』

(……..That’s not true)

『—Lying is the beginning of a virgin you know.』

(If you are going to say that, a thief would be more apt)

『 —Are you vehemently denying it? Isn’t it a male instinct to be attracted to a female’s body? 』

(Don’t lump me with the likes of you, lower half devil)

『 —Isn’t that insult somehow sounded like someone with boundless sexual vitality? 』

(Just wither and die)

『 —Uhehehe, I want to do it with a good woman, even just once to the point I wither)

Balor reluctantly laughed towards my criticism.

When I thought that this was a silly comic skit,

『 ———Hmm? What happened?” 』


Maria and the others were drawn by Balor’s voice and looked over here.

For some reason the both of them are swimming to the poolside—-in other words, to where I was.



Charo-senpai is swimming?

Don’t tell me she is able to swim already?

I kept thinking to myself that can’t be true while waiting for them to get out of the water.

Then, I looked at Charo-senpai who has gotten up.



Seeing that pointed look, I realized that her personality has switch with Brynhildr’s divinity.

“What on Earth happened?”

Fundamentally speaking, Brynildr can only emerge when they are fighting.

Also when Charo-senpai is in a tough spot and when she become unconsciousness.

Either way, it means that something have happened. But,



The both of them looked a little uneasy and avert their eyes towards my question.



“…….Did something happened?”

“Errr, that’s, uhhhh…..”

Maria is faltering unusually.

It was obvious something happened.

I survey the surroundings.

There wasn’t any particular change.

I am curious as to why Maria is not reporting anything to me but, to put in another way, it might be a matter (accident) that she feels she does not need to report.

If it was really a dangerous issue, there is no way she would hide it from me.

That is how much I trust her.

“Oh well.”

Judging that there was no emergency, I decided not to press on further.

I turned my line of sight to Brynhildr.

“Is Charo-senpai waking up anytime soon?”

“Unfortunately I don’t know either.”

“I see.”

I shrugged.

“It can’t be helped. Let’s suspend senpai’s practice for the time being and go play with Leon and the others.”

“I agree.”


Brynhildr nodded strongly to my suggestion.

Could it be that she also wants to play?


After that, the three of us met up with Leon.

When I went to the slide down the water slider with him again, Tenka and Kunisaki who were playing sports joined us this time.

Before long, Ruirui and the Kushinada Sisters also appeared and everyone played ball as a competition.


I was laughing before I knew it.

Although I couldn’t answer when Balor asked me earlier.

I seemed to be enjoying myself with everyone now.

Oh, that’s right.

So this is what having fun felt like.

It is fun to play with friends.

It is obvious.

I fully enjoyed that feeling in a long time to my heart’s content.

However, my muscles is gradually began to complain of fatigue, perhaps I might have frolicking a little too hard.

Then, I remembered the main purpose of coming here today and decided to take a rest by the poolside after turning down Kunisaki and the others.


“What, you’re tired?”

Brynhildr called out to me when I sat down.

“No. Just taking a break.”

“I see.”

Brynhildr sits next to me.


“Nothing, I am also taking a break.”

Kunisaki and the others are playing in a pool with waves in it a few distance away.

So now I am alone with this person.

“How is Charo-senpai?”

“Still sleeping.”

“I see.”

Confirmation and reply.

The conversation ends with a wearisome exchange.

Not like I care about it though.

『——Hey, let’s take her to somewhere dark and shack up.』



Brynhildr called to me and I turned and faced her.

Even though she strangely called out to people, for some reason, she didn’t look at me.


I asked.

Brynhildr took a peek at me and took a few deep breaths.

“H-How is this swimsuit?”

“What do you mean?”

“Does it look good on me?”


Unable to infer the intentions of her question, I tilt my head for a short while.

“If you are talking about my thoughts of that swimsuit, I have already told it to senpai.”

“I know, but I also want to hear that.”

“What a waste of time.”

I completely cut her off.

As soon as I said that, Brynhildr has a sad face.

“Don’t say that……I chose this swimsuit with Charlotte yesterday you know.”

“With you?”

When I replied on impulse, Brynhildr lifted her head happily.

“That’s right! I was invited by Frejya-sama and the others to buy a swimsuit yesterday.”


I kept silence, but Brynhildr continued talking anyways.

“That girl Charlotte was going to wear that school swimsuit initially. That was what I thought as efficient, but Freyja-sama and Tenka laughed at me.”

“…….I see.”

I heard about that too from senpai.

Rather than receiving high praises for her flair, she got laughed at.

“Nevertheless Charlotte still seemed to be satisfied to find a school swimsuit, but then I advised her to buy another one.

『———Fine played.』

“And after consulting with each other, we went with this one.”

Brynhildr somewhat said that with pride.

She shouldn’t be able to hear Balor’s voice, but does she think she is a fine play herself?

“T-That’s why”

Brynhildr then suddenly brought her face up close.

“If this swimsuit looks good. it was also because of my contribution……….s-so shouldn’t I have the right to to be complimented?”

Brynhildr faltered while blushing.

Her cheeks are slightly dyed red, and her eyes wavering with some form of expectation.


I couldn’t comprehend the logic she is trying to convey.

However I knew she wanted to be praise apparently.

Brynhildr stared intently at my profile.

Her gaze had so much vigor that it might burn a hole in my cheeks.

A compliment……..huh.

I looked at Brynhildr from the side.

Her appearance was obviously the same as Charo-senpai.

However, between her and Brynhildr, their atmosphere is different.

Senpai was soft and warm.

This person is sharp and clear.

Even if they look the same on the outside.

They are different on the inside.

If the mood is different, the impression received will also be different.

Even if they dress the same, saying whether it looks good or not will be different.

So what about Brynhildr?


“Ah, hey, where are you going?”

Brynhildr suddenly stood up and stopped me.

“To the sauna. Don’t follow me.”

I said that and left the area.

Balor laughed at me.

『——-What, how about praising her a little? Say that it looks good on her.』

(Well I don’t think so)

『—–You’re not upfront about it when dealing with a god aren’t you? Even though you praised Charlotte upfront.』

(You’re noisy, Balor)

『Yeah yeah.』

Praised her……….you say?

A god?

You got to be kidding me.

That is what I thought.

While thinking, I felt my heart aching a little deep inside of me.

The cause is probably was the confession at the amusement park that night.

She wants to be my sword.

Brynhildr said so at that time.

Those words are stabbing me in the heart the whole time.

Even if I don’t accept it and tried to dismiss it, the words are clear.

Her feelings.

All of her feelings.

Every time I tried to recall, a deep pain ached in my heart.

I have been hating gods for ten years and I am still hate them and trying to kill them. pg 137

The encounter I had on this island, actually came into contact with gods and laughing and crying with them, that is the existence I knew.

Fighting with each other and each time, I would suffer.

My hatred is still far more stronger.

However what if.

What if one day.

This feeling in me that I haven’t named yet continues to grow.

What should I do?

What can I do?

I don’t want to think about that right now.

That is why I averted my eyes.

But eventually……..


I entered the sauna while harboring such feeling of uncertainty.

The next moment, a gush of hot air rushed towards my face.

It makes me forgot about about the complicated thoughts, or rather overwritten by the simple emotion of feeling hot.

The sauna here seems to be quite big.

As far as I can see, if the place is jam-packed, it can accommodate about eighty people.

Right now, there is only about ten people inside.

Thinking it is better to find a hotter spot, I headed up the stairs.




When I tried to head up the stairs, my eyes came into contact with that person.

That previous guest was lying down on top, enjoying the sauna with a relaxed expression.

She tied her pink hair into one bundle to make it look characteristic.

Wearing a swimsuit that matches the color of her hair.

With many bead-shaped sweat droplets forming on her petite back.

Osiris stared at my surprised face and smiled.

“You came at the right time, bearer of the Evil Eye.”

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