Izure Shinwa Vol 3 Chapter 2 pt 3


I was able to get on the water slide quickly because there were very few customers.

The staff had showed them the way to top of the water slide by riding the elevator.

Over there was another staff waiting the next person to slide down.

“Hello. Who wants to slide down next? If there is two people, you can use this float and go down together.”

Having said that the staff held up a boat-type float with both hands.

“I’ll go first!”

Leon was the first to answer and headed towards the slide.

“Then I’m going with Raika-kun!”


I made a dubious face as Tenka wrapped around my arms.


Leon cheered as he slid down the water slide.

After a few seconds, he arrived at the bottom of the pool with a big splash.


Leon’s delighted laughter could be heard all the way from here.

“The next person please.”

“Let’s go Raika-kun.”

Tenka pulled my arms and headed towards the slide.

The water slider is not completely cylindrical as one quarter of the top is open.

The slides has numerous twist and turns until it reach the bottom and there is a large portion of the currents in order for the rubber ring on the boat to slide down comfortably.

“Please get on.”

While holding the boat at the end of the slide, an attendant will urges us to get on probably because the attendant will then push the boat out when the passenger got on it.

Come to think it, I see what they are trying to do.

Do I really have to take the same boat as Tenka?

“Raika, can you get on first?”


I tried to be as innocent as I can be as I got on the boat.

“Well, I will get on too!”


Tenka showed no hesitation and slipped in between my legs.

It’s someone who have a small body able to do, but this is……

“Hey, how about getting on the front?”

The boat has front and back handles for gripping.

“Why? This is more fun?”

Tenka replied nonchalantly as she entrusted me with her body.

It’s as if she is making me her tatami chair.

Just now it’s coming from the front, now it’s from the back.

Why is this girl trying to stick to me every single time…….

[—–Oh, your skin feels a little squishy. This kind of feeling is nice.]

(Shut up and don’t be switched on, you damm Balor.)

[—–Uhehehe, even you’re aroused looking at your little sister’s body.]

(As if!)

“Well then, I’m pushing now.”

I tried to stop it, but it was too late.

The boat which we are riding on has already passed the green line and on to the slope to slide down.


Tenka cheered within my chest.

“Come on, onii-chan raise your voice too, it’s fun.”

“Shut up. Don’t fall from the boat and hurt Tenka’s body.”

I readily brushed off Tenka (Zeus) ‘s drivel.

The boat twisted and turned around the slide’s curves countless of times.

And my body would come into contact with Tenka’s each time it happens.




Although it probably didn’t took more than one minute but reaching to the goal felt strangely long.

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