Izure Shinwa Vol 3 Chapter 2 pt 5


“Zee, zee……”

“A-are you fine, Raika-san?”

“Aah, Maria. I am alright.”

“As expected of Raika! You truly are a boy.”


Even if Ruirui praised me, I do not feel happy.

I need to maintain absolute calmness against this person.

I am getting tired, so I get up.

“Rather, it is time to let go.”

I say it bluntly, seeing as I am feeling a little tired.


“My bad. I can’t”

“……why is that?”

I retorted against Ruirui playful reply.


“Looks like my swimsuit was washed away since a while ago.”


I got a more playful answer than I had imagined.

Then, this feeling on my back is……!?

 『——uhyoohi! This is raw!』

Bálor raises a shout with exultation.

I really wish he died right now, but that is not what I should be focused on.

“Maria. Sorry, but do you mind helping to look for Ruirui swimsuit?”

Fortunately, this pool is small.

If she looks for it now, she should find it easily before the next whirlpool begin.


However, Maria does not let go of my side.


“In the meantime, Ruirui-san, will continue hugging Raika-san?”

“It can’t be helped. If someone sees her……”

“If so, I won’t leave!”


I am surprised at her unexpected reply.

“Only Ruirui san, it is unfair! Even I have the right too!”

“No, what rights?”

“Recently, Raika san is getting way too close with this slutty woman!”

Maria puffed her cheeks.

Is she……getting angry with me?

“Sometimes you should give me the chance too!”

“Oh ho hoo? Don’t tell me Maria, you have a burning passion against me~?”

This time, Ruirui let out a teasing voice from behind me.

“What that have to do with anything?”

“Hmm, but you see. My upper part is naked right now?”


“In other words, if Maria doesn’t take off, it won’t be a match, right?”

“T-that is……”

“Hey Ruirui, don’t give her any funny idea now……”

Unable to bear anymore, I break into the conversation of these two.


“I am, I……”

“H-hey, Maria?”

“Even I, for the sake of Raika san, can do anything……!”

Apparently, it was too late.

Maria’s fighting spirit has already ignited, and she tries to untie her bikini.

“Wait. Stop it, Maria.”

“Please don’t stop me! This is a match between two women!”

“No, think about the time and place!”

Someone stops these two!

I don’t know if my wish was granted, but.

“My, Shinzen-san?”

Suddenly, Kushinada-senpai passed by the pool where we are while looking around the area.

“……What are you guys up to?”

“It’s nothing.”

I pretend to be as calm as possible and answer Kushinada senpai question.

“Kushinada-senpai too, does anything happen? Looks like you are looking for something.”

“Well, I am actually separated from Himeko.”

“Your sister?”

When I asked back, Kushinada-senpai gave a small nod.

“I just took my eyes off her for a while and her silhouette already disappear from my sight.”

“When and where did you go?”

“That was……at the pool entrance, I saw Kunisaki-san crouching sadly.”

Kushinada senpai find it hard to answer.

“I was worried so I called out to him, and……after taking a look at me and Charlotte swimsuit, he was, getting so delighted that he jump, and Himeko figure was nowhere to be seen while I was soothing the situation.”

“……oh, I see. I understand.”

Kushinada senpai explanation was mixed with many words, but I can easily imagine the scene.

In short, Kunisaki tension went sky rise after taking a look at our senpai’s swimsuit. It took some time to calm him down.

Kunisaki, to honest I think it is having a reverse effect.

The tone Kushinada-senpai take while talking about the scene is clearly repulsive.

Even when you are getting praised, you should never leave your opponent behind……

After learning strange lesson from Kunisaki’s action, I refocus my mind.

“If that’s the case, I’ll help you find your sister.”


It was Ruirui who let out the voice of complain.

“Oh Raika, are you going to leave me alone with my breasts left to bare at all?”


I silently look around.

Then, a black bikini drifted from the other side.

Probably, it has gone around the pool after it get untied from Ruirui.

I grabbed it, and hand it to Ruirui.

“Here, you can either dive into the water or have Maria act as your wall but put it back on your own.”


As if uninterested, Ruirui took the bikini while pulling her lips sharply.

Then she dived into the pool and put on her swimsuit again in about ten seconds.

This girl let go of me and seeing that, Maria ––while reluctantly–– let go of me as well.

I get out of the pool.

“Now then, let’s go find her.”

“Ah, we’ll help you too!”

“The indoor pool is not very large. Me and senpai alone should be enough.”

“I-is that so?”

“Maria can go play with Ruirui.”


I head to look for Kushinada Himeko together with senpai, while being seen off silently by Maria.

“Is that truly alright?”

“It’s fine. You see, I want to cool off my head a little.”

 『——that’s right. A virgin like you can never forget the sensation even if you wanted to. 』


I went together with Kushinada senpai till halfway the search, then we split into two.

I’m searching the east side of the pool, while senpai searches the west side.

If we cannot find her, we are supposed to meet back at the place we are separated.

『——however, why did you turn down Maria and the other’s help? 』


『——if you divide the task for searching, wouldn’t that be more convenient to cool down your head? 』

You can be discerning sometimes.

I answered Bálor question, while sight is set at the tunnel dug at the athletic rocky mountain.

I’m doing this because I want to be alone with Susanoo. I want to ascertain what is his true motive.

The reasons remain unclear as why Susanoo is still listening to Kushinada senpai.

There is no real harm to Kushinada senpai, but it’s creepy when we are unsure of what his objective is.

If possible, I want to get rid of this question ––or perhaps, my anxiety–– by today.

If I am lucky, I might even get the opportunity to have a one on one talk with him……!

Thereupon, I put the brakes on my feet.

Apparently, a bit of luck is still left with me.

I found Susanoo in Spa Zone.

In short, it is an area deviate from the pool or the bath. In the jacuzzi corner there, I found him lying sloppy.



This loose person is, the most insane Aragami in Japanese Mythology……

Truthfully, I am not feeling any disappointment, but what is this feeling of laziness I just felt.

“……mn? What, it is Raika.”

Susanoo noticed my presence and open her closed eyelids.

She seems to be completely relaxed.

『——nonetheless, these sisters do owned very plain swimsuit……or so I thought, but her breasts that float on the surface of the water are also good! 』

Bálor is truly free-spirited……

I feel like I’m the only one who is really serious about this. I get a grip on myself.

“Susanoo. There is something that I want to ask.”

“Hm, what is it—?”

“Have you revealed your identity to Kushinada senpai?”


Susanoo denies.

“Then, how did you get along together with Kushinada senpai?”

“Get along? Stupid. She simply misunderstands me as her sister and take care of everything.”

” ……Misunderstand?”

I frowned.

It was Susanoo who robbed Kushinada Himeko of her body.

And……misunderstood him as her sister, he said?

My fist trembles with anger.

But I cannot let my emotions explode right here.

“If……if what you claim is true, then why did you obediently hear what senpai has to say? Why does a God like you hear what human has to say?”

“Well, that doesn’t really matter.”

Susanoo yawns sleepily.

“Unlike Takamagahara, the Plain of High Heaven’s elder sister, the sister of the owner of this body doesn’t offend me. Doesn’t matter how much an Aragami I am, I don’t simply go into rampage.”


Susanoo once unleashes his wickedness in Takamagahara.

However, it originates from the direction of Susanoo’s older sister, Amaterasu Ogami.

Amaterasu Ogami suspected that his younger brother, who appeared in his spare time, had attacked Takamagahara.

Since then, after many twists and turns, suspicion on Susanoo was finally cleared.

Although, if his indignation is the result from being suspected from his relatives, and if that’s what causes the subsequent rampage later on, then we cannot blindly say Susanoo is in fault……maybe.

“Then, do you not intend to hurt or use Kushinada senpai?”

“That is a given. I mean, do you think that sister is useful in the battlefield?”


Looking from this point of view, I don’t think he is thinking of taking her hostage.

A battle, can only be settled by using one sword or spear is what he is thinking.

He is too simple minded, but perhaps I should appreciate his simplicity.

“Hey, aren’t you taking your bath too, Raika? The bubbles feel comforting.”

“I refuse.”

“What a cold guy. Hating each other should be left on battlefield alone.”

“Is that so.”

No matter when, a God is detestable.

There are no exceptions.


I already asked what I came here for.

I don’t have to stay here anymore.

I thought it is time to call Kushinada senpai, so I reverse my heels.


“Ah, another thing, Raika.”

Susanoo stops me right when I am about to depart.

“From now on, you shall address me as Himeko when we are in front of sister. It is difficult to refer me as the lil’ sis.”

“……right, I will do just that.”

I replied, and start walking again.

My anxiety on Susanoo has lessen.

But, that’s it.

The root was not solved yet.

I still can’t find a way against the God Sword that Conquers Earth and Heaven.

But one day for sure, this girl will be called as Kushinada Himeko in the truest sense.

I will get the girl back from Susanoo.

Without fail.

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