Izure Shinwa Vol 3 Chapter 2 pt 1

Chapter 2 – Osiris’ Interrogation


Friday and Saturday night have passed without any incident.

Since Leon’s insight (skill) had no response, perhaps Osiris is not doing anything in particular and went into hiding.

The reason was unclear.

That is also somewhat ominous.

However, it is probably a relief to see lesser casualties nevertheless.

On the other hand, nothing happened during these two when I was interacting with Leon.

I called it an interaction but there isn’t anything special about it.

For example: asking did something happening during the previous lesson,

How is your study,

What store do you want to go,

About tomorrow’s pool,

That’s the kind of silly conversations we had.

As we were doing that, it is already Sunday morning.

It was establish as a ‘prohibition commandment’ that it is a Sabbath* on sunday there will be no battles, but to be exact the period banning the fight was from Sunrise of Sunday morning, to Sunrise of Monday morning.

Each and every person who stay overnight at my room since Saturday night was finally have the time to release their tension and stretched.

“Well then, I guess it’s about time that I return to my dorm.”

“Okay. Bye, Leon-kun.”

“You too, Ruirui.”


I sent Ruirui and Leon who are living at different dorms from the balcony.

When I casually look at the east skies, the morning sun took a peek at my face slightly.

“Well, it’s about time we make a move.”

“That’s true.”

Having said that, both Maria and Brynhildr also stood up.

“We are meeting up at Kita-ku’s* third station this afternoon right?”

Maria inquired before going back.

Today was the day that we promise to visit the kita-ku’s Leisure Land.

“Yeah. We have time for the train as well, so we will gather at the entrance of the dorm thirty minutes ahead. I have also told Kunisaki about it.”

“Got it.”

Maria nodded.

“Are you feeling okay?”

Now I conversely asked her.

“If you are unable to, then you should said so earlier. I’ll tell everyone.”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you for your concern, Raika-senpai.”

Maria smiled sweetly, appealing to me that she is feeling okay.


Despite receiving such a serious injury, Maria’s complexion isn’t that bad.

It’s probably thanks to her miracle『healing』that she posses and her administration of hematopoietic medicine.

Even so her physical state is probably about seventy percent of her perfect health, does she have any difficulty going to the pool?

I should at least pay attention to her.

“I see. Then I’ll see you later.”

“Yes. Good night.”

“Good night.”

Maria and Brynhildr left my room.


“You’re tired?”

Hearing the sigh that I leaked, Balor began to talk.

『――Nothing happen today right?」

(I’m not tired)

I answered in my head and started to put away the sleeping bag that everyone took turns using.

「――So what’s the sigh all about?』

(There isn’t any meaning to it. If I had to say, it’s a sense of relief)

The fact that there is no causalities tonight.

And Leon is blending in with my friends.

That’s the kind of relief that made me leaked my sigh.

(Besides, today is a no-combat Sunday. I’m somewhat exhausted)

『———-Uhihihi, that’s right. After sleeping for a few hours, you will see swimsuits!』

Balor roared with laughter.

『——-Hey hey, let’s guess who gonna wear what swimsuits.』

(Fool. Don’t talk to me I’m going to sleep)

『——You’re cold as ever, Raika. Are you interested in Charo’s swimsuit?』


Why does this devil likes such insignificant topic?


I head towards the bed.

『Come on, don’t sleep and play along. I think that Freya would wear a pretty substantial swimsuit but let’s bet the size of the total cloth area.』

(Stop insisting)

When I ignored Balor and tried to hit the hay,

There was the sound of key unlocking the door as it opened.

I was on high caution as to who it was.

“Raika-kun……..can I come in?”

“Charo-senpai? By all means.”

Charo-senpai appeared in the living room a few seconds after replying towards the front door.

I got up from the bed.

“Did you forget something?”

“Err……no, but…..uhhh.”

Charo-senpai is squirming around.

She was somehow holding a brand new paper bag.

Did she went back once and took it from her room?

“So, what happened?”

“Errr, to tell you the truth I went to buy today’s swimsuit with everyone yesterday afternoon.”

“You bought swimsuit?”

Come to think of it, after yesterday class ended,

“Today’s shopping is only for us girls so Raika-kun and Kojiro-kun, you guys will be staying here.”

Tenka said that as the girls went somewhere alone.

When I asked them where were they heading, they said they were going to buy swimsuits.

That’s fine.

But why is Charo-senpai in my room?

“Erm, hey.”

She is still wriggling.

“So I brought two swimsuits, but I don’t know which one I should wear so I’ll be happy if you can decide for me, Raika-kun.”

“I see. Very well.”

Since it was an unexpectedly simple favor, so I willingly agreed.

Charo-senpai then smile blissfully while her cheeks are dyed crimson red.

“Thank you! Then I’ll go and change right away.”


“I’ll borrow your bathroom.”


Soon after I stopped, Charo-senpai withdraw into the bathroom

If I just had to decide which is better, why is there a need for her to change?

I accepted thinking that was it.

『——Uhihihi, this is great. Go and take a peek Raika, take a peek!』

(You bastard………..I won’t forgive you if you arbitrarily used clairvoyance)

『Oh please, what’s wrong with using it?』

(I had a hard time dealing with it the last time you used it, no thanks to you)

Thanks to this idiot running amok, I could only use the evil eye twice during the battle with Osiris.

Does he knows how much influence that affects the strategy?

(I don’t want to undergo that idiotic crisis a second time)

『Then why don’t you go and take a peek on your own? That way, I can also enjoy it.』

(No way, stupid)

『Squander the usage of the Evil Eye got nothing to do with Sunday right?』

(Stop horsing around bastard)

When I was quarreling with the devil in my head,

“S-Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Charo-senpai who seemed to have finished changing nervously peeked out to the living room.

Her body is still hidden behind the wall so I don’t know what kind of swimsuit she is wearing.

“D-Don’t laugh okay?”

“I won’t laugh.”

“O-Okay, then.”

Charo-senpai nervously showed her whole body.

“H-How is it?”

Charo-senpai’s swimsuit is surprisingly a bikini type.

Together with her body proportions, the small fabric looks even smaller.

I’ll be honest, my heart skipped a beat.

I was certain she would choose a more mild design.

I took a slightly deep breath in order to suppress my elevated heart rate.

“I…………..think it looks good on you. Uhh, you look beautiful.”

『Looks erotic!』


I shut Balor down at the worst timing and spurted out unintentionally.

“Beautiful and phf?”

“No! You’re mistaken! That was the idiot Balor! Err………”

I got up in a hurry and excuse myself.

By no means I spouted out because I saw Charo-senpai’s swimsuit.

I didn’t wanted to offer her that misunderstanding.

“Erm……….I didn’t think you would choose a bikini, so I was surprised…………..”

“Y-Yeah. I also thought it was too venturous but I thought of giving it a try. I-It doesn’t suit me right?”

“No, it’s not like that. It looks good on you though.”


“Yes…….looks objectively, uhh……..”

I was embarrassed to say the following words and mumbled for a moment.

However looking at Charo-senpai’s uneasy face, I decided to say my feelings.

“I think, you look beautiful.”

“T-Thank you……”



Charo-senpai and I became silent.

Both of our faces are red.

Thinking calmly, we are both alone right now.

In a locked room, with Charo-senpai wearing a swimsuit.

As I thought about it, my heart throbbed once again.

“Err…….Ah! I still have one more. I’ll go and change to the next one!”


Charo-senpai rushed into the bathroom again as if she is running away.

I couldn’t stop her as I looked at her till she is out of sight.


I’m somewhat worn-out all of sudden.

I lowered my back into the bed sighed loudly.

『What’s this? Match making for kids?』

“Shut up Balor. This all happened before you said something strange we are now in an awkward mood.

Nonetheless, I have also lose my composure.

If I recall, all I did was simply spurted out.

It should suffice if I properly explain the reason.

Nevertheless, why am I so flustered and repeatedly make excuses?

I hit my forehead with my hand to cool my mind.

Anyway, that was a little awkward.

Subsequently, I will state my opinion calmly and impartially so that I can advice her not to be embarrassed today.

“S-Sorry to keep you waiting…….”

Saying the same words as before, Charo-senpai peeked her head out into the living room again.

“This one is more plain than the previous one.”

“Oh really?”

She lightly nodded towards the other party’s preamble.

Senpai had a pain-ish personality as expected………..in other words it seems she also prepared one that doesn’t much exposure.

I can see her still hiding her body behind the wall, but her favorite is probably that one.

Unless there isn’t much problems, there is no doubt that I would recommend the one is wearing now.

That’s how I think.

“How do I look?”

Charo-senpai came out from hiding behind the wall, wearing that ‘low exposure swimsuit’.


I was surprised to see her swimsuit.

Or rather, I was troubled by my reaction.

“Is that………school swimsuit?”

I was certain that school swimsuits are only use in Japanese schools though………

“Yeah. If I remember correctly, I think that is what it’s called.”

Sure enough, Charo-senpai is not familiar with school swimsuits.

She also probably didn’t know that the swimsuit is an extraordinary maniacal and popular among one group of Japanese’s dilettante.

“Where, did you buy that?”

“I brought it at the store around the corner with everyone. Tenka-chan and the rest told me that it would look good on me though…….”


When I listened to her in details, it seems like the flow follows somehow.

Charo-senpai went to a store that specializes in swimsuits with everyone yesterday afternoon. Since she was not familiar with swimsuits, it seemed like Tenka and Ruirui were planning to help her choose.

However, it looks like Tenka and the gang were severely criticized over there.

“It was severely criticized and I thought my heart had broke……”

“What kind of did you choose?”

“The type that covered the whole body, which basically has very little exposure.”


I made no comment about senpai’s sense for choosing a swimsuit.

Then as she was heartbroken at the verge of crying while looking for her next swimsuit, It seems that she found a swimsuit that was covered with dust in the corner of the store.

Looks like that item is a school swimsuit.

……..Well, all the store on this island are probably filled with products for the students. It’s not weird to find even one school swimsuit which was a kind of teaching material in a store that specializes in swimsuits.

As a result, it was a passed.

The both of them have rave review for Charo-senpai’s taste.

They then recommend her to buy it which have led them to the present time.

(They are teasing her)

『Isn’t this a high praise or a big joke?』

I don’t know the truth but Balor is probably right?

For the time being, lets apply moxibustion for Ruirui later.

“So, how about this one? For me, I would prefer this……”

“Lets go with the other one.”

“Eh? But…”

“The other one is better.”

I thoroughly prompted Charo-senpai.

Foreigners doesn’t know about school swimsuits or it might look like a normal swimsuit when they go to the pool, but Kunisaki is in our group. It would probably caused an uproar when he sees Charo-senpai wearing a school swimsuit.

There is a chance that any swimsuit would make a big fuss, but seeing a manic swimsuit would be even more stimulating.

If that’s the case, bikini would be more perferable.

In reality, it looked good on her.

………But wanting to see senpai wearing a bikini, doesn’t that make me a pervert?

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TL: Sabbath is the seventh day of the Jewish week and the Jewish day of rest. On Sabbath, Jews recall the Biblical Creation account in Genesis in which God creates the Heavens and the Earth in six days and rests on the seventh. Sabbath is a festive day when Jews are freed from the regular labors of everyday life. It offers an opportunity to contemplate the spiritual aspects of life and spend time with family.

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