Izure Shinwa Vol 3 Chapter 1 pt 4



I——Susanoo was looking at the moon throughout the window.

I’m currently residing inside this body, staying at Kushinada Himeko sister, Kushinada Nadeshiko room.

“Himeko. Your turn to take a bath.”

Nadeshiko directed her call to me while wiping off her wet hair after she has finished taking the bath.


I replied curtly.

I don’t have any particular fondness with bathing.

Asides from that, I would love to drink more alcohol. This islands however, seems to rarely get them imported.

In today’s world, the connotation is that children are prohibited from consuming alcoholic drink.

If it was a God Age, no restrictions were imposed on drinking, be them adults or children. Perhaps, this is the cruelty of time stream……

Aah, how frustrating.

Even looking at the moon now doesn’t bring me enough comfort anymore.

As expected, only the atmosphere rife with conflict will bring me satisfaction.

Should I go out and explore?

When I tried to stand up.


Softly, I was hugged by Nadeshiko from my back.

“The bath, is empty you know?”


Just now, was it a coincidence?

Or did she realized that I’m going to go outside, and look for a fight?

Either way, my movement are now perfectly sealed.


Naturally, it would be easy for me to break free.

Just like plucking a flower, I can easily break her wrist.

But I don’t feel like doing it.

I still remember last night, when I came across this person for the first time.

Last night, Nadeshiko almost collided with me at the corner of the road.

It was a coincidence that I was there at that time.

During the day, I spend my time on the roof somewhere, and when the curtain of night fall, I went to fight.

Ever since I arrived on mortal realm, that has been my life routine.

I woke up a little earlier last night. I intended to exercise lightly. During night time, there are not many people spending their time strolling or wandering on street.

Anyway, due to our chance meeting, Nadeshiko and I met each other.

“Ah ahh……”

Nadeshiko stared at this face, with her eyes full of surprise.

I only know about it later, the fact that she is looking for her sister——in other word, the original owner of this body——until then.

Well, it’s not something that I can understand, nor something that I’m wary about.

And just like that, I leave Nadeshiko behind, trying to escape that place.



Nadeshiko was clinging to my waist, who tried to leave her.

“Release me.”

“Please! Don’t go, Himeko!”


Until this moment, I was not aware of this vessel name, which is Himeko.

No, that’s a different thing.

Whether I know or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Nadeshiko is obstructing me.

Well, this degree of disturbance is not something I will kill someone over.

I will shove her away lightly and I believe that would be enough to send her away.


That moment, when I raised my arm to shove her away.

Appearing in front of me is Nadeshiko with her cheeks wet with tear.


Her sorrow reminded me of the fleeting instance of falling flower petals.

So beautiful.

At that time, I see a double image of someone else appearing beside Nadeshiko.

I realised it soon after.


That face is.

On the night before I departed to face Yamato no Orochi, during the Princess attempt to detain me from becoming a scapegoat——……


Then, without I noticed, I already am heeding this girl wishes and currently in her room.

Nadeshiko was suspicious with my way of speaking——it’s a given since the content inside the body is different now——, nevertheless she washed my dirty body and patch my torn uniform. She is taking care of me.

Especially, the rice prepared by this girl was particularly delicious.

Or maybe, the body of this vessel is pleased with the taste that she makes.

Well, either way is fine.

Today, I listened to Nadeshiko request and went out to attend the class.

I never thought that I would meet up with those Yamato youth in the face, but it didn’t turn out to be a rematch.

The most important thing is that I didn’t take on my impulse.

I don’t feel like going wild in front of Nadeshiko.

That will be against that girl wish. If I go wild by myself, and end up dragging her in, I am worried at how easily she will disappear.

A powerful and impetuous deity like myself, afraid of breaking this flower.


When I think about it, I leak a laughter towards oneself.


“It’s nothing. Moreover, I think that is enough.”

“But still……”

When I tell her to release me, Nadeshiko hangs her eyes.

“Unless I did this, I’m afraid that Himeko will disappear again.”


I didn’t answer anything in response to Nadeshiko question.

It was because I knew that the question was not for myself.


Asides from that.

In all seriousness, why is this girl with a name Nadeshiko has a miserable life sign?

That western swords woman is clear and serene with a bold sorcery.

Even among other girls, there are others with stronger presence than her.

Yet, this girl, gives off an impression of frail flower petals.

If I feel like it, she may be blown away by just my breathing and get scattered.

For that reason, I will do the opposite, taking care of her so not to break her.

Honestly, this is borderline to not funny story.

I am the one who rampaged in heaven, without any limit to destruction, and yet the only thing that I cannot break is, turn out to be the most fragile thing in the world.

“Himeko. Come on, lets go take a bath. Your sister will wash your body.”

“Hasn’t master entered the bath just now?”

“I will enter it again.”

“……I don’t like bath.”

“Don’t be selfish now.”

I sighed and reluctantly followed what the elder sister said.

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