Izure Shinwa Vol 3 Chapter 1 pt 2


Lunch break.

I had lunch with everyone inside the first-year classroom.

In place of Maria who’s absent due to her injury, instead we have Kushinada Himeko in her place.

After everyone encircle their desks together, Kushinada-senpai conveyed her thanks to me.

“A’right, a’right, a’right! Then how about we go somewhere with everyone!”

Kunisaki shouted with vigor while raising his hand.

“You mean, to have fun?”

“You see, Himeko-chan finally returned safely, so let’s play with her, everyone!”

“But, for us, we don’t think playing with everyone as a thanks are……”

“No, no, just by breathing the same air as you two are enough as thanks!”


Not understanding what Kunisaki meant, Kushinada-senpai tilted her head.

By the way, even I don’t get what he’s actually trying to convey.

“That’s a good idea coming from Kunisaki.”

“Hey, he—y! What’re you trying to imply here.”

Kunisaki sighed exaggeratedly while playfully pat my shoulder.

“Then, shall go somewhere next Sunday?”

Tenka takes over the discussion and invites everyone.

“How about we go for shopping and movies?”

“E—h. Ruirui, everyone is going out to play, don’t you think indoor activities are a bit.”

“Why not, not that it matters.”

“No way, not a chance. I want to move my body more!”

“Tenka san is so childish—”

“Whyat do you mean!”

“I prefer going to amusement park. I want to enter the haunted house with the girls!”

“Kunisaki should ride on roller-coaster alone.”

“Ruirui chan, so mean!?”

So peaceful.

With Kunisaki at the centre, Tenka and Ruirui is holding their conversation happily.

……regardless, Ruirui might seem like she is in her usual spirit, but that girl got totally destroyed by Susanoo “Regalia”.

Will she oppose to the idea of playing together with her enemy?

So, I tried to ask Bálor for his opinion,

『——a woman will never let their defeat drags them forever. 』

and I receive such a reply.

Was that the case?

Returning back to our subject.

“Uhm, how does going to a pool sound?’

“I mean, isn’t it still too cold for pool?”

“Hey, isn’t there an indoor-heated pool at Minami ward? Why don’t we go there?”

Looking at Ruirui tilting her head, Sharo-senpai hang her heads low.


Now that she mentioned it, I promised her to teach her swimming next Sunday.

If everyone goes to the pool, then it’s like killing two birds with one stone since I’ll be able to keep my promise with Sharo-senpai as well.


However, I’m a little hesitant to agree to her opinion.

『——Hey Raika. Sharo is looking at you. 』

I know. But for me, going out to play around right now is……

『——you’re going out on Sunday. There is no war during that day anyway. It’s fine to rest your feathers during Sabbath. 』


『——Geez why so impatient. You might be alright since you are a trained individual, but don’t expect the same from the inexperienced Sharo. Don’t you think it is necessary for both of you to have a rest both mentally and physically?』


『——foremost, that sly fox Freya still require a week to recover. Maria chan hasn’t recover from her large injury too as well. And you telling me you’re still going to fight at this state?』

That is……

Certainly, our fighting forces are in shamble.

Previously, we’re only able to push Osiris back thanks to the abrupt attack near the end of our fight.

Next time, when we’re fighting Osiris, unless we managed to acquire new fighting forces, then our winning chance is thin.

In addition, Bálor is.

『——in the first place, did you find a way to deal with her ability yet? 』


He surely knows where to hit the place where I’m hurt the most.

Osiris possess with her an immortality Regalia.

I’ve not yet derived a strategy to counter against that.

Prior to our fighting forces, the pressing matter before our rematch with Osiris is; what can I do against her power……

『——that’s why. You should take a rest whenever you could. And make sure you rest enough so you don’t regret later. 』

Out of all people, to think that I would be admonished by Bálor……

It’s unpleasant, but there certainly is a truth behind what he said.

It’s reckless to challenge a battle where we couldn’t see the winning chance.

Then why not, I could take a rest during the day off.

In the near future, we’ll not have a chance to relax in vigilance against Osiris.

For Sharo-senpai and Maria sake, maybe taking a rest during Sunday is needed.

“……that does sound great, the pool.”

Giving up, without any power left on my shoulder, I agreed with Sharo senpai opinion.

“Yeah! The pool does sound fantastic!”

“The pool, huh. It’s still too soon for summer, but it’s fun to swim around with everyone.”

“How about you guys, Nadeshiko-chan. You okay with it?”

“I’m fine going anywhere with everyone. You agree, Himeko?”

“Hm? You guys can do whatever you want.”

Overall, everyone is enthusiastic with the plan, as for Ruirui,

“But isn’t playing in the pool at the Minami ward feels a bit plain?”

And, she denotes a delicate tone of disapproval.

She doesn’t mind going to pool to play, but if we’re going to play, then why don’t we do more, she asked with a frown.

And then, Kunisaki.

“Why don’t we go to Kita ward Leisure land, then. That place has an amusement park, and there are variety of pools type there for all your needs.”

“I’ve been to the amusement park at Kita ward before, but was there really a pool there?”

“That’s why they’re called a comprehensive Leisure land. Even movie theater and various other facilities are being built together.”

“Ah, I guess we can go play somewhere else after we went to the pool, then.”

After listening to Kunisaki explanation, Ruirui eagerness rise up.

“Will Maria-chi come too?”

“I will ask her later.”

This event is in upcoming Sunday.

By then, Maria should have recovered.

“Now that’s confirmed, this Sunday everyone will go swimming!”



『——Uhihihihi, now I can worship women in their swimsuit figure! 』

So, this is your purpose!

And, just when our discussion is settled.

The chime rings, indicating the end of our lunch break.


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