Izure Shinwa Vol 3 Chapter 1 pt 1

Chapter 3 – Kushinada Sisters and Susanoo


The academy. School building, second floor. The second-year classroom.

“Kushinada senpai!”

I shouted as soon as I opened the door to the classroom.

“Eeh!? Sh-Shinzen san?”

Kushinada senpai looks back at me with a surprised face.

I head towards her seat.

Behind me, I have the sleepy Susanoo on tow.

“Kushinada senpai. Speaking about your little sister, when did she return?”

“It happened yesterday……don’t tell me, Himeko didn’t explain anything to you?”

“I did ask, but I still didn’t get the gist of it……”


Despite being the person in question, Kushinada Himeko casually let out a carefree yawn.

She’s in a good condition compared to last time we met.

Since it isn’t clear, for the time being I thought of bringing her to Kushinada senpai.


“What ~ anything wrong?”

“Who is that? Who is that?”

“First year?”

Since I barged suddenly into the second-year classroom, I quickly become the centre of their attention.

“That……I’m sorry. If you don’t mind, would you like to follow me to somewhere quiet and listen to me there?”

“Yes. I don’t mind.”

After getting the approval from Kushinada senpai, we leave the place in haste.


While we are leaving the classroom, my eyes met with Sharo senpai for an instant.

She is also related to this matter. Should I take her together with us?


After feeling lost for a while, I bowed to her and went out from the class.

I will tell Sharo senpai and Kunisaki and others later instead.

“Now, where can we find a quiet place, so we can talk undisturbed.”

“I wonder. Especially now at all time.”

Both me and Kushinada senpai is thinking of a place where we should go.

“The place where we can eat meal is fine.”

Susanoo suddenly interrupted in between us.

She let go of my hand, then floatily approached Kushinada senpai.

As if a kitten being pampered by its own mother, she trusts her own weight on Kushinada senpai,

“I am hungry.”

And, again appealing to her by saying that she is hungry.

“Himeko. You already ate breakfast, aren’t you?”

“Dunno. Sleepiness and being hungry is my natural conscience.”

Susanoo says while exaggerating her sleepy eyes.

『——she is a completely different person now compared to that time at the warehouse town. 』

I wonder if she no longer interested in battle.

『——she seems to have a great desire for slumber and appetite. I don’t know about her sexual desire, though. 』

Why must you think it’s necessary to evaluate her libido too?

I pinched my forehead.

I just asked him to think for a bit and its already turned troublesome.

“……then, why don’t we go to the school cafeteria?”

It should be open by this time.

“I agree. Here, let’s go, Himeko.”


Meanwhile, she has been asleep on Kushinada senpai shoulder, so Kushinada senpai shakes Susanoo gently.


Honestly, what is the deal with this God.

School building, first floor. The cafeteria.

This school cafeteria is open from morning.

Unlike the dormitory, the food in the cafeteria was deemed to be much tastier.

There is no mistake that this place will be crowded during lunch, however during morning this place is silent.

There are people who failed to get their breakfast in the dormitory, but it’s natural for this place to be empty since the morning lessons are starting soon.

Rather, we are the one who is getting questioned for skipping classes.

“Oh brother, isn’t it about time for the class to begin?”

“Well, about that……”

“Ahaha, nice to be young isn’t it?”

The matron lady doesn’t pay much attention and brush all away while laughing. Then, she proceeds to ready the dishes.

Once again, in addition to the curfew, I’m breaking another one of the school rules.

Well, that is that.

The Kushinada sisters were fussing about which coupons they should buy from the coupon machine since a while ago.

“Himeko, what do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat rice. Then, meat and fish.”

“Let’s add vegetables too.”

“I am not in the mood to eat leaves.”

“That’s bad. You need to think properly about balanced nutrition.”

“……do what you want.”

Surprisingly, Susanoo yielded to Kushinada senpai, and follow whatever she says.


『——is he really the same guy from that time? 』

Bálor asked in confusion.

Honestly, I feel the same.

Fighting while her own body is covered with wounds in frenzy.

For me, that is the only image of Susanoo that I have in head.

But, ever since morning till now, it feels as if……

“Gosh, you are drooling, Himeko.”

“N, aah.”

As if……she is the sloppy little sister, herself.

Even now, the older sister is wiping her mouth while she is standing there in a daze.

If it’s just her acting, then it’s a big deal but……perhaps, I might be wrong?

Just like that, I remained confused and, in the meantime, Kushinada senpai who already purchased the food coupons come over here.

“Sorry I made you wait.”

“Don’t mind it.”

“This, please take it.”

Kushinada lightly bowed to me and proceed to hand in her food coupons on the counter.


I hear the reply coming from the matron lady at the back.

Somehow there is some teasing audibly mixed in her tone, or was I being overly sensitive?

“So, why don’t we take a seat at that corner?”



Susanoo still looks sleepy. She barely walked after being pulled by Kushinada senpai.

We, three people are sitting at the corner in the cafeteria.


After sending a glance at Kushinada senpai who sit opposite to me, the girl nodded, quickly understands my intention.

“Uhm, where should I begin…….”

“If possible, please start from very beginning. From when your sister returned to home.”

“Of course. I understand.”

Kushinada senpai nodded towards my request.


On the other hand, Susanoo put her head on the said senior’s shoulder, and began falling asleep in the middle of our conversation.

Looking at the state of her younger sister made Kushinada senpai smile.

“I am sorry. Himeko is behaving like this.”

She apologizes to me, but she is careful not to raise her sister.

“I don’t know where she was until yesterday and doing what……perhaps, I think she is very tired right now. That’s why, if possible, please let it go.”

“No, that’s fine, but……”

I give up on Susanoo attitude.

What matter right now is Kushinada senpai side of story.

“Sorry for changing topic out of sudden. It was from the place where Himeko came home.”

Maybe she noticed my frustration. After she apologized again, she started talking.

“Yesterday, when I was on the way back home, I found Himeko. I bumped into her after she came out from the other side of the road.”

“That, did it happened after you split up with us at the game centre?”


Kushinada senpai gives an affirmation.

“Since Himeko state of well-being was strange back then, I was hesitating whether to let her return back to her room……that’s why for the time being I took her to my own room.”

“She looks strange?”


When I tried to poke thing further, Kushinada senpai makes a troubled face.

No, just now my question was a bit out of a line.

It’s natural for Kushinada Himeko to be in a strange state.

The reason, the person currently residing in her is Susanoo.

Besides, Susanoo doesn’t seem like she’s trying to hide herself.Pg. 34

Her tone, attitude and personality……there are many factors that may lead to Kushinada senpai thinking why her little sister is “strange”.

However, she is in lost to explain what the difference is, and hence she mumbles each time she tries to explain.

No, maybe she is reluctant to explain anything if all.

“Did your sister follow your instructions obediently, senpai?”

I change the question.

Then, Kushinada senpai facial expressions turns somewhat sad.

“Just once……at first, it seems like she is trying to go somewhere else again, although.”


“Just then, Himeko’s stomach was rumbling, and when I said I’m going to cook her some foods, she’s been following me obediently ever since.”


『——faithful to his desire. 』

You are not one to say.

My hand lightly massaged my forehead while I’m trying to organize my thought.

That impetuous God actually listen to one thing and its food.

It sounds like a joke, but senpai has no reason to lie.

For her, no matter what difficulty she faces to accomplish her objective, she just doesn’t have that awareness.

“Sorry I made you wait!”

At that time, a lady came while bringing our foods.

Normally, we are the one to pick them up at the counter. Were you bored?

“Yes, here, pacific saury set meal, curry with a bowl of rice and pickles. Who ordered which one?”

“All is for myself.”

Susanoo caught a whiff of the foods quickly wakes up and raised her hand.

“My, what a voracious young lady.”


“Alright. I’ll place everything here then.”

In front of Susanoo, a set meal, a bowl of rice and small meal were served.

“I thought our big boy here is suffering from plucking flowers with both his hand but turned out our girl here is more like dumplings rather than flowers.”


The lady whispered to my ears, and all I can do is to release a dry laughter.

Apparently, she isn’t free. She merely came out to scout.

“Well, just do your best, boy.”


She pats my back with passion and returns to the kitchen.

It was a strange misunderstanding……but okay.

“These were skillfully made.”

Susanoo repeatedly licks the upper corner of her mouth with her tongue while eyeing out the foods.

Without delay, the girl immediately began to eat her foods.

“Hold on, Himeko.”

Kushinada senpai picks up her chopsticks.

“What are you doing, Nadeshiko?”

“Before you eat, tell Shinzen san your gratitude properly. Do you know that this person helped me a lot to find you too?”

“Fumu……I’m indebted.”

Susanoo uttered the word thanks like she was told.

It’s not like I mind, but I’m shocked to see her thanks a human.

“I’ve told him. Return the chopsticks.”


Kushinada senpai give in and returns the chopsticks. Then, Susanoo starts eating the meals with terrific vigour.

“I want you to also thank Kunisaki kun and Charlotte san later.”


Senpai sigh at Kushinada Himeko half-hearted reply.

On the other hand, Susanoo isn’t a slightest perturbed about the other’s sigh, and instead she’s indulging in the pacific saury’s head.


Susanoo said while chewing the fish bones.

Her cheeks loosen from admiration.

A pure pleasure is painted on her entire face.

It’s completely different compared to her frightening smile when she is relishing from the pleasure of fighting.

It was a smile akin to a child eating their favourite food.


When she looks at her little sisters eating antics, Kushinada senpai mouth naturally formed a smile.

The little sister whom she was worried for has now come back. This much is just showing how healthy she is, so as her sister it’s natural for her to show such reaction.


Out of sudden, Kushinada senpai face stiffen.

That expressions, I wholly sympathize with her feelings.

『——with that said, didn’t Nadeshiko chan realizes that her sisters inside has changed at all? 』

At that time, I was shocked at what Bálor said.

I become slightly irritated from his insensibility response.

I don’t think so.

『——really? 』

She realized, but she’s still pretending to not notice.

The frequent occurrences at school. The continuing student missing cases, even now.

At the beginning of our search, we suspected that Nadeshiko Himeko is one of the victim as well.

In addition, Kushinada senpai also heard about the killer demon who was wondering on this island from Leon.

Without knowing her little sister whereabouts and whether she’s still alive or not……the difficulties that Kushinada senpai was facing until yesterday was immense.

And then, her “little sister” came back.

Right now, for Kushinada senpai, her little sister “safety” is her priority. Though, once her heart has calmed down, the sense of incongruity will only become stronger.

At least for now, I don’t need to deny about Kushinada Himeko safety to senpai.

Because if I do, senpai heart will be destroyed due to stress alone.


I turn my line of sight to Kushinada senpai.

“By the way, your sister, is she going back to her room at the dormitory now?”


Kushinada senpai hesitate for a moment,

“I’m still a bit worried. I already have the lodging permit for letting Himeko in our dormitory, so for now she is staying in my room.”

Basically, a lodging permit is a document required when you are staying at a dormitory other than your assigned dormitory.

I don’t know how many days Kushinada senpai is planning to let her little sisters staying there with her, but it seems that she is going to live there for sometimes while her condition persists.

She is going to spend God know how many days with Susanoo inside a small confined room.

Normally speaking, the degree of danger is immeasurable.

Should I persuade her, or perhaps I’d be better off with using my Evil Eye.


“Himeko, you make a mess at your cheek again.”


Right in front of our eyes, the scene of Kushinada senpai helping her little sisters one after another are burned.

She is taking care of her rather excessively too, and it somewhat reminds me of the past.

Surprisingly, senpai has a high degree of co-dependence with her sister.

『——will you leave Susanoo as it is? 』

……it’s dangerous, but It couldn’t be helped.

When she was forced to separate from her little sister, the stress that Kushinada senpai was experiencing was immeasurable.

Worst, she could’ve lost her heart support.

Fortunately, it seems unlikely for Susanoo to hurt senpai. I shall observe from the side-line for now.

『——Uhihihi. Nevertheless, Nadeshiko chan sure has a feeble mind. 』

Bálor let out an evil laugh.

『——for such a temperament woman, they usually break easily once you give them a push. Raika, bring her to somewhere dark and push her down. 』


This perverted evil God……

Make me disgusted all the time.

“Umm, Shinzen san.”

Kushinada senpai tries to talk to me.

“What is it?”

“I would like to thank you and everyone who helped to look for Himeko, but is there anything that I can do?”

“You want to thank us, is it?”

“Yes. Whatever you want.”

Kushinada senpai stared at my face.

There is no way I can refuse this.

“I understand. Let’s ask everyone during lunch break.”



Apparently, Susanoo has finished eating while I was talking to Kushinada senpai.

She pats her stomach with her hand.

Thus, her eyelids gradually began to fall.

“……I start to feel sleepy once my stomach is full.”

“Geez, Himeko, you.”

Kushinada senpai raise a dissatisfied voice towards her sister who seems to fall asleep once her stomach is filled.

However, again, from her voice I can sense her joy from taking care of her sister.


Eventually, the bell that indicates the end of class rings.

“I’m going to return to the classroom. How about you, senpai?”

“Please don’t worry about me. I will go once I wake up Himeko.”

“Then, I’ll go ahead.”

I leave the Kushinada sisters and went out from the cafeteria.

“Ah, Raika kun.”

“Sharo senpai?”

I came across Sharo senpai at the exit of the cafeteria.

Somehow, I get the feeling that she peeked at us.

“What’s the matter?”

“Un……as I thought, I really am worried for Nadeshiko after all.”

Sharo senpai said so, and once again she take a look at Kushinada senpai inside the cafeteria.

“Hey, Himeko. If you’re not waking up, then I’ll really get late for the next class.”


Those two are still playing around inside the cafeteria.

It is a sight that make my heart crestfallen, since I know that the one inside Kushinada Himeko currently is Susanoo.

The same could be said for Sharo senpai.

“Himeko chan…One day, the real Himeko chan will return, right?”

She asks me with a small voice.


I need to find a technique to recover Himeko from Susanoo, as soon as possible.

While firmly making a resolve, I nodded at Sharo-senpai question.

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