Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Epilogue

Once I have make sure that Osiris is completely petrified, I close my Evil Eye.


A sharp pain ran through my eyeball, and I instinctively pressed my left eye above my eyelid.

『——uhihihi. Perhaps it is better if I adjusted the Evil Eye amplification, don’t you agree. 』

“……no, this much is fine.”

This is the trump card that I kept for the last minute.

If I ended up making a mistake just to save me some pain, the rest will be meaningless.

It does not matter how much pain I felt.

“Shinzen Raika.”

While I am still pressing my left eye, Brünnhilde comes from the opening made on the building wall.

The Evil Eye is utilizing the reflection from the mirror, and based on its nature, it indiscriminately swallows everything nearby, hence it poses a risk and danger to people in vicinity.

For that reason, I instructed Brünnhilde to immediately evacuate from inside the building after she pushes Osiris in.

“Did you get her?”


I nodded, then I pointed towards Osiris who has turned into stone and is now rolling on the floor.

“……I see!”

Brünnhilde look at her, then she smiles, as if relieved.

Was it because we finally defeated the enemy, or was it because she managed to complete the task that I have given to her?

Either way, I will not ask that from her.

“So, what are you going to do next?”

“First, we are going to protect and give treatment to Maria. Next, we are going to lend Leon our support. Just because Osiris has turned into stone, doesn’t mean both Anubis and Medjed are going to disappear.”

Even after turning into stone, Osiris is pretty much alive.

Because of that, I’m still unable to capture her immortality [Regalia] yet.

But at least we succeed in neutralising it.

Next, we just need to find somewhere where we can stash her body in secret. After we acquire the method to vanquish only the God soul from inside the divine apotheosis, then we can proceed to kill Osiris.

After we helped Leon out, you need to think of a place where we can hide Osiris.

『——isn’t it fine if we just bury her underground? She needs neither food, drinks nor breathing when she is a stone. 』


Although there is no doubt that is a safe solution, the question remains is how humane that method is.

Anyway, I will consider it.

“Brünnhilde. Let’s go.”


I don’t know if it was just me, but Brünnhilde voice sounds very energetic.

Her foot also moves lightly.


Yet for me, it is all the same.

A certain kind of wall that always there between me and her since last time feel like it has disappeared. It feels like the distance between us has shrunken a little.


I don’t know whether to accept this change or not.

No, as expected I will think about it later.

First, I need to do what I have to do.

When me and Brünnhilde found Mary, she is covered in blood. We stopped the flow of her blood and lay her on the bench located nearby.

“I used a pain relief. How are you feeling?”

“Yes……the pain has eased.”

Maria’s skin is whiter than usual.

Seems like she has lost a considerable amount of blood during that time she got dragged by Ammit.

Fortunately, as a Saint, she possesses the power of [Healing].

Currently, she is applying the power of [Healing] on herself, and the scar is slowly disappearing.

It is important to administer a blood thickening agent later. Based on her injury, she should be able to stand on her own feet by tomorrow noon.

Nevertheless, just in case.

“Brünnhilde, I will leave you to Maria as her escort. I will go lend Leon a hand.”


Brünnhilde eyebrows is getting crumpled again. She has a sad look on her face.

This is expected, especially after I let her follow me. Even I can understand her reason.

“This time, it is not like I thought of you as a hindrance or anything like that. It is a prominent role, and that is why I am leaving it to you.”

With that said, I made it clear that I am depending on her.

“……is that so. Leave it to me!”

Soon after, Brünnhilde starts to cheer up.

『——so simple. 』


Iinvoluntarily agreed to Bálor.

I clear my throat and switch my thought.

“Alright then, I am going……”

“Shinzen Raika!”

Immediately after I want to rush out, Leon descended from above the rooftop.

“? What is the matter?”


Left in between, I can only reply a single word toward Leon who is tilting his head in confusion.

But, this guy is already here.

“Have you defeated both Anubis and Medjed?”

“Correct. To be more precise, they were suddenly caught in fire.”

“……they got burned?”

I do not understand what he is talking about, so I am just parroting what he said.

“No, ever since we separated, I have been fighting them all the time. It was just now, when that guy who has a dog appearance and the transparent guy were envelope in flames and burned up. There is not a single trace of them remained left.”

“Just what……”

I tried to utter a word, but then they got caught.

It is near to my field of vision, hence the flame got projected.

That is……

I rush to the flame.

Brünnhilde and Leon seems to realize it too, then they chased after me.

“This is?”

“This is the monster summoned by Osiris called Ammit.”

I answered Leon while watching the chimaera monster engulfed in flame.

Its big frame has turned to carbon, and it is getting harder to distinguish which body parts is which any longer.



When I look at the source of the metallic sound, a golden arrow can be seen rolling at my feet.

It was that time, when the Greek mythology God representative shot down Ammit.

However, right now I don’t mind about the arrow much.

The question right now is, why is Ammit and the others are engulfed in fire.

What is the reason? What is happening?

The possible reason……no, what causes it?

Based on Leon testimonies, it was just now when all of them get burned.

Perhaps, it happened shortly after we defeated Osiris.

Then, was it acting as the trigger?

But, why are they burnt?

Did they realized that their master was defeated, hence killing themselves in the process?



The moment I come into realization, I break into a run.

“Shinzen Raika!?”

“Shinzen Raika!”

The voice of both Brünnhilde and Leon entered my ears, but I did not stop my leg.

Then, I arrived at the Labyrinth Mirror where I petrified Osiris earlier.

I enter through the wall as it is.

What I found on the scene is exactly as what I expected.

“Hey, what are trying to pull, suddenly go……!?”

Brünnhilde who finally catch up to me became breathless.

Leon arrived a bit later, but he became no less surprised than her.

That is, we don’t have an idea what is that thing burning in front of us.

“Shinzen Raika. What is that thing burning there right now?”

“……Osiris. You see, we changed her to stone.”


Leon raises a voice in shock.

Whether or not Osiris turned into stone, or she got burned……either way is a good outcome.

The essential thing is not there.

“But, not only Osiris, why did those monsters got burned too?”

Leon mutters.

His voice is so low as if he is not expecting any answer.

However, I replied.

“It is suicide by burning.”


“As you can see, Osiris committed suicide……in other words, she dies, just to get revived again.”


『 That is correct. The man with an Evil Eye. 』

At that time, Osiris voice echoes through the void.

“E, eeh!? Where are you!?”

Leon was surprised, then he vigilantly observed the surrounding.


Meanwhile, I keep an eye on the Osiris burning stone statue.

Seems like that person is still inside there.

『The result wouldn’t change since I have the upper hand. 』

It feels as if that person is watching over us from behind that fire.

『I have told you even from the beginning, right. The outcome of this war is determined by the remaining people who have claimed victories. The fight between you and the others are nothing more than a mere entertainment for the people who remains. 』

“Let’s fight again. This time, I will do it for sure.”

『For sure? What can you do? 』


I grit my teeth.

A sure-fire method, even I couldn’t tell.

A burning suicide after being perfectly turned into stone…….

Her mouth could not move once she turned into stone.

Since it is impossible to start chanting, this is probably not a suicide by magic.

If it is a passive ability that automatically activate upon certain conditions, then it will be harder to stop them in advance.

That means, Petrification or possibly various other method which makes it “impossible to take action while it is immortal” can hardly be used.

The Regalia that resurrect after death and this suicide ability is amazingly compatible.

Osiris is aware of all her Regalia’s characteristic and weaknesses.

『It is about time for this body to completely burn out. Well then, let’s us not meet again in the future. 』


Tonight battle, without a doubt it is my win.

But, Osiris has pretty much seen ever ability that we all possesses.

Conversely this is an equivalent to losing most of our means to defeat Osiris.

『Continue dancing, commoners——』

Osiris voice gradually get distant.

『——the remaining days for you bastard is not more than 10 days left. 』


Lastly, the flame that engulfed Osiris darkened like a fire bird.

And Osiris stone statue was completely burn out, disappears without leaving a single trace of ashes left.

“……the remaining time that we have, is less than 10 days?”

Left with that question, my mind quickly thinks.

Osiris is preparing for a large-scale operation that covers the entire island.

If it is a technique that affect all divine apotheosis on this island with a single shot……

If a person is confidently spitting a sentence that declares their victory, then they are probably not simply bragging.

Less than 10 days.

And yet, without any means to kill the Immortal King.

Everything, is over.


The room that was lit bright by the burning flame has now swallowed in darkness and it was dyed black in front of our eyes.



Another –Kushinada Sisters–


—-Let’s go back in time.


“Oh no, I need to hurry!”

I–Kushinada Nadeko was running on the streets where it’s starting to get dark.

If I don’t, I will pass the dorm’s curfew.

I can only blame myself for running on the dot.

After parted with Shinsen-san and the rest at the game center,

I thought of going back since I have nothing to do.

But at that time, I remembered talking about the murderer case with Leon-san during the day.

The murderer who wanders around the island at night time.

My little sister Himeko who hasn’t returned to the dorm.

Then realizing I couldn’t just go back and do nothing about it, I went searching around the island on my own.

In the end, unable to find Himeko, I was running desperately chasing after the imminent curfew.

“Haa, haaa…….”

Like I thought, it might be impossible for me to do it alone.

Shinsen-san also said it, that the one who relied on him will definitely find my little sister as soon as possible.

As I was thinking about such things,

I came close to hitting a shadow which unexpectedly came out of the corner of the road,


And tumbled down.

Although I would bump into the other person——–is what I thought,

My body then collapsed to the ground.


My hand that was pressed against the floor is throbbing.

However, in order to apologise first, I stood up in a hurry.

“Ah, erm, very sorry. I was in a hurry……….”


The other person immediately stood beside me.

Apparently the person seem to have skillfully evaded me.

Although I thought it wasn’t an avoidable timing………….but as long as she is not injured then all is well.


I tried to say something, but my words were clogged.

“Ah, ah…………!”

“What’s wrong?”

Worried about my astonishment, the other person asked.


I don’t know why is she having such a carefree attitude.

Because, because……!

The person who is standing there———–was unmistakably my little sister who was supposed to be missing, Kushinada Himeko.




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