Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 5 pt 5




I——Osiris raised her body in the darkness.

I cannot find the aforementioned female knight. Seems like I crashed somewhere else.


It is dark. The cosmic light from the stars and the moon is blocked by the roof.

Perhaps, I am somewhere inside one of the attraction building, most probably.

I took on the heavenly horse charges head on, and I remember breaking through some wall as a result.

Since I managed to stretch out my magic barrier to my back on time, I end up avoiding the risk of crushing to death.

Well, it does not matter if I’m dead.

My own Regalia——as long I still have my Everlasting Immortality Divine Spirit Caskets.

No matter how many times I died, I will get revived.

Therefore, for this war, my enemies are the remainders from the very beginning.

No matter what or how are my enemies, the remainders in the end are the one who will surely win.

The results were displayed from the very start.

To be honest, Leon and that kid who persistently tracking me are incredible bothersome, that is why I’m having my familiar go kill them and silent them once for all.

I have never fight with a man who fought differently like him until now.

This evening, I have been chasing after the girl who is holding the sword. Gallantly thrusting her fang against me, I find it fun to play around her.

However, I am already tired of it.

Once I exit this building, all entertainment will be over.

So, I think, when I tried to walk out.


I stepped on something.


A tremendous sharp sound can be heard, so I take a closer look.

At first, it was hard to see, but my eyes gradually got used to it after listening for a while.

“Is this……mirror?”

It is not something rare.

Besides, I crashed into the wall earlier before entering this building.

It is not a mystery if one or two mirror fragments are scattered nearby.

I don’t mind the rest of them and continue to walk out.



Every time I stepped forward, I must have stepped on the fragments of the mirror.

They are not a small fragment either, each of them is of a considerable size, and some of the fragments were so big that they could not be cracked with the weight of my little petite body.

No matter how, there are too many of them.

Finally, I noticed the source of my discomfort.


My face.

My face is projected in front of me.

“……another mirror?”

I look at my left and my right.

Face. Mirror. Face. Mirror. Face. Mirror.

Both ways are filled with mirror.

Most of them seems to be broken from the previous impact. Only half of them are still reflecting while the rest are either cracked or shattered.

“This is……”

“You are currently inside the [Mirror Maze]”

I heard a voice.

It is the Evil Eye user’s voice.

“Where are you?”

I asked without a hint of panic.

“Although it is a common attraction inside an amusement park, never would I thought that one day it will prove useful to me.”

“Where are you?”

I ignored the Evil Eye user’s voice.

I received other than a legit reply.

Surrounding me, the mysterious Evil Eye sparkle is enveloping my whole body.


For a moment, I don’t know what happened.

I was more bewildered compared to that time when Ammit was shot dead in the head before.

His Evil Eye is supposed to be located on his left eye only.

Why is his Evil Eye suddenly multiplying to ten?


My thought halted.

Where is this place?

That guy did say something about [Mirror Maze].

Based on what it is called, and the number of mirrors scattered around, I guess this is a kind of building where a mirror is covering the whole surface.

In other words, this.

His eyes are reflected on the mirror and they are reflected in every way.

Moreover, due to the darkness inside this building, I cannot exactly locate where the Evil Eye user is.

Whether the radiance of his Evil Eye comes from his real body or reflection mirror, I can no longer distinguish them.

“The basic principle of the Evil Eye power is [to see] and [to be seen]. The power of my Evil Eye will multiply, exactly how much the numbers of pupils you recognized as [to be seen].”


I no longer have the chance to speak.

His Evil Eye now amplified to hundreds of times finally pierced through my petrification resistance. This body soon turned into soon after a single breath.


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