Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 5 pt 4



Brünnhilde slam me on the wall and confronted me on my face.

“……what is the meaning of this?”

She questioned me with a surprisingly cold voice.Pg. 359

We are in the area nearby the roller coaster where we passed by before. This is another area inside the amusement park which is hundreds of meters away from the enemy.

She hides us in the shade of the attraction building nearby. Then, she finally released me.

I’m happy to be finally released from the exasperated situation.

Then I remembered, her body actually belong to Sharo senpai. I hit my face upon realization.

“……at this rate, you will get yourself killed. That’s why, I want us to regain back our momentum.”

With a harsh voice, I explained the reason of our withdrawal.

『——Cool your head, Raika. This is one of those moment where she is clueless to the reason of why you ask to retreat. 』


After being pointed out by Bálor, I lightly hit my forehead.

The cold hand reduced the irritation that is looming in my head for a bit.

“……certainly, it would do best for us to prepare right away.”

If Freya guesses it right, Osiris large scale operation is aimed for the entire island, and that kind of operation will require some time to prepare.

No matter how prideful and arrogant that God is, she will not take off Maria’s head; not during her preparation, and not during this battle as well.

Besides, she is too obsessed to rain her judgement towards me.

That means, if we don’t get far away, then we are likely to be followed.

That kind of thought didn’t come to my mind.

Did I get too hotheaded from trying to help Maria?

Perhaps, deep inside my sub-conscious, I wanted to save Maria right at that time and that spot.

“So, how do we save Maria?”

Brunhilde opened her mouth.

Despite our temporary withdrawal, our ultimate goal will not change.

We will fool Osiris, and in the meantime, rescue Maria.

That is the conclusion that we both have reached at the end.

“The important thing right now is how to disable Osiris.”

Ammit is a troublesome enemy. We shouldn’t take our eyes off it.

In the end, unless we managed to something with Osiris, our hope to rescue Maria will remain close to nil.

As expected, the Evil Eye of Petrification is the key.

『——but didn’t you see, it doesn’t work against Osiris. 』

Not doesn’t work. It wasn’t just effective.

At the end, it was due to Osiris high resistance against petrification.

Unlike Zeus absolute resistance against abnormality, there is a way to do it.

In short, we just need to pass her resistance limit.

『——well, I guess. Although, there is only a single Evil Eye. My great self can boost the output, but only to certain extent. 』

Then, Bálor laugh detestably.

『——if you surrender your body to my great self, I will make sure the output rise up. 』

Don’t try to suggest such thing in the interval. Rejected.

『——then how are you going to do it. 』

Bálor asked.

Certainly, his answer holds a weight.


When I look at the surrounding, a certain billboard caught my attention.

It is not at the same degree as roller coaster, however it is one of the common attraction found inside an amusement park.

Balor. Just now, you did mention that there is only a single Evil Eye.

『——Ah? You can see it for yourself, don’t you? 』

Then, if the number of Evil Eye increases, will the effect rise as well?

『——Wha? 』

What I mean is——

I told Bálor my plan.

After the Evil God heard it, I can feel it smiling inside my body.

『——you truly are one interesting human. 』

With that reply alone, I know it is worth trying.

What left is……

I look at my back towards Brünnhilde.



“You escape from this amusement park ahead of me.”

“!? Why!?”

Brünnhilde eyes opened wide, then she grabbed my cloth.

“The reason doesn’t matter.”

I answer calmly.

“Osiris is too strong. She is not an opponent that you can take on alone.”


“I’m going to trap that person after this, but I’m alone is enough for this task. Hence, there is no reason to put Sharo-senpai body at unnecessary risk. That’s why, you escape.”

“No way……! I can be of help, too!”

Brünnhilde tighten her choke on my neck.

I’d say, this feels like I’m trying to soothe down an angry child.

“……even if I need you to help me with something temporarily, I will only ask you to help me search for Leon.”pg. 363


A shock ran through Brünnhilde face.

Her hand lessens it grips and right now they are left hanging there.

……that was for the sake of making her give up, but I admit that what I’ve said is over the line.

And I, rub over the top of her head.

“You saved me earlier……so for once, let me say thank you.”


Her menacing looks instantly turns, blushed.

As if she is trying to hold something in, her body shakes and tremble.

『——that rare moment when Raika thank a God. 』

I heard Bálor teasing voice, but I ignore it.

I leave her just like that and begin taking my actions.

Again, my hand was caught by Brünnhilde hand.


“Am I, a bother to you?”


“Surely, that time when we faced Freya-sama, or when Susanoo is facing against Leon, or this time with Osiris……I may actually be weaker than you.”

Brünnhilde, she, her voice is trembling.

Most probably, that is the fact that she is unwilling to admit the most.

Given the character of this heavenly female knight, even admitting it with her mouth serve as an extreme humiliation.

However, why did she choose to admit it now, at this moment?

Brünnhilde looking scared, while hiccuping, she continues to pull my hand stronger.

……is she crying?

That’s what I felt, but I cannot say it.

Then, she continues to speak.

“Even so! I still want to be useful to you!”

Her screams resonate within this deafening area.

Her crying voice strike deeply into my ears.

“At that time, I……! I choose you, instead of Freya-sama! Can’t you find a spot in yourself, to depend on me at all!?”

At that time.

That night, when I face against Freya at the schoolyard.

When I tear apart the Palace of the Dead, Fólkvangr, when we are trying to escape from Freya, at that time Brünnhilde really did said.

——right now, my master is not you(Freya).


“……I am not as cute as Charlotte.”


Why are you suddenly mentioning Charlotte-senpai name?

In spite of my dubious face, Brünnhilde keep on talking.

“You decided to see after Charlotte with that thought alone. At first, I thought it was stupid, but now I realized its weight. Even if I give it my best……it is impossible.”

That, is impossible. Simply saying, I felt it contained complex emotions that were not simple.

Brünnhilde wipes her eyes, then she lifted up her face.

Her red, swollen eyes are staring right into mine.

“With that said, please at least let me serve you as your sword!”


For some reason, her words strike deep inside me.

So that is what happening.

The reason why she is so strangely fixated on fighting against Susanoo alone.

『——so she is finally admitting your true strength. Uhihihi, what an idiotic woman. 』

Bálor laughed.

I wonder who is laughable right now.

I don’t want to know.

More importantly.


In response to Brünnhilde words, I don’t know what to do.

If it is someone else——Maria, for example——I might accept those words without much thought.

But, this person is, a God.

The thing that I hated the most in this world.

The thing that I will never not hate.

The thing that I will never forgive.

It is my wish to eradicate all Gods.

Nevertheless, why……why are you giving me that look.


What should I do.

This conflicted feeling swirled ugly in my chest.

However, before I can give an answer.

“Hey, where are you?”

Osiris’s voice resonates inside the area where we currently are.


We can already hear Ammit ripe voice.

“It is useless to hide. My Ammit has a strong sense of smell. Especially when detecting the bad stench that a sinner release.”


Obviously, I would not respond to such call.

Instead, I pulled a small mirror out of my pocket.

By using the reflection in the mirror, I check Osiris current position from within the building shade.


You are there, huh.


That person, she is letting Ammit holding Maria’s arm in its mouth.


Maria’s voice can be heard faintly.

Her forehead is sweating, and her uniform is soiled with her dripping bloods.

She is in such state, yet you are still dragging her here……!


Brünnhilde also saw Maria’s appearance from the mirror reflection. Her expressions turn steep.

There is no falsehood in her expression full of anger.

Again, my heart is disturbed.

But, the enemy won’t wait for us.

“No response. I’m tired of playing tag. This is taking too much time, I’m no longer amused.”

Osiris sighed, then she sends a signal to Ammit.

Ammit released Maria’s arm at once.


Then it holds down Maria’s chest with its forelimb.

After making sure that it is impossible for her to move, it opened its large mouth over her head.

“Foolish people who rebel against me. Quickly presents yourself before one’s eyes and receive your judgments.”

Osiris openly declares.

I don’t have time to feel lost anymore.

“Brünnhilde, listen.”

I briefly told her my plan.

Then, I left her with a role.

Originally, I planned to trap her by making myself as a decoy.

However, the decoy plan strictly depend on “The enemy willing to chase until the end” presumption as the anchor of the strategy.

Osiris is already tired of chasing us and right now she is using Maria as a hostage.

If I continue to escape any further, she will kill Maria without a moment hesitation.

That’s mean, I cannot use myself as a decoy anymore.

In this case, I need to force her to move into the trap location.

At the same time, rescue Maria……!

It’s difficult to achieve everything.

But, there is no choice but to do it.

I must do it.

For that sake……I must borrow Brünnhilde strength.

I will have to arrange the complex emotions boiling inside my heart another time.

“We will jump out at the same time.”

I folded my fingers and start the counting.






Me and Brünnhilde jump out from inside the shade of the building.

I immediately release a suppression shot to restraint Osiris.

Meanwhile, Brünnhilde brandish her big sword and close her distance with the enemy.

“! So, you are still going to annoy me!”

Osiris is finally fed up from our never-ending resistance.


Osiris send a signal to her underling monster.

Can Brünnhilde make it before its fang reaches Maria!?

The timing is too severe.

But both me, and Brünnhilde, is desperate to reach her.

This is different from that time we are fighting against Susanoo.

Me, as well Brünnhilde.

For the sake of rescuing Maria.

In that respect, our aim is overlapping each other.


It did not come true.


The sound of meat ripping.

Blood splashes and fluttering away.

The dark blood dyes the amusement park tonight.

The smell of bloods drifted around.

Ammit was struck by an arrow to its brain. Then, it dropped onto the ground, defeated.


For the first time, Osiris voice stuck at her throat.


I——not to mention Brünnhilde——didn’t know what is happening at that moment.

But based on the origin of the arrow, both me and Bálor get to know what is happening.


『——isn’t that belong to the head of the Greek mythology!? 』

A secret alliance that was forcibly tied with my sister as the hostage.

There has been no contact ever since that time, but perhaps the Greek God has been watching over us all this time.

Then, it chooses this exact timing to interrupt.

As if saying that once they are thorough with me, they will have me die on the spot.

But it doesn’t matter right now.

One thing for sure.

That Maria is safe, and that troublesome Ammit is finally dead.


With my voice, I pushed her back.

The female knight who got dumbfounded due to the sudden change of situation was snap out of it and remember her role after hearing my voice.

“Come out, Grani!”

In response to Brünnhilde calls, a flying horse was summoned.

She quickly gets onto Grani and kicked it.

Just like its lord wishes, it starts to fly high on the sky.

It goes to top speed at no time.

Brünnhilde is riding on the flying horse on the air.

She is charging toward Osiris without a moment hesitation.


Osiris hand is tied while she is still shocked.

She set a magic barrier at her front.


Brünnhilde thrust forwards without hesitation.

The sacred horse charge it heads first, pushing back Osiris barrier.


Osiris small body was sent flying. Her feet no longer on the ground.

Just like that, Brünnhilde crashed into Osiris towards the attraction building.

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