Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 5 pt 2


We reached at the north district station 30 minutes after we left from the south dormitory.

“Raika kun!”

Leon who arrived earlier waved at me from the ticket exit that he used earlier.

I pushed aside the surrounding students and went to where he is.

“Where is that guy!?”

“As expected, that person is still within the north district. The place should not be far from here.”

“Great, let’s hurry.”

Without wasting the time greeting, we start to run ahead with Leon as our lead.

Seeing the three of us hurriedly running somewhere, the students on the roadside shoot us the weird look.

Up till now, I have restrained myself form taking any flashy action.

However, the current situation is an exception.

I don’t mind the eyes surrounding us and continue to keep up with Leon.


“Perhaps, Maria is here.”

The place where Leon is pointing at is,

“Amusement park?”

I look up at the arch in front of me.

Beyond that, inside the large site closed by fences, various attractions can be seen.

By the way, I seem to remember someone saying that the north district is an area with a lot of huge entertainment facilities.

This amusement park is one of those facilities.

It is mainly open on Sunday, so naturally it is closed during weekdays.

Even from outside the gate, apart from the dim starry light, there is no indication of light from inside the area.

“For now, let’s get inside first. It will be troublesome if we were caught by the guard.”

“Un. Fine by me, but will Charlotte follow us too?”

Leon asked while looking at Brünhilde.


This time is an exception, so it can’t be helped.

“She is the same as us, a person with special power.”

“Eeh!? Is that true!?”

“Yes, that is why she will help us searching for Maria.”

“Is that so. Understood.”

Leon easily accepted my explanation.

He doesn’t seem to doubt people much, maybe that was due to his mental state.

“Then, nice working with you, Charlotte.”

“You can call me Brünhilde.”

Brünhilde said in slight displease.

However, Leon doesn’t have a clue on what she is talking about.


“Ah……she uses a different name when she is fighting.”

I properly explain to him.

It will take a lot of time if I were to explain the relationship between Charlotte senpai and Brünhilde now.

“I see. It is like those hero once they transformed. I will note it down with a picture later.”

Leon nodded while smiling.

I’m relieved that he is satisfied with this amount of explanation.

“Well then, let’s go.”

That said, I climbed over the fence first.

Leon and Brünhilde follows suit and jumped over.

First, we moved into a shade so it’s impossible to be seen from outside and took a breath.

“Leon. Which direction is to Maria?”

“That, I’m sorry. Once we are near, I cannot grasp proper direction, anything beyond the feeling that she is just nearby.”

Leon says he is sorry for that.

“On the other hand, that means we are already close. That’s why, I think it is better if we start searching the surrounding area by ourselves.”

“Roger that.”

I think for a while.

“Leon, you go look around the east area. Me and Brünhilde will search around the west side. Send me a signal if you found Maria or any suspicious person.”


Leon quickly ran toward east direction.

I appreciate his behaviour where he does thing without hesitation. I return back to Brünhilde.

“We are going too.”

“That is fine, but why aren’t we acting separately? That way our search will be more efficient.”

Brünhilde asked.

She has the look of someone who is not convinced.

What a meddlesome thing to nit-pick now.

“I am worried you will have a secret deal with the enemy Divine Apotheosis behind my back. That is why I am making you move with me.”

“Wha……you are doing this shit again!”

Brünhilde beautiful eyebrows raised.

Well, like usual, I don’t have time to deal with this triviality.

“Shut your mouth and follow my order.”


Once the goddess is silenced, we start moving to the west.

If Leon’s intuition is correct, the enemy should be nearby.

Except, the murdering demon might run away with kidnapped Maria.

This is the moment where mistake is not forgivable.

If not……

No, contrary to what I thought, Maria survival rate are likely to be higher.

If the enemy is the heretic god, the girl would not make a simple blunder……

But, no matter who the enemy is, was she not aware of the other person, hence the blunder?


Be cool.

Be cool.

Be cool.

Do not get flustered.

Once a person become impatient, he can trip over a small pebble on the road.

That is what my master taught me.

And I agree with her idea, hence I desperately try to regain my calmness.

But……Maria is in great danger.

I share both joys and sorrows with that girl ever since we were at the church institute.

She volunteered herself despite it being a dangerous task and followed me.

Right now, when I imagined her neck is wounded just like the corpse that we found, I can feel my blood circulation stop.

Fuck……I will never let them do such thing.

Anyway, I have to act.

Perhaps, the enemy is right in front……





I instantly stop breathing after hearing the sudden noise.

Just now……no matter how I think about it, it is the sound that come from a vending machine.

It was right before nightfall, and inside an amusement park which is outside of it’s business hour, someone buying a juice or something——just who is it?

Leon who already headed to east side for investigation has no way to come all the way to the west side anymore.



My eyes met Brünhilde, and I walked toward the source of the sound.

Gashan! Gashan!

The sound of juice cans falling continue to make a noise.

Too careless. Sloppy.

What on Earth are they thinking?

We are closing to the sound.

From the end of the building, I slowly peer to the other side.

As expected, there is a vending machine.

Within the darkness, the vending machine displays lightly illuminates the vicinity.

The problem is the person who is standing in front of the vending machine has they back turned at me.



I have seen that back before.

Hair colour.

Hair length.

The fact that they are too short to reach the top row of the vending machine.

Even how thin is their fingers are still fresh in my memory.

No doubt.

That is Emily.

『——uhihihi. What, like this you don’t need to hesitate to dominate her, no?』

Bálor let out a sick laugh.

Regardless of his ulterior motives, I agreed with his line of thought to dominate Emily.

I need to ask her what she is doing in a place like this.

I cautiously look towards Emily surrounding.

However, I can’t see Maria anywhere nearby.


She turns to her back once after the girl leak out a voice.

She does that while her hand is still trying to buy the juice.

She looks at this way.

“To the people who is stealing a glance here. Show your face and bow your head. Do that and I will allow you to present your excuse.”


I was found out.


We should be right in her blind spot.

Not to mention, she clearly mentions people, so she knows that there is more than a single person.

I don’t know the reason.

But this way, it is impossible to take her with surprise.

Then, should I expose myself, and get her to tell me Maria’s location?


I get out from the shade while pulling out my twin gun.

Brünhilde follows from behind me.

“Hmm? You are……”

Emily reacts after taking a look at my face.

Apparently, it seems that the other side also remembers me.

“What a strange coincidence.”

Emily murmurs.

Then she crosses her arms,

“So, we met during the day, so I don’t think you accidentally lost here. What business do you have?”

Then, she asked with an authoritative tone.

“……where is Maria?”

I asked a question while carefully looking up.

Emily tilt her little head.

“Maria……? Oh, perhaps you mean this woman?”

Right after she said that,

I see Maria silhouette leaning back next to the fountain.


Since when was she there?

I already checked the surrounding in advance.

Without a doubt, there shouldn’t be anyone besides the water fountain.

It seems like she suddenly manifested there.

“What’s wrong with this woman called Maria?”

“Return her.”

“? This person is just a human woman. No matter how you see it, you can always find a substitute. Not worth to trouble yourself for. Depending on your answer, I might pardon you.”

Right now, Emily might think that I am a God who has lost his memory.

That’s why she is asking such an absurd question.

“I am a human being. My soul is not tainted by God.”


Emily widened her eyes after hearing my reply.

In the meantime, I check Maria current condition.

She is still breathing. There is no sign of her sustaining any injuries.

Her appearance is exactly like how I last saw her.

For now, it seems like the culprit has not done anything strange yet.

I’m relieved to know that.

The problem is how should I take Maria away from Emily.

“Then I will question you. I ask again, is this woman thing belongs to you?”

“She is not a thing. But, she is important for me.”

“……I see. I understand your claim.”

Emily keeps her arms folded.


“In favour of your wholesomely foolish devotion during the other day, I will make an exemption and forgive your impertinence this time. That is the final verdict.”

She unliterary tell us,

“Now, swiftly make your leave from this spot.”

Furthermore, she declared so without any hesitation.

What are you saying……what about her?

“……who are going back. I will take Maria back, even if that means to fight you!”


Emily laugh seeps through her nose after looking at my determination.

“I have decided to show a consideration for your past devotion, enough to give you an opportunity to live. Humans are foolish, after all.”

“Human stupidity is not something God has a right to discuss.”

I set the guns amidst the rising tension.

“If anything, there is only one thing that I wish from a person like you——die, swiftly.”


Emily eyebrows form a wrinkle.

That is a face full of anger.

As if she is hearing a garbage insect declared a revolution, her face is one who has tasted unilateral humiliation.

『——indeed, so nice. So exciting.』

Ah, that way of talking is your favourite, Bálor.

『——my strike zone is wider than universe. That’s right, to put it in one way, the female type that I like most is like those dog that will never yield, the one that make me feel like shredding their pride to pieces.』 pg. 327

I can never keep up with your fetish, but this fight, we will do it together.

I lowered my voice so that it become audible only to Brünhilde.

“Our top priority is to recapture Maria. Understood? Once we have rescued her, whatever situation I am in, your must take her away from this place at all cost.”


Once Brünhilde received my order, she summoned out her knight sword and armour.

Her expression is a mix of half dissatisfaction and half understanding.

She understood that rescuing Maria takes priority, so was she dissatisfied because we are fighting to escape?

We both hold a short discussion.

“The winner of this war was already decided since beginning. That’s why it is not beneficial to fight. This battle is one way for me to pass time, and you are going to make up for your crime of disrespect.”

Emily left her arms folded and talk down to us arrogantly.

Now, the sun has settled down.

Night time——the curtain for Representative War is opened.

“Let’s go! You take the right!”


Brünhilde and I split up and assaulted her from both sides.

Fortunately, Emily is still keeping her arms folded, which means she is preparing for battle.

While one of us is attacking her, the other will rescue Maria.

After that, whoever retrieved Maria will withdraw while the other will keep the enemy occupied.

Emily’s ability is still unknown.

I don’t know whether I can hold her off on my own or not.

However, as long I prolong the battle, Leon who is nearby will notice and come over.

Long terms battle is possible if there are reinforcements coming for backup.

That was my intention.


“Do it.”

A person charge toward Emily in an instant.


I Brünhilde screams resound.

What the!?

『——hell do I know.』

Both Bálor and I didn’t recognize the attack from the enemy.

No, at the first place, there is nothing that remotelu look like an enemy.

But, in reality, Brünhilde has collapsed, and from the back of her armour, fumes are rising up.Pg. 329


I pointed my guns to my back at haste, but again no one is there.


Are there really no one there?

That is incorrect……it’s just that they are not visible……


Suddenly I got a chill run across my spine.

Immediately afterward, a torrent of energy of some kind went through over my head.

The thunderous sound continues.

But I couldn’t see it.


A sound of bullets spreading from riffle comes diagonally to the centre of my heart.

The bullet bounced off the roller coaster pole and create sparks.

There is no response……however, from these attacks, I have finally understood.

Emily is controlling the [Invisible Enemy].

In other words, an ability like the Queen of Valkyrie Freyja, Palace of the Dead, Fólkvangr. I must assume that she has the ability to summon out a lower tier spirit to do her bidding.

Though, although I am aware of her technique doesn’t mean I have a mean to deal with it.

Anyway, the enemies will attack from invisible position.

Moreover, based on their previous attacking method, the enemy possess a mean to attack from long distance.

Fumes are raising from Brünhilde upper part body armour, and from the amount of heat that I felt earlier, I can conclude that the enemy is firing something similar to laser weapon.

I rushed to Brünhilde who has fall down.

From what I have visually confirmed, she is still breathing, and there is no threat to her life.

It seems like the knight armour that the girl take pride with has protected her life.


While guarding her body I watch out for any vulnerabilities in our position.

Based on her warning, just how bad is she implying…?

What to do now!?

I need to think of a way out at once!

『——use your Evil Eye.』

If I can use it, I already used it!

Since Bálor has wasted it once during daytime, I only have two more use for tonight.

Our enemy does not only consist of invisible opponents.

Emily is still looking down at us, and if we wish to take back Maria, we will be disturbed by outer interference.

We need to avoid it, outwit them and straight away escape.

For that reason, it is necessary to reserve my Evil Eye.

If I used my Evil Eye ability against the invisible enemy now, Emily will take notice of my ability.

And once she has prepared a countermeasure, it is a checkmate for us.


Shut up. The true death threats still lie far ahead!

Even before the fight with Susanoo, I was contemplating whether to receive [Blessing] or not.

By the way, even during our fight against Freyja, we hold different opinions on whether we should use the [Petrification] before the golden magic or not.

Both Bálor and Brünhilde are good, but they don’t make a good partner when fighting together.

Not like I think that it is something to brood upon or a regrettable thing, for what matter.

I will always believe my own judgement.

It’s not like I am being obstinate.

This is just how I am from the beginning.


I remove my body limiter.

This time in particular, I remove the limit to my sensory organs to the fullest.

My sense of vision, hearing, smell and touch were all raised to the maximum sharpness.

I can feel the flow of the air.

The pattern of the paint of the strut peeled off by the previous shoot also looks fine.

I focused on listening to the footsteps as much as possible and when I heard it from the left side at my back——


——right at that moment, I shoot towards it.

I don’t think I can win.

Even if I can perceive the enemy location with sound, the overwhelming advantage that the enemy has for being invisible retains.

However, it does not matter.

For now, it served as a warning shot.

It functions to earn time.


This time, it is one my right!

I shoot with one gun and replace the magazine with magazine changer.

In the meantime, I make sure the other gun is ready to shoot at any time.

“Your resistance is futile. Be still and accept your judgement.”

At that time, Emily speaks to me.

She still uses a tone full of authority, like usual.

“If so, then why did you target Brünhilde first?”

I asked her back.

“I am just removing the hindrance.”


“Surely, you don’t think this is the extend of your judgement?”

Emily narrows her eyes.

“An adequate judgement for the sinner among other sinners. Your whole body will be eaten alive.”

“That……is dreadful.”

While I replied to her frivolously, my mind start racing.

From her lines, words like [judgement] and [sinner] are common.

She sounds like a judge.

The hint is her word ‘to gather’.

Once I get a little more information, I will finally be able to identify the God who nests inside Emily’s body.

But first, I need to escape from this predicament.


Still not……

When my heart is still muttering the same word over and over again,


That guy finally emerged.


“Raika kun!”


Leon who went to investigate the eastern side of the park.

I was waiting for him here, with hope that he heard the gunshot.

He rushes over to this place, jumping and jumps over Emily head and landed at our side.

“! Brünhilde!”

Leon was shocked to see Brünhilde got injured.

He come closer to the fallen female knight and make a fist with his right hand.Pg. 336

And then, he reopened his right fist.

“A lotus flowers?”

A lotus flower is blooming on his right hand.

He didn’t hesitate to put the flower on Brünhilde neck, no, he planted it there.

Just like in fiction, the flower is rooted under Brünhilde skin.

But that bring to a question.

Then the lotus disappeared as it is absorbed by her body.

“Leon. What happened just now?”

I asked Leon while being wary of the invisible enemy.

“Umm, sorry. I don’t quite understand it myself, just that I thought it will make her feel better.”

Leon answered somewhat lowly.

I felt uneasy with his ambiguous explanation, but when I take a closer look, I see the wound on her shoulder and arm that isn’t being protected by her armour are recovering without traces.

Brünhilde ragged breathing due to pain is gradually becoming calm.

Is this some kind of healing ability?

『——I guess that is the only possible explanation for this phenomenon. Just how versatile is he?』

Bálor said amazed.


Lotus blooms on water, and the cycle is it blooms in the morning and closes at noon. It is a flower which always symbolized in many myths as a symbol of regeneration and cleaning.

I can make an assumption to an extent, however with this much information alone it is hard to associate Leon with which God from which mythology.

But for now, I will let it slide.

“You saved us, Leon.”

I thanked him.

“Don’t mind it. We are friend, aren’t we?”

Leon replied with a blunt smile.

I got caught and my mouth become loose.

“Hmmhmm, it is you, again.”

In contrast to mine own, Emily seems to dive into a bad mood after looking at Leon.

Leon replied to her in response.

“You are……no, there is no need to tell me anything! You are, for me, are the personification of ‘evil’!”

After he said it strongly, a curved sword appears on Leon’s hand.

One of his advantages is the ability to raise one battle spirit in an instant by believing oneself as the hero of justice.

Now, while Leon is facing off against Emily,


I let out a breath.

Disappointment. Resignation.

I let out my breath with those kinds of feeling.

“No matter how many times we meet, I failed to make you realize of your problematic behaviour. I’m getting tired of repeating these interactions.”

Emily looks down upon Leon as well.

Most probably, she and Leon are having this kind of interaction each time they met.

Therefore, she must be aware of his memory disturbance problem.

Emily looks very annoyed.

“If this is going to play out like usual, then our standoff will finish off quickly. I don’t have enough time to kill you tonight.”

She turned to face me and then said,

“I’m busy with sentencing these insolent fools to their death.”


She seems to hate me so much.

I hate the God too.


Our current situation is two versus two.

Leon is with me.

Emily is with her invisible henchmen.

Brünhilde wounds are healed, but her strength is not yet recovered. She is not capable of fighting right now.

I need to keep tab of both her and Maria constantly at the same time, but right now the situation has become better.

So, I thought.

“Come out, my left wing of glory.”

After Emily murmured, something was held in her hand.

That thing……is a cane?

“Come here from the netherworld, o’ my servant.”

She shakes the staff lightly.

At that moment,


An abrupt dread dominated the atmosphere around us at once.

It is not a heavy pressure.

It is not inciting nervous feeling.

Just a pure, sign of death.

It is cold, and I feel like rubbing all over my body while breathing.

And then, it appeared.

Black skin.

A vestment with strike contrast to its skin colour.

It appears to be quiet and give off the feeling of being polite and courteous.

But, the thing on its neck, which is its head.

A dog heads.

The thing on its body is some kind of dog breed.

A jet-black figure which engulf you into darkness.Pg. 341

Without its vestment, it is likely that the body will disappear into the darkness, leaving only its golden eyes which aim at the prey.


Netherworld. Dog head. Vestment.

Based on these three aspects, I quickly realize its true identity.

“Be careful! That is Anubis! He is the Egyptian Mythology funerary God!”

“Is that, so? What?”

Leon tilted his head, failed to understand what I said.

“Simply said, he is a Death God!”

He is slightly different than that, but that expression suits him.

Immediately after, Anubis attacked Leon.


Leon intercept Anubis fang with his curved sword.

However, it seems like the enemy was aiming for the sword from the start.

Anubis caught the curved sword with its fangs and shakes his head, sending Leon flying.



I called out his name and point my gun to Anubis.

Once the gun is fired, Anubis demonstrates its extreme agility of a beast and evade the bullet.

The dog headed God pursue Leon who was launched in the air.

“Despite being someone of lower birth, you know my servant’s name very well.”

Emily said with little admiration.


A dog God who originally a guard of the royal tomb, who eventually become the God of the tomb; it status was raised to the God who guards death.

Speaking of Egypt, they are famous with mummies, and Anubis is the God who govern over funeral service and mummy.

Naturally, as a God who plays an important role in ancient Egypt, depending on the city, it is worshipped as a guardian deity.

Anubis is a God which governs over funeral services, and at the same time, the one who declares death.

Death was always next to a man even before the civilization came.

Regardless of age and culture, there existed God who dealt with death.

God with authority usually continuously acquired huge amount of faith and it always has a mighty power commensurate with it.

I’m worried for Leon, fighting a guy like that.

However……it I unlikely for me to worry too much about other people.

Because, the person who is in front of my eyes is, a God, just like Anubis.


Not only am I separated from Leon again, I still have to deal with the invisible enemy.

Unexpectedly, Emily lifted the corner of her mouth when I exerted maximum vigilance.

“Worry not. I tasked Medjed to chase after the red hair. It’s hard to take him on with Anubis alone.”


I softly replicated the name that was uttered by Emily.

“As expected, the God is Medjed.”

“Hou, so you even know about my escort.”

Emily has a sneering smile.

“Commoner. Entertain me and tell my name.”


“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you don’t know my name, despite knowing each of my subordinates.”

Her questioning voice is accompanied with a distinct hint of being interested.

I am sure she is just in playful mood.

That’s why, she is revealing that I am just alone here.

That girl doesn’t even think that she is in a battlefield.

Stop fucking with me……

I was reminded with the picture of the missing students in my lists.

I was reminded with the corpse of the girl who was cut.


Kidnapping human.

Killing human.

Moreover, laying her hand on Maria.

This girl, doesn’t she feel the anger that is appointed towards her?

“Then let me answer you.”


If you are going to look down on us that much.

I will peel off that smile from your face.

This girl “Come here from the netherworld, o’ my servant.” command call out a cane.

That cane probably one known as the shepherd stick, Heka.

The one paired with Heka is one known as Nekeku.Pg. 345

Heka is one of the Egyptian God, and Nekeku originated from the lower birth among Egyptian. When Egypt was unified in the past, the two become the symbol as kingship.

Since she has the sceptres, that girl must be a God who is deeply rooted with Egyptian royal family.

Besides, Anubis and Medjed also served as another huge hint.

That pretty much gave away her identity.

“Your name is,”

Her words and actions, plus Leon testimony.

Leon said the murderer has fled many times before.

She replied to Leon on how she doesn’t have the time to kill him that night.

In other word, the murderer that Leon encountered many times before refers to Emily.

However, now that she has been reincarnated on Earth, despite being a divine apotheosis, she will still die if she is killed.

But, there is one means to reverse the providence of life and death.

Her Regalia.

Mummies were actively being made in Egypt, and it is a technique for preserving one body in preparation for their “resurrection” after death.

The person will die and resurrected.

There is also a similar legend in bible where there is a miracle that will revive Son of God.

They are the origin of all “resurrection” from every mythology.

The King of Egypt——one who is said to be the father of the Pharaoh.

The first of the nine pillars of Heliopolis.

The beginning of mummy.

Ruler of the Netherworld.

The judge of the dead soul.

The God who is nested inside Emily is——

“——the Netherworld God, Osiris. That is your true identity.”


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