Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 3 pt 3


“………Haah, looks like they escaped.”

I——Susanoo relaxed after confirming that Raika and the other’s presences have completely vanished.

“Or did they end up dead?”

I stared at the spectacle that I have created.


There was nothing before the imperial god sword that reigned Heaven and Earth (Ame-no-Murakumo) aside from the excavated Earth.

If I look to the sky, it would probably look like a straight line had been drawn from west to east of the island.

Everything was engulfed by the light and disappeared regardless that the island was built by the gods.

If Raika and the others were overwhelmed by this, any traces will literally be gone.

“I would really for him to be alive.”

I recalled Raika’s face.

Although I didn’t feel the enthusiasm that boiled my blood, I felt high clarity of murderous intent dwelling at the back of his eyes.

I heard that he did not get seized by a god and seemed to challenge himself to the fight on his own accord.


That red-hair Divine Compatibility User could also be a worthy opponent.

However, Raika would be the one standing on top instead, in the sense of anticipation.

Since this is war, I have no intention of criticizing Raika for forming a fraction, but I would like to fight him one-on-one if possible.

Speaking of one-on-one, that western silver-haired swords-woman.

Brynhildr, was it?

She was not bad.

The sorceress who appeared at the end was also interesting.

Anyhow, I still haven’t satisfy my hunger.

I want the kind of battle where I fight to the limit where our bodies would erodes.

“Well then, is about time I return the imperial divinity sword.”

I let go of the grip.

Then, the white sword turned into small lights and I returned Ame no Habakiri up to the rift in the heavens.


When I casually looked at my hand, my fingers were shaking.

It’s the backlash from using the imperial god sword that reigned Heaven and Earth (Ame-no-Murakumo).

(Just as I thought, she hasn’t grow accustomed to my body. Looks like my limits is one shot per day)

The consumption of vitality and stamina are intense.

Besides, my stomach is growling.

“Shall I call it a day for tonight?”

Let’s go and find something to eat.

I headed to the warehouse which is still safe to rummage in.



At that time, I suddenly felt a strange feeling.

No, rather than a feeling………..the atmosphere that is enveloping the entire island, is strange.

“Doesn’t smell familiar to me.”

I stood still for a moment there and think about the things regarding to that sensation.


Urged by my hunger, I stopped thinking.

“Ah whatever. If it’s an enemy, I’ll just fight it.”

I abandoned the conclusion and started walking once again in order to satisfy this hunger.

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