Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 3 pt 2


Our focus shifted back to the warehouse town.

Once again, the sound of impact can be heard.

It sounds like something is crashing.

A distinct anomaly.

Currently in progress.


For a moment, I gazed at the girl’s corpse.

I forcibly take my eyes off her, and face forward.

“Follow me!”

I jumped over the hedge and start running.

There is no need for any precautionary care during this roaring sound.

We reached at the warehouse town at full speed.

From there on, we start minding our steps once again.

We pitched our ears for any sound.

A sound of crushing concrete.

The building……probably the warehouse is collapsing.

Together, sound of clashing swords is mixed in.

Undoubtedly, a fighting sound.

“Someone is engaged in battle.”

At least two of them.

From the sound alone, the battle might involve the divine apotheosis.

“What should we do, Raika.”

Ruirui asked for my opinion.

“There are plenty of buildings that can act as the replacement here. If I’m using my Spirit Army, one or two enemies, I can easily kill them?”

Ruirui’s Palace of the Dead, Fólkvangr is a [Regalia] which summons millions of heroic spirits.

In order to use it, it’s necessary to have a building to replace the palace. However, all buildings are lined up together in this warehouse town.


“That is too rash.”

I shake my head.

“You are a complete military user. In ancient myth it was recorded how there were Gods who killed their own allies. Have you forgotten about my eye of [Death]?”

“Well, that wasn’t one weak experience, I say.”

“Actually, I don’t mean to conceal it. Some enemies are more effective while fighting in encloses space. I say it’s too early since we haven’t confirmed the situation yet.”

“I know that much.”

Ruirui laugh lightly.

“Then, what are you planning to do?”

Once again, I asked.

“First, we must confirm what we are up against. Do not be distracted with the enemies.”

We make a turn at the Go board [1] like crossroad several times.

Proceeding further, we finally arrived at the destroyed warehouse, which was completely turned into a mountain of reefs.

So far, eight warehouses were destroyed.

Some have collapsed, others were utterly destroyed.

A normal person will require a dynamite if they wish to achieve the same outcome.

Our enemy is monsters who can pull off this catastrophe as aftermath of battle.

In order to [Dominate] them…I took out the guns, tightly grasp the grip.

The sword clashing sound come closer at last.

Almost here.

From the shade of the warehouse where I am hiding, I gently took a peek into the other side of the corner.

There, I can see a group of man and woman.


One of them is a red-haired boy.

In his hand is a sword with an edge that is bending backward.

The light emitted from the curved blade is horribly quick and graceful.

Just like a dance.

Every time he moved, a torrent of brilliant slashes blows up.

The flash from the sharp sword shredded the objects it falls into, walls, roof tiles, all were shredded into pieces.

Each of the blows shows how the executioner is the master of that special skills.


On the other side, a black-haired girl is at the receiving end.

She wore a violent smile, her bloods splashing everywhere while she is chasing down the boy.

On her hand is a thick and heavy looking sword.

Compared to the boy’s sword, her weapon looks brittle, even the tip of the blade is missing.

That way, she is incapable of using [thrust].

It should serve as a terrible disadvantage in a sword fight, but the girl doesn’t give up.

At the minimum it should be capable of protecting its user.

Cut after cut were opened on her skins, but at the end all the wounds are just scratches.

Each slash she releases doesn’t suit her meagre and delicate arm.

The girl’s sword, never reach the boy.

Abandoning her defence, abandoning her positions, she leaps herself.

Her reason for abandoning everything in exchange to full power assault become clear instantly.

The ground split after a swing of the sword from the girl, with the shockwave cleaved through the warehouse cleanly.

As for the boy with special moves, his sword didn’t miss it chance to strike during the lack of defence.

The battle between these two are exactly the collision between techniques and raw power.

It doesn’t matter who get the kill.

Both of them are struggling for a kill.

However, in each fight there exist [space].

The previous blow created a distance between them, which disrupted the flow of battle.

Silent arises after torrent of clashes.

At that time, the faces that belongs to the black-haired girl which are blurred due to her intense movement until now can be seen at last. Then, things clicked together.

And I, the realization hit me at last.

At first, I did not notice her because her hair was short.

Her hair as seen in the picture was as long as her older sister.

Now it is only around shoulder length.

However, even if her hair was cut short, there is no way I’m going to mistake that face.

With the corner of her mouth uplifted, this girl who is standing in front of the red-haired boy is,

Without a doubt, she is Kushinada Himeko who we have been searching all these times.

I bite my lips.

This is the worse outcome.

The possibility where the culprit who slashed the warehouse wall is a Divine Apotheosis was high.

The culprit stole food from the warehouse.

Then, Kushinada Himeko requirement for food aligned all the missing pieces together.

Aligning both the motif and objective together.

Realizing that, I came into conclusion that Kushinada Himeko might be a Divine Apotheosis.

Right after I came into that conclusion, I buried it desperately deep in my consciousness.

Such thing.

I wish for it to never happen.

I was hoping.

But……the reality is laid bare in front of me.

This world is truly cruel.

Why, only unreasonable things happen?

Why, must destiny tear away the Kushinada sisters in this fashion?

I was reminded of Kushinada senpai, her worried face for her sister.

The fear of losing your sister, I’m well aware of that.

How come her ending is the same as mine.

The God easily take over her sister…….

This suffering, I’m alone is enough.

『——Hey Raika, why do you suddenly stiffened? 』

That time, Bálor voices resounded in my mind.

『——Don’t let some stupid thoughts stop you. It’s normal for all God to toy with the humans, not like it is something new. 』


His words bring me back to my senses.

However, I do not mind the evil God inside of me.

『——If you can’t grant them forgiveness, then break all of them, and take back everything yours right? 』

Bálor voice, the same tone as usual.

His voice is as evil as the usual.

But, what he said was right.

This is a normal occurrence for the God which is unforgivable.

That’s why, I vowed to take everything back.

That’s right, things won’t change the way it is.

First, I’m going to release the God which has make nest inside Kushinada Himeko with my [Dominate].

Then her consciousness will return.

All I have to do is to find a way to completely remove the God from her body.

It’s the same situation for Sharo senpai and Ruirui, either way I have to look for the method.

Nothing would have changed if I don’t start doing anything.

My messy mind was refreshed.

“Hey, that girl, is she?”

Ruirui said after observing the battle.

Seems like she has noticed Kushinada Himeko too.

“What to do now?”

“Just like we originally planned. We will capture her [Regalia], and proceed to [Dominate] her, just like you.”

I replied immediately.

『——Uhihihi, right~ right~ that is the way. 』

Bálor laugh mercilessly.

What a blunder, to show this guy my miserable moment.

It’s the worst, but I’ll put it aside for now.

“I’m ready whenever you are!”

Brünnhilde roared, summoning out her dragon slaying sword.

Her face is strangely motivated.

Is she inspired by those two fights?

But, to not be intimidated is a good sign.

“We will stop both Kushinada Himeko and that red-haired boy and end this combat.”


Brünnhilde eyes were glittering when I look at it.

Meanwhile, Ruirui give a scorned look.

“For real? Whichever dead, isn’t it better for us to wait till they are exhausted?”

“That way, we will risk Kushinada Himeko to her deathbed.”

I rejected Ruirui proposal.

“Our main objective is to separate them. After that, we will gather the information on both of them. When the opportunity present itself, we make our escape.”

“WHAT! We are going to escape midway…”

“That is a given.”

“We have three people on our side. Why are we retreating if we have advantage in number?”

“We still don’t know what is in enemy’s hand. Do you think we can win just because we have larger numbers? Your pride is your biggest weakness.”

“W-WEAKNESS!! I, I’m just……!!”

“Our intervention is mainly to prevent Kushinada Himeko from getting killed. From the start, we are not here to settle score with anyone. Aren’t you stupid for not understanding such a simple thing?”

“D, don’t call me stupid!”

Brünnhilde starts shouting, but I decided to leave her be.

“How much information should we gather before pulling out?”

Ruirui inquired.

“Since we are exposing ourselves, we should try to at least identify the God persona. Once that is achieved, with my knowledges, we can at least know their ability.”

I have the knowledge on all the myths participating in this war. As a human being, I’m superior compared to them in this sense.

“Though, I would like to witness their [Regalia] too, but there is nothing to be gain from being too greedy. Don’t miss your chance to retreat.”

“Yes, yes. Without saying.”

“I will leave that red hair to Ruirui.”

“Eh—me, alone?”

“I made that arrangement based on our power level. Do no complain.”

I pulled out my twin guns.

『——After all, it was better for you to receive [Blessing] from Maria. 』

That might be the case, but what’s done is done.

It’s meaningless to mourn for every wrong decision that we made in the past.

“Let’s go, you guys. Don’t kill your opponent.”

I give the signal, we all jump out.

First of all, attention shoot.

The bullet scatters to both side.


Interrupted on both side, both red hair and Kushinada Himeko ready to intercept.

I concentrated my aim at the red hair, trying to pull him off Kushinada Himeko as far as possible.

“Ruirui, I leave this to you.”


Flying with her falcon cloak, Ruirui released her Golden Magic.


Countless golden sword continues flying his way, prompting the red-haired boy to distance himself further.

With this, we successfully separated their distance.

What left is……

“What are you guys?”

Kushinada Himeko is talking to us in the tone that is unbecoming to her appearance.

I’m holding the guns, Brünnhilde readied her sword, and we both are facing her.

“You have robbed Kushinada Himeko of her body.”

“Himeko……? Ah, you are talking about the container.”

The enemy is gazing at us with puzzled looks.

“Even so, what a strange guy. Why do you care for this container? Aren’t you also being that incarnated?”

“Just how unbelievably it might sound, I’m still who I am.”


“I’ve not being taken over by a God like you.”

Hearing my declaration, the enemy eyes bulged.

Then, she let out a crook voice.

“I see, I see. As expected from the Yamato boy. What a beautiful thing, to resist the soul of foreign God!”

I was praised for some reason.

While I’m a little confused, the enemy,

“I like you. What is your name?”

So, I was asked.

I got lost for a few second.

“Shinzen Raika.”

I answered.

In response to that, the enemy smiled.

“That is a good name. In return, I will tell you mine.”

The enemy forcibly pierces the sword which lacks the tip into the earth, and she asserts.

“My name is Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto. You can refer me as Susanoo.”

“Just like suspected.”

“Un? You have heard of me?”

“I don’t have a positive proof. I guessed by watching your sword which is lacking its tip.”

——Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto

One of the three pillar of Tamagahara calls himself as representative God from Japanese Mythology.

A powerful God by nature.

Immediately following his birth, his cries kill all the vegetable on the hills and fields.

The big rampage at Tamagahara to hide Amaterasu Ogami at the skies cave.

His rampages towards everything wildly in heaven and earth.

However, due to his famous eighth grade large snake extermination, he also acquires the personality as a hero in one stroke.

It is not uncommon for God to have multiple beliefs, but Susanoo is a rare God that has the opposite character at the same time.

『——So, is this Susanoo guy strong? 』

At least, for his bravery, he should be one of the three figures in Japanese mythology.

『——Fuuh. Well, we have at least watched his abilities in the earlier battle. 』

During the Myth War ten years ago, I heard that Thunder God in Japan Mythology comes in arm with Thunder God from Norse Mythology.

Here I am wondering which God will be send for Japanese Mythology representative.

Well, at least I get better understanding about this God.

『——Uhihihi, is that so. Well then, what are you going to do after this? 』

Luckily, we get the God name easily. Just like planned, we are going to withdraw at the right time, after collecting as much information as possible.

No change in tactic.

So, what I thought,

“Hey, aren’t you going to ask my name?”

With a dissatisfied face, Brynhildr step in front.

Pointing the tip of her Nothüng to the enemy, she glared on him hard.

She is sniggering,

“I can listen to you, but there is no way I will remember someone who bores me.”

So, he answered.

Brynhildr silently becomes more excited.

“……would you like to try?”

With her dragon slaying sword readied, she faced Susanoo.

In response, Susanoo also lifted his sword.

“This is my first showdown with a western swordsman. Ten years ago, I was busy slaying down the Chinese.”

The swordsman from the west and east both release a dangerous air surrounding them.

“Shinzen Raika. Please let me fight here.”

Brynhildr requested.

Making it a one to one fight.

Are you stupid?

“Do not get ahead of yourself, Brynhildr. You are going to the front. I will protect you from behind.”

I dismissed Brynhildr request and get ready beside her.

She looks troubled.

“Just leave this to me! In a battle of sword, there is no way I’m going to get beaten!”

“Victory is not what I seek.”

“Muguh! Gununu.”

Brynhildr face turns red and puffed her cheeks. Ignoring her, I direct the muzzle to Susanoo.

“This is a war——please don’t tell me you have complain.”

“I don’t mind.”

Susanoo is not flinched, rather, he welcomes it with a deep smile.

“I only fight the strong. Doesn’t matter how many or what their skills are. I will crush them all with my power, which is the only reason I am entering this stupid event.”

The uneasiness that I’ve felt since just now, I’ve come to understand it now.

Susanoo——he is not fighting for the sake of this war.

Easily given out his God name.

Going back to dormitory is out of question in the first place.

Playing his role as ordinary student, he doesn’t have a speck of intention to camouflage his identity.

Leaving the destruction mark on the wall bare, acknowledging fight two against one, it’s hard to say what he is doing is rational.

In short, he has no reasoning.

Susanoo‘s behavioural principle is extremely simple.

He is living to fulfil his pleasure.

In a way, akin to Bálor.

Bálor derived pleasure from destruction and ruins.

Therefore, Susanoo wants to enjoy the struggling fight.

Nothing else could be find behind his eyes.

“There is one thing that I wanted to ask before we begin.”

While the tension is rising, I asked the last question.


“The corpse that was at the side of the boardwalk, was it your work?”

Susanoo is makes a perplexed face towards my question.

“What is that?”

“……it’s fine if you don’t know about it.”

With that, our word exchanges are over.

The life struggle begins.

“Let’s go.”

Susanoo break our stalemate from that phrases.

At the same time, he kicked the ground.

Next to me, Brynhildr went to the front.

Susanoo also naturally goes ahead.


I tried to give a supporting shot from the side, but the opponent is moving too fast.

Susanoo and Brynhildr both are keeping the momentum, clashing their swords together.



They both leaked out war cry as they collide.

Only the clash of their blades and their voices can be heard.


Brynhildr utilize the advantage of her big sword, stealing strikes in between clashes with Susanoo.


Susanoo receives the blows with his sword.

He doesn’t show any sign to evade.

He received all blows from Brynhildr head front.

Is Susanoo getting pressured?

No, that can’t be.

Previously he has no problem fighting against the red-haired boy. There is no way he can’t handle Brynhildr.

Then there is only a reason.

For him to hide his strength.

Probably a simple reason.

You are trying to have a taste of Brynhildr blade first, aren’t you?

To enjoy the fight.

『——What? That is one weird fellow. 』

Bálor whispers silently.

I agree.

But it does not matter.

The problem now is that Brynhildr is blindly thrust her swords without thinking, which makes it harder for me to give her a support shot.

This girl……doesn’t she wants to cooperate in this fight?

Or is she just a fool?

She might think the latter, but I am probably wrong.

Brünnhilde is a fool without doubts, but she is not one to charge into battle mindlessly.

She is capable to match her rhythm with mine if she desires it.

In other word, she doesn’t have the intention to match our rhythm.

But why?

Is it against her chivalry spirits?

If that is the reason, then it is foolish.

Brynhildr is the only person to adhere to such a thing here.

Our enemy, Susanoo, is not even bothered with it.

He is suffering in this two against one fight since the beginning.

The evidence is, he never took precautions against me.


Susanoo cleave his sword sideways.


Brynhildr was sent flying from the blow that he released effortlessly.

His sword not only can act in offensive manner, but also helps him defend.


Brynhildr plant her leg and stopped herself.

Utilizing the momentum, she immediately kicked back the ground once she lapse forward.


Susanoo directly attacks from the front.

She swept her attack sideway in effort to topple down the enemy.

A vertical and horizontal slashes collided, which both blasted out.

Sparks created, illuminating their faces.

Desperate and delight.

Serious Brynhildr in opposed to joyful Susanoo.

Both carries different characters, but from their facial expressions, the power level difference was made very clear.

『——Hey, hey. That girl is going to die. Will that be fine, Raika? 』

Bálor leaks out a sigh.

It doesn’t make sense.

If that is going to happen, then I’m going to break into this battle forcefully.

I leave my mind from my flesh body.


The field of vision is blurred like dizziness.

——Unlike usual, the brain cuts out most of the visual information obtained from the eyes, and only the necessary amount is processed to perceive from the world.

Originally, the human eye and the processing power of the brain outperform all the high sensitivity cameras in this world.

The reason why the vision blurred is, due to the removal of the brain’s brakes, the visual information and processing capabilities are rising at a stroke.

However, the dizziness ends in a blink.

Then, the scenery of this world, no, to be accurate, its appearance changes.

The behaviour of both Susanoo and Brynhildr.

Both of their future move.

The splashing of each debris

It seems to be clear from density of air.

I kicked the ground.


Flying distance and height twice the normal.

Shooting towards Susanoo in the air.



Sacred Sterling 10 mm bullets made of silver were released, assaulting Susanoo, ~tsu.

Aiming to his foots.

Seemingly, Susanoo has not healed the wounds received from a boy with red hair earlier.

That means that he does not possess a high-speed healing ability.

Once shot in the leg, his movement will definitely slow down.

Doesn’t mean he will be easier to kill, but at least we will be able to make our escape easier.

But, there is no reason for Susanoo not noticing my shot.

I’m sure that this guy has catch the glimpse of the bullet at the corner of his eyes.

Doesn’t matter.

Either he defends or avoid it, at least I’m able to disturb his movement albeit a little.

Brynhildr takes advantage of that opening, once successful I’ll again create another disturbance.

Doing this repeatedly, and finally a breakthrough.

That is my objective.


My bullet couldn’t even break Susanoo posture.

A wide sword swing brushed off the bullets——

“Do not disturb, Shinzen Raika!”

——it was Brynhildr who deflected it.

“YYYOOOUUUU LLIIIITTLLEE!!! I always thought that you are stupid, but to think that you are a big of a fool!?”

“Who are you calling stupid!”

『——uhyahyahyahya! 』

We ended up arguing with each other. Bálor burst up into a roar of laughter.

What’s with this skit.

“Hey~ you guys?”

Susanoo looks utterly amazed while hitting his shoulder with his sword blunt.

The gap just now would have served as a perfect striking chance……

“Why don’t you cut down Brynhildr just now?”

“Aah? Wouldn’t that make this boring?”

Susanoo responded immediately.

Do we have another fool here……?

Although I’m afraid, Susanoo distorts his face pleasantly.

“But even if I tried to slash her down, that girl will firmly blocked it with her sword. I believe that she will come out unscathed.”


I was irked with Susanoo statement.

How skilful is Brynhildr?

『——uhihihi. You’ve underestimated that woman too much. If it’s swordsmanship alone then she wasn’t too bad. 』

Doesn’t it look like she is being toyed around?

『——that was because her status as a God is much lower. 』

Indeed, compared to Susanoo who’s a main God in Japanese Mythology hierarchy, Brynhildr is just a subordinate God, a Valkyrie.

Simply the different class between God.

Although not inferior in skills, she is rather lacking in all other departments.

Then whatever she attempts now will be rendered useless.

『——Well, when only your skills are on par while all others lacking, then it’s inevitable that you will lose. 』

Bálor into another fit of laughter.

My expectations were raised for a moment, but this God is still a disappointment.

“You have witnessed the fight just now! Put your belief in me!”

“……That is enough. Brynhildr, return.”


I forced Brynhildr to return with the power of my Evil Eye.

Susanoo kept himself still while keep watching us regroup.

“But still, you guys are an interesting lot. Especially, you there……Brynhildr? You are blessed with sword.”

To be recognized by a swordsman of your calibre, I couldn’t be more honoured.”

“Kakah! Well, not like I’m purely a swordsman either.”

God of different mythology keep throwing compliments for each other.

This kind of interaction is difficult for me to comprehend.

Susanoo shifted his gaze to me next.

“Although Raika doesn’t possess much heat, he is quite a good warrior himself.”


Since I don’t feel anything, my respond is flat.

Susanoo did not seem particularly concerned about my attitude either.

“But……although it is two against one battle. I don’t particularly care about your umber.”

“Hmm? Two against one……?”

Susanoo wears an amused face.

“By the way, why are you guys paired up? Isn’t this a battle royal?”

“You decided to ask it now……”

Truly a crazy opponent

“Didn’t I said that I would be fine to face him alone!?”

“Shut up, you stupid goddess.”


Brynhildr kicked me.

Shit, nothing more troublesome than an ally who doesn’t listen.

『——You guys are fucking annoying! 』

Shut your trap, Bálor. Even I’m feeling irritated.

『——I always wondered why she was loyal when we are fighting against Freyja. Did she do something to makes the other party angry? 』

……You remember way too much.

『——well at least how many times she was stripped naked! 』

That was mainly your dirty work!

『——uhihihihihi! 』

Bálor laughed indecently.

『——so, what is the plan, Raika? Are we going to withdraw anytime soon? 』

Bálor give a question.

We have acquired the enemy’s God name, so the minimum has been achieved.

However, our opponent is a master combatant.

The conflict atmosphere was still lingering from just now.

If I try to escape now, I will be definitely get slashed back once I turned my back.

We still need to fight for our withdrawal.

That guy will joyfully chase after us.

Even though we can finally withdraw, doesn’t mean we can do that with our back unprotected.

『——so what are you going to do? Your cooperation isn’t exactly the best. 』

If that is the case……then it’s fine.


I didn’t reply, I just looked at Susanoo and set up a gun.

“Enough. Just do whatever you want.”

I didn’t even take a look at Brünnhilde face.

“What did you say?”

“Asking a God for a teamwork is my mistake in the first place.”

I switch my mind.

“I am myself, you are yourself, we are going to fight Susanoo in our own way.”

“……fuhn, don’t be a hindrance, at least.”

“Same to you. And remember not to hurt senpai in unlikely event.”

It will be two individuals against one instead of a team. But that is enough.

Rather, this one seems to be ours.

Thinking about it again, fighting side by side as a human and a God is enough to make me nauseated.

“Have you come into agreement?”

Susanoo asked about it in laid back manner.

An honest man.

But, he is going to fall.

“I’m going to make you give us back Kushinada Himeko.”

“Right. Come at me.”

“I’m coming!”

Brynhildr rushes to the front.

I followed behind silently.

I remove the limiter again.

My speed increases and the speed of the world decreases.

Inside this world that move in slow motion, Brynhildr and Susanoo clashed.

Even the sound elongated. The female knight who is being pushed away is putting all the forces in her body.

I shoot a bullet in that gap.

Susanoo smirked and knocked down the bullet with his sword.

The girl delightful eyes are focused entirely on me.

Gyuun~ her body accelerated even inside this world of slow motion.

Speed that goes beyond the limit of human body.

I scattered my aim to his arms and legs, but yet again it was knocked down.

In no time Susanoo sword comes in contact.



He swings his sword downward directly to the belly, and I hit his palm with the bottom of my gun.

I twisted my body in response and avoided the fatal blow.

The sword cleaves the earth instead of me.

The shock cause spider-web like cracks in the concrete.

I sustained no damage.

But as expected there is no escaping his sword.

Also, the bottom of his palm, I intended to shift his trajectory to ease my dodge, but I couldn’t even move it by millimetre.

What kind of exchange must be done……

No, the physical strength should depend heavily on the body of the vessel.

Perhaps he is boosting his strength like Brynhildr.

Or is it Susanoo personal skill.

Susanoo eyes catch mine.

His eyes, his hands his position, his sword, based on that I can predict the next swing from his sword.


I aimed at Susanoo arms and feet, shooting from point blank.

The girl flew backward.

If he tried to brush off the shot with his sword, then he won’t make it for another one. As expected, he has cool judgement.

I throw away the empty magazine.

Instantly set a new magazine with magazine changer.

Meanwhile, Brynhildr, who was left behind Susanoo earlier, catches up.

She appears to be planning a pincher attack from both side.

Even so, Brynhildr and me aren’t in sync together.

What should I do now……?



Unexpectedly, Susanoo makes a strange face.

Especially during this moment where we are not doing anything weird.

Nevertheless, Susanoo is gazing at his both sides.


He swings his sword toward the empty space.

In that instant.

The fake world cracked, and breaks.


“What, was it a hallucination?”

Susanoo mutters in hurry.

In his vision, he caught a glimpse of my retreating figure.

How did he find out about my Evil Eye of [Illusion]?

The Evil Eye of [Illusion] is the ability to temporary alter the world foundation itself.

Those who are captured in this illusion aren’t supposed to notice that they were entrap inside…….

『——Fuhn, that is one troublesome [sword] alright. 』


『——aah. Probably, his sword is giving him that vision. 』

So, Bálor said. My strategy was hindered by Susanoo chipped at the tip blade whose helped him.

……I see. So that is his trick.

『——do you have any knowledge about that sword? 』

Ah, that is Japanese Mythology strongest ever Fire-Slaying Sword.  That is Susanoo beloved sword, Ame no Habakiri[1].

——Ame no Habakiri.

Also known as three different swords in ancient Japan, with another name like “Ame-no-Totsuka-no-Tsurugi”[2] or “Worochi-no-Aramasa”[3].

One of Susanoo great achievement with this sword is defeating the Yamata no Orochi.

The tips were said to be lost when the Yamato no Orochi was slain.

By Fire-Slaying it literally means to go against fire, but it also has another meaning such as preventing disaster.

The sword, Worochi-no-Aramasa, which has defeated the most frightening monster in Japanese Mythology, Yamato no Orochi, is without doubt, must have possess an [Evil Warding] effect.

My Evil Eye most definitely fall under the category [Evil].

Since it has evil element in it, the Worochi-no-Aramasa must have detected it, which prompted Susanoo to slash it down.

『——Tch, this is the worst possible combination. 』

I agreed with Bálor regretfully.

I might be able to kill him with my Evil Eye of [Death], but then Kushinada Himeko will get killed too.

“There is no choice but to fight him.”

Brynhildr said something which goes against my decision.

“No way. We are retreating.”

“Shinzen Raika! I can still fight! Believe in me!”

Brynhildr shout out impatiently.

“Are you running away? I won’t let you escape.”

Susanoo gives us warning in advance.

“There is much fun to be extracted from you lot.”

This girl shoved a selfish demand for both of us——

“Eh, that’s alright.”

——and Ruirui who are on the sky responded to it.

“Golden Magic.”

A golden rain of swords befalls from the sky on Susanoo who attempts to intercept it in rejoice.


Susanoo continues swinging his Worochi-no-Aramasa and deflects the golden swords one after the other.

The girl suffered several blades on her body, increasingly number of new cuts, but none has served as fatal injury.

“……Tch. If only I’m not ordered to kill you, you would have been taken care of now.”

Ruirui who is engulfed in her falcon cloak clicked her tongue.

“Oi, what happened to the red hair?”

“I fought him for a while before he escaped.”

Ruirui answered my question.

“He ran away……?”

“Yeah. That’s why I’m here to help you.”

Ruirui smiled.

Hearing the red-haired boy running away makes me worried.

I will ask for the details afterward.

“The next one is the western witchcraft, huh.”

Susanoo wipes blood flowing from the wound on her cheeks with a finger.

“Fufu, as expected, even you can’t get out unscathed if it is three to one?”

“No way.”

Susanoo smiles fearlessly against Ruirui provocation.

There are lots of bruises, but his fighting spirit seems does not run out yet.

“Really? But——”

Ruirui made a grin again.

“——will you be able to show such strong demeanour once you have witnessed this?”

Her words, are repainting the world.

The state of current atmosphere transforming.

The concrete ground which once was full of holes, now they turn into golden cobblestone.

And the warehouse at harbour changes into golden palace.

“The Palace of the Dead, Fólkvangr.”

Ruirui (Freyja) Regalia, a God palace which summons the heroes spirit from death.

“Ooh? Look what we have here.”

Susanoo restored his stance with Worochi-no-Aramasa.

The palace doors opened, and in front of her eyes, the spirits come out one after another.

“Ruirui……tch! Curse your selfishness! In case someone else see it……”

『——things are going to be just fine. For quite a time now a barrier which isolated outsiders views were erected. 』

Bálor answered my frustration.

『——plus, now we have increase our choices whether to continue fighting or to escape. 』

Although it may be so, Freyja support is enough for our withdrawal. There is no need to show off her Regalia……

『——Raika is too prudent. 』

You guys are just hot-headed.

『——uhihihi. I wouldn’t deny it. If we succeeded, perhaps you will finally see it? 』


『——Susanoo’s Regalia. 』


Only [Regalia] can go against another [Regalia].

Worochi-no-Aramasa is a natural enemy for my Evil Eye, and that is just a coincidence.

I couldn’t imagine what an evil repelling sword, Susanoo [Regalia] will be.

Even so, Susanoo is my arch enemy.

That’s why, it is not a bad decision to track his [Regalia] right here and right now.

I have ordered Ruirui not to kill Kushinada Himeko.

In other words, there is no chance.

Moeverer, Susanoo [Regalia], there is always a chance that it can’t break through Freyja Palace of the Dead, Fólkvangr.

In a chance where Susanoo will be slain in this place…

In that case, I will focus on Worochi-no-Aramasa and [Petrify] it.

Definitely, this is under my own assumption, but……


I’ve decided to remain as spectator as Freyja run wild.

Of course, while preparing for any upcoming circumstances.

Then, our target Susanoo is,

“Hou! This is one hell of army of heroes!”

Even after witnessing the army of a spirit, the girl reveals in joy to the end.

The corner of his mouth is raised to the edges. A loud echo can be heard from the harbour.

A majestic figure before the wild one, he is no longer a swordsman or a fighter.

The unruly God.

The rage incarnate.

He has the right to be call so.

This, the wandering Wild God against the army of spirit.

Jumping off suddenly, he retreated.

A surprising behaviour, as if to declare his defeat.


“I will have to respond seriously, too!”

Hearing Susanoo words, I finally get his true intention.

He is not retreating.

Just for the sake of what if, he is taking necessary distance.


I shouted, trying to urge Ruirui for caution.


Ruirui spirits army start their assault.

Before that, Susanoo has prepared the necessary.

The girl slashes the space on top of her head with Worochi-no-Aramasa.

A same movement as the one he used to slash down my [Illusion] ——wrong.

His sword literally ripped the heaven, space and time estimated to be zero.

A magic skill to enable for a space transition of matter.

Even if this exists in legend, the only magician capable of this feat are great magician who can be counted in single hand in any myth.

He can accomplish that with a single stroke, that Susanoo.

“Behold the sign of my divinity from heaven!”

In response to that, a crown falls from the rift of heaven.



A great shockwave occurred, prompting us to cover our face with our arms.

The spirits who are about to attack Susanoo were all engulfed in the shockwave, which blown many others.

But that is just the preface.

Susanoo has just received it.

Accompanied by the shock and the lightning flash, it descended from heaven——

——a white sword that shines brightly like starlight.

Sword again.

Using a sword to call another sword, the clueless Ruirui and Brynhildr were dumbfounded for a moment.

But, for me.

All my hair on my skin was standing, cold sweats robbed me from my body heat in an instant.

——There is another sword related to Susanoo, the one aside from Worochi-no-Aramasa.


I’ve made up my mind in an instant.



Since they didn’t get the gist of the situation yet, I forcibly ordered them to evacuate.

“Ruirui, buy as much time as possible with your spirits army!”

“What do you say!?”

Ruirui complains can be heard, but she obediently ordered her spirits army for an assault.

『——Oioi. We haven’t see that guy Regalia ability yet. Why are you chickening out? 』

(We don’t have time for that!)

Without a doubt, that sword is Susanoo [Regalia].

However, I couldn’t afford to its ability in details.

The pressure of his divine power crawls on my skin.

There is no way I’m going to stay anywhere nearby that sword.

This is an intuition that you receive when faced against life and death situation.


While running away, I faced backward to make confirmation.

Surrounded by the army of spirits, Susanoo start releasing by disastrous wind.

Just a while ago it would have caught us in his effective range.

I embraced Brünnhilde body, who is running beside me.

“Wha!? Y———!”

Before she starts complaining, I jump while still holding her.

Shortly thereafter,

“Emperor Sword: Splitter of Heaven and Earth!![4]”

The extreme flash that was brought by the white light engulfed all, the spirits, the palace, it swallows everything reflected in the eye.


[1] Ame no Habakiri = “Snake-Slayer of Takamagahara”

[2] Ame no Totsuka no Tsurugi = “Sword of Length of Ten Fists”

[3] Worochi no Aramasa – “Snake Devourer”

[4] It was written in furigana as “Ama no Murakumo”

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