Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 3 pt 1

Chapter 3 – Emperor Jinmu’s sword


Night. Current time is 10 P.M.

There are three people inside my room, Charo-senpai, Maria and Ruirui.

“That means you don’t have any results from the East District, right?”


I was asking Maria the question.

During dinner time, I asked Kunisaki for their yield, and it seems that the search for Kushinada Himeko at the East District were in vain.

“Well, whatever. I already told you guys earlier, I found a worrying destructive trace in one of the warehouse in the West District earlier today. Tonight, we are going to investigate it with the three of us.”

“I understand. But, before that, there is a thing that is worrying me.”

“Something that worried you?”


First, Maria take a glance at me, and then talk to the other three in this room.

“When I was walking through the island today, I felt a strange present coming from the island itself.”

“Eh, Maria-chi, isn’t that a little too ambiguous?”

Ruirui let out a complain.

But Maria is not particularly perturbed,

“Or it may be paraphrased with the surrounding air. Something is going to change, or something is approaching. Although it is still faint now, I felt a discrepancy with the normal world.’’

So, the girl politely explains about the ‘unusual atmosphere’ that she felt.

“Ruirui. You don’t know, but the saint, Maria, is sensitive to ‘Devil’. If she said that she felt a strange atmosphere, it is not some minor report.”

I tried to supplement the finding, but Ruirui still cocked her head.

“Even if you said so, Iー. In the first place, I don’t know what a saint is.”

“……Right. I will explain it to you a little bit.”

I began explaining about the saint to them.

“To be specific, the saint is ‘A Virgin Who Brought in Miracle’. There are mainly 3 miracles that can be performed as declared by the Holy Church.[Blessing]……, an ability to share the sanctity with others. [Healing]……, ability to heal the wound of others. [Divination (prediction)] ……, ability to receive revelation and forecast (predict) the future of nearer arrest.

If you are able to perform any one of them, you will be regarded as a saint, but one does not necessarily have only one ability. Maria has [Blessing] and [Healing], in particular her blessing ability is high, so as I said earlier, she is very sensitive to the ‘Devil’.”

Each ability can be explained more thoroughly. There is no reason to reveal it at the present time.

“He~, by the way, how are one perceived as a ‘Pure Maiden’?”


When the topic abruptly got changed, Maria let out a hiccups like voice.

“Nee~ nee~ tell me how~”

“Uhm~ aah~, that is……”

Maria’s face flushed and move about in confusion.

Afterwards she faces here and asked for my help.

“Ruirui. Stop your sexual harassment.”

“Eh~ which part of it is a sexual harassment.”

“Shut up.”

I sighed and end this topic.

For now, I’ve given the necessary explanation.

“I don’t know what is that ‘something’ that Maria felt at the present time. There is a probability that Gods who qualifies for the representative are trying to descent to the entire island. Keep this matter inside your heads.”

“Yes~. I understand.”

Just like a student who got scolded by her teacher, Ruirui lightly shrugged her shoulder.

Did she

really understand?

I let out a small sigh again.

After that, I look at Sharo senpai.

“Then, I think it’s time to summon Brynhildr out now.”

“Ah, un.”

Charo-senpai gave a small nod.

“Please excuse me.”

I brought my eye near Charo-senpai face.

That girl has a nervous expression.

Just a moment.

“Wake up, Brynhildr.”


Once I let out my order, Charo-senpai head shook.

When she lifted up her face, her eyes have turned sharp.

“F-your face is too close! How long are you going to keep this!?”

The moment she meets my face, she suddenly cried out loud.

“Shut up. Calm yourself.”


Listening to my order, Brynhildr zipped her mouth.

Her cheeks were red for some reason, but that is not important.

I distanced from her and get up.

“Is the [Blessing] necessary?”

Maria asked.

The [Blessing] from the Saint greatly improves the ability of the Divine Punisher.

Whether to receive it or not will determine my ability to survive tonight.

But, I,

“No, I don’t need it for tonight operation.”

So, I refuse.

“Our purpose this time is information gathering. We will avoid battles.”

However, to counter the unforeseen circumstances, I should receive the [Blessing] if possible.

But, in order to have [Blessing] ritual, we need gold to enhance the sanctity, and it needs few days for preparation.

It’s meaningless to use it indiscriminately and become unusable when necessary.

[──although you have no time to spare, you’re still preserving your power, such fool’s errands.]

Balor is mocking human policy.

Certainly, there are people that dies as soon as they used their power.

On contrary, those who preserve their power are capable of surviving until the last moment.

Which compliments this situation.

In short, Bálor is just making an argument as a form of his usual harassment to make other people uneasy.

Unfortunately for him I’m not indecisive in my policy.

I prepared two pistols and magazine changer,

“Let’s go.”

So, to sum it up, I began acting with the two Goddesses who are [Dominated].

After we left the South Dormitory, we went to the West District warehouse street in a straight way.

There is considerable distance between the South District to the West District. But if we head straight, we can arrive there at an hour mark.

This distance is something that I, a trained person and Valkyrie like Brynhildr will have any problem to cover.

Meanwhile, Ruirui.


“Hm? What.”

“Can you fly a little lower, I don’t want you to be discovered by other God.”


Listening to my instruction, Ruirui obediently lowered her flying altitude.

She is in clad of a divine garment and is flying through the sky.

“The Cloak of Feathers. That sure is useful.”


Ruirui spread the garments as if to show it off.

──the Cloak of Feathers.

It is one of Freyja property. In the mythology, the garment gave her the ability to change into any bird.

In this Representative War, by wearing it, the user is granted with a [Flying] skill, as well some boost in speed and magic barrier.

It is a somewhat plain divine garment, but it’s a very useful item for a long-distance travel.

Besides, although I asked her to fly in lower altitude, it is actually for us to collect information by observing from a higher place, which suit this reconnaissance task.

“Brünnhilde. Is there any sign of enemies nearby?”

I ask Brünnhilde who is running at the opposite side from Ruirui.

Of course, I myself has not neglected to scout the surrounding, but she is in the better state where her limiter is remove.

“No problem, Shinzen Raika.”


I’m charging ahead, and put more forces on my foot.

Afterwards, we arrive at the designated warehouse an hour later as planned.

“Ruirui. Come down.”


“From now on we need to raise our awareness. It will be troublesome if we got discovered by the enemy first.”

Taking in my instruction, Brünnhilde looks a bit unhappy.

“Even if the enemy suddenly appeared, I can handle them.”

……where does that baseless confidence came from?

Naturally, I ignore her opinion.

“Keep your guard up. Let’s go.”

I picked up the gun from the holster.

During my visit at the West District in the day time, I found a lot of vacant lots here, and the building here are fewer compared to the other district.

I don’t know whether that is for compensating the gap or not, but flower hedges and roadside trees were organized neatly along the promenade and natural parks were built.

According to the map that I’ve confirmed before tonight, there should be a big botanical garden located not far from here.

Right now, we are at the midsection overlooking both the West District 2nd station and warehouse town which we’ve visited during noon. At the side is the boardwalk which I took after getting down the bus.

I will decide the route from here.

“We will go along the boardwalk there towards the warehouse town. We will be hiding behind the trees and fences.”

“I understand.”

“……muu, understood.”

Ruirui agrees right away, but Brynhildr seems to be somewhat dissatisfied.

Still, she obeyed my instructions for the time being.

We proceed to the boardwalk while being aware of the surrounding.

Our destination is the warehouse town, but we can’t directly go there.

Just like what we told Maria before we left, our purpose tonight is information gathering.

Based on the blocked wall, I concluded that the criminal is stealing off the goods from the warehouse on regular basis.

That’s why, we are going to hide ourselves in a place where the warehouse is visible and monitor it for one night.

If we’re lucky, we’ll able to caught the culprit red-handed tonight.

In my prediction, the person responsible is a Divine Apotheosis.

Is it……?

The bad feeling that I’ve had since earlier this noon.

Rather, was it a premonition?

If the true identity of the Divine Apotheosis is the person that I’ve suspected……


When I was immersed in thinking, I was taken aback to reality from smelling the sudden smell.


I gestured both Brynhildr and Ruirui to stop.


“What is it? Anything happened?”

Both of them asked.


I don’t answer them right away, and check for the wind direction.

This smell is mixed with the breeze.

No doubt.

“It’s the smell of blood.”



I followed my sense of smell to trace back the blood.

At the fence between the boardwalk and the natural park.

At the square, there is a space where a vinyl sheet was spread upon.

From the promenade side, the fences are in the way, so the bottom can’t be seen.

“A, oi.”

I landed on the grass while listening to Brynhildr.

Then, I saw it.

I have found it.

“Oi, why so suddenly……!?”

Brynhildr, who also jumps over the ledges, becomes speechless.

“Oh my.”

Ruirui, who is floating with her Cloak of Feather, leak a disinterest voice.


Bálor, that guy, leaked out a voice as if in trance.

I’m grabbing the gun silently.

At that place, there was…

It was a corpse of a girl lying on the grass.


At first sight, it looks as if the girl has fall asleep.

But, not only that, she was also rip to pieces.

The blood is not flowing from the open wounds.

Her blood, has it been drained?

『——uhihi. You might not be wrong. 』

Bálor answers while laughing creepily.

I put my gun in the holster, and approached the girl.

Since my eyes are accustomed to night, an extra light is unnecessary.

Just to be sure, I rub the girls wound with my finger.

“Oi, Shinzen Raika!”

“Just keep quiet.”

I ordered Brynhildr to shut up.

I need to focus now.

I gaze at my fingers that touching the wound.

The blood doesn’t smear it at all.

Does not mean that it’s solidifying or dried at all.

I look at the grass which the corpses lie.

There too, has no blood mark.

This is unnatural.

『——in which way. This is just a dead body. 』

I don’t see any trace of blood. Even if she was killed elsewhere and was brought here, doesn’t explain why there is no blood on her wound.

『——funn…… then doesn’t that mean the blood was extracted fully after she was killed and brought here. 』

For what purpose?

『——well you see. Blood has various uses. 』

Bálor sneered.

In the modern world, the most prominent uses for blood is blood transfusion.

But, we are in different situation.

Bloods are common catalyst for magic.

It can also be used as substitute for magic power.

It’s also a ceremonial item that God and Devil alike prefer.

It uses are indeed diverse.

Also, I notice something from the corpse.

“This is one of the student that was involved in the serial missing case.”

A photograph that was attached together with the list of the missing students matched this corpse.

“As expected, there is God involved in this serial missing case.”

“Eeh~ on what ground?”

Ruirui asked.

“The basis is the patrol guard.”

I replied to her immediately.

On this island, the patrol guard and teachers travel around this island on night time.

The Sacrament Management Organization knows that a Myth War is currently taking place——because of that, to ensure that all students are staying in their dorm at night, patrols are done quite frequently.

If this corpse was leave here during night time, it should be discovered already by the patrol.

No matter how nonsensical this Myth War get, it’s bad if the students discovered the dead body.

From the viewpoint of the organizer of the Myth War, it’s more reasonable to collect the corpses.

Although this corpse was not collected, that was because it was put here only at night.

In other words, only God is staying active during the night time.

I don’t know what is the purposed for the blood extracted from the corpses.

There is no doubt that it won’t be for nothing.

As always.

People are dying, because of them.

“Are there other disappearance case like this too?”

Ruirui looks at the corpse and asked.

That is terrible to imagine, but there is a possibility.

Rather, it can be said that the possibility is high.

I feeling of disgust well up from my stomach.

“……what do you think the preparator of this incident is thinking by doing this, Ruirui?”

I asked her.

The Goddess from the Norse Mythology who contends from the 12 Gods thinks for a while.

“Let’s see……well, it’s hard to say just by looking at this corpse alone, but.”


“Even by extracting all these bloods and converts it to magic power, at best the magic power is equivalent to Rank A. if that person is a God on same level like me, then we mainly use magic from raw elements.”

Those who can use Rank A magic among the humans can be counted with a hand.

This person might be a monster.

“With that line of thinking, she might be used as ceremonial sacrifice.”

“A rite? Is it for Summoning Magic?”

“Not necessarily. There are many other necessary things that is needed for witchcraft other than magic power. Procedures……all those troublesome things.”


Tears, standing there, leaked a voice.

“Now that I remembered, Maria-chi was saying something weird before we left.”

“Do you mean the strange atmosphere that is currently covering the whole island?”

“Right, right. Perhaps, this ritual is directly involved to the alteration of the air on this island.”

A large-scale operation that covers the whole island.

The target is the Divine Apotheosis.


It’s much better if the targets are the Divine Apotheosis alone.

If, the range include the ordinary students as well.


I got cold sweats.

Apparently, the preparator for this serial missing case need to be destroyed with the highest priority.

『——Oi. Are you done scouting? Let’s go meet the guy at the warehouse already. 』

Now grown bored, Bálor urges me to leave this place.

Indeed, in order to survive this Representative War, I need to.


But I don’t want to leave this girl corpse as it is.

My reasoning whispers whether there is any merit of such actions.

She is already dead.

I couldn’t help it.

Then I, what more I can do?


In regret, I gradually tried to change my sense of self-responsibility.

At that time.



At the same time, I take a look at Ruirui, an impact registered in my brain.

It was a chop.

It was so powerful that a star is forming in my eyes.

Brünnhilde, who rain down the chop, looks at me with an angry eye.



Brünnhilde shows a face that want to tell something, but keep silent.

That reminds me, I told her to shut up.

But it seems like she is going to make a lot of noise once I cancelled the order.

The desire to know what she wants to say makes me forget about the danger.

Before that, Brynhildr takes another action.

She’s pointing towards my chests over and over.


Following her fingers——she is pointing towards the cross on my neck.


It’s an equipment provided by the church which repels curses or magics that will harm the mind and body.

At first, I thought that is, but I suddenly notice.

There is another meaning for the cross.

A tool to mourn the dead.

That is, I don’t notice until Brynhildr points it out.

I stroke the cross with my fingers.

“I’m not that good at devoting to prayers……”

Because I’m not a firm believer.

Because I didn’t ask anything from the church except for the technique to kill the God.

But right now, it made me regret a little.


The regret for the girls will never fade.

So at least, please let her soul be at peace……

That is my wish, when I tried to devote to helpless prayer.

A loud roar came from the direction of the warehouse town.

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