Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 2 pt 5


Our search at the warehouse town doesn’t bring up any results.

Just like that, I reported back to Kushinada-senpai.

Then we took the bus back, and return back home.

Inside the bus, Kushinada-senpai looks depressed.

Eventually the bus arrived at the station.

“The two of you go back ahead. I will send Kushinada-senpai back to the dormitory.”

I’ll part away with Charo-senpai and the other at the station.

“Okay. Understood.”


After separated with Charo-senpai and Ruirui at the station, I took a monorail going to the North District together with Kushinada senpai.

Both of them are coming to my room later on.

I’m going to give them a detailed explanation then.

“Sorry. You need to go all the way to send me off.”

“No. I know how anxious are you right now because my sister gone missing too.”

“……. yes.”

Kushinada-senpai gives a small nod.

“I know it’s difficult, but please don’t get worried too much.”

I give a smile to reassure her.

“We will continue helping you search for your sister from now on. It will be alright, we will definitely find her.”

As expected, Kushinada-senpai gave me her gratitude.

Without breaking my smile,

“That’s why, please depend on us whenever something happened on the future.”

So, I told her.

Kushinada senpai eyes moistens, and she gently nodded.

I feel relieved deep from my heart.

With this, the possibility that she will take action on her own is eliminated.

If she always asks for our opinion before doing anything, then it’s easier to keep her safe.

On that basis, we will continue searching for Kushinada Himeko alone.

If it turns out into the worst possible situation like what I thought before……at that time.

I gently touched my eye.

[Next is North District 3rd station! Next is North District 3rd station!]

“Ah, we’re getting off here.”


Once the monorail gets to the station, we get off to home.

The North Dormitory is not that far from the station. It is in a distance coverable by walking.

On the sidewalk, we can see many other student walking in the same direction like us.

I guess they are the other students returning back to the North Dormitory.

“Excuse me……”


I heard Kushinada-senpai voiced out, so I look at her direction.

The girl walked while her eyes a bit covered.

“What is the relationship between Shinzen-san and Charlotte-san?”


I don’t want to be seen shocked from that question, so I’m playing fool for a bit.

“Well……. we are friend, I guess.”

There are more than that, but I don’t think an ordinary people like Kushinada-senpai need to know.

However, that girl is wearing a genuine sad face.

“Is that so……”

“Is there anything strange?”

“No, there is nothing strange about it……. just that, I get this impression that Shinzen-san and Charlotte-san are going out together.”

Just for an instant, I lose composure.

Charo-senpai and I, going out?

Of course, that is nothing but a grand misunderstanding.

“Charo-senpai and I don’t share that kind of relationship.”

“Is that so?”

“What makes you think like that?”

“No, just that recently I felt like the atmosphere around Charlotte-san has changed. Besides…”


“Besides, whenever she is with Shinzen-san, she becomes……no, I don’t have the right to say anything.”

She stopped midway, as if to dodge the issue.

Just like that, we arrived in front of the North Dormitory front gate.

“Thank you for your effort today. Plus, you go out of your way to send me till my dormitory.”

“No, please don’t mind it.”

I gestured to my senior to stop bowing.

“Well then, see you tomorrow…”

Then we separated.

I take a look at the people going back to the dormitory and noticed a girl is walking towards me.

She went against the flow of another student going back to the dormitory, and went straight over here.

However, that girl has a strange ‘air’ on her.

She is staring directly towards her without any hesitation.

The way she is walking elegantly gives off a dignified impression.

A smile that express an absolute confidence.

There is ‘something’ that can’t be hidden behind her small stature. And it is overflowing.

The girl passes by me silently.

That is natural because we are strangers.

Since we are not acquainted, we have no business with each other.


“Ah, I’m sorry. What is it?”

“No, you’ve been staring mindlessly for a while now.”

When Kushinada-senpai said so, she went looking behind me.

It’s the direction where the previous girl just passed by.

“Is there anything with Emily-san?”

From what she told me, my line of sight got completely robbed by that short girl.

Although I usually don’t let my emotions get the better off me, I admit that I get a little embarrassed this time.

“No, I was wondering where she would be going at this time…….do you know each other?”

“We’re classmates. Because of that, we’ve talked for several times.”

“Ah, so she is a second year.”

Come to thinks of it, her collar indicates that she is an upper level classman.

Emily, huh.

That girl gives me a deep impression.

Afterwards, I said good bye to Kushinada-senpai. I turned my feet and left the North Dormitory.

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