Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 2 pt 1

Chapter 2 – Disappearing pupil


I didn’t get to sleep much last night.

The facility where I was trained us to go on days without sleeping. On the same time, we were also trained to sleep in any given circumstances.

Sleep is one of the most important activity for a human body.

My emotions are in turbulence, denying me of any sleep.

In other word, right now I’m acting foolish.


Emotions and rational thinking should be separated.

It’s inevitable that I’m angry with Zeus right now.

But that doesn’t permit me to fight against him foolishly.

I was saved that today is Sunday.

Any form of fighting or battle is prohibited on Sunday.

Since Charo-senpai is not coming to my room today, I can use this time to relax.

I drank canned coffee, read some book, exercise lightly, basically doing relaxing stuff without going out.

That’s how I spend quietly my time that day, and then night comes.


However, even if I lay my body on the bed I’m still stoked.

It is somewhat better than yesterday, but I still cannot get to sleep.

I’ve been trying to relax my body for the whole day, but the result is still like this?

Good grief……this way, if I don’t acknowledge him as my master, I’ll most likely get killed.

『——Aah~~~I’m bored.』

Unexpectedly, I heard a complaint from Bálor.

At first glance, I don’t seem to be doing much thing, which indicates how much free time I’m currently having.

“Shut up, Bálor.”

He irritated me who is unable to sleep quite a bunch.

『——Just small stimuli is enough. Please, do something. 』


『——let’s see. 』

Bálor get silent for a while.

『——I’m intrigued to listen to your old tales. 』

“……I don’t have any interesting story to share.”

『——Who cares. I’ll be the one to judge whether it’s interesting or not. 』

“……I don’t feel like telling.”

『——There is no reason to get embarrassed. Did you just hit puberty or what? 』

“That is right.”

『——Truly, you are at the right age. However, this behaviour doesn’t suit you at all. 』

“So, you are saying that I’m actually older?”

『——Uhihihi. 』

Bálor doesn’t deny my accusation.

Well, it doesn’t matter anyways.

『——Hey, do you know that woman will hit puberty too? Why don’t you call Maria-chan over to this room? 』


For Bálor, anything is okay, as long that it can alleviate his boredom. Though, he shifted the topics on his own.

This guy’s voice resonates deeply in my head.

Therefore, it’s only make sense that I’m unable to block his mouth and unhear whatever his mouth is spouting out.

Perhaps, the fact that my own self was chosen as the container for Bálor, might be the worst thing that had happen yet.

『——By the ways, which girls are your favourite among all? 』


I sighed, and decided to treat this as some sort of challenge till this chat is done.



A knocking sound can be heard.

It came from the veranda.

『——ooh! Don’t tell me, that is Maria-chan! 』

“There is no way that…….”

Maria will never come here unless called.

So, who can it be?


I wake up from the bed.

I take a look at the veranda with caution.

There I can see a girl I’m well acquainted with.


“Hello, Raika.”

I opened the windows with a slight surprise, then Shishigane took off her shoes and invited herself in.

“……Why are you here?”

I close the window and inquired her.

Today’s night is the night where all battle is prohibited.

That’s why there is no need for Shishigane to come to my room at all.

Despite all that, she still took the trouble to sneak around the dormitory, and comes all the way over here.

“Is there an emergency?”

“Nothing. I just come here to play.”


“Right. I’m free.”

Apparently, she just drops by to visit.

I massaged my temple with my fingers, and sighed.

“If you don’t have anything better to do then go back.”

“Eh~, Raika is too cold.”

Shishigane smirked and hop onto the bed.

“I’ve come all the way here to play so you could at least make a tea.”

She never said anything about coming though.

Currently, Shishigane——Freyja, is under my Evil Eye control.

It’s easy to shoo her away with just an order.

But, tonight is a quiet and peaceful night.

If I asked her to leave, then I’ll still end up getting into conversation with Bálor.

It’s not like I’m in the mood to sleep, so why not I get along with her in the meantime.

“Is coffee fine with you?”

“Eh~, didn’t you prepare a milk tea when Tenka and others came the other day? I love to have that.”


Hearing Tenka name uttered by others nearly makes me falter, though I managed to hold on till the last.

“……How did you know?”

“I asked them.”

“……Wait a moment.”

I took out the tea leaves and milk, and soak it inside the hot water.


As I prepared, I recomposed myself while looking at the boiling water.

“It’s done.”

“Wai~, thank you.”

I received thanks from Shishigane when I handed out the drinks.

I open the can of my coffee, and sit at the desk.

Then, Shishigane taps the place beside her on the bed.

“Raika, come over here.”

“I refuse.”


Shishigane angrily pouted her mouth.

『——Just do it. Then, push her down. 』

Shut up you perverted Evil God.

I take a sip of the coffee.

I calm down my slightly disturbed heart with the familiar bitterness.

“Go back to your room once you finish drinking that.”

I told that to Shishigane.

“Geez~ please don’t be such a party popper.”

“I hate all God.”


Shishigane put down her cup and start kicking on the bed.

That might be her ways of showing disapproval.

That doesn’t concern me in the slightest.

『——Ooohh. I see it. I can see it. 』

Balor excitedly looks at the hem of her skirt which has risen up.


I silently close my left eye.

『——Wah! Hey, you bastard! 』

I received a complaint from Bálor, but I just ignored it.


“Eh? Your closing your left eye, what happened? Ah……don’t tell me that Bálor is peeking under my skirt?”

Shishigane easily see through the small changes.

Afterwards, she laughs with a grin.

“But~ Raika kun is not closing his right eyes. I wonder if he wants to sneak a peek under my skirts too~?”

“So idiotic.”

This make me sighed again.

However, Shishigane never withdrew her grin.

“My, oh my. What is this, embarrassed?”


“You are welcome to take a look, given if you’re not embarrassed. They won’t run away.”

“I refuse.”

“Well then, shouldn’t you close your right eye too, no?”

“I will never take my eyes off you.”

“That line, is it perhaps you confessing to me?”

“I implied to be careful.”

Shishigane is not someone who you can take your eyes off even after the Domination.

It’s a suicidal move to let her roam freely inside this small room.

“Ouch~ that’s hurt—”

Shishigane stands up without any sign of hurts at all, and slowly approaches me.

“Am I not an attractive woman?”

“I never said such a thing.”

“Not good. Please answer me honestly.”

I want to back out of this topic, but Shishigane keep on pressing me.

This girl stopped right under my nose.

“If you don’t answer, then I will lift up my skirt right here.”


“Faster, answer me~”

While saying that, Shishigane grabbed the hem of her skirt and start lifting it.

However, it seems that stopped right there.

What she is doing looks like a completely sultry move.

That is her voice.

Her breath.

Her gazes.

It’s such that will drive a man to imagine the pleasure that will follow.

『——Gah! Show it to me too! 』

The excited Bálor screamed inside.

This is going exactly like what this Goddess has in mind.

This guy, I guess that really fit his role.

He symbolises exactly the perverted Evil God in my minds.

“Stop it, Shishigane.”

With my order, Shishigane mischief stopped.

However, this girl can’t afford that to deter her.

“Kyaa—, now that you have immobilize me, what will you do?”

“……you, no matter what, you will still have fun, don’t you?”

“Yeah, lots of funs.”

Shishigane licks her lips erotically.

“It’s a fresh and fun experience to be toyed around with a strong man who has dominated myself.”


“That. Is. Why.”

When Shishigane breaks her words semantically.

Her clothes automatically slipped off.


“Our times at the karaoke shop……let’s continue it?”

A euphoric smile surfaced on Shishigane face.

“……did you do something with your clothes in advance?”

“Yes. Well, how is it? After watching this much, don’t tell me you’re not feeling anything yet?”

Shishigane proactively inviting me while presenting her body.

A healthy naked body.

An elegant curve.

A lightly pinkish nib.

She is exposing everything that she has. Alluring.

Her voice, her body, and her looks, all of it are enough to drive a man insane.

A figure that will drive a man insane with lust, truly an incarnation of God itself.

Once intertwined with that body, one will fall no matter how much resisted.

And out of ten, most men tend to rather embrace it and falls.

But for a man such as myself, is the other rare half.

I narrow my eyes, and put my hand on Shishigane arms.

“Let me makes it clear. That body originally belongs to Shishigane Ruirui, not you. Please don’t do anything that will hurt it.”

“Oh my? What we are going to play is such a pleasurable thing beyond believe. Saying that it will ‘hurt’, aren’t that a bit too much?”

“It’s true that I don’t have any right to decide, but the same can be said to you too. Everything falls under Shishigane Ruirui intention and decision.”


My eyes and Shishigane clash for a moment.

Soon after the girl sighed.

“Raika is too indifferent.”

“Shut up, God.”

I stopped right there, and continue drinking my can of coffee.

“Quickly wear the cloth.”

“Fine, fine. Ah……I’m shocked. I’m refused by a same man for three times straight, my pride is hurt.”

Shishigane starts wearing the clothes while muttering useless thing.

“……you, did you come all the way here just to say those things?”

“What do you mean such a thing. I want to enhance the bond like any other Goddess.”

Shishigane said it angrily.

Aah……she really comes with stupid thing in mind.

『——you shit……if you don’t want it, then at least let me see. Rather, change spot with me! 』

Bálor complained, but like usual, I ignored it.

I hope this girl will quickly put up her clothes.

That is what on my mind.

Clank, a sound where the door to this room is opened can be heard.

“Sorry to come visiting this late at night, Raika kun. Brünnhilde said something about Shishigane being missing from her observation……so she thought…….”

The one who came was Charo-senpai.

She stiffens as soon as she saw both me and Shishigane inside the room.

She was not knocking, so there was no way I could stop this.

By the way, I was the one who asked her not to knock since this is a boy dormitory.

Never in my wildest dreams that it is going to backfired.

“W-wha? W-why is Shishigane, inside here, naked?”

“ Charo-senpai, please calm down a bit.”

I tried to calm her down, but it doesn’t seem to be effective.

“D-don’t tell me, that both of you, are like ‘that’!?”

“That is…”

“Man, were we busted~.”

Right then Shishigane makes it worse.

“Actually, in order to prove my obedience, I was ordered to come this late at night dressed scantily. It can’t be helped, since my body and my heart is completely ENSLAVED by him.”

“E, eeeeeeeeh?”

“He was truly awesome.”

“Goo, you said good, i-i-i-i-I wonder what is that.”

“Eh~ doesn’t senpai knows about it already? The thing I’m doing with Raika.”


Charo-senpai face instantly turns red and exploded.

Her imagination has gone overdrive thanks to Shishigane suggestion.

Looks like this misunderstanding will takes some time to be solved.

Just thinking about it is making me tired.


I’m not able to sleep just now because there were so much things crossing my mind, but now I’m going to sleep due to mental fatigue.


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