Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Afterword

Dear readers, thank you very much for picking the second volume of「Izure Shinwa no Hokago Sensou (Ragnarok)」. Let’s go to the chatacters’ word of thanks without further ado……..

(Ruirui: hereafter『Rui』) “Yahooooo! I’m on the cover!”

(Tenka: hereafter『Ten』) “That’s not fair, Ruirui!”

(Rui) “It’s not an exaggeration to say that now I’m the main heroine of this work.”

(Raika: hereafter『Rai』 ) “That’s an exaggeration stupid. And what happened to the acknowledgements?”

(Rui) “Eh? Are you unhappy that I’m the main heroine, Raika?”

(Rai) “I’m disappointed.”

(Rui) “You’re so cold!”

(Ten) “Ahahahaha.”

(Ten) “But it’s okay. I also want to be on the cover.”

(Maria: hereafter 「M」) “Certainly, I’m a little jealous.”

(Charlotte: hereafter『Char』) “Was I considered appeared on the first volume?”

(Ten) “Uuu, not fair Charlotte-senpai! I’m gonna grope your breast!”

(Char) “Kyaaaaahhhh! W-Why?”

(Rai) “Will you guys stop horsing around……….how about stopping them, author?”

——-Yeah, okay. If you want to be on the cover, why don’t you appeal to the person-in-charge of the illustrations Youta-sama and everyone involved in it?

(Ten) “Ah! That’s it! Well then without futher delay, ahem.”

(Ten) “To the illustrator Youta-sama, thank you for your cute illustration of us! The third volume is obviously going to be me on the cover right? I’ll be looking forward to it!”

(M) “Eh? Urm, should I say that too? Err, to the people in charge, editor-in-chief, designer and sales staff, distributors and bookstores staff, thank you for your hard work as usual………..Is this okay?”

(Rai) “You guys are way too acquisitive.”

———And finally, big thanks to all of the readers for reading up to an afterword like this.

——–If it’s alright with you, let’s meet again in the next volume!

A certain day in November 2015 Namekojirushi

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