Izure Shinwa Vol 10 prologue

——-10 years ago.

In a place, there is a brother.

In a place, there is a little sister

The both of them are siblings.

The brother is an ordinary one.

The little sister was a remarkable one.

But that has nothing to do with them.

“I love you, Onii-chan.”

“Yeah, I love you too.”

The brother is called Shisen Raika.

The little sister is called Shinsen Tenka.

The both of them were raised to be a vessel for god.

To Shisen Raika, her little sister was special.

To Shinsen Tenka, her brother was exceptional.

The both of them, they thought that each other were irreplaceable.

“It would be great if I can always be with Onii-chan.”

“I’ll always be with you, Tenka.”


“Yeah. And I will definitely make you happy, Tenka.”

The brother prayed.

For his little sister’s happiness.

The little sister wished.

An eternity with his brother.

The both of them are inseparable.

Like striking a wedge.

The both of them kept wishing/praying

One day, the little sister crushed the 『One God』.

On that day, the world was filled with chaos and disaster.

Many had died.

Many were perished.

Many were loss.

Until that day, the siblings were together.

Until that day, they thought that they would be together forever.

“Let’s take revenge on the world which did this to us, Onii-chan.”

“No, Tenka………You cannot do such terrible things.”

With the crossroad of destiny divided, the siblings’ path was separated.

Nevertheless, their feelings for each other didn’t change.

There was no fabrication in that feelings.

For each other.

For each other.

The siblings went their own way.

The twist of fate sneered, and the path the siblings pursued has crossed once again.

That reunion is a delight, and the beginning of destruction.

The brother know his little sister’s wish.

And chose the path of confrontation with his little sister.

The little sister was rejected by his brother,

But her wish was never yield.

Was the fate of the siblings dealt with?

Or was it distorted from the start?

Just like getting involved with the siblings ‘ fate, the world was devastated with calamity once again.

“I’ll definitely save Tenka.”

“I’ll definitely destroy the world.”

The little sister had wished.

For the destruction and revenge of the world.

The brother prayed.

For a happy tomorrow with her little sister.

The foundation for that feeling is the same.

Their paths alter, to fight each other.

Wagering each other’s desire.

Risking each other’s wish.

And today,

The fate of the siblings——-has finally approaching to an end.

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