Izure Shinwa Vol 1 prologue

Late night at school.

Scattered around were broken desks and chairs.

Stomped and shattered floorboards.

Walls we destroyed.

Broken windows left with sharp cutting surfaces.

The classroom ridden with disaster.

A girl wearing a knight armor occupied the center of it.

An armor seeing in school at midnight… it was an unrealistic sight.

But strangely, it suited the girl.

Same as her beautiful facial features, her dignified expression.

As well as the cold ambiance she was leaking out.

As the silver armor reflected the moonlight the girl had turned into a certain sacred existence.

And I——Shinzen Raika was about to be killed by her.

“You, how dare you give me so much trouble.”

The girl muttered, the corner of her eye twitching with irritation.

Holding a divine, dragon-slaying sword in her hand she thrust its point at my neck.

The havoc in the classroom was also her doing.

With that said, all she did was cleaving with her sword aiming at my neck… as a result of avoiding that, the windows have been cut in six pieces, from the slashes pressure the desks and chairs were broken into pieces and the wall was blown away.

Of course, it wasn’t a human skill.

Hence, the girl who accomplished that wasn’t human.


She is a god.

An existence commonly referred to as such.

She was outside of the scope of common sense.

The destroyer of the world.

The incarnation of slaughter.

Gods held power beyond that of human’s knowledge and murdered humans with ease.

It was all too easy for them to kill.

It was meaningless to resist them.

Just like an ant can’t win against an elephant.

Humans couldn’t win against gods.

Absolutely not.

For certain.

This fact couldn’t be overturned no matter what.

In other words, if she really intended to murder me.

I would die right here.

——That is, if the power dwelling in this eye was fake.


A clear and simple death sentence had come out of the girl’s mouth and the blade flashed with silver——

It begins here.

The story of my rebellion, of someone who continuously had things robbed from him, begins here.

This is the myth of rebellion.

The revenge drama of mine, and of a devilish black sheep’s as we use up every trick to strike back at gods.

Now, let’s have all creation kneel in front of me.

In order to get back what’s important to me.

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