Izure Shinwa Vol 1 epilogue

Next day.

I came to the academy in the early morning.

I put my bag in the empty classroom, and went to the rooftop. Pg. 363

There are two girls waiting for me.

Charo-senpai, and also Freyja.

“You’re late.”

Freyja pouted while complaining.

“It’s not good to keep a woman waiting.”

“Even after I 『Control』you, you still can come up with this tyranny.”

“──hmm? Does this mean that Raika kun likes an obedient woman?”

“Shut up.”


Freyja got silent after hearing my order.

The 『Control』 seems to work fine.

“Freyja, before we start our conversation, I want you to answer several questions first.”


“Ten years ago, are you the God which attacked both me and my sister?”


Seems like she is not the preparator either.

Since she looks like sexually rotten, just maybe, I thought, but it’s a miss.

“If that’s the case, I want you to put both your hands and feet to work for me in the future. Whether the scum God which took away my sister is related to Norse Mythology or not, I want both you and Brynhildr to find it out.”

“Yes, yes. Right now, I’ll follow Raika order.”

As soon as I finished talking, she scratches her sleepy head. Freyja replied while laughing.

『──Won’t they betray you, just in case, isn’t it better to order them? 』

Bálor give me an advice.

I don’t want to hinder them with a possibility to hinder their behaviour.

For example, during the time when my defeat is confirmed.

At that time, they will [betray me], not because both Brynhildr and Freyja want to escape. That is because it leads to protecting Charo-senpai and Shishigane.


“It’s a pity that I can’t restore Shishigane soul which was consumed by your soul.”

“Brynhildr was a warrior that served me, her Queen. At that time, I forced her inside Charlotte body. That’s why the fusion of their soul was incomplete.”


After hearing the reason from Freyja, Charo-senpai squeezes her body.

Luck was on her side……on the contrary, for Shishigane case, her soul was completely consumed by Freyja. It’s impossible to take her back even if I used Evil Eye of Bálor.

Is there any way to kick out Freyja soul away?

Or will she remain as a Divine Apotheosis of this war?

Anyways, Shishigane won’t be released from Freyja clutch unless either of these happen.

“But, there are still Tenka, Maria and the group. I will continue to call you Shishigane in the future.”

“Suit yourself.”

Freyja, no, Shishigane smile gently.

Despite being dominated by my Evil Eye, she still affords that kind of attitude.

Originally, Freyja is a Vanir God who is in hostile relation with the Asgard led by supreme God, Odin. As a proof of the reconciliation between the two Gods, he introduced her to move to Asgard, together with her brother, Freyja, who was taken hostage.

She is accustomed to live under the enemy.

That is why she is a bigger threat than Brynhildr.

“Oh well.”

I sighed as I put aside the problem for the moment.

“Anyways, please continue to behave like usual in front of Maria and the other.”


Shishigane nodded.

“Well then, where do you want to play after school?”


I’m amazed at how fast she is switching her mood.

“Why must I play with you?”

“Oh? Didn’t I tell you? If you survive my trial, I’m going to make you my lover.”


She told that nonchalantly. I was amazed and incapable of saying anything back.

“I enjoyed karaoke which we previously visited. There are plenty of place that I want to play around yet. I’m sure it’ll double the fun if I’m with Raika.”

Shishigane laugh cheerfully.

It’s the same smile as before.

It’s the Shishigane Ruirui that I’ve previously known.

No, from the time I first acquainted with her, isn’t she already Freyja by that time…….?

If that the case, the Shishigane which I treat as a friend before is also……


I shake my head.

Do not dwell on useless think.

“U, um!”

At that time, Charo-senpai raises her voice.

Her face looks frown somewhat.

“I-I want to go somewhere, with Raika kun……too.”

“Ah, then, why don’t senpai join us, all three of us going out together?”

“I-is that fine?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Would you like to go out, three of us?”


Shishigane said it will be fun. Charo-senpai replied as if she just got reprimanded.

When I leave it to Shishigane, things get South fast. I sighed.

“For now, it’s three of us, no, make it everyone. It’s just the usual thing.”

Final decision.

“Too bad~ I can’t be with Raika alone.”

Shishigane smiles while turning.

“It’s fine. So, where are we going after school?”

Shishigane who doesn’t approve of the crowd outing asks again.

Besides, I’m going to stay,

“The crepe shop will make a great place.”

So, I said.

“Eeeh~? I already went there. Why?”

Shishigane asks for a reason.

I take a peek at Charo-senpai’s face──comparing her with the personalities inside, she is like a female Buddha.

“There is a person who wanted to go there.”

I answered, and thus our conversation ended.

Like that, I parted with both of them and went back inside the school building.

It seems that the other students already arrived at school. I quickly walk through the corridor which has slightly turned noisy.

The way forward is adequate.

I just don’t feel like directly going back to the classroom.

I want to kill some time before the bell.

Library is fine, but there is no way that they are open early in the morning.

No choice, I’ll just hang around the school building.

Before I noticed, I’m walking towards the staff room on the second floor.

“Excuse me~”

At that time, the staff room door open and someone came out from the inside.

“Oh my, isn’t it Raika kun.”

That person is Tenka.

She is so early in the morning, probably works for class committee or something.

“Sup, Ten……”

When I want to return the greeting.

I felt a scratching pain deep inside my eyes.


What an unpleasant timing……!

It happens sometimes when I see Tenka, but it’s troublesome if we are alone.

“Raika kun, what’s wrong?”


The sharp pain makes me sweat at my forehead.

The cause is unknown.

But, to make Tenka worry about me is……no, it’s already over, whatever it’s must be a mistake……

“Ah, thinking about it.”

Suddenly, Tenka give a wide smile.

“First, I would like to congratulate you for winning in your first Representative War. Congratulation, Raika kun.”


Why……did Tenka…

I quickly distance myself from her.

“Ahn~ please don’t run away~.”

Tenka flicked her finger.

Then, after a strange sound, all the people other than us disappeared from the corridor.

『──the phase instantly changes. Without any preparation……a considerably strong magic user. There is no way to escape from here, Raika. 』

Bálor give off a strained voice, as if this is interesting to him.

“……who are you?”

I forcibly hold down my shaking heart, and throw the question to Tenka.

She already sealed all my escape route, yet I don’t feel any murderous intent from her.

Besides, if she really is a Divine Apotheosis, she would have killed me without a moment hesitation.

I can’t get her motive at all.

“I’m Zeus. I’m the overseer of this Mythical Representative War.”

She looked at me without any changes, then Tenka revealed her true identity.



The highest-ranking God from the Greek Mythology, also a Sky God.

The King of God who ruled over Olympus.

Although it is a pillar of polytheism, it is the God who has absolute power so that it carries almost the only property closest to a true God. It’s said that his [Raiden] held in his hand has destructive power to crush everything.

So that who Tenka is……!


“A~ah~. I told you not to be alarmed. Just like what I said previously, I’m just an overseer. I’m not participating in this Mythical Representative War.”

Certainly, I can’t feel murderous intent from Zeus.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be vigilant.

“Then, what is your purpose?”

“Geez~ Raika kun is so impatient~”

Zeus raise his shoulder and shakes his head.

“Well, doesn’t matter. But before we talk, I want to give you your reward, Shinzen Raika kun.”


“Even without half of the true power of the Celtic Great Devil, you manage to win against the Empress of the Norse Mythology. You really surprised me.”


Zeus applauds me.

“Truly a relative of this body. If you do, it’s a worthwhile.”

She said something about used value etc. while running her mouth a lot.

No, more importantly.

A relative of this body?


The pain in my left eyes increases.

“Then, after the rewards comes the talk──the years ago, I’ll undone the magic seal that I’ve put on you before.”

Zeus, lifted the corner of his mouth, and comes to pat on my head casually.

Although he is coming slowly, I can’t avoid it at all.

His hand touches my forehead.

At that moment, all the blood in my body refluxed.

I seek oxygen as my throat pant and throb instantaneously.

──I remembered everything.

My sister’s face and her name which I have forgotten.

Ten years ago, the God which attacked both of us brother and sister is Zeus.

I don’t know what he did to my sister.

I grasped the hand of the man who is touching my forehead.

“Ah~ that hurts!”

Zeus said that playfully.

He is still bothering me with his tantrum.

For ten years, my purpose of living is just to kill him.

For that reason, I go through that bloody training.

If I can kill him, I don’t need anything else.

But, I can’t.

I want to crush this wrist that I’m grabbing now, but I can’t.

I want to kill him with the cruellest possible way in this world, but I can’t.

This is the guy that I want to kill more than anything else in this world.

The guy that I want to kill more than anything else in this world.

The reason is, because then years ago……

My sister── he robbed the body of my sister, Shinzen Tenka.

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