Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 4 pt 4


A golden sword cuts through Brynhildr body vertically.

Her beautiful limbs were split into equal parts and the scarlet flowers bloomed on the ground.



In my eyes, only these two characters come into mind.



A crack occurs on the space itself, and a sound like a broken glass can be heard.

Eventually, everything looks like an illusion.


Another cracking sound, and it shattered.

“Oh my?”

Looking at the crushed illusion, Freyja tilted her head.

Her eyes quickly caught on me──she looks intently on Brynhildr in my arms.


Brünnhilde comes to embrace in my arm without moment hesitation, which stupefies me.

We are currently 20 meters away from Freyja.

This is a safe spot where the enemy magic is not supposed to make contact with me.

Still, Brynhildr’s body is stiff, because she has also seen that.

The scene where her own body was torn apart.

Her own death.

A piece sacrificed for the sake of winning.

Betrayed by her own lord.

“Fre…yja, sama……”

Brynhildr call out to her, powerless.

The person she directed to, simply sent a glance towards me, and doesn’t even give a reply.

“Hallucination, huh. As expected from the King of Evil Eye, your method of entertainments is truly wide.”

(Busted. Well, it’s expected)

一一 Bálor Evil Eye third ability, [Illusion].

It’s a spell that will create an illusion for a minute.

An ultimate illusion spell with limited effect but equally powerful with a real-world rewriting ability.

Those who get caught by the Evil Eye will never realize that they are trapped.

『一一Uhyaa~, just like a female fox. 』

Looking at Freyja acting oblivious, Bálor laugh loudly inside my head.



A smile float on Freyja face.

“It’s a wonderful ability. But…”

She raises one finger.

“一一like this, it’s already one time.”

“I see, that kind of thing……”

I immediately understand the reason behind Freyja’s count.

From the looks of it, the restriction placed on me where I can only use the Evil Eye 3 times per day has already exposed.

The reason why she manifested her sword was to force me to use my eye ability.

That is the primary reason why, as this farce was conducted in the first place.

“Fre-Freyja sama!”

Brynhildr cried out, interrupting mine and Freyja conversation.


Freyja ask back with an apathetic face.

Of course, Brynhildr is still in the state of shock、

“Just now, it was an illusion……right? Shinzen Raika, no, it is created by Bálor. In reality, there is no such thing as you slashing me down.”

So, she asked.

I’ll say that Freyja betrayal is within my expectation.


“You really are a troublesome child, Brynhildr.”

“Freyja, sama…”

“In my eyes, you’re worth are just the same as that one Evil Eye. I can call out another Valkyrie. There are plenty of other alternatives.”


“Furthermore, what? You want to have a fair fight? Are you an idiot?”

Brynhildr voice got clogged in her throats after hearing harsh words from her mistress.

Right now, she realized that Freyja was going to kill her for real back then.

If I didn’t use my Evil Eye, then her body will be split into half, just like the illusion.

She holds her arm around her body and start shaking.

My shoulder……. she grabbed them with a little bit force, as if trying to hold down her trembling.

“Shinzen……Rai, ka.”

She is in an unstable state due to shock, should I comfort her?

Isn’t she also one of those abominable God?


I bring my face up, step in front and confront Freyja.

“I’m going to protect this girl.”

“How should I know. But, I’m going to be a baggage.”

“Ahahahaha, don’t tell me, you’re love-struck? Perhaps, you’ve fallen in love with Brynhildr? Or is it that Charlotte girl?”

“Cut the useless question.”

Looking at Freyja smirking makes me sick.

“I’m going to put you under my control. Come at me.”

“Wow, so confident. As expected, you really fit my taste.”

Freyja smacked her lips with her tongue.

“Fine. In that case, I’m going to start your ordeal, and by breaking through it you will show me your value as a man. Depending on the results, I might add Shinzen Raika in my prized collections.”

“You wish.”

I hold my twin gun.

Right at that time, the sky suddenly flickers.

Raising my eyes, I saw that the sky is clad by gold.


“Now, the first trial──”

I don’t have time to keep up with whatever Freyja is talking.

The identity of the gold are numerous number of blades.

The blades are enough to fill up the whole sky, and right now they are pointing toward us.

“──Golden Magic”


This feat is not unusual for a God, much more for a higher-ranking God like Freyja.

She is known as God who reigns over magic.

Plus, she is known to be heavily associated with gold.

It was said that all the gold that exist in this world are in fact her tears.

Combining those two together, resulted in this Golden Magic.

If that Golden Sword rains down, then our mortal body will definitely be blown to pieces, without any remains.

But, still.

I can’t let myself use my Evil Eye in this situation.

In order to put Freyja under my control, it’s necessary for me to capture her 『Regalia』.

And, this Golden Magic are most probably not her Regalia.

Because, as far as I know, she holds the title as a Goddess with the 『Strongest Armor Within All Nordic Mythology』, which also exceed the Supreme God, Odin and Thunder God, Thor.

That girl has not shown that yet.

That’s why.

Until she uses her Regalia, I’ll refrain from activating my Evil Eye!

『──You know! What are you going to do now? How are you going to get through this situation with your own power? 』

When I’m solidifying my resolve, Bálor butt in.

『──isn’t it fine if you use 『Petrification』on it, just like before? 』

Certainly, things will be much easier if I transform all the swords into a brittle stone.


(I alone am enough)

This is a match where I’m forcing Freyja to use her Regalia.

Therefore, during this life and death moment, I’m going to get by through my power alone.

『──Are you really going to be okay? 』

I sighed while hearing Bálor murmured.

It’s a speech made out of feared towards the danger of his own self life.

Just like that, I heard Freyja voice.

“Then, please do your best.”

Golden rain pours to the Earth.

For me, there are only few words that I can say.

“I’m a human who won’t submit towards the God……!”


My body responds to my will, and my heartbeats increase at once.

All the muscles in my body contracts.

All of it are concentrated in one point.


Open your eyes wide and see, Bálor!

A human is not born to be kicked around by God.

While God is falling in corruption, people develop wisdom and eventually surpass God.

The end of all Myths from east to west, are when the God burn all the human across the world.

I’m going to get up step by step.

Overture of the destruction of the God.

My consciousness was lost at that moment.

The golden rain falls.

Rain in the form of blades.

Falling downwards.

Falling downwards.

It’s not a blessing.

It’s a harbinger of death.

One second.

Two second.

Three second.

Four second.

The raining symphony of Death God was over in five second.

The rain carved a grandeur mark on the ground.

A schoolyard full of golden swords stabbing on the ground.

It’s a s if a golden head of rice, a scenery where they have ripened and ready for harvest.

Is this a battlefield worthy for one who is a Goddess of Fertility to fight?


Freyja laughed.

Naturally, the sword that has rain down and filled the whole ground can’t be seen around her.

An out of place circle was created in the middle of the battle ground.

And then.

In addition to the place she is standing, there are also another place where there is nothing around.

“……ha, hahaha!”

I’ve stopped breathing.

At the same time, the stopped heart resumed its beat.

The capillary gets torn when the blood flow returned at sudden, and blood drips from my fingertip.

I can’t feel the gun that I’m currently holding.

I cast a glance just to check.

It’s okay. I’ve not dropped it.

But the bullet was shot.

I want to change the magazine, but in order to do that, I’m required to wait a few more seconds to recover in order to operate it correctly…….

Before that, a clapping sound was heard, as if applauding me.

“Amazing, Raika. This time, I don’t intend to leave any opening that can be taken advantage by you to avoid the falling swords.”

Freyja seems to be very happy for an unknown reason.

It’s an indication that she is very confidence between the difference strength of ours.

I don’t care if the Golden Magic was surpassed by the human beings.

That’s what the attitude for.

I still have another trump card.

“No problem.”

I throw away the old magazine at the sky, and change to a new magazine with a magazine changer hidden in my sleeve.

Although it just takes a moment, instead of doing anything about it, Freyja keep still without breaking her smile.

“But, you know──”

Freyja points toward my back.

“If you don’t protect that girl, do you think that she can survive this onslaught?”

She pointed towards Brynhildr who is near the golden rice behind me.

Certainly……in order to protect her, I was forced to create an extra space.

As the price, I’ve burst important veins at my right arm and left thigh.

An ordinary person will be long dead due to blood loss, but this is me, and I have no problem with that.

At the training facility, the ability to manipulate human body was taught at the beginning.

Just now, in order to create a space free of the falling golden sword, like a machine, I’ve stopped being myself, as in breathing and my heartbeat, I’ve reach a state of hemostasis by contracting my own blood vessels.

However, unlike myself who is doing it on my own accord, Brynhildr who was getting protected are upset.

“Shinzen Raika, you……why, again, you protected me?”

“……sigh, don’t get full of yourself now.”

As I turned forward, I answered her softly.

“The only reason I’m saving you is because of senpai.”


“That is a given. If you’re not bounded within senpai body, then there is no reason for me to help you.”

“Wa-wa-wa-what’s up with that!?”

Maybe due to her hurt pride, Brynhildr raises a scream.

『──Raika, that’s a lie. You really did want to save that girl. Are you sure you did all this just for the sake of that Charo girl? 』

It’s annoying when all I can do is just watch. Enough to make me angry.

『──and you’re choosing over this girl instead of this most friendly Evil God in this world? 』

I don’t have any other ulterior motive.

It can be said that I often abandoned thing in the past.

Why did that Evil God get that title in the first place?

Talking with Bálor while fighting is distracting me.


『──oi, what’s up with the sight just now? 』

“T-this time, it’s a sigh…”

Both Bálor and Brynhildr complaint in unison.

Please just let me sigh in peace.

I always talk about this and that about the God, but for God sake, I want to make a complaint on how I’ve no choice for my partner.

“All of you, focus.”


Freyja was having fun listening to our conversation.

“You’re having much trouble on your side don’t you, Raika.”

“Thanks for your concern.”

“Well, anyways, CONGRATULATION─”

Freyja said while clapping both of her hand, making me feel uncomfortable.

“What are you congratulating me for?”

“You break through my first trial. That’s why I’m applauding you.”

So she said, reminding me of her previous word.

“Cut this crap.”

“Eh~ I’m honestly praising you right now, you know? The only human that ever survived the falling swords, is Raika alone. You’re the first one.”

She stopped moving when she is against the school building, and smiled again.

“In all ages, the human being is just loveable. Among the masses, there will be some hero that often sparks interest in my heart.”

Freyja embrace herself and trembles.

A euphoric expression emerges on her face.

“Raika. Me, I really want to own you badly.”

『──as for myself, I don’t mind that at all. 』

Shut it, Bálor.

“I rather bite my own tongue off than becoming your property.”

While cutting off this Evil God who’s saying an irresponsible thing without a care, I replied to Freyja coldly.


But, Freyja demeanor doesn’t change at all.

From the beginning, she is not listening to my words at all.

This is her true character……

Freyja is a Goddess with many attributes, but to truly describe her, she is a Goddess of Love and Beauty.

In the Norse Mythology, she is an unrestrained, wild Goddess towards her sexual passion, to the point being called as [The one who has bonded with all other Gods].

It was said that she obtained the red necklace after spending one night with four Dvergr.

On the other hand, she also depicts one aspect as a mother, asking for living creatures around the world for her dear son.

Freyja has wide range of love, and at the same time, deep as well.

In other word, Freyja’s true nature is ──those of a ‘woman’ itself.

That also explain her obsession.

To get what she ever desire.

If she got refused, she will forcefully take it away.

Without exception, everything from the root.

That is, Freyja.

The reason why she is not fighting me seriously yesterday night was, to evaluate my value.

She is just fucking with me.

Looking at me escaping, I’m sure that Freyja simply raise a smile.

“Raika unwavering attitude is nice and all, but can you still maintain that attitude after seeing this?”

That voice is the sign.


Unsure of what is that, whether it’s a shock or a sound, but something heavy hit my stomach.

Then, the world changes.

The ground was filled with golden cobblestone.

The school building has changes to a romantic looking golden palace.

Outside of the premises of the school, the boundary became ambiguous. Even the starry sky has disappeared.

It gives off sensation as if the world itself has converted.

『──a substitution summon. It’s a large summoning magic where the magician swaps a specific terrain or a whole building, and replace them with another world. This is abnormal! 』

I wonder if it’s because of Bálor getting elated, but my left eyes are getting hot.

Even the earth on the ground are changing to golden in color.

“Welcome, to my mansion──to the Palace of the Dead, Fólkvangr.”

Freyja was standing on a small staircase at the end of the golden stone pavement. In other words, she was in front of the door of the building.

She spreads her arms while looking down at me from a higher place, boasting off her house.

That’s the attitude that she is showing.

This is her trump card.


『──so? Based on your prided knowledge, do you know the real identity for this place that is known as Fólk? 』

“Of course.”

──the Palace of the Dead, Fólkvangr.

It’s the place where does who oversees the Valhalla, where half of them goes to Odin, the other half are chosen by Freyja.

In this case, ‘making a pair’ doesn’t represent a house for a wife and a husband.

First of all, what is a Valhalla?

For the Valkyries that has been slain in the battlefield──that is the name of the hall where the spirits dwells in.

The spirits dominated by Odin, the Valkyrie will participate as the scouts of the gods at the later Ragnarök war.

The spirits of the death are one of the army corps, an important force for the God.

However, the truth is, Odin doesn’t take control over all the spirits.

Because, the amount of the spirits that the highest ranking in Norse Mythology handles are, just half of the spirits.

Who is managing the other half?

That goes to Valkyrie Queen, Freyja.

Moreover, she has the right to choose a spirit “earlier” than Odin.

In other words, among the spirits chosen as God’s scouts, the more valiant warriors become her subordinates.


If we think about militia strength rather than an individual strength, Freyja has the strongest military faction in Norse Mythology.

“Fólkvangr, the place where Freyja invites the fallen spirits to become her subordinates. By summoning it to the battlefield, she’s most likely to use it for──”

There is no need to think too deep into it anymore.

Right at that time, Fólkvangr three doors open up.

The spirits that came out all looks like a robust, strong warrior.

A hero who was invited from the Human Realm to the God Realm.

That’s their fate.

Or in other words, their fulfilment.

They were summoned by the God to the land above.

That is the ability of Freyja 『Regalia』.

“My victory is assured the moment I bring Raika to this field. There is no way you can escape anymore.”

Freyja will win.

Her farce including the one with Brynhildr and the golden swords rain were all her just playing around.

Her real strength is, a great spirits army which filled the sky as far till the horizon.

Whether the space itself was distorted by her world rewriting ability, the number can’t be taken lightly, which exceed tens of thousands.

Since there is no place to escape, perhaps her spell is perfect. If she made sure to make careful preparations before sucking us here, it’s not amusing that she is capable of sucking us inside this world.

If you look at the current circumstances objectively, there is no doubt that her victory is guaranteed.

“This is the end……”

Brynhildr raises a voice of despair.

She is likely one of the targets for Freyja. Can’t be helped considering the situation.

……furthermore, I’ve already helped Brynhildr twice.

Of course, although it’s for Charo senpai, since I’ve made the enemy pulled out their 『Regalia』, I can’t afford to not go through this.

The rational side of my mind is asking me to ‘abandon’ her.

I can’t die before finding my sister.

Like this, she is just pulling my leg down.

Judging rationally, in this situation, it’s better if I ditch her now.

Just like how Freyja did to Brynhildr, abandoned her without a slightest hesitation……

“Oi, Brynhildr.”

I open my mouth.


“The thing that I said last time, allow me to make a correction.”

While looking at the spirits that continue to spring up from the door, I speak to Brynhildr who is behind myself.

“You’re already my possessions. That’s why, don’t die on your own.”

“……what the heck is that.”

“It’s an order. I won’t tolerate a compromise or give up those who’s already my slave. Don’t throw away your sword. Don’t give up your pride. Fight until the end.”

I order her with 『control』.

Refusal is not allowed.

“Answer me. What are you? A decoy? A piece? Or is it a slave?”

I ask her the question.

On the other hand,

“I’m……a knight!”

Brynhildr answered while taking up her sword and stand tall.

She returns to her selfish side compared to when she is sulking down.

『──Raika is a twisted person. 』

I ignored Bálor attempt on poking fun on myself.

To be frank, even he himself doesn’t know why he bother about Brynhildr that much.

No, that was not something that I should focus on now.

Freyja already arrange the soldiers in line and are preparing for battle.

She comes forward to the spirits army which have line up and offered them with her hands, to which she gleefully did.

“Now, from this point on is the second trial. It’s fine for you to die. Because I’ll retrieve your soul. If you managed to survive, then I’ll make you my new lover.”

“I refuse.”

“Ahahaha. Then, let’s begin.”

Freyja shakes her hand down.

In accordance to their mistress signal, the spirits start coming to us.

『──it’s time to go. 』


Heeding Bálor’s call, I charge forward.

From here on is a critical moment.

I’m going to take control of the 『Regalia』, and makes Freyja vulnerable.

An I’m going to take out Freyja, who is smiling while floating high above.

I throw away the guns, and comb up my bangs.

Then I exposed my left eye.

I activated the second ability of the Evil Eye.

──The great army made of spirits who once made a roaring thunderous sound all turned into dust at once.


Freyja expression froze for a moment.

“Overwhelming me with numbers won’t work.”

I tell her while showing my Evil Eye.

──”Bálor Evil Eye fourth form, 『Death』.

It’s the most famous ability amongst the Magic Eye user, at the same time, it’s the one most feared by the Government.

It’s a disastrous ability that is capable of spreading death through a gaze.

Same as when Bálor the king of Fomorians, bringing death to the Danna Family, led by Lugh.

Before this Evil Eye, even the large troops are not sparred from changing to dust.

The results will be same even if there are millions of spirits.

There are no more gallant warriors rushing towards me.

“My Evil Eye and your 『Regalia』are incompatible with each other.”

Freyja eyes become sharper as she starts linking her arms together.

It’s obvious what happen to her own subordinates.

The spirits, which are her trumps card, were all slaughtered in an instant. I wonder what is she feeling right now?

Carefully, I concentrate on what she is going to say next.

“………………………. ku.”

I heard it, a laughter that sound like it came from the back of her throat.


Freyja is supporting herself now, as if she can hold it anymore.


“Don’t tell me, that you’ve thought that you’ve won?”

She looks happy. She was laughing while looking at me.

That smile, it’s a smile that took delight on the despair of the other.

At the same time Freyja gloated with that smile──coming from the dust, silhouettes of people are standing up.

It’s the spirit who had fell to the ground.

That number is at most 100 or so.

It is less than the first hundredth.

However, it’s likely that they are immune to the Evil Eye of 『Death』.

Before I asked why, Freyja answered my thought.

“Why do you think I choose this ground to summon the spirits? It’s because this place has a spacious surface.”

Spacious surface.

With that explanation, everything clicked together.

Although an open space looks good at the first sight, when the numbers of enemies exceed tens of thousands of people, it’s possible to create a blind spot.

They are in the rear side of the battle line.

Even though the ground is wide, it is impossible for the whole army to march side by side.

They will always form a corps.

Then, the fronts groups will become a wall, while the one at the back hides in their shade, and thus the blind spot is created.

Freyja further talks.

“Evil Eye is a popular ability. It’s easy to anticipate them and prepared for countermeasure.”


I clicked my tongue, and picked up the gun which I’ve thrown earlier.

Simultaneously, the spirits charge at me.

“Come! There is no need to be cautious towards his Evil Eye anymore.”

The spirits army charges.

Although my weakness was revealed, there is no way they can escape death once presented in front of the Evil Eye.

However, as long as they are a person, the current spirits are nothing more than Freyja puppets.

Everyone plunges towards me without being afraid of death.

“Shinzen Raika!”

Brynhildr goes forward and exchange blades with the spirits.


She cut through the spirits and proceed to the next one.

Does this Valkyrie face show an excitement or something?

However, this much alone is not enough to overturn the situation.

No matter what, the difference in number is too much.

I also fight with dual gun, but we’re far cry from victory.

Every time the fight extends a second, we’re further from winning.

Meanwhile, Freyja is luxuriously looking at us, struggling for dear life.

“Good, Raika. Kill as much as you like. The value of your souls rises proportionally with the amount of your kills.”

She is showing off an attitude of a winner.

As if she already won.

Certainly, no matter how you look at it, my situation is hopeless.

I can only use Evil Eye ability once last time.

It’s too early to call a victory,


In front of me, Brynhildr’s swords got knocked off.

Several spirits quickly closed in, a desperate situation.

Looking at that, I…


I activated, the Evil Eye.

The 『Death』 eat up the spirits who are trying to kill Brynhildr and instantly turned them to dust.

During that time, although I tried to aim all the surrounding spirits……there was no way I can annihilate them all.

“Come over here!”


I pulled Brynhildr’s hand while retreating.

Our chance of winning has turned to nil.

The only way left is to runs through the night until morning.

That’s the last option that I currently have.

But──the enemies are not sweet enough to allow us that.

In the blink of eye, both of us were dragged to the golden pavement.

One of the spirits swiftly raise its sword and tried to beheaded my neck.


“Högni. That’s enough.”


The spirits named Högni suddenly stopped moving.”

The one who stopped him was, Freyja.

Before I noticed, she has descended from the top of the stair.

The spirits immediately paved a way for their queen.

Freyja calmly approaches me. She looks fragile when she stopped in front of me.

“You’re losing, Raika.”

“……Quickly, kill me.”

I urge her with a strong voice.

Looking at the display of my will, Freyja let out a smile full of compassion.

“That’s right. I’m going to kill you. There are still plenty of time before the night is done though.”

“……what is it that you want?”

“Hey, Raika. Why don’t we enjoy ourselves before all this end?”

She said while licking her lips lecherously.

I know very well what kind of Goddess she is. I get completely what she means.

Brynhildr get embarrassed and turned red at instant.

I don’t care for such thing. Freyja further brings her face closer to me.”

“You know, I love strong boys. Like this Högni……and Raika.”

Freyja said while stroking the abdomen muscles of the spirits who tried to beheaded me earlier.

“This Högni is, one of my top favourites. Do you know him, Raika?”

“……I know.”

Högni is, the name of a king who was murdered by his close friends and also a bad guy under influence of Freyja.

Freyja lovingly caresses this man, who has met a miserable end.

Then, she takes away her hand from Högni, and this time she caresses her own breasts.


It’s not hers.

“This is the first time I’m going to do it with this body. It looks like this body is still a virgin, I wonder if it’s a big deal if I were to give it to you? Like this, won’t you be gladder?”

Freyja took a liberty to play with Shishigane Ruirui’s breasts.

The bloods are likely spurred out through my wounds due to my intense anger.

Until when……

How much do you want to make fun of human till you’re satisfied……?

“What? Are you angry?”

“You can’t get away by using the eye anymore. I mean, you already used them for three times. Raika has no other method to win against me.”

Freyja unbuttoned her uniforms while telling me that.

Her soft skin under an erotic set of lingerie that she previously purchased were exposed.

“Come, let’s have fun together.”

That said, Freyja quickly comes to embrace me──

──I’m looking at the roof of the spirits palace.


A crack runs on the space.

The spirits were hold down.

Brynhildr too.

Even the spirits that has turned to dust.

Without exception, they all disappeared just like a dream.


Freyja raises her surprised while in the state of half-naked.

The spirits surrounding her were crumbling while she is witnessing it, stupefied.

The spirits that came out of the palace doors are no more.

In other word, all the spirits on the battleground and the army.


I screamed forward, aiming to the cracks on the roof.

Freyja is still wobbling around.

As if hooked, all the other spirits turn their head to see it.

As if a warrior who has lost sight of their enemies, everyone takes a look at the origin of the voice.

──it took.

In an instant.


With that, all the spirits turn into dust.

None of them were left.


Freyja raised a dumbfounded voice.

She looks around, but none of the spirits remained.

That is a given.

It bothers me when I came up the roof. It is to overlook the enemies from the altitude.

Whether it is a large army where a blind spot is born on a plane.

If you look down from high altitude you can grasp the whole area without any blind spot.

That’s mean, I can kill everyone with the Evil Eye, 『Death』.

Even if I don’t explain it, such person like a Freyja can surely understand.

“……what just?”

However, Freyja is still in doubt.

“Why, just how are you capable of using the Evil Eye when you’ve reached your limit?”

“You should have reached your limits by using it three times……yet, why?”

“The answer is easy.”

I answer her apathetically.

“Evil Eye second form──you might have seen that I’ve used the eye of 『Death』 on your spirit army, but in fact, I used the Evil Eye of 『Illusion』to make you see I used it twice.”

Freyja’s eyes opened widely.

The reason I show the vision, is of course to make her descended from the altitude due to her carelessness.

It’s a simple trick once you reveal it.

Freyja dropped on her knees while sipping her sweats.

“Such a thing……as if, you already see through all the tricks and actions that I’ve prepared beforehand!? Brynhildr should have her memories taken away! There is no way you can get the intel……”

“Even without the information, I have my brains, which was infused with all the information regarding God. With these two weapons alone, it’s enough for a man to kill a God.”

Freyja said that the Evil Eye is a popular ability, so it’s easier to prepare a countermeasure.

The same way goes to me.

The characteristic of the Goddess name as Freyja.

Her traits as told in legends.

The 『Regalia』 and it’s ability.

Go through the knowledge, forecasting, develop a countermeasure.

That is the way most people fight.

According to my researches, for Freyja 『Regalia』, it was easy to predict that hers will be related to stuff used to summon the spirits.

As a counter measure for that, it’s my initial plan to raise to the highest place possible before unleashing my Evil Eye.

Even if Freyja 『Regalia』 doesn’t turned out to be the Palace of the Dead, Fólkvangr, I believe that this Goddess of Norse Mythology will have some sort of wall.

Tradition, anecdotes, that is her 『Regalia』.

That is enough to confirm her skills and abilities.

“In all ages, east to west, there is God with high wisdom……but, among them, was there a master strategist such as Sun Tzu and Hannibal?”

There is a legend where God uses wisdom to defeat certain monster, but most of them are depending on caseworks or equipment or some sort of tools.

Conversely, the God themselves are enough.

They have great power, because they have the universal tools that will make impossible possible.

Therefore, it’s unnecessary for them to challenge themselves to the limit just like the weak──the opportunity──they are lacking that from the beginning.

“It’s still one million years early to compare a God wisdom to that of a human.”


Right then, Freyja expression distorted.


And, with that sound, the Palace of the Dead, Fólkvangr, began to shatter.

It’s not just the building. The golden pavement and the pebble stone all stripped away from the ground in the form of golden particles.

Eventually, only the dust accumulated under the night and the school building was left.

『──that female fox finally admitted defeat in her hearts. Her 『Regalia』is completely broken. 』

Bálor laughed heartily.

The condition to [control] her is cleared.


Freyja get pressured for each step I take towards her.

She might be thinking of escaping, but it’s already too late.

She is completely overwhelmed with my will.

From her behind, Brynhildr who was covered in dust, jumped in front.

“Wha!? Brynhildr! Separate yourself from her!”

“I don’t want to!”

“You! How dare you disobeyed your master command!?”

“……ku! I’m…!”

Brynhildr talk back against Freyja.

“Right now, my master is not you any longer!”

After hearing Brynhildr rejection, Freyja resistance weakened.

I descended from the rooftop to the ground.

“It’s almost time.”

I look at the moonlight on top of the school building.

The clock on the wall, is now at the zero hour.

It indicates that the next day has begun.

I’m capable of using the Evil Eye ability again.


I walk towards the center of the ground, to bring the curtain close for the grand battle tonight.

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