Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 4 pt 3


Yesterday. Karaoke. Before going to the toilet.

She took the initiative once I, Brynhildr is separated from the main body.

“Mnn. You wake up.”

Looking at me, that person一一Shishigane muttered so.

There is no hostility at all within that voice, so carefree.

She suddenly closed Charlotte’s mouth from behind, and took her consciousness with magic. I can only watch them from inside.

“Who are you, you bastard?”

“What? ……Ah, that’s right. I just realized that I’ve erased your memory.”

Shishigane scratched her head.

I don’t understand what she is trying to do……

Hey Charlotte, are you okay?

I talk to her consciousness, but there is no reply.

Apparently, unless she’s the one that cancelled the magic, Charlotte consciousness wouldn’t return.

It’s favorable to me though now that she has suppressed Charlotte.

This person and me is the same.

Should I protect her?

“Come out, Nothüng!”

I call out the Dragon Slaying God Sword.


I rush towards her with quick step.

The enemy is not holding anything.

My sword was supposed to break through that thin body easily.


“Restrain yourself, Brynhildr.”

With that word alone, my movement stopped.

I don’t even know why I obeyed her.

It’s the same like the time when I was instructed under the influence of Shinzen Raika Devil Eye.

“Why, how do you, my name……”

“Isn’t that a given?”

Shishigane flipped her hair.

“That’s because I’m your mistress, Freyja.”

So, she said.


I quickly withdraw my sword due to extreme shock.

That’s when my quick step is interrupted and my posture broken.

Why is the highest ranking among the Valkyrie, Freyja-sama here……!?

“Finally, aware of your position. As usual, what a stupid kid.”

“……Th-then, why did Freyja-sama descended to the Human World?”

Her behaviour, her speech. All brimming with an aura.

There is no doubt, this is the one and only Freyja-sama.

When I first saw Shishigane Ruirui, I was struck with a familiar feeling akin to Deja-vu. Might be because of Freyja-sama.

Hearing my question, Freyja-sama leave a sigh.

“That’s how it’s decided for this time Representative War.”

So, she said.

I’m puzzled.

“B-but, for the war this time around, don’t you leave it to this Brynhildr?”

“……Yeah, let’s see. From my understanding, you’re not exactly in a favorable position.”


Everything about me including the fact that I was defeated by Shinzen Raika and forced to obey him was seen through.

I’m quivering thinking on what punishment will befall me for my failure.

“Please don’t tremble so much. As for me, I come down here to lend you a support.”


“I’m going to let you win, Brynhildr.”

Freyja-sama said so.

“You just need to lure Raika to the schoolyard after the curfew. After that, I will……”


I raised out my voice, but now I’m terrified from my Mistress gaze.

“……What? Brynhildr.”

She pressured me with her voice, left me unable to raise my head.

I swallowed my spit and my breathing become a mess.

“If Freyja-sama wants to, she can win anytime, just that this method is too cowardly. As a knight, I want to fight fairly……if you want to help, I’ll be grateful if you can take out the curse of [control] that were put on me.”

Freyja-sama doesn’t say anything and listen to me silently.

Although, my neck may be flying any moment now.

I stopped breathing, and wait for my mistress reaction.



Then, she replied it quickly.

Surprised, I raised my face.

“A-are you sure it’s really fine!?”

“Don’t make me repeat it again. If that’s really your wish, then I’ll support it.”

“Ah……I’m really honored!”

I quickly bowed my head towards Freyja sama, and expressed my gratitude.

Afterwards, Freyja-sama said that it’s necessary to tell her everything in order to cancel the Devil Eye, so I tell everything that I’ve known so far.

Also, she said that a play must be made in order to solve the [control], and that’s why I’m required to act as a hostage.


“T-the thing that he just told, it’s not the truth right……Freyja-sama?”

I question my Mistress with a trembling voice.

Just now, the truth regarding the mystery was unveiled by Shinzen Raika.

“Freyja sama, is the true God chosen for this war? I’m……just a decoy?”

Freyja-sama sighed.

She continues, without looking at me.

“Raika knows more about me than you. I never thought that I’m going to get caught so easily.”

Freyja-sama said, not to me, but more to Shinzen Raika.

That act confirms that I’m not worth to mention.

At the same time, she also guessed right.

“As a Queen of Valkyrie, this Brynhildr is certainly a piece that I’ve summoned. I thought of catching other God by using this intriguing child as a bait.”

So, Freyja sama said, as she slowly walking at my side.

“You’re less useful than I thought. You might have lost, but I never expected that you will fall under someone [control].”

“Your act has been unveiled now. That’s it, leave the hostage and release her.”

Shinzen Raika requested Freyja-sama to hand me to him.

And the reply that came, from Freyja-sama,


Like that, with a smile.

A golden sword was created from nothing, and swung over my head

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