Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 4 pt 1

Chapter 4 – Golden Witch and the King of Evil Eye


Last night, I spent the whole time idling in my room.

I didn’t do anything.

I was there, thinking.

About the enemy, about Shishigane, about the God who is currently residing inside her.

There are seven mythologies that are participating in this mythical Representative War.

Mayan-Aztec Mythology.

Japanese Mythology.

Indian Mythology.

Egyptian Mythology.

Greek Mythology.

Norse Mythology.

Celtic Mythology.

Bálor is from Celtic Mythology, while Brynhildr is from Norse Mythology.

In other word, Shishigane will be among the other five myths.

However, if we take the mastery of magic as a factor, then there are countless God that can do that, even controlling heart. There is not enough hint.

Based on the Golden Magic and the necklace, it’s safe to assume that her mythology is something related to gold.

This is a useful information.

However, even if I try to squeeze everything from this source, the biggest mystery still remains.

It’s suspicious how she is able to pinpoint both me and senpai as the Divine Apotheosis so soon.

If that mystery can be solved, then perhaps I can get to the core of the thing.

As a person who is hunting the heretics as a job, as part of the education, I’ve read every type of books regarding mythologies that I can found.

Still, I can’t get the definite answer.

Even if I want to revise the material, there is no way I can find it at the bookshop on this island or at the school library. I couldn’t bring much on my own either because I’m afraid I’m going to get caught during the inspection upon entering the island.

In the end, even though I tried to read some material until morning, my effort remains fruitless.

Tonight, is the night that I’ll confront Shishigane.

I’ve done some training to suppress sleep before, but it’s risky to fight a non-human being without full power.

I managed to skip class thanks to Kunisaki answering for my attendance. In the end, I get to sleep for 8 hours.

I got up at 4 p.m.

I’m in a perfect condition now, but my mood is sullen.

At that time.

*knock* *knock*

I heard someone knocking my door. Maybe someone is here to see me.

“Yahoo~ Raika-kun.”

The people who came are Tenka, Kunisaki and Maria.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“We’re here to visit!”

Tenka answered and laugh.

“What, aren’t you lively. Were you sick?”

Kunisaki gave a bitter smile.

“Here, today’s assignment.”

Maria handed to me several printouts.

“Thank you.”

“I’m glad to see you’re fine.”

I told her the real reason behind my sick leave, and not to let Tenka and others know as not to get them worries.

“Aren’t you feigning your sickness, Raika-kun? That’s not good, you know~”

Tenka makes an angry look.

“……so, I’m exposed. Well, please get inside. I’ll serve some tea.”

“Ye~s. Sorry for intrusion~!”

“Sorry for intrusion~”

“Excuse me for disturbing.”

I lead all three of them inside.

“I want to invite everyone to come over, but somehow Ruirui and Charo senpai is absent today as well~ I went to see her room just now, but it seems that she is not around~”

Tenka said while walking around in my room.

I stiffen once I heard the two names.

“……is that so.”

That’s all that I can answer.

“That’s right. Here, a gift.”

Tenka offered me two confectionaries folded in a paper bag.

“Another one is for Ruirui. Since she is not around, I thought of bringing both here.”

“Ah, sorry to bother……”

I’m going to receive it, but she suddenly avoids my hand.

“However, I can’t give it to Raika kun since he is sick. That’s why the three of us will finish it.”

Tenka said so while smiling.

Looking at that innocent smile, I feel light hearted.

Spontaneously I face down.

“Oi that mean. Give some to me as well.”

“Hmm, then give me a milk tea and then I’ll give them.”

I laughed hearing her exaggerated reply.

“Just as you wish, your highness Tenka sama.”

“Good. I want you to add plenty of sugar and milk inside.”

*hohoho* Tenka laughed like people of higher class.

“I’m fine with coffee.”

Kunisaki raises his hand and ask for coffee.

“Yes, yes. How about you, Maria?”

“I want the same thing like Tenka.”

Understood, milk tea is it.

After that, I took out small can of coffee for both me and Kunisaki and take a small table and arrange it at the center of the room.

“Sorry for the wait.”

“Don’t bother.”

“Don’t bother.”

Kunisaki playfully said it at the same tone like Tenka.

“Do-please don’t bother.”

Maria was a bit late imitating both of them.

For the time being, all four of us had a chat.

It’s just something usual without anything interesting in it.

What is happening in the class today?

Where shall we go on a weekend break?

What are we going to do tomorrow?

Such stuff.

“Eh~? I don’t know how to do this one.”

Suddenly, Tenka said that while lying on the floor.

She borrowed my crossword puzzle and try to solve it alone. Apparently, there is a place that she doesn’t know how to do.


“Here, here.”

I see the blank place where Tenka points.

……if I remember it correctly, the word that should be applied here is this.

I tried to see at the other problem related to the question.

“What, so there is a problem with this question? I don’t know how to solve it.”

“Eh, ah, that’s right!”

“Maybe the one that I’ve solved earlier is wrong. That’s to say, there is lots of mistake here in the place that I’ve already solved.”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Kojiro-kun never done his homework, that’s why he can’t relate.”

Tilting her head facing Kunisaki, she said it with a smile.

Argh, Kunisaki fell on his back while pushing her chests. Then the two laughed.

As for me.

一一the answer that I’ve arrived earlier is wrong一一

What Tenka said strangely resonates in my mind.

The conclusion that I’ve got earlier…

『ーーRaika? 』

…………I get it.

『一一what? 』

Shishigane identity.

It was a misunderstanding.

The answer that I’ve put together was wrong in the first place.

That’s why, I can’t get the conclusion.


Noticing that I’ve become silent suddenly, Tenka lean over and ask.

“I get a bit light-headed just now. Please don’t mind it.”


“Tenka make a small turn and watch the clock.

Right now, the time is almost 5 o’clock.

“Then, I’m going to go back now. It’s already near the time. What about you two?”

“Me too. If Tenka chan is going back then I might as well go back.”

“Well then, me too.”

All three of them stand up and took their bag.

“Ah, thanks for visiting, guys.”

I stand up with intention to see then off一一then Maria silently approaches me.

“I’m going to return back later. As soon as I can.”

She said with a lowered volume that can only be heard by me alone.

Then Maria silently went out.

“Then, goodbye, Raika. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye bye. See you again tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow at school.”

“See you guys tomorrow.”


I closed the door.

I return back to room after seeing them off.

I opened the drawer of my desk and took out a square box from the bottom of the second layer.

I open the confectionary sized box after putting it on the table.

Inside contains two disassembled handguns.

『一一what the hell is that? My eyes feel unpleasant. 』

“This is the device to kill Heretic God such as yourself. It’s just a given that you’ll unpleasant.”

I assembled both pistols with a refined movement.

It’s a custom-made GIGSAUER P336 that are typically used by a country special forces.

It’s my own personal gun GIGSARIEL P666.

Number of bullets are 12 + 1. The magazine can be replaced by wrist-mounted magazine changer in less than one second.

The 10mm bullet is made off sacred silver.

In theory, it’s a manmade weapon that are capable to kill the Heretic God.


Then, Maria appeared from the veranda.

However, today she is not wearing the usual uniform.

She is wearing a thin and white clothing that snuggly fit her body.

“Sorry I made you wait.”

“I didn’t wait at all.”

After exchanging the greetings, I let her in.

“How is the purification?”

“It’s done.”

The purification ceremony is used to boost the sanctity of the user.

This is a ritual that can only be performed by a pure maiden. In this ritual, the maiden can share her sanctity to others in a form of [Blessing].

With high sanctity, it’s strong enough to kill the heretics if used as attack.

It becomes a sacred shield which repels the power of the heretics if it is used for defense.

By receiving this [Blessing], the fighter’s ability will increase dramatically.

In the first place, Maria was chosen as my partner because person with [Blessing] attributes are sparse in our church.



Maria waved her hand at me bashfully.

“Since it’s embarrassing, can you please turn off the light?”

She requested.

“My bad. I’m being inconsiderate.”

I apologize to her and turn off the lights in the room.

“Then, please kneel down over here.”


I kneel down in front of her with my head hang.

After that, I closed my eyes. A shuffling noise was heard and a cloth fall on the floor nearby.

『一一Oi, stop lowering your head! I can see nothing! 』

I get a complaint from Bálor, but I simply ignored it.

At that time, Maria’s arms wrapped my head.

I can feel her body heat.

A sweet smell tickling my nasal cavity.

I can hear the sound of her heartbeat.

That is not all.

From the place where we’re touching, I can feel a mysterious warmth seeping inside my body.

The sanctity is shared through her skin.

“Please raise your face.”

Suddenly Maria release her embraced and tell me in loud voice.

I raised my face as I was told.

I only open my right eye and look at her.

Her body was shining in front of me, illuminated by the moonlight coming through the opening of the window.

“In the name of our Lord, I’m going to bless our comrade, Shinzen Raika. May you rain the Divine Judgement on the Heretical God in the name of our Lord.”

The Divine Judgement is what we from the Old Church call towards the Heresy.

However, it has now a different meaning to it.

From [a people known to deliver punishment in the name of God]

To [the people that are going to punish the Heretical God].

“As your order.”

I tell Maria in formal way.

Then, her lip touches my forehead.

The [Blessing] ceremony is now complete.

I removed my gun safety device and put it inside the holster.

I’m ready.


Maria calls me while passing the sleeves of the clothes that she has taken off.

Her voice is unusual with a hint of uneasiness in it.


I call her out to ease her of her anxiety.

“I believe in you, Raika-senpai.”

On contrary, she expressed her belief on me.

I asked for [Blessing], as well that my weapon is ready.

She must be aware that I’m going to participate in the Representative War right now.

There is also a risk that I’m going to get killed.

“There is no one that can defeat Raika senpai. That’s why I believe on you.”

And Maria show off a daring smile.

However, I’m aware that she is hiding her trembling hands at her back.

I guess she is getting very worried now that I’m going to get in a fight.

That much is enough to give me courage.

“I’m going to return for sure.”

I tell her and patted her head.

Just like when I met her for the first time 10 years ago. As if, I’m comforting her when she was crying after our training.

I leave her in my room and use the wire to get down.

『一一Oioi, wait a moment. 』

At that time, Bálor screamed at me.

『一一Raika. Are you sure that you want to go? It’s clearly a trap. 』

“That’s right.”

Shishigane invitation clearly has something behind it.

『一一if that’s the case, then forget about that woman. Don’t waste your time. 』

“You misunderstand, Bálor.”

I refuted him.

“I’m not going to fall into a trap. I’m going to crush it.”

I’m going to contrive this.

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