Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 3 pt 3


Next day.

After school.

I went to karaoke.

“Alright一一! I’m going to sing 一一!”

Kunisaki suddenly shouted at the microphone.

Today’s karaoke is his idea.

No, rather than an idea, it is more like a plea……

This morning. Inside the classroom at school.

“Raikaaa! You had a date with Charlotte-senpai!? That is so mean, what happen to our friendship for you to do this horrible thing!?”

That’s what Kunisaki is shouting even though it is still early in morning.

Just like how I do it with Tenka yesterday, I solved the misunderstanding by telling him that me and senpai were just getting along well.

“Then let’s invite senpai out to play~ I also want to be closer with senpai. Karaoke, let’s go to karaoke!”

After that, Kunisaki keep on talking about the plan that he has, and before I knew it, everyone is coming along.

Coming back to the current situation.

The people who are coming to the karaoke are me, Charo-senpai, Maria, Tenka, Shishigane and Kunisaki, total of 6 people.

Apart from Kunisaki who is going first, everyone else is choosing their first song.

“Listen to my sooong!”

Kunisaki, no matter how he appealed, everyone is too obsessed on choosing their song that they are not hearing him.

“Hey~ how to choose the song?”

“Hmm~? Let me see~ Ruirui.”

Shishigane who seems to be the first time in a karaoke place is asking Tenka how to operate the machine.

Right now, Kunisaki is stuck in front, but it is weird for Shishigane who is always playful not to be at the karaoke before.

As for me, I went once when I was still young, but my memory about it is ambiguous.

Maria is the same like me.

And, after I’m looking away for a while, my sleeve was tugged.

“What’s wrong, Charo-senpai?”

Senpai is sitting at my side, her face looks like she’s going to cry any moment.

“Ra-Raika kun. This thing looks like it has stopped working.”


When I take a look at senior hand, the machine has shown errors.

I borrowed it from her for a while trying to fix it, but the error is not disappearing.

“I think we better take a new one.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“No, please don’t mind it.”

I call the counter by using the room phone and ask for a new machine.

Soon after, the staff bring the new machine.

“It yours, senpai.”

“Umm, you see, I’m not accustomed with electronics. Before coming to this island, I don’t even have a cellphone……”

“I don’t have them before either.”

I’ve been training all the time in the church, so I never had such a thing.

However, since there is no base station on this island, mobile phones can’t be used in the first place.

So, there was no particular problem even if I had never had one.

Several times a day, Kunisaki will play Raising an Idol or something meaningless like that, though I don’t know what it is exactly is.

“If you’re not good at using it, why don’t I help you? Is there any song that you would like to sing?”

“Eh, umm, why don’t Raika-kun choose whatever he thinks is fine?”

To have a clear look at the screen, I leaned in to see it and Charo-senpai answered so, flustered.

To tell the truth, I don’t know much song that is suitable for karaoke……

For the time being, I’ll just try to input the song correctly.

“Well, this time is senpai turn to look for the song.”


Somehow Charo-senpai looks like she is frozen on her seat.

There is a nice smell emanating from her fluffy hair.

The feeling that I get when our shoulders touched is extremely delicate.

Overall, she gave a feeling of gracefulness, and even her action of fixing her bang with her fingertips looks extremely beautiful.

A silver fairy.

That is what she is being called secretly among the second grader. Now, I understood why she got the nickname.

“? Anything wrong?”

“Nothing. Have you decided on the song?”

“Uhm, not yet……”

I tell her not to worry, and choose the song slowly.

Eventually, Kunisaki finish singing. Next is Tenka turn.

Each of them shows off their talent, and some of them has beautiful voices. I tried to sing anime song from 10 years ago and get laugh at. Like that, the time passed.

“I’m sorry. I need to go to the washroom……”

“Ah, me too~”

Both Charo-senpai and Shishigane get up at the same time.

“Let’s go together, senpai.”


Charo-senpai answered with a rather awkward smile since she is still nervous.

Both of them go out, and four people remain in the room.

I got a bit tired from singing.

“I’ll get you guys something to drink.”

“Oo, not bad, Raika!”

“Thank you~”

Kunisaki and Tenka is waving their hand while looking for the next song.

Although both of them has sung lots of time, apparently, they still don’t have enough.

Unexpectedly, I’m a type of person that will get tired after singing.


Just after I left the room with an empty glass and tray, I unconsciously feel a strength let go from my shoulder.

Perhaps, I’m getting nervous just like seniors?

Coming to such place like this with friends, I’ve lost that sensation since it’s been quite a while.

Nobody knows about the blood spilling battle that is ongoing on this island.

There is no need for them to know.

I don’t want everyone to get involved in this fight.

I believe it from the bottom of my heart.

『一一what are you so worried about, Raika? 』

Bálor suddenly spoke to me.

……where is that coming from?

『一一Oioi there is no need to play dumb like that. I can’t read your mind, but I can sense the fluctuation in your soul. 』


『一一don’t say it like that. If my partner is in trouble then I’m going to be in trouble as well. 』

Actually, it is not a bad thing.

I answered.

I just felt a little anxious.

……I should head back now.

I put the drinks on the tray and returned the way I came.

At that time, I wonder if my attention is getting distracted more than usual.

I didn’t notice anything until my elbow was gripped by a hand from the side.

After that, I got dragged into a dark private room.



My hand was let go.

It was a familiar voice.


“You’re correct~”

She answered in cheerful tone.

I quickly distanced myself from her.

“Please don’t take it wrong. The drinks nearly spilled.”

“Ahaha, I’m sorry~. But you never spilled it. As expected of Raika.”

Shishigane laugh heartily.

Apparently, the private room doesn’t seem to be occupied right now.

It is dark inside since the light is not switched on, but I can still discern her face since my eyes are used to see during nighttime.

『一一just what is she planning to do in this dark room, I wonder~? Hihihihi… 』

Bálor leak out an indecent laugh like usual.

I’m not like you. I’m just going to have a talk with Shishigane.

“So, what do you want?”

“For now, let’s put down the drink first.”

Shishigane avoid my question.

Is there an evil intention?

I quietly put the tray on the table.

So? I show her my free hand, and gesture Shishigane to continue.



Shishigane come into my bosom and bring her face close to mine.

Then, she wrapped her hands around my neck and pushed me down with her body weight.


I tried to catch her in a hurry and we flopped on the sofa. It seems that she has calculated everything since she doesn’t seems to be worried at all.

As a result, I’m in a posture where I’m pushing her down and holding her head.

It is easy to be misunderstood if someone were to see it.

“……Are you okay?”

“Raika is protecting me? I’m so happy~”

It seems like our conversation is going nowhere.

“No, you actually collapsed yourself.”

“Are you going to push me down yourself?”


I don’t understand her intention.

“What do people usually say for this kind of situation? Netorare? Ah, is it me that’s doing the NTR? It looks like you’re the one NTR-ing even though I’m the one who initiated this NTR, isn’t it?”

“What are you saying?”

“In other word~ that kind of stuff.”

She said so.

Then Shishigane suddenly went for my lips.


Her tongue goes in and explore the inside of my mouth.

Truly, this act is shaking me.

『一一Oooh, what a popular guy~ 』

Shut up, Bálor!

I shut up the Demon god, but the situation right now doesn’t change the slightest.

The drenched sound came from Shishigane entangling her own tongue with mine.

I have a knowledge on how to react when the enemies caught me off guard, but I don’t have the slightest idea on how to handle this kind of situation.

My damn teacher taught me that a woman should be studied by her heart.

After we kissed for a long time, Shishigane finally released our lips.

“I, I like a strong boy.”


“I always thought that I’m interested with you since the first time we meet, but now I’ve come to like Raika more and more.”

Shishigane talks as if she is trying to persuade me.

“I, want you Raika.”

Her cheeks flushed and she smack her lips dirtily.

『一一that is a face of female beast, for sure. 』

Bálor is edging me.

『一一but it’s a face of a predator. You’re going to get eaten, Raika. I’ll still enjoy it regardless. 』

“……*close eye*”

That’s right. Right now, Bálor shares his sense of touch with mine.

If Shishigane is going to do that thing, then there is no doubt that this guy will creepily enjoying that stuff as well.

Prior to that there are various problems and doubts, but above all, she is unaware of being humiliated in this way. That is the biggest problem.

“Shishigane. I’m begging you, please leave me alone.”

“Leave you? As expected, you only have eye on senpai?”

“That’s not it, isn’t it not gentlemanly for me if we’re to do it at a place like this?”

“I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I like it more this way.”

Just like what Bálor said, her reasoning is lost, and my persuasion is not working at all.

What should I do now? I’m confused.

As for Shishigane, this time she began to remove my shirt button.

“Senpai looks like an innocent person. Surely, she never done something like this right?”

She gave a little devil grin.

She shows an expression that can easily enchanted another person.

Her hands glued to my back.

Her thigh comes into close contact.

Our foot intertwines.

“Please stop it.”

Since I don’t know what else to say, I tell her frankly.

“I won’t~”

But my plea was instantly rejected.

What to do now?

Second plan.

None come to mind.

No, there is.

It is easy enough to defeat the girl in front of me and leave the room.

But I can’t do it.


Because I can’t get violent towards my friend?


Is it because I’m unable to resist the charm from a girl with a name Shishigane Ruirui?

“Here, touch me.”

Shishigane urges me to touch her chests.

It was obvious what she wants me to do.

My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes.

The conflicting emotions intertwine.

However, contrary to my wills, my gaze turns to her lower half.

The buttons were completely undone and her valley is completely visible in my sight.

『一一hmm? 』

Unexpectedly, Bálor leaks a strange voice.

Then, a sarcastic laugh.

『一一what the hell is this? I thought that I’m capable of sensing some sort of magic, but what is that attraction charm. Whatever it is done anyway. 』

What? What are you talking about……

『一一Raika. Look at your own self. 』

Do not command me.

『一一just do it. 』

I refuse.

I can’t help but complained since Bálor is becoming a nuisance.


『一一that girl is the woman in the robe yesterday who attacked us. 』

This is shocking.

Uneasiness spreads in my mind.

Before I know it, the moment I realized that she is the enemy, my body has moved on its own.

I held my chin upward, my face on the same level like Shishigane.

My left eye, the Devil Eye is activated without my intention.

“Shi- don’t kill her!”

I shouted reflexively, then proceed to cover my eye.

『一一Aah? 』

Bálor raises a strange voice, and the Devil Eye activation stop.

Like that, I push through the opening.


Shishigane voice suddenly grows cold.

“What’s wrong, Raika? Why do you suddenly have that scary face?”

I part from her silently.

I take my hand away from her, and took distance from each other immediately.

“Don’t tell me, you saw my breasts? Iyan~ Raika is erotic.”

“What the hell……”

『一一No, what she was saying is that you might have realized that she is the culprit from yesterday from the mole inside her cleavage. 』

For him to be able to notice that in the fraction of second, I wonder if I should be amazed with Bálor observant eye or not.

I’m in a dilemma whether this guy is trying to save me or what.

I shake my head to stop thinking.

I take a look at Shishigane who has her shirt undone.

The cross that I always wear is now at her hand.

She stole it when she entwines her hands behind my back earlier, might be the effect of the charm.

“……Return the cross.”

“Hm? Oh, this one? Okay.”

Shishigane throws the cross.

She has a grin on her face.

It doesn’t look like she has changed into another person.

As always……it’s the familiar smile.

It is the same as usual.

Different from the usual.

Shishigane looks at me.

Even though it’s dark inside the room, I can see that our eyes are staring at each other since my vision is good at night.

She is not wearing the robe that can hinder the recognition.

The Devil Eye can work now.

“Ah, please don’t use your Devil Eye.”

Shishigane told me as if she is able to read my thought.

I don’t have any reason to listen to her,

“Because if you do, then I’ll kill Charlotte senpai?”

Being told that, there is no way I can proceed.

『一一oi, don’t stop. 』

But, Bálor don’t want to stop.

I hurriedly closed the eyelids of my left eye.

If I leave him alone, then he might activate the Devil Eye on his own.

Even earlier, if I didn’t stop him, then he is going to kill Shishigane.

She might be a God now, but it is unknown if her human self has vanished

『一一why stop? Brynhildr is just a piece for you to use for purpose, right? You’re going to throw her away sooner or later anyway. 』

Silent. Just follow my instruction.

『一一you can’t kill her because she is a girl? 』

That’s not the problem.

『一一you’re a sweet cutie. 』

Bálor laugh mockingly.

As expected, this guy is a demon God through and through.

He is a cold being.

He can kill human while laughing.

That’s the kind of fiend he is.

For the first time, I feel a chill from Bálor.

Even though I know about it since start.

All of them God, are these kinds of people.


Shishigane called for me.

“What happen? Are you perhaps talking to a demon God like Bálor?”

How, how in the world she knows the God residing inside my body?”

Did she hear it from Charo senpai?

Don’t tell me.

“You, what did you do to senpai?”

“Hmm? Torture…or something?”


“Just kidding. There is no way I have time to do such thing.”

Certainly, right after both of them left for toilet, I quickly went out afterwards.

I didn’t take much time at the drink booth.

Even if Shishigane caught Charlotte-senpai right after they went out, there is not enough time for her to do the torturing.

Says, if we’re following the human standard, that is.

“Where is senpai?”

“I can’t tell you that~”

Shishigane laughed mischievously.

She seems to be playing around with me.

Inside my head, I can hear my reasoning starting to snap.

“Release senpai right now.”

“Don’t want~”

Shishigane fixes up her disordered cloth and get up on the coach.

“If you want me to return senpai, then come to the schoolyard at night tomorrow.”

“Do you think I’ll obey whatever you are saying?”

“You will do it.”

Shishigane assures me confidently.

“Since Raika is a gentleman who adores women.”

She went out, passing me.

“Then, see you tomorrow. Oh, please play it dumb in front of Tenka and others as well okay?”

After telling me that, she left.

I stood in the dark room for a while, then I went back to the room with a drink sluggishly.

“Oh, you’re late, Raika.”


“What happened?”

Kunisaki asks me while tilting his head, and I dismiss him saying that everything is fine.

There are only three of them in the room. Him, Maria and Tenka.

Fuuh……that’s it.

Don’t be discouraged now.

It’s just a little expectation.

Shishigane is an enemy.

Charo-senpai has been kidnapped.

It can’t be a mistake.

There is none.

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