Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 3 pt 2


The facility is a hot spring building.

The water in the pool is waving, as if it is against the intrude of unwelcome guests.

The enemy was floating around the ceiling of the pool.

Brynhildr is standing at the edge of the pool, looking at the enemy, determined.

Then, right at that moment.

The enemy make their move.

No, more accurately, changes occurred near the enemy.

A bright light arises from nothing.

The identity of the radiance is…

“Gold bullion……?”

There is a magic technique called alchemy that basically change base metal to gold. Then, it jump lightly.

To produce gold from nothingness……

“What a monster.”

It is not responding to my arm.

The enemy golden bullion changes shape.

From simply a lump of mass, to swords with a sharp edge.

Golden swords. Five in total.

All of them are pointed towards us.

What will happen next is evident, it is going to be fired.

“Protect us!”


She flicked her tongue in disgust, but Brynhildr still come stood in front of me and shielded me against the incoming swords.

The enemy is moving her finger like a baton.

At that moment, golden sword comes shooting at us.

The swords come flying in strangely in an irregular way.



Brynhildr is dancing.

It is beautiful, as if she is sword dancing.

She slashes the golden sword vertically with a fluid movement, then comes sideways, and all swords were taken down, wrecking them.

*crack* *break*

The broken golden sword sinks into the pool.

The water splashes and some reach at our cheeks.


The enemy create new batches of golden swords.

The number is doubled form earlier.

What is this weird feeling.

The enemy is obviously not going for full power.

If that’s not the case, then there is no way the amount of the golden swords produced is increased in whim.

What on Earth is your aim?

『一一 Oioi, is this the time to be thinking? 』

Bálor give a tsukkomi like usual.

Surely you jest, I know about it.

“Brynhildr, attack from the bottom.”


Brynhildr want to say something, but the barrages of sword rain downs before she manages to finish.

In contrast, she went into intercepting mode.

That is because my order takes the most priority for her at the moment.

Meanwhile, I’m concentrating on dodging the falling swords.


The poolside is destroyed.

The debris from the pools got scattered around and the dust rises up.

And then she broke through the curtain of dust.

Brynhildr, after dodging enemy attack, jumps forward.

She lands on the flat debris and uses it to increase the momentum of her jump.

From the momentum collected, she leaps towards the enemy.


The enemy still has many swords around.

This time, it just takes a moment to produce all the swords.


Brynhildr, who is not capable of dodging it mid-air, is forced to defend the barrage while using the Nothüng as a shield.

Although she managed to avoid the fatal hit, it’s no doubt that she received head on some of the impact.

Brynhildr dropped from mid-air and landed into the pool, making a great splash.

While watching their fight, I’ve prepared my own action.

*splash* *splash* *splash*

Then, I ran and kicked the window frame.

Coming from above, I attacked the enemy.

The enemy who was looking downwards, is finally facing this way.


I throw a punch towards the center of the enemy face.

However, my punch is being blocked by the shield being spread around.

The shield looks like an invisible barrier.


I get a feeling that the enemy smiling.

I can’t get a glimpse of the face because of the equipment ability, but I know it from how the breath leaks.

You still can afford a smile?


I’m going to use my Devil Eye.

Even if I’m unable to identify the enemy.

I can at least get the robe that is hiding the person.


A hard sound can be heard, and the robe that he wears petrified around his chests.

一一Bálor Devil Eye second stage [Petrification].

The power of Devil Eye is quite flexible.

The ability to turn something into stone like Basilisk and Gorgon is also within the range of the Devil Eye capability.

Unless the robe has an ability to repels enemies curse itself, or does the enemy have the sacred tree that invalidates curse with them, the curse of the petrification caused by the Devil Eye of Bálor is inevitable.

As soon as the robe turns into stone, it losses its power.

Even though I’m the one who unleashed it, the petrification works better than I thought.


The enemy realized that the robe is turning into stone, and quickly release the shield and retreated.


Following that, I’ve lost my support and fall down to the pool.

“Mugugu, the water gets into my mouth…wah!”

Brynhildr who just manage to swam up, get swept up from the wave caused by my fall.


I immediately get to the surface of the water and search for the enemy.

But, there is actually no need for me to do that.

The enemy whose robe has been broken slowly descended to the poolside, and clapping to us.

“Amazing. I was surprised.”

I can hear the voice, but it is blurry.

Apparently, the effect of the robe even hinders the recognition of the voice.

The enemy greatly change the tone of their voice. And it is impossible to distinguish whether the voice is from a male or female by the way it come out either.

“I did notice that there is more dust than expected, but I never realized that you turned my sword to stone as well. I guess they crumbled and fell to the poolside.”

The enemy looks impressed, even though his only tricks and advantages has been taken away.

“You, have caught my attention.”

I got praised.

“Well then, I’m going to return for now. This robe is about to get broken.”

Just like that, this guy is going to retreat.

What’s the deal with this guy?

What is the purpose of this raid?

This is suspicious.

The enemy is about to leave.

The battle atmosphere vanishes the moment sunlight is about to rises.


Brynhildr quickly leap from the water, making a huge splashing sound.

The place that she is aiming at, is the poolside where the enemy is.

After getting swallowed by the wave earlier, she is getting closed by diving!?

Whether the enemy is careless or doesn’t noticed it, the guy can’t react to Brynhildr assault on time.

“Got you!!”


Still, the shield managed to be erected at the last moment, right at the orbit of the sword slash.

The sword was avoided barely when it is about to hit the guy body.



The tip of the sword managed to land the place where I had petrified the robe earlier and crushed it.

A big hole was created under the brittle, crushing along the underclothes inside.

As a result, a pair of bountiful chests was revealed under the robe.

『一一Ooh, nice boobies!! 』

Balor make a stupid comment even at an important time like usual.

I’m amazed on how this demonic God can be like this even at any moment.



A golden necklace was visible at the chest of a woman in the robe.

And from that necklace, embodied a strange sensation that can robbed a human out of his mind.

That is probably not a work created by a human.

It is an instrument.

I thought so intuitively.


The women in the robe gave out an annoyed voice.

“Fall back!”

I order Brynhildr by reflex.


Just when she is reaching the enemy, she got pulled against her will.

At the same time, golden swords come stabbing at the place she was standing just now.

Seems like if she was serious, she can screw us up anytime she wants to.

She is looking down on us all this time……!

“Waahh *splash*!”

Brünnhilde fall on her back, her arms flailing around.

She didn’t jump back on her own intention, that’s why she can’t land so well, and this cause her to looks more frustrated than usual.

The woman in the robe is sighing somewhat exaggeratedly.


After that, she lifted herself in the air, and went out through the hole of the destroyed hole.

This time, the fight really ended.

“*girgle*! Uguu, where is the way up!?”

Brünnhilde was still drowning.

Aside from battle, it seems that she is weak when encountering an unexpected situation.

“Here, grabs my hand.”

I have no choice but to let her grabbed my hand, and she comes toward the poolside.

“Ugugugu, Shinzen Raika, you bastard…”

While sitting on the poolside, she sent a protesting gaze, dissatisfied.

“Got any problem? If that time, I didn’t interfere, then your long dead.”

“But, there is surely a better way to do it……”

“Never mind that, wear my jacket for now.”

“Eh, uwawawa!”

Her clothes absorbed plenty of water, and now it is sticking to her body.

A beautiful white bra shines lasciviously through the transparent cloth.

Brünnhilde takes my jacket while hiding her chests with one of her arm, and in loud voice, she said sorry.

“Please change your cloth as soon as you get home. Or else senpai will catch a cold.”

“Change cloth, I got it……!”

Brünnhilde replied and suddenly her face turns beet red.

“Do-don’t tell me, you want me to wear the underwear that I bought earlier today!? Sha- how shameless!”

And so she shouted.

“Who want to do such a thing……”

I started walking forward while sighing.


Brynhildr chase after me in hurry.

She gets beside me.


“Hmm? ….you, what happen to your left eye?”

“Left eye?”

“The strange pattern has disappeared.”


Noticing it, I covered my left eye with my hand.

Hey Bálor! What is the meaning of this!?

『一一hmm? Ah, I never told you, didn’t I? After you used the Devil Eye for third time, the pattern floating on your eyeball will disappear. 』

Tell me something important like that earlier on!

『一一my bad. 』

Bálor shrugged it off lightly.

Although I know that there is a limited number of use in one time, I never know that the pattern will disappear.

If I had known it earlier, then I’ll save it earlier for when I’m facing the boss.

“Oi, what’s wrong? Are you fine?”

What to do now, deceive her?

But, its fine, I can still continue acting like usual. She has seen my Devil Eye disappeared lots of time before.

But if I continue like this, then there is no doubt she will notice it someday.

If I tried to distract her by making an excuse now, then her distrust will only continue to grow.

If I continue to push this façade further somehow, there might be a moment when I can’t use the Devil Eye during important time. There is a need for her to know this.

For example, when I have used up the Devil Eye and want to retreat, I’ll be in great trouble if she still in the fight and don’t want to go.

And I also felt like the possibility that she will go reckless knight mode is high.

“I can only use the Devil Eye up to 3 times per day. When the pattern disappeared, it is the sign that I have used it up.”

“What do you say……!”

Brünnhilde is surprised, and she seems to think something.

She seems to think of something funny.


“What! What are you trying to do!?”

“It is useless if you think that you can betray me now. Just because new ability can’t be used, the effect of control exercised already will last forever.”


Brynhildr made a disappointed face while her head is facing to the ground.

That posture is very ridiculous.

『一一this guy is quite a pervert. 』

Please stop saying such thing whenever you have the chance.

After a minute, I cancelled the order that I’ve place on Brynhildr. On the way back, I pick up our baggage at the vending machine. After that, we went back to the dormitory.

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