Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 2 pt 5


Hot water from the nozzle of the shower flows through the surface of my body.


I closed my eyes due to the pleasant sensation.

Because I’m feeling nervous up to now, I can clearly feel the shower drip over my stiff shoulder.

There is only one reason as why I’m so nervous.

This is to be expected.

“It must be because of Raika-kun……right.”

He rescued me.

He is one year junior.

A black-haired boy with an air of intellect around him.

“His left eye, I wonder if he is alright.”

Tears of blood flowed from his left eye when he rescued me.

He told me that he was fine, but I wonder if that is really the case.

……Well, after I regained my consciousness, that is the first thought that came out in my mind.


A sigh leaks from my mouth.

I wonder what is happening to me……

Furthermore, against the benefactor of my life.

I’m depressed.

Feeling that my mood has sink, I hang my head in shame.

My breasts are still throbbing so much.

I still remember the feeling when Brünnhilde gets inside me.

It is a strange sensation, as if my soul is being wrapped with a warm cloth.

I softly caress my own stomach.

Right here is where the soul of Brynhildr lies.

After getting hijacked by the soul of God, I felt a strange feeling of euphoria, overflowing with the sense of joy and unusual happiness.

Even though I know that my existence is going to get erased,

I have the feeling of extremely blissful and happiness.

That is why I am afraid.

Remembering that, my body tremble.


I was rescued by Raika kun.

While my consciousness is still floating around, I remember clearly how he seriously stared deep inside my eyes.

When I remember that gaze, the bottom of my stomach clenched tightly.

My hearts start beating again.


This time, a hot breath leaks out.

Including this time, he has saved me twice already.

The first time was when he helped me in front of the school’s gate.

At that time, I was on the way to the library to return back the book which I’ve already finished reading.

The content of the book which I was going to return is about a wonderful love story between prince of the star and the princess.

It is one of my favourite book. That’s why I’ve read it again and again.

Whenever I read that book, there will always be one thought floating in my mind.

I would like to experience such a wonderful love encounter.

While thinking of such thing, I met Raika-kun.

I run up with him, and the scenery that follows as if that is the most natural in the world.

However, Raika-kun came with impeccable timing.

To call it a fate will be much of an exaggeration, but that moment was stabbed deeply inside my heart, that time when he appeared before me.

That’s why, I have acted differently than usual, and chatted to the boy.

At that place, that time, I feel really regretful when we have separated.

In the end, I’ve made a promise with him……

That was the most wonderful adventures feeling that I have in my life.

I keep on wondering the time he will arrive at the library.

I wonder when will be next time we will meet again.

That’s the only thing that have been in my mind since we separated.

But, that might only be my unrequited longing in my side alone.

Maybe he will forget the promise by the next day, and he won’t appear before me again.

When I think about such thing, I became sad.

But that is just an unwarranted fear.

Faster than I thought, the dramatic reunion came faster than I thought.

My heart won’t stop throbbing whenever I see Raika kun.

When I’m reminded of that event, the area around my chests feels even tighter.

I’ve never experienced this kind of feeling before.

That is why, I’m going to treasure this feeling.

I want to know more about Raika kun.

But, I don’t know how to get close to a boy.

Or rather, I’m embarrassed.

Various feelings swirled up inside and my heart is a mess. I still can’t face him head on.

Then, when I keep on showering forever…….

I suddenly noticed.

Just now, Raika kun said that I’m not to return to my room until morning.

Until morning.

In other words, tonight…… both of us are alone is his room.



Suddenly being call from the dressing room, I gave a yelp.

“……Are you alright?”

Raika kun worried voice can be heard from the dressing room.

“I-I’m okay! Wha-what is it?”

“Nothing, just want to tell you that I’m putting your change of clothes here.”

“I-I understand. Thank you.”

I give a reply.

My voice got turned inside out, not an ounce of confidence can be sensed.

My feet won’t stand firm.

B-but I’m the older one here…

“Just to be sure, I’m going to wash my body again.”

I took the soap and clean my body the second time, in order to keep my body as clean as possible.

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