Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 2 pt 4



Charlotte-senpai tightly hugged herself and start apologizing.

“No, that……is just a natural reaction.”

While holding my cheeks which are now as red as an autumn leaves, I waved my hands indicating that it is alright.

This is something that I never expected. Seems like Charlotte-senpai retained her consciousness during the time Brynhildr is taking over her body.

I was slapped because I’ve seen her naked——which is the result of Bálor’s prank.

For the time being, I’ve explained to her that this is not my intention, and somehow the misunderstanding is resolved.

Charlotte-senpai is being fidgety.

Since there is only one chair inside this room, I ask her to sit on my bed. She restlessly looking between me and the floor.

Looks like she has something to say……

“Are you okay?”

“Eh, err, um, hiya…hiyah!”

Bit her own tongue, huh……

According to the info by Kunisaki, it seems like Charlotte-senpai is bad with people of opposite gender.

It might be a great stress for her right now to be inside a man room.

“I’m sorry. I’ll make sure to quietly let you out through the backdoor by tomorrow morning.”

“N-no! It’s okay!”

This senpai of mine said that she doesn’t mind it, but why is her smile looks so awkward.

If possible, I want to return her to her room right away, but I can’t do that.

That is because it is hard to ensure her safety inside the dormitory.

Certainly, dormitory is included inside the ceasefire agreement.

However, for example, the rule doesn’t prohibit the act of sneaking around the dorm and assassinate the God.

Of course, by doing that there is a risk upon returning, therefore making it an inefficient means.

However, there is no guarantee that nobody will put it into practice.

With that in mind, for her own safety, I’m going to let her stay inside my room at least until this night is over.

Fortunately, the senior girl’s dormitory is the same building like me.

It will be easy to send her secretly to her room tomorrow morning.

Charlotte-senpai is still acting bashful.

『——Oioi, how long are both of you going to get idle. If you don’t want to then just let me do it.』

The perverted Devil God is crying over a useless thing again.

Well, as long as he doesn’t do anything stupid.

“……Would you like to have a coffee? I only have a can one though.”


She nodded so I took 2 cans of coffee from my privately owned mini fridge.



Our fingers touched, and Charlotte-senpai face turned red again.

『——The original is a surprisingly innocent girl.』


I sensed that her fingers are very thin and delicate when we touched.

Perhaps, that hand has never touch a man before.

While thinking such thing, I pulled open the tab, and drink the coffee.

And then I realized.

“Senpai, is the black one all right with yo……”

“!? Cough! Kehook…! Bitter!”

……Seems like it is not all right.

I get the extra towel from my case.

“I’m sorry. I should have mentioned it first.”

“N-no, it’s okay. I’m sorry for spilling it on the floor……”

“Here, towel.”

I give her the towel and wiped the floor with tissues.

“……E-excuse me!”


I’ve thrown the dirty tissues to inside the dustbin, and now looking at her.

“Tha-thank you!”

Charlotte-senpai clenched the towel in her chests and said that and lowered her head.

Perhaps, she wants to give her gratitude, but her face is getting too close. Also, the momentum when she bowed her head is too strong.

The result is…

*Head clashing*


Charlotte-senpai rubbed her head and writhed in agony.


As expected, that should have been painful.

“Auu……tsu..I-I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. Are you okay?”

“Ah, yea~”

Charlotte-senpai hold her head with both of her hands. Her face is beet red and she nodded.


That is my honest thought.

Is it because the contrast between the personality is too great, that’s why I’m feeling this?

“Please get in the shower and clean yourself. As for the change of clothes, I only have my shirt.”

Senpai face quickly redden again.

“Are you not fine with my shirt?”

“N-noo! Not at all!”

As if getting panicked she suddenly stood up.

“Th-then I’m going to use your shower.”

“Okay. Please use this towel to dry yourself.”

I took out the bath towel from the previous case and hand it to my senior.

She took it and disappeared into the bathroom.


For now, I can take a breath.

Somehow, I’m strangely nervous.

When I was cleaning up the coffee can, I heard a voice in my head.

『——You won’t peek?』

“Just drop dead.”

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