Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 2 pt 2


I thought about hundreds of time I had killed.

But getting dominated by the Evil Eye ——I, Brynhildr has freedom for myself no more.

As per what Shinzen Raika has commanded, I took off my clothes pieces by pieces.

The skirt’s which has it zipper undone dropped with a rustling noise.

Continuing my action, I unhooked my bra next.

My chest which was wrapped earlier is finally released. Pyon ~ they gave out such impression when they came out.

The breasts have a good shape. They are likely to produce fine milk in the future.

The silky white skin looks like it has a fine texture without a single blemish on it.

Now everything up from the waist can be clearly seen, including my healthy-looking limbs. Everything about this body is the perfect aspects of a beautiful women.

Even though I’m just a war maiden, this is enough to make me jealous. ——

These breasts, doesn’t even belong to me…!

I don’t know just how much I’ve reminded myself in my mind so.

This body belong to a human host called Charlotte. I’m just a spirit possessing this body.

That’s why this doesn’t equivalent to exposing my own body.

Still, no matter how much I’ve told myself so…


A soft scream can be heard when my hand moved to loosen the rubber of my panties.

An unseemly voice leaked from the knight…

Each time a piece of fabric is peeled off her body, she feels like her dignity too fall on the ground one by one.

It is as if her ego which she has keep safely under an iron shell is now laid bare for all.

It is as if her existence is so frail that now it’s slowly crumbling away.

“I took it all off.”

My mouth is reporting such thing, gently as if it’s my obligation to begin with.

Stopped moving, my posture is standing upright. My hands are stretched behind, and now nothing is covering my body.

I’ve been seen…


Shinzen Raika, who has place both his hands on the desk and elbows on his chin, is now staring silently at me.

His eyes look cold, it can be comparable even to those of insects.

Towards my direction, he cast a look of disdain which make me hurts, but if I were asked to choose between this this or a smile, there is no way for me to decide.

Either way, the me right now is just that pathetic.

My intention was completely ignored.

I’m treated way less than an insect.

Both the summit of my breasts has blossomed to peach colored, together with my flower garden has all been seen by this wicked person.

This can’t be forgiven, for myself is a knight who has blossomed in the battlefield.


My breath becomes rougher with shame and humiliation.

Thinking that there is nothing that I can do, my legs tremble with helplessness.

My body burns up from the emotional upheaval. My glossy snow white skin is now tainted with a stain of peach color.

Sweats start to form on my skin until it becomes heavy with mass and then dripped through the valley of my breast and also at my thighs.

It’s so shameful that I feel like dying.

But, this is not the end yet.

My feet quietly approach my enemy.

I’m going to expose everything in details.

Stopping in front of Shinzen Raika, my chest is trembling hard.

My enemy does not move an eyebrow, but he keep staring at the tip of pink that are now standing.

Don’t see so much……tsk.

My body, which was dominated by him, moves automatically, contrary to my thoughts.

I scooped my hair and slowly part it into half over my shoulder.

Then as if protruding my ass, I bend my body around the waist.


Aware that my body is completely exposed, my body temperature rise up with shame.

My whole body is hot.

It’s burning because my secret part has been exposed to him.

Ah…not good…

With the last remaining pride behind, only my tear, I’ll never let it flow.

I squished my eyelids.

At the same time, both my hands are spreading my secret part to left and right, therefore proving that [nothing is concealed].

“Please, have a nice look.”

Only my mouth is capable of moving gently now.

I’ve been exposed…everything, he has seen it.

My mind has dumbed.

While biting the taste of overwhelming defeat, my voice was pleading to kill me echoed through my throat.

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