Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 1 pt 6


I entered a classroom on the third floor, leaned on the wall by the window and muffled my breathing.

The reason I didn’t go to the first floor was because I didn’t have the confidence to outrun the flying horse outside.

Much less than it could fly in the sky.

I investigated the possibility of escaping to the dormitory where others could see, but since opponent’s purpose was unclear it was unknown whether being seen by others would bother her.

If that was the case, I could end up involving others.

The ones I have become friends since coming here, Kunisaki, Ruirui and Tenka.

As well as those whom I’m not friends yet, but I might get closer to, my classmates.

That has to be avoided no matter what.

Also, there was something I had to ask Charlotte-senpai, no, ask her no matter what.

——That glowing pattern engraved on her neck.

Those were runic symbols.

It was alphabet used by Nordic Germanic tribes, also deeply involved with certain mythological system.

Each rune had one meaning.

The meaning of the characters on her neck was——

『…Uhihihi, you look like you’re about to die, human.”』


I nearly yelled in surprise, but I endured it desperately.

It was a man’s voice similar yet different from that of Charlotte-senpai’s.

It was the voice I heard faintly a few times before.

『”——Woah, it appears my voice finally reached ya. It appears that that cross was getting in the way so you couldn’t hear me, what an insolent fellow you are as to ignore my great self’s call so many times!”』

I looked around carefully but there was no one but me in the classroom.

Then… am I the only one who can hear this voice?

Who are you?

『”——I don’t mind naming myself, but the enemy is comin’. Can ya even ask me for my name with your head chopped off?”』

The voice answered while laughing contemptuously.

His manner of speech was horrible.

But it was just as the voice said.

Enemy, you said. You mean Charlotte-senpai? Do you know why is she attacking me?”

『”——Yeah, I know. We’ve been fighting a war here since forever. You’ve been chosen as compatible with me. Well, I was the one who chose though.”』

Compatible. Just earlier Charlotte-senpai has also said the words “Divinity-Compatible”.

Also, war. She said that this is her third war.

A few things connected in my head, but let’s put it aside for now.

『”——Uhihihi, you’re right. What you need now is power to fight. I’ll give ya my ability. Accept it gratefully, prostrating and kissing the ground with your forehead.”』

What are you… before I could ask that——suddenly, an enormous amount of information flowed into my head.

The ability given to me. The way to use it. And its characteristics.

The processing power of my brain was forcibly accelerated as countless knowledge flowed in.

There was a huge amount of knowledge big enough to make me dizzy and get a horrible headache, as well as intense aching in my left eye.


Holding my head with both hands, I cried out unable to endure all the pain.

At the same time, the classroom’s wall was torn apart.

“——I found you.”

Charlotte-senpai appeared holding a knightly sword.

Possibly because the corridor’s ceiling was too low, she wasn’t riding Grani.

But even more troublesome than that flying horse was this sword.

There wasn’t nearly enough space in the classroom to avoid her sword.


I was still in the middle of having the ability transferred into my left eye.

“It’s over.”

She rushed at me holding the sword.

Her steps crushed the floorboards beneath her as she started the rush.

If I’m even tackled by her in that armor with this momentum, I’ll die.

“Take this…!!”

I immediately threw a chair at her.

But it was effortlessly cut apart by her knightly sword.


Senpai was already in motion for the next slash——in other words, the motion for killing me.

I had no way to avoid it.

The point of the sword moved.

One millimeter by one.

Death approached.

Am I going to die here? Am I going to get killed?

Ten years ago my parents were killed, the city was burned down.

My little sister was taken away.

Am I going to die… without paying them back?



Don’t screw with me.

Seriously, don’t screw with me!

I will never accept this!

If I die here, what was these ten years for?!

What crossed my mind was a mountain of rubble on that day and that ridiculing god with girl’s appearance.

Until I find her and have her spit out what happened to my little sister back then I…

As if I’d friggin’ die!

『”——Good resolve.”』

Hearing the voice I was brought back to original flow of time.


There was a sound of air being cut through above my head.

Apparently I unconsciously tried avoiding the sword and fell on my butt. The sword seemed to have cleaved above me.

The slash that was to cut off my head had cut the windows apart.

The lower half of glass in the windows fell to the outside.

Furthermore, the pressure coming from the sword’s swing blow away all the desks and chairs which crashed onto the wall.

『”——Ain’t you lucky.”』

The voice ridiculed as if he saw a terrible comedy.

Shut up you shitty god.

I spat curses.

It was among the knowledge that flowed in earlier.

This voice was that of a god’s.


To humans, they were fear and despair.

Humans were unable to do anything about them.

For example, ten years ago one and a half billion people died just by getting caught up in a battle between gods.

For example now, caught in between the gods’ war Senpai and I are about to kill each other.

Humans cannot oppose gods.

To humans, gods were absolute existences.

“Damn scum.”

Facing this truth I trembled with anger.

『”——You’ve got really foul mouth.”』



That’s when two tongue clicks overlapped.

One was mine, the other was Charlotte-senpai’s.

No, wrong.

To be precise, it wasn’t Charlotte-senpai’s.

Tonight, the one who assaulted me is the same as that guy inside of me, a god.

“You, how dare you give me so much trouble.”

The goddess grumbled and raised the sword up to my neck.


Along with the announcement of my death, she withdrew the sword slightly from my throat.

That moment, I moved away the hand that was covering my left eye.


“My name is Shinzen Raika and I command you. Brünnhilde, be my slave.”

The power of my left swallowed her up.

At the same time, the movement of her sword stopped completely.


My opponent was confused, unable to move her body.


I stood up, careful that the blade doesn’t cut my carotid artery and struck my uniform to get rid of the dust.

Seeing me show so much composure she glared at me.

“You bastard… what did you do?!”

I felt discomfort hearing her act so haughty now and squinted.

“…I dominated you with my evil eye. It’s pointless to try moving. Not just your arms, legs and fingers, even your soul itself was enslaved by me.”

“Dominated, enslaved you say…! But why do you know my name?!”

Hearing that question I laughed.

“The dragon-slaying sword, Nothung. The horse soaring through the sky, Grani. That knightly appearance. Did you think your identity won’t be exposed with this many hints? The one that confirmed it was the rune on your neck——”

I shifted the tie at on her neck and the rune from underneath was exposed to the air.

“——This is the rune which has the meaning of victory. It’s yours, Brünnhilde’s symbol.”


It seemed like she was frustrated having everything pointed out at her as she bit her lips.

Just a minute ago she had the absolute advantage.

And now the situation was reversed and I was the one to hold the power of life and death over my opponent.

“You… your name?”

In the end, Brünnhilde appeared to want to know the name of the one who beat her as she said that.

Once again, this made me enter an unpleasant mood.

“I already told you my name… or is human name not good enough for you?”

I spat that out.

“Then I’ll use one easier for you gods to understand——I’m the ‘King of Evil Eye’, Balor.”

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