Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 1 pt 4


Ten years ago after losing everything, I have become an orphan.

The one to take care of me was a certain orphanage.

No, precisely speaking it was a bit different from that.

I searched for appropriate orphanage myself and entered it.

It was the facility of the Holy Church, which at the time was still called the Old Church.

Still, that church operated countless other orphanages as well.

There was a reason I chose that one particular one from among others.

That facility was——the training center of church’s Japanese heretic subjugation branch.

“Teach me how to kill those filthy gods.”

After saying so, I was taken in by the facility.

It’s been ten years since then.

Every day I ended up vomiting blood.

With my flesh being tormented as daily routine, I had lectures hammered into my head including languages.

I don’t remember how many times I called the cold-blooded instructor “inhuman”.

And just the other day, I was acknowledged as a full-fledged member.

At the same time I was given the mission to infiltrate this island.

There was just one order I was given by the church.

“Reveal all there is as to what Eucharistia is doing in Laurasia Island.”

There were too many mysteries to this Laurasia Island.

For example, just like Ruirui said mentioning urban legends and rumors, it was true that no one knew how was this island made.

While the amount of believers of the church all over the world decreased significantly with the influence of Myth War, the church’s information network spread all over the world.

Nevertheless, no one knew when, who, and how did construct this large island.

Moreover, this artificial island wasn’t made on mega-floats, but had a foundation built from the seabed.

It was completely different from filling up water that’s close to the land.

The Eurasian continent that once existed in here had Norse Mythology’s Thor and Japanese Mythology’s Takemikadzuchi——two gods of thunder clash in this land.

The pillars representing military arts of both mythologies fought fiercely and the clash led to breaking of a third of the world’s largest continent.

And Laurasia Island was built exactly in the middle of the ground zero.

We had no clue just how deep was the hole that was gouged in here.

So how did they build this island in such a place in just a year?

Is that even possible with modern technology?

The island is full of mysteries.

Wrapped even further in mysteries is the Eucharistia.

The Eucharistia was born at about the same time the Laurasia Island was completed.

In addition to that, they made a move when church was still midst confusion and have started general examination as well as cleaning up divine phenomenons, snatching away all initiative.

While there was a great turmoil, there still was great influence of the church.

At the very least, it was something impossible for an emerging force to do… if it was a normal one.

However, it’s enough to look at the way things are now.

The Eucharistia is managing everything there is about Myth War and doesn’t allow the church to intrude at all.

How they have surpassed the influence of the church and the backgrounds of their establishment is all unknown.

It was all too puzzling.

It was all too creepy.

Is there something abnormal behind them?

What the higher-ups of the church——and I want to know——is the identity of those standing behind the Eucharistia.

The gods who appeared on the earth left ten years ago.

This island and the Eucharistia appeared one year after that.

In that case, was that one year difference really irrelevant?

Or maybe, did something abnormal related to gods happen in the meantime?

Through many years of investigation the church found out that Eucharistia is hiding something on this island.

That’s when the church sent me here as I fulfilled the admission requirements.

In order to investigate the thing that stands behind the Eucharistia and what are they doing on the island.


I understood that this was part of a power struggle between the church and the Eucharistia.

However, the reason I wanted to go on this mission was because I thought I might get some clues leading me to gods.

My little sister who disappeared ten years ago.

In order to learn her whereabouts I had no choice but to seek out the god who assaulted us.

Of course, it was unknown whether the ones behind the Eucharistia are related to the identity of the god from over ten years ago.

However, no matter how small the possibility was, if it’s to find my little sister I would cling onto it with all strength I have.

That’s my real goal in coming to this island.

I intended to start moving tonight in order to fulfill that goal.

In other words… it was supposed to be.

“Maria, it’s about time you let go of me.”

“No way, Raika-senpai.”

Saying so, Maria continued to hug me in my own room for a long while already.

For your information, Maria and I are classmates.

And yet, whenever we are alone she refers to me as “senpai”.

During the daytime when we were talking with Kunisaki it was said that she came from the same facility.

It was indeed so——in other words, just like me she was someone who received training of a heretic subjugator.

The way she called ne “senpai” was the remnant of the time when we were in the facility.

Maria who just like me fulfilled the requirements for being admitted into this school had come with me to this island as a backup for the infiltration mission, or was supposed to but…


“Senpai, Ruirui-san clung onto you in the classroom, right? That’s why I will cling onto you as well.”

“Didn’t you preach her not to cling onto people?”

“I’m allowed to do it.”

Nonchalantly answering, Maria continued to hug me.


Since it couldn’t be helped, I gave up on resisting.

Ten minutes passed just like that.

It was one minute after six o’clock.

The outside turned completely dark and it was about the time the guards finish their patrols.

It’s about time to switch over.



This time Maria answered obediently.

While sometimes she acted strangely, in general she was a serious girl.

“So? Did you finish analyzing the magic applied onto the student dorm?”


Maria nodded.

The fifth day since admission——the reason we didn’t make our move until today was because we realized there was magic applied throughout the building.

“Applied on this building is the opposite of a barrier for clearing out people——in other words, it’s magic that deprives people of wanting to leave this building.”

She explained about the magic she was examining in this building over the last five days.

Since her aptitude was higher when it comes to magic than mine, I could trust her with the results of the analysis.

“A trick for detaining people in the building, huh.”

“That’s right. Raika-senpai and I aren’t affected by it thanks to this cross.”

Saying so, Maria lightly raised the cross.

This cross was one of the basic pieces of equipment of heretic subjugators, it had an effect of repelling curses and magic harming one’s body and mind.

In fact, wearing this cross Maria went to the rooftop——which is outside the building, and came down to my room.

But normal students probably don’t even feel like going outside.

“Also, this mechanism also seems to activate during nighttime.”

“It seems like… it’s too much for just ensuring the rules are abided to.”

This level of magic was within the realm of what humans could do.

Therefore, it was possible that Eucharistia had applied this magic mechanism.

Assuming that Eucharistia is the culprit,

“Are they doing something at night that can’t be shown to students?”

It was reasonable to think so.

Maria too, nodded silently agreeing with me.

It couldn’t be said that we approached the other side but…

“As I thought, there’s need of investigating the island at night time.”

At the very least, the following action was decided.

“Just as scheduled, I decided to move independently to investigate the island.”

“Understood. What mobile weapon are you taking?”

“No need for one.”

My mission was undercover one.

In other words, the most important thing was not to be found out, if I end up in a situation where I need to use a weapon it would mean I already failed.

Even if I failed, the only way to escape from the island was by sea.

Thinking of escaping, there was no other choice but to do a sea jack, but if it comes to that the church probably won’t cover up for me.

That’s why it was better to go without holding any weapon.

“Maria, return to your room. If something happens and I don’t come back, contact the church.”

“Understood. I don’t think there’s need to worry if it’s Senpai, but please be safe.”

I moved on the veranda before Maria did and prepared the wire.

And just like she did, I used the wire to quietly go down to the ground from the veranda.


I moved away from the dormitory, careful as not to be seen by dormitory staff.

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