Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 1 pt 3


The “examination” had safely ended.

This year’s enrollment had zero positives.

Upon returning, homeroom teacher announced it to all the students.

“Aa-aah, and here I thought I’ll be able to use superpower starting from today〜.”

Hearing that Kunisaki let out an exaggerated lament, but it was clear to everyone it was just a joke.

Before the long classes ended, the students were free of anxiety for the first time since enrolling and left the classroom one after another with radiant looks.

The peaceful after school time.

It was a scenery worth of being called that.

“Yoo, Raika. What are you doing? …heck, crosswords again?”

Kunisaki sighed seeing a collection of crossword puzzle problems.

“It’s my hobby, is that bad?”

“I can help you with Japanese ones, but that thing you have there is in foreign language.”

“To be precise it’s in French.”

“Bonjour is all I know from that one.”

Bored, Kunisaki sat down on his seat.

Watching our exchange from the side, smiling, was Maria who was sitting next to me.

“You are really proficient in languages aren’t you, Raika-san. Amazing.”

“Only reading and writing. Even teacher said that my pronunciation is ‘so-so’.”

“By teacher, you mean Hakonogi-sensei?”

Kunisaki asked from the side.

“No, one from the facility I was in before…”

“Raika-san was in the same church facility I was in. We also studied here.”

“Hee, is that so.”

“Yeah, well.”

Same cross was hanging down Maria’s and my necks.

It was the proof that both of us have come from the same facility.

“But Maria-chan is British, right?”

“…a lot happened ten years ago.”

“Ah, I see.”

When Maria answered ambiguously Kunisaki stopped asking any more.

To everyone what happened ten years ago was a topic we didn’t want to talk about too much.

Kunisaki returned back to topic.

“Still, well, Raika must have been an excellent student at that facility too, right?”


Maria’s expression changed from an ambigious one and answered clearly.

“The teacher helped bring up Raika-san as excellent student he is, they must have been very proud of him.”

“Don’t talk about any more of that, Maria.”

While Maria praised me to the sky, I don’t remember the “teacher” in question complimenting me.

Well, what I learned from that teacher was no language but…

There, somehow the topic came to an end, thenKunisaki started to chat with Maria.

Let’s go back to solving puzzles, I thought, that’s when.



Called out to from behind, I turned around.

There, I saw a single female student——ShishiganeRuirui stood there, joining her hands behind her back.

She was petite, but had very slender limbs.

Her hair extending up to the shoulders had very little pigment and her smile was as adorable as a puppy.

Her uniform was unbuttoned slovenly, and from there, her feminine lines peeked out.

“Ruirui, are you done with your errands?”

“Yup. Instant kill.”

Ruirui nodded with a light smile.

“Instant kill, you say. Wasn’t the one who called you out a guy… weren’t you confessed to?”

“Yup. That’s why, instant kill.”


Unable to even budge, Kunisaki bitterly laughed.

“He was too noisy for my taste. Weak guys in particular are a ‘no’.”

Saying so, Ruirui looked between my hands.

“Hey Raika, what are you doing?”

“Crossword puzzle.”

“Hee, show meee.”

In order to see better Ruirui moved her face so that she nearly touched my cheeks with her own.

She deposited her weight on my shoulder.

…it’s hard to move.


Maria raised her voice slightly.

“Hm?What iiis it?”

“You’re sticking to close to Raika-san! Young men and women should know moderation, get away from him at once!”

“Eeeh, it’s fine Mariacchi〜. I don’t mind iiit?”

“No – it’s – not!”

Maria pulled Ruirui strongly, separating her from me.

“Listen, Ruirui-san. You are Japanese as well so you should aim aim to become yamatonadeshiko who knows moderation.”

And so on.

For some reason, Maria – a genuine British girl lectured Ruirui who was purely Japanese, about being yamatonadeshiko.

It was strangely surreal.

“So, how were they?”

“What was?”

Kunisaki whispered into my ear from behind.

“Ruirui-chan’s boobs, of course. How were they? Soft?”

“…no clue.”

“Whattt?! You want to monopolize it?! While hers aren’t as great Maria-chan’s alluring D’s, there’s no way she’s any inferior when it comes to elasticity and youuuuu!!”

He cried out as if his soul was leaking out.

I cringed seeing that threatening attitude of his.


Completely pissed off, Ruirui stood behind Kunisaki.

“Ah, wai-ghbhohh!”

It was his own fault so I couldn’t even comment on it.

“What are those ‘alluring D’s’ you speak of?”

Maria just tilted her head, puzzled.

“Ah, speaking of which, where’s Tenka? Again in the staff room?”

“It’s just related to printouts and passing information, I think she should be back already…”

Just when I responded.

*rattle* *rattle* *rattle*

With perfect timing, the classroom’s door opened.

“Yahhoo, sorry to make you wait.”

The one who enter was a girl even smaller than Ruirui.

The moment she turned our way, her black twintails bounced up.

Her appearance was childish, but she could speak seven languages and just five days after entering this school, she was left with duties of a class committee chairman’s.

“Aww, you see, Ryuuto-sensei’s precious printouts disappeared somewhere. We looked for them together and before I realized, it was this late.”

“Oh my, must have been hard.”

“I was all boiling inside already! You need to properly clean up on top of your desks, right.”

Tenka laughed merrily.

After that she took her own bag in her hand.

“Now, let’s go play. I want to eat crêpe’s today.”

“Aren’t there some in the south ward?”

“Ah, I saw that crêperie before!”

“Then let’s have Kunisaki-san guide us there.”

Following Tenka, everyone stood up one after another.

Of course, I picked my bag and stood up as well.

Ever since admission, the five of us started acting together.

It was a group of few Japanese and Japan-enthusiasts, but it was surprisingly cosy.

That too, was thanks to the Tenka’s skill who put the group together. I originally thought that I won’t be able to make friends on this island, and I’m puzzled over it even now.

I didn’t think that a day would come when I’ll play around with friends like this again.

I was puzzled, but my mood wasn’t too bad.



Pretending to fiddle with my bangs, I held down my left eye.


My eye behind the eyelid ached.

I could feel heat on my palm.

“Hm? What happened, Raika-kun?”

Suddenly, Tenka turned around and asked.

“It’s nothing, some dust entered my eye.”

I lied.

Tenka went “hmm”, nodded and returned to her conversation with Ruirui who was beside her.



This happens sometimes.

Not always but… when I look at Tenka, my left eye starts to ache sometime.

Just like after seeing that dream.

I don’t know the reason for that.

Nothing I can think of.

I met her for the first time after coming to this island.

Of course, there’s nothing that would lead me to think I knew her ten years ago.


Aching subsided in less than twenty seconds.

It was no big deal, but the thought did stay in the corner of my head.

This might be the reason I don’t meld in into this circle completely.

In the meantime, I entered the elevator.

Everyone changed their shoes and we headed to the Southern school gate, which was the outlet to South Ward.

As the tingling in my left eye subsided, I lightly chatted with Kunisaki as we walked.


A single girl had come up from the other side.

She had long, platinum-silver hair and white skin.

Drooping eyes and well-ordered features.

It was a girl who had fleeting beauty like that of a fairy.

“Ohh,ain’t that Charlotte-senpai. A sight for sore eyes.”

Apparently Kunisaki knew her.

When I looked closely, it seemed like people she passed by all turned noisy.

Is she a celebrity in this school?

“Kunisaki, do you know that person?”

When I asked him without special intention behind it, Kunisaki bit into the topic with a girn.

“Ohh! You interested, Raika? Unexpectedly ain’t you a ladies man too!”

“No, that’s not the case.”

“No need to be embarrassed. Aaall right, as a special treat I’ll tell you some info I got from seniors.”

It’s been just five days since we enrolled, but it seemed like Kunisaki has already started building up connections.

Appalled by his energy, I was forced to listen to him.

Her name was Charlotte Lovepain, seventeen years old.

While her personality was mild, she was bad with opposite sex, had few friends and no romantic experience.

Her hobby was reading. She hardly comes out of the dormitory on holidays.

Rather than being lonely, she was a girl who preferred being alone.

Since she was in the library very often, she was called “Bookshelves’ Silver Fairy”.

While there were boys who yearned for her in secret, whenever they tried talking to her she immediately ran away so she didn’t exchange more than three words with any of them.

“And, her three sizes from top are…”

“I don’t need that info.”

The person herself is right here, what are you blurting out.

“What’s with you, it was accurately measured by a pro’s eyes y’know?”

“It’s fine, shut up.”


I used my bag to block his mouth.

Fortunately, it seemed like she didn’t hear our conversation, she walked straight in our direction.


She was about to pass beside us.

And right in front of us, she lost her balance.


He immediately extended my hands, supporting her body.

Her waist was thinner than I imagined.

Just now, did she trip without nothing in particular on the road…?

That’s what I felt but I didn’t say it as it would be rude if I was wrong.

“Ah!! Eeeh!!”

Embraced, the girl blushed with surprise.

It seemed like she wanted to say something, but was quite unable to do so.

That’s when, I suddenly noticed a book fell on the ground.

It fell out of her back when she stumbled earlier.

I bent over and picked up the book.

The title was “The Star Prince and The Princess”.

Judging from the cover, it was a fantastical romance story.

“There you go.”

I returned the book I picked up to her.

“T-thank you.”

She received it.

Her cheeks were awfully flushed, she was red like a tomato.

“…Are you all right?”

She looked too strange so I decided to ask her.

“I-I’m all right!”

Replying she shook her head to the sides.

It was hard to tell whether she was affirming or denying but… well, I guess she’s okay.

Still, it seemed like she had something to say as she continued to cast glances at me.

I’d feel guilty if I ignored that and just left so I decided to continue the conversation for a little longer.

“….So, you like books?”

“Eh! Ah, yes… I love them.”

She answered while fidgeting.

Then looked up and glanced at my face again,

“Um… what’s your name?”

“My name? It’s ShinzenRaika.”

“Raika-kun… is it. Um, I’m a second year, Charlotte Lovepain.”

After Charlotte-senpai self-introduced herself,

“Uh… do you read books, Raika-kun?”

She asked.

“Yes. I don’t hate reading.”

“In that case, I’m library committee’s member… so when you come to library I can guide you… um, as thanks.”

Senpai said that while flustered.

While what she said was slightly unclear, presumably she meant that the next time I come to library she’ll thank me, I guess?

Can it be that was what she wanted to say earlier?

I was convinced by her attitude.

“Understood. I’ll visit you sometime.”


Charlotte-senpai nodded happily.

“Well then, my friends are waiting so, see you later.”

“Yup.Then… I’ll wait in the library.”

After saying that in the end, Senpai quickly left.

When she disappeared from our sight, Kunisaki unexpectedly approached and pat my shoulder.

“I saw iiit〜Raikaa〜, that’s a great achievement.”


“Oh you〜. You are a guy as well aren’t you, Raikaa〜. Just recall the feeling of getting in such close contact with that super pretty Senpai.”

“Again, shut up, really.”

This time I hit him with the bag even more strongly.

“Oww, you talked for quite a long while with that Senpai who’s supposedly bad with men, as rumors state.”

Holding down his nose Kunisaki still continued.

“Not really, she just thanked me.”

“What kind of thanks was it?”

“Apparently she’ll guide me around the library next time.”

When I answered Kunisaki went “aahhh” and looked up at the sky.

“You, doesn’t it mean that Senpai got interested in you?”

“Is that so?”

“If not, she wouldn’t promise you to meet again. Ahh, so good for you. If I had as good reflexes as you I would help Senpai and feel those voluptuous boobs by accident.”


This time I slammed the bag’s corner into his face without saying anything.


I ignored Kunisaki’s agony and lower my head lightly to the girls.

“Sorry, Kunisaki is being stupid again.”

“Well, he’s Kunisaki after all〜.”

“Ruirui-chan, so horrible!”

While speaking with each other like the we moved down the gentle slope in front of the school and headed to the Southern ward.

The southern ward of the island was the so-called shopping ward, it had mainly entertainment facilities students needed.

After all, the only ones coming to the stores were students so there was no places where you can buy things like, for example, suits.

It was all facilities where students can play around after school and on holidays.

Since this island was an artificial one, the role of each ward was quite organized.

School was in the center of the island.

Concentrated in the Eastern Ward were island’s facilities such as power plants.

Southern Ward was a shopping district.

In the Western Ward there was a harbor.

The Northern Ward had places such as parks.

It was all nicely split up between wards, but the only one for students’ exclusive use was the Southern Ward and they hardly entered other wards.

Therefore, the Southern Ward was flooded with students.

Whether you looked left or right, it was full of uniforms.

Proceeding between the flood of uniforms we aimed at the crêperieKunisaki spoke of.

We did get sidetracked a little in the middle, but after about half an hour we arrived at our destination.

“What do you want, Tenka?”

“Strawberry chocolate whipped cream, I guess〜.”

“Ohh, sounds delicious. Then Mariacchi?”

“A banana crêpe maybe.”

“Hm? How about you make it chocolate banana?”

“I prefer banana with whipped cream.”

“I see. Then I’ll get a fruit sundae for myself. Let’s try tasting each others’okaay.”

The three girls happily picked their crêpes.

“Aww, girls’ conversation are so nice.”

“You’re right.”

Since Kunisaki was nodding repeatedly, I agreed with him.

“By the way, what will you get, Raika?”

“I’m not that good with sweet things, if possible – coffee.”

“There’s no way a crêperie has coffee, how about juice?”

“Ehh! And here I thought I’ll get Raika to let me taste his too!”

Hearing this, Ruirui started complaining.

“Come on, order a yogurt sundaeee.”

“Even if you ask me…”

“If you order it we’ll feed each other, okay?”

Ruirui started to plead like a cat.

Hearing that, Kunisaki spoke.

“In that case I’ll buy it.”

“You don’t count, Kunisaki.”


“Haa, I get it, I’ll order it. But I”ll eat just a mouthful, okay?”

It wasn’t a big expense, let’s match everyone here in that case.

Once orders were decided, everyone received their crêpes after waiting for a few minutes and we sat down at the table with the five of us.

“Aww, still, it’s great that none of us got caught in by the ‘examination’, right.”

As we chatted while eating crêpes, suddenly Kunisaki muttered that heartily.

“Certainly, if Kunisaki awakened to superpowers he’d use them for perverted stuff.”

“Ruirui-chan, aren’t you being horrible towards me lately?!”

“There’s no way Kunisaki-san would do such a thing, right?”

“Eh, uhh…”

“Don’t stammer in a moment like this, Kunisaki.”

Good grief, these friends of mine.

Well, being stared at by Maria’s innocent gaze it’s hard to just lie.

“Speaking of which.”

That’s when Tenka, who continued to munch on the strawberry chocolate crêpe has interjected.

“I’ve heard a strange rumor earlier.”

“A strange rumor?”


“What what? What kind of rumor?”

While Ruirui bit into the topic, everyone focused their attention on Tenka.

“There’s a rumor that someone was caught in ‘examination’.”


Hearing this unexpected story, everyone was dumbfounded.

“But they said this year’s ‘examination’ had zero positives.”

“Ah, sorry about that. It’s not about this year.”

Tenka apologized for being misleading and continued.

“You know, Ryuuto-sensei said that the probability is lower than 0.01%, in other words it would mean that one person in ten thousands is a positive right?”

“You’re right.”

I responded.

“And, there’s a rumor that there was some girl who had a positive response. And you see, she was sent to a real research institution for an investigation of her superpowers and never came back again.”

“…who did you hear that rumor from?”

“From a senior in class committee.”

She answered simply.

“That’s scary! Then if we failed that one, we’d get sent to that research institution?”

Kunisaki yelled.

“Calm down, Kunisaki. It’s just a rumor.”


Maria’s voice was also trembling, it seemed like she was a little scared.

Tenka had no bad intentions but… let’s give her a helping hand.

“It’s definitely a rumor.”

This time everyone’s gazes gathered on me.

“The average number of students in one grade is 200 to 300. Since school was established on the year following the Myth War, there were nine years since opening.”

This school had three grades system.

Therefore, there was a maximum of 900 people who enrolled on the first year and increased by 200 to 300 each year.

“Through calculation, including all graduates there were about 3300 students——it’s only a third of ten thousands required for one positive. I don’t think there’s that many one-in-ten thousands people.”

“Mmm〜 there’s so many numbers in what Raika-kun says I got all tangled up.”

Tenka moved her head dizzily.

I shrugged.

“Well, it just means that the chance that the senior you speak of actually saw the girl who was brought to the research institute is low.”

“In other words, it means the rumor is not credible, doesn’t it.”

Maria exhaled with relief.

“Oh c’mon! I told you it’s a rumor right at the start〜. Something like an urban legend.”

In the end, it seemed like Tenka was just trying to provide a topic for talking about and was now discontent seeing our reactions.

“Rather than ‘urban legends’ it’d be more like ‘island legends’ though.”

“Uhh〜not you too Ruirui〜.”

“Ahaha, sorry sorry. C’mon, try eating my crêpe.”

Laughing, Ruirui held out her crêpe to Tenka.


Tenka took a bit of her crêpe.

“〜♪ ”

Her mood was fixed really simply.

Patting her head, this time Ruirui started speaking.

“Speaking of ‘islands’ and ‘urban legends’, did you knew this?”

“Another rumor?”

“Just listen.”

Ruirui started speaking with a smile.

“You see, this island right, it’s made artificially right? But no one knows how was this island made.”

“Hee? What does this mean?”

Kunisaki asked, puzzled.

“Just like I say. Apparently there’s nothing about the method on how this island was made, relation to any country or any supplier, even a document about it.”

“By the way, where did you get all that…?”

“I said, it’s a rumor.”

Ruirui avoided answering my question.

A rumor, huh.

“Well, who cares about who made the island!”

Saying so, Kunisaki changed the topic.

“What’s important is that we’ve got plenty of places to play in. I want to go to karaoke with everyone!”

“A karaoke, huh. I’ve never been to one so I look forward to it.”

“Eh, it’s Ruirui-chan’s first time going to karaoke? That’s unexpected!”

Kunisaki and Ruirui fired up with karaoke as the topic.


This island is very large.

Five days after we enrolled, there still are many places we weren’t in.

And it was fun playing around in here with five of us.

I thought so.

“It’s good that there’s a lot of places we can play in, but it’s troubling that there’s no church.”

Maria sighed complained while playing with her cross.

“Hee, so there’s no church on this island. Heck, why do you know that, Maricchi?”

“I investigated in advance. And, for some reason it seems like there’s no church located in here, you can’t find even a priest of the Holy Church.”

“Is that soo.”

“Because of that there’s no Sunday mass and I can only dedicate my prayers from my room.”

“Well, it’s a matter of life and death for you Mariacchi, isn’t it, uh, but I guess you wouldn’t die.”

Since Ruirui wasn’t a believer, it seemed difficult for her to sympathize so her reply was slightly unserious.

“Yes. I won’t die, but it does trouble me.”

Not offended in particular, Maria put a hand on her cheek and nodded.

“But y’know, why is there no church on this island?”

Kunisaki asked in order to continue the conversation somehow.

“…well, there’s a discord between the Holy Church and Eucharistia so it’s no wonder church has no facilities no the island.”


Apparently not expecting there would be an answer, Kunisaki looked towards me as I interjected.

“Those two got bad blood between them?”

It seemed like Ruirui was also interested and asked.

I felt like I said something needless, but well, there’s no problem telling them.

Lowering my voice and suppressing my feelings I started to speak.

“Originally, the old church had a monopoly on the mysteries and know-how concerning heretics. I mean, it’s like priests were doing exorcisms since long ago, right?”

After the Myth War and appearance of gods, with hatred swelling up all over the world the old church had morphed into the current Holy Church.

To speak simply, the word “god” was eliminated from religion.

The phrase “God” in the bible was changed into “Lord” and calling priests “father” was forbidden.

On the other hand, all gods who have caused the Myth War were named “Heretic Gods”.

And, when the Myth War had ended in just three days, they spread news that the Lord has destroyed Heretic Gods.

In addition to that, there was a major reform in the doctrine which altered the definition of heaven.

Well, since it was not relevant to today, let’s return to the main subject

“And, the post-processing of Myth War was supposed to be done with church’s leadership. After all, the Myth War was doing of Heretic Gods. They said that in the name of the Lord the church needs to cleanse, restore and correct this world.”

The speculation was that by declaring Heretic Gods as “evil” and eliminating godly phenomenons the “righteous” church would have restored their fallen authority.

However, I started another part of the story.

“Then, Eucharistia appeared and took away all authority concerning the Myth War.”

“In short, they stole church’s work?”

“Well, speaking frankly – yes.”

I affirmed it hearing Kunisaki’s question.

In the past this kind of information wouldn’t have leaked to the outside.

However, now gods’ existence was widely known and divine phenomenons still remained all over the world.

At the same time against all these mysteries humans have dealt with it with Eucharistia’s mechanisms they have proved to work all over the world.

On the other hand, competing with Eucharistia on daily basis was the Holy Church who appealed to the public to show that they too have the know-how. That’s why, it wasn’t that big of a problem.

Although, considering Kunisaki’s reaction, it seems like their PR wasn’t all that successful.

There, it seemed like my explanation wasn’t enough as Kunisaki titled his neck, puzzled.

“I don’t really get it. Shouldn’t they act all happy, lucky to have someone do their work?”

“Well, there’s a lot of adult circumstances in that respect.”

Since there was no need to expose church’s real intentions, I covered it up with a smile.

“Well, that’s how it is so the church and the Eucharistia management mechanism are colliding every day all over. Both sides in discord.”

I ended the subject.

“Raika-kun sure is knowledgablee.”

Tenka nodded impressed.

But, then she raised her eyebrows and looked at Maria.

“Still, if that’s the case it doesn’t seem like they’ll be making ia church on the island, Maria-chan.”

“That’s true.”

Maria nodded as if it couldn’t be helped.

“Raika-kun, isn’t it inconvenient for you too?”

Looking at the cross hanging from my neck Tenka asked.


“I didn’t pray all that much in the first place, I’m a poor believer.”

Answered so.

Then after we chatted for a while.

『”It’s nearly nighttime. Students are to return to dorms.”』

The security personnel holding a loudspeaker appeared and started making announcements.

Ohh, it’s nearly sunset.

This school’s curfew was strict, but in fact all that was written in the dormitory rules was “You are to return before sunset”.

In other words, the time wasn’t clearly determined.

If that’s the case then how can students know when does the sunset come? The school examines when is the sunset going to come every day and starts announcing it all over the island an hour prior.

The time after sunset is called night time and any outing is prohibited.

For breaking the rules students are to write an apology and are under house arrest.

There were also other penalties imposed on them.

Hakonogi-sensei also warned us in detail of it.

Because it’s an island full of students we need to have a strict disciplines, and so on.

Personally, I didn’t have a personality where I would sneak out to play at night so the curfew wasn’t a problem for me, but,

“Ehh, it’s already night time?”

“I didn’t play enoough.”

Kunisaki and Ruirui were that type, so they were dissatisfied.

“Calm down, we can play around tomorrow, let’s obediently go home.”

Tenka pacified the two.

In any case, since the stores are closed when night time comes, there’s not much sense going against rules.

Kunisaki and Ruirui stood up reluctantly.

And we returned home just like other students have.

The dormitories prepared by the school were built in several places in all directions, East and West, South and North.

Kunisaki, Maria and I were in the in the Southern dorm, Tenka in the Eastern and Ruirui in the Western.

“Well then, see you.”

“See you again tomorrow.”

In the middle of crossroads, we split up from Ruirui and Tenka.

The three of us headed to the Southern dormitory.

“Stilll, it’s lucky that we’re in the Southern dormitory.”

“That’s true.”


Since students often went to the Southern ward after school, the Southern dorm was the closest one to it. And the Northern one was the least convenient.

Talking about that we arrived in our dorm.

All student dormitories had basically the same four story structure.

Boys’ and girls’ dorms were in one building rather than in separate buildings, but the rooms were completely separated between two sides of the building and going between those rooms while inside was impossible.

Of course, the entrance to boys’ and girls’ part was separate and the dormitory staff monitored all students at the entrances.

“Well then, Maria-chansee you tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow.”

“Yes. See you tomorrow.”

After we said our farewells with Maria at the entrance, I pushed Kunisaki who continued to wave his hand to her and stepped into boys’ entrance.

“Well then, I’ll be going up.”

“Sure. Ah, when are you going to eat, Raika?”

Kunisaki stopped me as I tried to move up the stairs and asked.

The dorm’s cafeteria was open between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., during that time we could eat dinner anytime.

“There’s a book I want to read as soon as possible. I don’t know when I’ll finish reading it.”

“What? Then what’s more important to you, me or the book?”

He spoke with discontent.

It seemed like he wanted to match my timing for dinner.

While it pained me to turn him down…


“Raika, you’re meaaan.”

“That sounds disgusting so stop.”

“Hahaha, then see you tomorrow then, Raika.”

Smiling bitterly I waved to him, then turned around and went to my room.

In other words, to the farthest room from the front doors.

While there was an elevator, the custom was that only second and third years could use it.

Since the room assignment was determined by random upon enrollment, so I was laughed at as unlucky guy by Kunisaki who got a room on the first floor.


Finally reaching my room I opened it with the electronic key.

The lights in the room lit up and I placed the bag on the floor.

Well, just like Kunisaki said, it was lottery that decided rooms.

But I actually thought I was lucky.

No, it was good luck to us. Is it.

*Knock* *knock*!!

That’s when I heard knocking from the veranda.

I opened the curtains not particularly surprised.

There, was——the one I parted with earlier, Maria.

“Sorry to make you wait.”

“I didn’t wait so it’s all right. Come in.”

Of course, it was against rules for girls to enter boys’ rooms.

But I let her in not bothered by it.

I won’t even retort as to why did she appear from veranda.

It was because I knew that she comes to my room like this.

What I mentioned earlier about having good luck, was because it’s easy to get off the roof into the fourth floor with a wire.

Why would Maria sneak around like that in order to meet in secret?

Because it was related to the true purpose we had in coming to this island.

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