Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 1 pt 2




I suddenly woke up having my shoulder shaken.

At the same time, my chair let out a loud sound.


This was a classroom.

I wasn’t in the middle of rubble.

I wasn’t an injured child, but a high school student showered in painful gazes.

“Shinzen Raika-kun. Have you woken up?”

Our homeroom teacher, Hakonogi Ryuuto, a man with an untidy beard asked with a smile.

“Yes… I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine, really. Don’t mind it.”

Smiling frivolously, Hakonogi-sensei resumed the class as if nothing happened.

The gazes which gathered on me have returned to the blackboard, feeling uncomfortable I sat back down on my seat.

“Raika-san, are you all right? You seemed to have a nightmare…”

Maria Mint who was sitting on the seat next to mine asked worriedly.

It seemed like she was the one to wake me up.

“Yeah, I’m fine…”

I answered so, but I wasn’t fine at all.

I desperately hid my quick heartbeat, my breathing also was turning rough.

Pain ran through my head and unpleasant, cold sweat flowed down my back.

And above all, my left eye throbbed horribly.

I suppressed the eyeball that pulsated beneath my eyelid.

That dream again, huh…

I muttered in my mind while still holding my eye.

Ten year ago I lost my right eye during the war and received a transplant surgery.

That’s why my left and right eyes had different colors.

The one throbbing was the left eye, one I had since I was born.

The eyeball that had my sisters appearance burned into it on that day…

It didn’t get in the way of normal everyday life, but whenever I see that dream it’s always aching.

I’ve seen that dream hundreds, thousands of times so far.

With every time I’ve seen it, I recalled what happened back then countless times.

——Ten years ago, the Myth War which lasted for three days had left a huge scar on the world.

After three days since Myth War broke out, gods have suddenly disappeared.

Since then up to this day, there was no second coming of gods to this world.

Therefore, many people spoke of those three days as of a “nightmare”.

If they think of it as of a bad dream and forget, they won’t have to recall it ever again.

However, as long as I continued to see that dream, I could never forget that day.

Even now, after ten years passed.


When I strongly clenched my teeth——a handkerchief was offered to me from the side.

“There you go.”

It was Maria’s.

I reflexively took the handkerchief from her.

“…thank you.”

“It’s fine, just don’t force yourself too much.”

Smiling, Maria returned to taking notes.

I was at a loss for a moment, but gratefully used the handkerchief.

The gentle sensation I felt as I put it against my forehead calmed my mood only for a moment.

“Yo, Raika. Not enough sleep?”

That’s when a voice had called out to me from behind.

Kunisaki Kojiro who seats behind me seemed to have spoken to me.

“Yeah, a bit.”

“What〜? Are you doing something every night that makes you lack sleep〜?”

“…Stop talking foolish and get back to listening to class.”

I lightly riposted to Kunisaki who was poking me and also focused on paying attention.

I calmed down considerably thanks to the two and could take class normally.

The time passed quickly and before long we approached the end of classes.

“Well then, next there’s an ‘examination’, so this is enough for my classes.”

Suddenly Hakonogi-sensei said so and put down the chalk.

Momentarily, certain tension ran through the classroom.

Seeing that, the unshaven teacher smiled lightly.

“Ahh, it’s you first time undergoing ‘examination’ after entering school, right. Then let me give you a simple explanation.”

Hakonogi-sensei put his hands on the desk and looked over the classroom.

“Umm, first, during general examination we found that there’s a Seventh Sense Factor in all of you and have gathered you all in this school.”

General examination. Seventh Sense Factor.

These two terms I wasn’t accustomed to hearing in everyday life had heavy meaning for this school’s students.

——After the humanity was nearly destroyed in Myth War, the world had undergone various changed.

Leaving out the unimportant details, one of the major changes was inauguration of Eucharistia – Sacrament Control Mechanism.

Loosely speaking, Eucharistia was an organization that cleaned up after the Myth War.

The past battlefields of gods have a left behind a residual divine phenomenon beyond human wisdom.

The management of such things is part of Eucharistia’s job.

The examination was carried out to see if there’s any indication of a Seventh Sense.

Seventh Sense was also called Seventh Factor, speaking in a cliche manner it was aa supernatural ability boys and girls were capable of using.

This was a curse spread all over during the gods’ battles——it’s said to be the influence of the factors, but no detailed information is known.

While it was unknown, it was said to be potentially dangerous.

Thats why the adults decided to manage the factor-holding children.

The results was this school. Or to be precise, this artificial island with a school.

The island’s name was Laurasia Island.

Laurasia Island was an island on Laurasia Sea which had formed when Eurasian continent was shattered ten years ago. Built in the center of it was this Laurasia Island.

I have turned fifteen on this island and lived here together with other kids discovered to have a factor in them, as well as Eucharistia’s staff.

Well, it was an isolation facility so to speak.

Adults watch over kids as not to allow them to escape. We are unable to leave the island until our factors disappear naturally, which is supposed to happen not earlier than when we’re eighteen years old.

The school——since there was no other educational institutions on the island, it was simply referred to as “the school”——was that kind of facility. “Examination” referred to the research of a factor which happened once a month.

If a factor turns positive in here, it will be judged as a serious affair.

The entire world wishes to forget the Myth War entirely.

If it was known that there were people who harbored gods’ curse in their bodies, they wouldn’t be able to lead decent lives.

The entire classroom was tense but——Hakonogi-sensei just laughed frivolously as usual.

“Well, there’s plenty of rumors about Seventh Sense outside, but you don’t have to worry so much. In fact, the probability of a positive is lower than 0.001%. You might have heard rumors that people with superpowers killed people, but that’s a mistake as well. The fact is that people who held superpowers had went out of control and killed himself. And of that too, there were only five cases over last ten years. The talk of them killing people is unfounded nonsense.”

Hearing his polite explanation, several people leaked sighs of relief.

It didn’t mean the atmosphere had relaxed completely, but Hakonogi-sensei’s words seemed to have eased the tension.

Since I knew those numbers right from the start my mood didn’t change at all, but I could hear Kunisaki’s sigh from behind me.

That’s when, with perfect timing chime had rang.

“Okaaay, now everyone, we’re moviing.”

Everyone stood up at Hakonogi-sensei’s command and moved to the gymnasium where the “examination” was to be carried out.

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