Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 1 pt 1

Chapter 1 – A night time encounter


On that day, the end had come.

The world was scorched, the earth shattered, the sky was stained red in midday.

“Haa, haa!”

I ran desperately to escape the city which was turned into ruins.

Father wasn’t longer there.

Mother wasn’t longer there as well.

My home was gone.

The school was gone.

The city was gone.

There was no one and nothing I could rely on, so for the time being I fled in order to survive.

Of course, I was scared of dying.

But, even more so I was afraid of losing my family——my little sister.

“——! This way!”

I turned around and called my little sister’s name.

That important name… I couldn’t recall what was it.

Even though I could remember the sensation of our hands that had joined, not only I couldn’t remember her name, her face reflected in my eyes appeared hazy like a worn-out photo——

That’s when I realized it was a dream.

It was both a dream and a memory.

A dream of what I experienced ten years ago.

That’s why I knew what will happen after this.


A building collapsed along with the sound of a tremendous collision.

The rubble of the building blocked our way.


As I unconsciously stopped moving, an incredible sight was reflected in my eyes.

There was a boy whose chest was pierced with a hand and a girl who skewered him.

The two stood on top of a mountain of rubble and their battle looked like it was at its settlement.

The boy spit blood from his mouth and collapsed, falling onto the rubble.

“How dare you give me so much trouble.”

Having blood spat over her in return, the girl sighed as if bored.

Judging by her attitude, she didn’t feel any regret after murdering him.


The girl looked our way.

“Ah, uu…”

Despite the large distance between us, I felt paralyzed as she pinned me down with her gaze.

I screamed to myself “run away”.

I desperately yelled at myself “take your little sister and run”.

But because this was an event of the past, there was no point in that act.

Past couldn’t be changed anyhow.

Also… even if my voice arrived in there, it wouldn’t help much.

“Heyy, human.”

Looking strangely casual, the girl spoke to me as she got off the rubble.

Based on her looks, the girl was 15 or 16——but that was just her appearance, I knew that she isn’t normal.

Normal people don’t fall from the sky and crash into buildings.

Normal people can’t pierce through a human chest with bare hand.

A normal person can’t set an entire city ablaze.


The inhuman girl with human appearance stared at us as if to evaluate us.

“…… .”

Meanwhile, I felt very uncomfortable.

After about twenty seconds, the girl suddenly nodded.

“That looks nice, give it to me.”


What the girl pointed at, was my little sister.


A quiet scream leaked out of my little sister’s mouth.

“A-ah, .”

I trembled as I held my little sister’s hand.

I knew I couldn’t refuse the girl’s request.

I’ve seen it by chance from my home’s window.

How this girl——and the boy who was killed earlier—&mdash

;have appeared in the city’s sky and started battling.

And how the moment a flash emitted by the girl’s hands fell to the ground, the entire scenery had turned into that of ruins.

Now, I knew.

I knew what happened on that day in my city and all over the world.

And of course, I knew the culprits behind this disaster.

——The mythical gods.

Mayan-Aztec mythology.

Japanese mythology.

Hindu mythology.

Egyptian mythology

Greek mythology.

Norse mythology.

Celtic mythology.

Seven mythologies passed down all over the world.

Gods of these mythologies have come into reality and descending from the world of gods into the human world, they started a war.

A war between gods, war between mythologies.

Ten years ago, the disaster had poured down upon the world for just three days.

In just three days of war a third of Eurasian continent vanished and five billion of people died.

The myth war. That’s how it’s called now.

“Hii, ngh…”

Of course, my child self had no idea that the girl in front of me was a goddess.

But my body knew how terrifying she was.

And yet——


——I fought back against her.

I punched the one who tried to take away my little sister.


Probably surprised by my action, the girl took on my fist without protecting herself… but, a six-year old child’s fist was far too powerless, *pam*… all it was capable of, was letting out a feeble sound.


Still, I continued to beat her desperately.

No, I fought.

Considering the difference in ability between me and her it was impudent and it could hardly be called “fighting”, but I resisted with all I had in order to protect my little sister.


The girl trampled over my resistance while laughing.

To her, it must have been like brushing away a fly but my body was blown away several meters and I rammed into mountain of rubble head-on.


My right eye had turned hot as if burning, I held down the blood gushing out with my both hands.

“——! Run away!”

I screamed loudly towards the other side of my field of vision, stained by blood and tears.


In the end, I heard my sister call me with feeble voice.

…possibly because my memory of what happened after that was hazy, the scene turned even more blurry.

After the girl did something to my little sister, she once again approached me.

“…——, …——.”

And, said something.

I couldn’t remember what she said at all.

Then the girl extended her hand towards me.

That’s when I lost my consciousness.

When I woke up again, all that was left around me was the city’s ruin.

In exchange, there were no traces of my little sister left.

No blood.

No body.

There was nothing that indicated my little sister was killed.

Maybe she was kidnapped.

But there was no trace left behind.

Or maybe… something even more horrific was done to her.

The amount of clues: zero.

But… the possibility of her being alive wasn’t zero.

“…… I’ll slaughter you…”

I was filled with intent to murder.

A pitch black emotion, like magma.

As it welled up from inside my belly I clenched my fist so strongly that blood has come out.

I’ll kill the gods who killed my parents.

I’ll kill the gods who killed my friends.

I’ll kill the gods who had us siblings go through this.

Once I have slaughtered the gods… I’ll find the one who took my little sister and get her back.

On that day, my way of life was decided.

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