Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Afterword

How do you do? Nice to meet you. On the long side, it’s been a while. I’m Namekojirushi.
Thank you for picking up 『Izure Shinwa no Hokago Sensou (Ragnarok)』

──With that being said, here are some words of gratitude from the characters of this series.

(Charlotte: hereafter『Char』) “E-Everyone! T-T-T-Thank you all f-f-f-for”

(Raika: hereafter『Rai』) “Senpai, please don’t have force yourself.”

──It seems like Charlotte is nervous in front of the readers.

(Rai) “You bastards understood taking this right?”

(Rai) ” I mean, Isn’t it outdated that the characters appearing in the afterword?”

──Ah well, isn’t it fine? I always wanted to do this once.

──Besides I don’t have enough material about my private life to fill the afterword, now with regards to this volume, ah well. you will know when you read this volume. If one can experience the quality about this volume in a place like this, it will be a great compliment.

──Also if it is outside of the story, I can breaking down the characters as I see fit.

(Rai) “Hey, what are you making us do?”

(Tenka: hereafter『Ten』) “Calm down Raika-kun. I don’t see any problem. Thanks to that, we get more screen time too.

(Ruirui: hereafter『Rui』) ” That’s right. So let’s take it slow ~Raika~”

(Rai) “You guys are acting so sloppy again……..”

(Rui) “Besides, unlike the book where I have to be proper, I can do anything here without anyone getting angry. Come on Raika, let’s do the imaginable with me.”

(Rai) “Stop it.”

(Maria: hereafter 『M』 ) “Wait a minute Ruirui-san! What are you trying to do!?”

(Rui) “Ah Maria-chi, you were here too.”

(M) “Don’t go [you were here too] with me. You were trying to do something lewd with Raika-san again right?”

(Rui) “Eh, but Raika-kun was so determined to do it.”

(Rai) “No, I wasn’t.”

(M) “Exactly! Raika-kun is not interesting in such perverted things!”

(Rui) “Isn’t that a bad thing, putting it another way?”

(M) “Eh?”

(Rui) “Instead isn’t it insalubrious if a boy like Raika to see a girl’s naked and felt nothing?”

(M) “R-Really?”

(Rui) “Or rather it might be a sickness.”

(M) “N-No way……..”

(Rai) “Hey…..”

(Rui) “With that being said, let’s us all get naked and return Raika to a healthy boy.

(Ten) “I’m in~!”

(M) “W-Well if it’s the sake for Raika-san……..(whimper*)”

(Raika) “Don’t you guys have any shame?”

(Rui) “Not at all. That’s because it’s for you (Monotone).”

(Char) “Err…..I’ll find it embarrassing though.”

(Rui) ” Eh? Isn’t Charlotte-senpai the safest one?”

(Char) “Eh?”

(Rui) “That because you have already shown him everything in this volume.”


──Erm, you guys where is your acknowledgements……..

To see what Charlotte have seen all of its entirety of, check out the main story!

Well then, this new work was able to publish was thanks to the great efforts of many people! To the editor-in-chief sama who read the manuscript numerous times, Youta-sama who drew the illustrations for this work again, designers and sales people, distributors and bookstore staff, thank you to all who are involved in this work!

Of course, I would like the express my greatest gratitude to all the readers who picked up this book! I would be extremely delighted if you read this and find it interesting even if it just a little! Well then. the next page has the preview for the next volume written on it so please look at that if you can. I’ll see you again somewhere in the future.

A certain day in July 2015 Namekojirushi

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