Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 1 pt 1

Chapter 1 – The siblings’ reunion


A dimension with a shifted phase.

A dimension which it’s inside is invisible to everyone else in the world.

I, together with my sister, Tenka, everything comes back to my mind.

My younger sister who went missing for the past ten years──Shinzen Tenka.

Since the first day I entered this school, it’s already been several weeks.

Every day, till today, I’ve never noticed that she is my younger sister.

That is because I’ve lost majority of my memories which are related to Tenka.

To be exact, it was deprived.

By who?


A God that kidnapped my sister 10 years ago.

Moreover, the abominable God who robbed the memories of my sister.

That, [Scum] God.

“What’s wrong? Elder brother?”


She looks happy.




She lifted the corner of her mouth, making a cute smile.

With my sister face.

My mind is swirling with hatred.

The identity of the God who is inside Tenka body is Zeus.

The supreme God of Greek Mythology.

This is the guy, who has kidnapped my sister 10 years ago.

And then, with a face as if mocking me, we’re reunited again in this school.

Inside the classroom.

On our way home.

At the crepe shop.

At the karaoke box.

Laughing together with everyone.

In his innermost thought, he must be laughing at me who remains oblivious.

“Hey, please release it. It hurts.”

Being told that, I finally realised that I’ve been gripping Zeus wrist since a while ago.

In all honesty, I would like to crush his wrist here right now.

More than that, I want to kill him.

As much as I like, no matter how many times, endlessly, I want to kill him as brutally as possible.

But, I can’t.

Right now, he has taken over Tenka physical body.

There is no way I can hurt my own sister’s body.

Therefore I, released my hand.

“Geez──this is going to leave a mark.”

Zeus scrapes his wrist.

Each one of his words get into my nerves.

“I’m going to kill you?”

Unable to supress my murderous intent no more, I blurted out meaningless words.

The other person knows how my words don’t carry any weigh, thus asked,

“Can you?”

Zeus lifted the edge of his mouth.

I’m left grinding my own teeth.


『——should I go for a kill?』

A voice rung inside my head.

It’s a voice originated from the Devil God living inside me.


I stopped Bálor nonsense with all my might.

Fuck……I know the best that I shouldn’t go for a kill.

Even if Zeus has usurped her body.

I can’t kill my own sister.

Not only that, I can’t even inflict a single wound on that body.

This is the worse.

The worse possible.

The worse enemy yet, my own sister who was taken hostage.

“Please don’t stare at me that much~”

“Just whose mouth you thi……”

I clicked my tongue.

“This mouth. The mouth of elder brother’s younger sister.”

“Do not speak freely with my sister’s mouth.”

“Eh~ then, how am I supposed to talk?”


“This conversation is going nowhere.”

*kusukusu* Zeus laughed.

No matter what action he takes, it never fails to make my blood boil over.

“Well, let’s put aside all elder brother complaint at the side first and go for the main issue.”

“Main issue?”

“Yes. The main issue.”

Again, Zeus laughed while grinning.

“Elder brother, if it’s my request, you will hear it, don’t you?”

『——ooh, aren’t you pissed, Raika.』

I disregard Bálor sardonic laugh.

He is bit off on guessing my current thought.

Pissed off——that kind of emotion, it’s already exceed that long time ago.

“……don’t get too ahead of yourself.”


Unclear of my words, Zeus titled his head.

Wearing Tenka face.

Moving in Tenka body.

He will do no more, any further.

I activated my Evil Eye.




Zeus stared at his own arm.

That hand is changing to stone.

Evil Eye of [Petrification].

Those who are enthralled by this Evil Eye, will have their own body transformed into stone.

『——is this okay? Transforming her to a stone? 』

[Petrification] can be cancelled at any time arbitrarily. No problem.

In any case, there is no way I’m going to let Zeus escape.

Transform him to stone, for the time being, hinder his movement.

After that, I’ll search for a way to only eliminate the soul of the God residing inside Tenka.

I’m going to recover my sister’s existence.

Like that, my decade of effort will finally bear fruit.

“Waah! Waah!”

Zeus rapidly turned into stone.

“Onii chan……”

Soon, his mouth turned into stone, and his voice ceased.

As expected, this leave a bad aftertaste.

No matter what, he is wearing an appearance of my sister.

To turn it into a stone makes my heart ached.

However, this is for the best.

Zeus was trying to fish me with that ‘please’.

I don’t know the details, but I’m sure that it’s a worse thing possible.

Besides, I might not be able to refuse him.

He is capable of threatening me by using my sister as a shield, a technique that will work well against me.

Whatever his request is, I’ll be forced to shove it down my throat.

Before that happen, I’ll take the initiative of this battle.

Slightly, although I can’t deny that I’m somewhat urged by the current state of affair…….

No, I believe that this is the best possible method.

Anyway, I’ve met my sister back, and managed to regain her.

That’s at least a great achievement in my book.

『——oi, I’m not against you turning her into a stone. But now, what do you planned to do? 』

“You’re right……first, let’s think on how to escape this place.”

I take a look around.

Bálor said that this is a space deviating in phase, but the appearance is just a corridor.

There are no signs of people in the vicinity.

I fi try to walk further, I’ll hit an invisible wall.

The wall is transparent, and the corridor appears to continues even beyond it, but it seems to be visible.

A small part of the corridor was isolated from our world, and another dimension was created that only have me and Zeus alone.

“Bálor, do you know how to get out from here?”

『——it’s hard to do it when I don’t have full control on my powers. With my full power, I can destroy it with one-shot by using my magic. 』

Since Bálor incarnation is incomplete, his full power is not accessible except for his Evil Eye.

However, in order to complete his incarnation, I need to surrender my body to him.

Of course, a plan like such is not acceptable.

But, because of that I’m stumped.

“Just how can we escape from here……”

『——there is also another option, that is, to kill [Zeus], who is the original master of this shifted phase area. 』

“Alongside my sister? Rejected. Die.”

While continue arguing, we find for means to escape.

Suddenly——something touches my shoulder.

I look at my back on reflex.

Bu ni ~tsu

Right at my cheeks, a finger smoothly poked inside.


“Ahahaha! I got you!”

Looking at the success of his tasteless joke, the person laughed.

He is Zeus, the person who are supposed to be petrified.

The girl stupidly laughs, as if nothing had happened.

Some of my veins are bursting, but somehow, I manage to rein my anger in.

“Why can you move?”


Zeus tilted his head, and withdraw his fingers.

Then, this time, he poked his own cheeks, and sneered.

“Geez, you’re so bad, elder brother. Suddenly turning your own sister to a stone.”

“Answer me quickly without dilly-dallying.”

“There is no reason for me to answer that, but, well, it’s only with my elder brother.”

Zeus answered with a snicker.

“The reason is! I possessed a transformation ability! That’s why, a curse which alter a state of something won’t have possible effect on me!”


Certainly, in the Greek Myth, it’s stated that Zeus is capable of changing his figure freely.


White bull.


On top of that, a golden rain.

A makeover ability irrespective of bio-inanimate objects.

In other words, [Petrification] does not work on Zeus.

In order to [Control] him, I need to take grasp of his [Regalia]…[Death] is out of the question. [Illusion] is meaningless to be executed now.

I search for a method, but everything is meaningless in this kind of circumstances.

『——What?Out of idea?』

It is frustrating, but it’s exactly as what Bálor is saying.

A method to free Tenka, there is still none.

“By the way, elder brother.”

Zeus lowered his face and ask softly.

A chill run up my spine almost instantly.

In that instant, my body which was overwhelmed with anger can’t move at all.

Death sign.

It was fear.

The fear which slightly surpassed the anger that was accumulated for ten years, makes me cower.

“Myself, I’ve told you that I’m the overseer for this Representative War, right? In short, this is the position where I need to supervise whether the war was going on correctly.”

Zeus speaks slowly and raises his right arms.

It stopped directly on my eyes level.

“My main job is……to punish the contestant who break the taboo (rule), isn’t it not?”

In a flash.

A tremendous amount of energy, raging inside this isolated space.

The light overflow, and the air trembles.

This mess of situation produces roaring sound.

Is this, thunder?

“The battle will only be held at night. For using the Evil Eye on me, you have broken the rule.”

The light is focused on Zeus right hand.

It’s not simply a mass of light.


It’s a lightning bolt.

The evidence is shown through the sparks, forming arcs on the air.

If it’s that much only, then it wouldn’t be so terrifying.

Perhaps, this is not your run on the mill ‘lightning’.

『——Oioioi, what is this power?』

……it’s his [Raiden].

Zeus Raiden.

The God who rule over the sky, and this is his mightiest weapon.

It is said that one blow will burn all things in heaven and earth.

Literally, a Raiden with destructive power to destroy the world.

Needless to say, just by standing here I felt how overwhelming the power is.

Before this force, anyone can understand it without being told.

There is no mercy, against this technique.

There is only time, waiting for the God Judgement.

The will to move.

The will to think.

Everything is gone.

My existence itself has turn meaningless.

Everything are in Zeus hands.

I can only stand still.

Whatever will happen to me will be under Zeus jurisdiction.

The fates of every man are, decided by the God.

Such a thing, I understand it to my cellular level.

………… Gi~tsu

Gi, giri

My molars, grated.

My tooth is, bind together.

It’s meaningless, isn’t it.

`…… ~Tsu!’

I hit my own leg.

I tried to muster power, for my ever-trembling legs that have been turned to a mush.

I’ve come so far, is this where I’m supposed to give up!?

Rise up, and fight!

Kill Zeus, and liberated Tenka!

It’s fine to burst knees or two, squirming on the ground disgracefully.

If I don’t fight, I will never gain anything.



I’ll give you my body.


A voice of astonishment leaks out from Bálor.

You need to be completely incarnated in order to unleash your true power. That’s why, form a contract with me.


You’re right.

I tell him, while witnessing Zeus [Raiden].

You can do whatever you want with my body. In return, you must save my sister. That’s my condition for giving up my body.

『——after you abandon your body, do you think that I’ll obediently follow your order?』

There is no other choice.

There is neither time to think of other ways.

Right now, in this place, I can’t win against Zeus.

But if it’s Bálor, that guy might be good opponent for Zeus.

It’s frustrating for me to entrust my hope on this guy.

I’m betting on your whimsical mood.

『——Uhihihyahyahya! Are you seriously trusting myself for the task of recovering back your sister? That’s truly the worse choice ever! 』

I know that.

If there are other ways, then I’ll not depend on this guy.

But, if I die without doing anything, then there is nothing left.

That’s why, I’m going to bet on you, even if it’s the worse gamble.

“……let’s go!”

I put my hand on the cross hanging on my neck.

This is the one stopping Bálor from fully incarnate.

If I pull it out, then he will immediately take over my body.

But I do not have time to hesitate.

Zeus can roast me any moment now.

My chance, is only right now——

“Just kidding.”

——nothing, is coming.

Zeus suddenly put away his [Raiden].

I don’t know what’s the reason, my eyes widen in confusion.

Just now, he was trying to punish me.

What’s his deal, why?

“……what’s the meaning of this?”

“Like I said, it’s just a joke.”

Zeus laughed, smiling.

“Geez~ why don’t you trust me. There is no way I’m going to kill my own elder brother.”

Since I don’t know his real intention, I choose to remain silent.

Is he playing around with me?


“With that said, leaving that aside, will you listen to me now? My request.”

“That kind of thing……”

Eventually, we return back to the beginning.

Apparently, he seems to have a ‘wish’ that he wants to let me hear.

“What is the request?”

“It’s not a bad thing. P.L.E.A.S.E.”

He winked to me.

My veins are not disappearing soon……

I swallowed my anger while looking at Zeus.

“Together with elder brother, are those of Norse Mythology that you’ve made an alliance with, right?”

……so, it’s already exposed.

It was last night when I enslaved Freyja of Norse Mythology.

To be frank, it’s only this morning when we decided on our alliance.

It’s too soon to get exposed.

Were all of us monitored?

No, more importantly than that.

“What about the (that) alliance?”

“The alliance, please allow the Greek Mythology (us) to join as well.”

So that’s it.

In Battle Royale, an alliance is a very important strategy.

An alliance will create many opportunities compared to being alone, which is an advantage in the battlefield.

The problem comes when the ally——or yourself ——resorts to a betrayal.

I solved the problem with my Evil Eye of [Rule].

Although this method is only realisable with the help of Bálor……

That kind of alliance, does he mean to add them too?

“Will you reconcile with me?”

“Stop the act, you’re going to make me puked.”

“Eh~ this is not an act though~”

“I know what is your true aim.”

I can see through his lie.

What is Zeus real intention.

“Winning through the Mythical Representative War——to the last, I’ll be the one to decide whether to be an ally to the Greek Myth or not.”

My own alliances revolved around the enslavement of my Evil Eye.

Those who are enslaved, will absolutely follow my order.

Of course, after they no longer have any use, I can order them to commit suicide.

Definitely, I’m not those who are actually interested to win this Representative War. There is not a slightest intention for me to become like those who made a human as a vessel and make them kill each other.

But, my sister was forcefully taken as a host……

Knowing that I understand it all, Zeus makes a friendly smile.

“I have 3 conditions before forming this alliance:Priority goes to Greek Mythology for winning this Representative War. I’m going to be the one to decide whether you’re going to ally with God other than the one from Greek Myth. However, do not investigate the identity of Greek’s Divine Apotheosis.

If you keep this deal, then I’ll grant one of elder brother wish.”

“My wish?”


Zeus gently stroked his own chest.

“——Shinzen Tenka(myself), I’ll return her to elder brother.”

I endured myself from leaking a surprise voice.

My sister, will return back to me.

That is, my ultimate wish.

But, I can’t take the word of God for what they are.

“……I can’t trust you. In the first place, the victory condition for this Mythical Representative War is the annihilation of all Divine Apotheosis except for the winner. For Greek to win, it means that I need to sacrifice myself. You said that you will return my sister, a lie.”

“That worries are unwarranted, because I’ll revive elder brother secretly later. Bringing into live a single human is an easy task.”

Reviving a human, that is definitely within a realm of God power.

If I can place my trust on Zeus till the end, it’s just a meaningless deal.

It’s impossible to put faith on God.

Especially, this Zeus.


“……I understood.”

I nodded.

I have no choice but to nod.

With my sister as a hostage, any more resistance is meaningless.

“Hurray~! Thank you so much, elder brother~!”

Zeus turns delightful and celebrates.

While knowing that I’ve no other choice but to nod……


“Well then, I’m going to let you go. Oh, it goes without saying that you mustn’t let the other knows that I’m Zeus, okay?”

“I understand.”

How to say, Zeus, is not supposed to be incarnate on Earth.

That is, just like how Bálor is inside me, there is a possibility to die.

If there is a chance to kill Zeus, even with the help of the enemies, even if he is not a war participant, I would gladly take it.

Because it leads to the weakening of the entire Greek Myth.

“Then, I’m going back~”

After saying that, Zeus snapped his finger.

In a moment, a noise echoed through the hallway.

I look at my surrounding, *flutter-flutter*, and notice the appearance of the students who arrived at the school.

It seems that the dimension gap has been corrected and we’ve returned to the former world.

“Then Raika kun, from now on, please continue to call me Tenka.”

After saying that, Zeus——Tenka grinned, and widely spread her arms while she left.

I should return to classroom soon.

I start walking in the opposite direction to Tenka.

I should go to the Health Room for now……I’m not confident that I can keep my calm demeanour if I return to the classroom now.

『——oi, Raika.』

At that time, Bálor called me.

He was quite all the time just now.

What do you want?

I asked Bálor.

『——you, don’t tell me that you’re going to become that guy, Zeus underling?』

So, he asked.

Hearing his voice which doesn’t hide an ounce of displeasure, I feel slightly relief.

Him, Bálor, was going to save my sister from hostage, and that is not a fake.

Don’t worry.

I answered.

With a firm determination.

No matter what happen, I’ll kill Zeus. That much is a given.


Bálor mood instantly turned better.

『——what the heck, you, just now you’re just lying?』

I’ve no choice but to pledge alliance in that situation. However, I’m just pretending to obey him.

I make a fist.

The murderous intent which I’ve hold back since just now are pouring out.

While my fist making a cracking sound, I talk to Bálor.

For now, I’m going to collect enough strength in order to fight Supreme God, Zeus.

『——in short, you’re going to increase the amount of people under your [Control]?』

Ah, you got it right. Preferably a Greek Divine Apotheosis.

Zeus is the overseer for this time Representative War. There must be other contestant who is acting as a representative from Greek Mythology.

If I can put him under my control, then it would make a good hostage against Zeus.

『——but, aren’t you prohibited from finding the identities of the Greek God?』

The other side also knows their own weak point.

『——I see.』

There are two rules to follow.

While fighting in the Representative War, I’ll put the enemy God under my [Control], and they will be made as a [God] who are going to go against Zeus.

At the same time, by identifying the God from Greek Mythology, I will dominate them, and put our situation in an even footing.

But, that will only make us barely equal.

From there …… In order to recover my sister, a further step is needed.

I will do it.

He said that as long that I follow him, he will return back my sister, but his mouth is not something that can be trust.

A promise between a God and a human are, at least viewed as a garbage.

There is nobody that will be perturbed by throwing away garbage.

That’s the degree of our promise.

And that’s why, I will also not believe the promise.

I can only put my faith on my own power.

I’ll put the end on Zeus, and take back my sister.

I know how difficult it is.

However, even I think that my luck this time has turn around.

At first, my plan was to rule the God of each mythology, and made them find for my sister.

Somehow, Zeus (himself) has revealed his identity.

It’s good enough to say that I can abandon my search now.

My memory is restored.

He has also revealed himself.

He has taken over my sister body.

Ten years ago.

The entire things that he has done on us siblings.

“I’ll make him regret enough for him to beg for my forgiveness……!”

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