Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok Vol 7 Illustrations


Holy Bible

Power: A
Magic: B
Speed: A
Meaning: “Rigid One of God”
Domain: Punishment


It’s been a while Balor. It’s not like I want to see you though.”


  • A goddess from Celtic Mythology. Balor’s chaperone.
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“Is it really okay to not tell everyone about us?”
“Somehow I feel like I had done something that I shouldn’t.”

Charlotte Labepeyn

  • Brynhildr’s divinity compatible user

“I found it.”


  • The god of the underworld from Greek Mythology. An extremists in the world of gods.
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“Come back Maria…..!”

Shinsen Raika

  • A boy who promise to take revenge on the Gods. Wielder of Balor’s Evil Eye from Celtic Mythology.

Maria Mint

  • Raika’s junior that graduated from the [Church]. The one dwelling in her body is……….?

Kushiel is one of the angels that is called the [seven angels of punishment] or [seven angels of penalty]. The [seven angels of penalty] supervises hell, aiming to punish sinners over there.

The purpose of the [angel of punishment] Kushiel is to [punish the heretics].

Worshiping any other gods than the only god of nobility is a sin itself, people will be labeled as heretics and fall into hell. Kushiel is a being that will punish those sinners with a flaming whip.

In addition, the [seven angles of punishment] were also often treated as fallen angels due to their ferocious nature.