Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok Vol 6 Illustrations


-King of the Evil Eye and the Goddess Awaken-


“The Ring of the Nibelung”

Power: A

Magic: EX

Speed: B

Rank: B

Miracle: EX

Pantheon: Valkyrie


“Anytime women goes to fight is  always for the sake of love.”

“Ah, but Raika is the first person that I have done so much for…….”

Shishigane RuiRui

  • The representative god of Norse mythology


Raika-kun, I love you. From the time I met you,I always thought so.

Charlotte Labpeyn

  • Brynhildr’s Divine Compatibility User.

yande.re 425183 izure_shinwa_no_houkago_sensou sword youta.jpg

“I’ll kill everyone. Then, let’s create our own eternal world, onii-chan.”


  • Zeus, an administrator of the mythological proxy war, and…….

“I’m going to make sure you never make that smile ever again!”

Shinsen Raika

  • A boy who swears to take revenge on the gods. Entrusted with the evil eyes of Valor from the Celtic mythology.

yande.re 425022 armor izure_shinwa_no_houkago_sensou pantsu sword youta.jpg

“….Protect. I want to protect! Even I like him!”

“—-Me too. I also like him! I want to protect him.”

“”So——Let’s fight!!”









Brynhildr (Super)

Brynhildr wearing the Ring of Nibelung

  • The [Ring of Nibelung]’s heroine which is Brynhildr, is always depicted as a heroine with a sublime body.
    It is a humble act of bravery to seek those who will love her, as long as the man shows courage, she will faithfully love him.
    However, betrayal will be forgiven so she hated dishonest people. As a result, she will cross paths with the hero and headed for a tragedy. However the appearance of her piercing through her beloved that’s why it may have struck the hearts of many people.

Burning the skies with the flames of love

  • That’s the binding votive objects and the god’s power which reaches until the foolish [Regalia], a power that is able to control the flames of the [myth slayer] that grants the destruction of every event related to the legends.
    Since Brynhildr’s life force became the fuel for the fire, she can’t use it for long period of time. However, it seems like this [Regalia] has yet to show it’s true form…….